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Walker, Eliza J.

Friday, 24 March 1911

Death of Mrs. E. J. Walker

Mrs. E. J. Walker, mother of R. B. Walker of this city, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R. B. Lockhart in Pittsburg, at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Walker was an invalid and a sufferer of rheumatism for many years. The body was brought to Jefferson on the M K & T passenger train Thursday afternoon at 3:50 and the funeral was from the train to Oakwood cemetery for burial in family plot. She is survived by three sons and a daughter.

Note: Eliza J. Walker 27 September 1832 - 22 March 1911 w/o William C. Walker 12 January 1821 - 26 February 1891

Walker, Emeline

Jefferson Jimplecute, Friday, 01 November 1907

Sudden Death

     On Wednesday morning of October 30th, Emeline Walker, the aged mother of H. W. Walker, died suddenly. Aunt Emily had lived here for many years and was liked by all who knew her. The funeral took place Thursday.

Walker, Mrs. J. S.

15 February 1917

Mrs. Walker Dies Near Pruitt

     Mrs. J. S. Walker died at the family home near Pruitt at 5 p.m. Tuesday, February 13th, after a lingering illness. She is survived by her aged husband and three sons and one daughter and a number of grandchildren. The burial was held at Shiloh at 11 a.m. Wednesday with services conducted by the Rev. L. H. Mathison of Daingerfield.

Note: Martha Elizabeth TOLLISON Walker was born 14 October 1843, she was buried beside her husband, Joel Sanford Walker. She was the daughter of Jesse Eliza and Tolitha Tollison.

Walker, Willie

12 March 1914

Mr. Willie Walker Dies Here

     Willie Walker died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Walker Monday after a fatal illness of sometime. Mr. Walker became ill at Patterson, Louisiana and was brought home to recover. He leaves a wife, father, mother and a brother. The funeral was held from the home Tuesday afternoon with services conducted by the Rev. H. t. Peritte, interment was in the Oakwood Cemetery.

Note: Willie A. Walker, Jr. was born 14 April 1884 and died 10 March 1914.

Ward, Col. William B.

02 December 1915

Old Citizen Dies Here

     Col. William B. Ward, one of the oldest, most prominent and respected citizens of Jefferson, died at his residence in this city at 8:15 Thursday morning.  His funeral will take place from his residence on Broadway Friday afternoon, with interment in the Oakwood Cemetery to rest by the side of his wife who preceded him many years ago.

Note: William B. Ward was born 8 May 1837 in Bowie County and died 2 December. His wife, Zue AIKEN Ward died 24 March 1882 at the age of 40.

Ward, Rebecca

17 July 1913

Miss Rebecca Ward Dies At Kildare

     Miss Rebecca Ward died at the home of her nephew, Mr. Frank McAlexander at Kildare, Sunday evening, after a short illness resulting in paralysis. She had made her home in Queen City with her sister, Mrs. W. W. Woodward and then later with her niece, Mrs. J. M. Griffin for over thirty years. She was born 28 December 1832 and remained single. The remains were brought from Kildare Monday on the #2, from there to the cemetery.

Note: Miss Ward is not listed in the Marion County Cemetery books.

Watson, George W.

06 November 1913

Mr. George Watson Dies At 73

     George W. Watson died at the home of Mrs. Flem Taylor eight miles northeast of Jefferson Tuesday morning at 3 a. m. He was born in Alabama and came to Texas with his parents, William P. and Mary B. TAYLOR Watson at age 6. His father published the third newspaper in Jefferson. He joined Captain S. D. Richardson's Company at Marshall in 1861 and served in the Civil War in 2nd Texas Cavalry. In 1867 he married Marietta Matthews, she died in 1891 leaving a daughter, Kate  who died in 1894, their son Claude had died about 1872 at age three. The funeral was held at 4 p.m. Tuesday with interment in the Taylor Cemetery, where he was laid to rest by his wife and other family members. The Rev. C. T. Cummings conducted the services.

Note: George Washington Watson was born May 1841 and died 4 November 1913.

Weaver, Mrs. Ann

13 March 1913

Mrs. Ann Weaver Dies In Waco

     Mrs. Ann Weaver [colored] past away in Waco last Tuesday morning, March 4th, her body was brought to Jefferson Thursday. She was buried in the Union graveyard seven miles northeast of Jefferson. Rev. C. S. Williams conducted the services. She leaves two daughters and four sons and a host of grandchildren.

Note: She is not listed in the Union graveyard, but there are several rock marked graves by the Weaver family in this cemetery.

Webster, J. T.

16 September 1915

Mr. Joe Webster Dies From Cancer

     J.T. "Joe" Webster died at his home southwest of this city Friday, September 10th from cancer of the liver, he was night watchman when he lived in the city. He leaves a wife and several children, some married, one son living at Lampasas. The burial took place at Lassater Saturday, the deceased was a member of Cypress Camp WOW at Jefferson.

Note: Joseph T. Webster 7 August 1858 - 10 September 1915 He is buried at the Pyland Cemetery, south of Avinger.

Welch, Col. Horace

Friday, 26 May 1911

Death Of Col. Horace Welch

     Col. Horace Welch died at the home of Mr. G. W. Brown Thursday, May 25th at 11:30 p.m. Col. Welch was born 2 April 1823 in Eden, New York, he has been an invalid and confined to his bed for the past six months. Col. Welch was a member of Company I 125th Ohio Volunteers, he enlisted at Mt. Vernon, Ohio; was Adjutant Inspector General of the G. A. R. and commander of Updyke Post. G. A. R. of Jefferson; was a consistent member of the Baptist Church for seventy-eight years. Col. Welch came to Texas in 1866 and located in Van Zandt County; was Internal Revenue Collector for this section. Later he moved to Jefferson, where he was elected sheriff and served four years.

     He is survived by two sons; F. L. Welch, president of the First National Bank at Taylor, Texas and A. B. Welch, lumber dealer at Robston, Texas and one daughter, Mrs. G. W. Brown of this city. The funeral will take place Saturday morning at 10 a.m. from the family residence.

Whatley, Dennis

09 July 1914

Whatley Child Dies

     Dennis Whatley the 15 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Whatley died early Monday morning, June 29th at 8 a.m. He had been sick eleven days and was their only child. The funeral took place Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at the Trinity Cemetery at Smithland.

Note: Dennis Whatley was the son of Elisha and Mary LouVadie SUTTON Whatley.

Whatley, Mrs. Maud

02 December 1915

Mrs. Whatley Dies At Savannah

     Mrs. Maud Whatley died at the home of her parents at Savannah, November 18th at 9 p.m. after an illness of six weeks. She was the wife of Marion A. Whatley they had been married for two years, she was 20 years old. The burial took place in the Old Savannah graveyard at 5 p.m. Friday evening.

Note: Maud Whatley is buried in an unmarked grave in the Old Savannah graveyard. She was the daughter of Henry Edward and Elizabeth Persiller HALE Whatley and the daughter-in-law of Seaborn Jesse and Frances Ellen FITZGERALD Whatley.

White, Ada Victoria

Bonham News - Friday, 21 April 1911

Mrs. A. V. White Dies

     Mrs. Ada Victoria White passed away at the home of Mrs. Virginia Curtis of this city Saturday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. from Bright's Disease. The body was shipped Sunday morning  to her old home at Jefferson for burial. Mrs. White was born in Buckingham County, Virginia February 14, 1838 and came to Texas with her parents in 1850, settling in Rusk County, after her marriage she lived in Jefferson for a long time. She united with the Cumberland Presbyterian church when she was young. She has five children surviving her; G. H. Foscue of Waco, J. W. Foscue of Sulphur Springs, A. W. Foscue of Tyler; Mrs. Gussie Modrall of Sherman, Miss Frances White, a teacher in the public schools at Bonham.

Note: Ada V. Foscue White died 8 April 1911. She married first Augustus Foscue 19 January 1835 - 24 June 1867, she is buried beside him in the Oakwood Cemetery at Jefferson.

Whitfield, James Bryan

Friday, 07 February 1908

Death of J. B. Whitfield

     Mr. J. B. Whitfield, 66, passed away at his home at 2:30 Thursday afternoon, after an illness from pneumonia of about two weeks. He was a member of   the Gen. Dick Taylor Camp, U.C.V. and has been a resident of Jefferson for many years. The deceased leaves a devoted wife; a daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Carter of Marshall; a sister, Mrs. McCoy and a brother, W. D. Whitfield of Edgefield. The funeral takes place this Friday afternoon at 3:30 at the family residence with the Rev. H. T. Cunningham conducting the services.

Note: James Bryan Whitfield was born 14 September 1841 and died 6 February 1908, he is buried beside his wife, Mary Eglentine. She was born 18 january 1852 and died 1 May 1941. They are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Jefferson

Whitfield, W. P.

26 October 1916

Mr. Whitfield Dies In Cass County

     Mr. Whitfield died at 1:30 Sunday, October 23 at his home, some nine miles north of Jefferson in Cass County, after an illness of over three months, Mr. Whitfield was known here having been a weekly visitor, bringing milk, butter and etc. to sell for nearly thirty years. He is survived by his widow, three daughters, and four sons, all married and living near the old homeplace. The burial took place at Shiloh, Monday at 4 p.m. with the Rev. Dent conducting the services.

Note: William Parker Whitfield was born 8 may 1850, his tombstone has his death date 22 October 1916. He was married to Margaret Ann HARRIS Whitfield, she is buried beside him in the Shiloh Cemetery near Jefferson, but in Cass County.

Wilkerson, Mrs. Jane E.

Jefferson Jimplecute, Thursday, 22 February 1912

Mrs. Jane E. Wilkerson

       Mrs. Jane E. Wilkerson died Wednesday night, February 7th at the home of her son, W. M. Wilkerson of this city, after an illness of several months in her 87th year. Mrs. Wilkerson was a widow of a G. A. R. veteran and had his pension. The body was taken to Karnack Thursday on the 4:28 p.m. M. T. & K. Passenger train for burial beside her husband in Karnack.

Williams, B. B.

25 November 1915

Bryant Williams Buried Near Lodi

     B. B. "Bryant" Williams died at his home north of Jefferson Sunday morning, November 14th. he is survived by a widow, four children and three brothers, T. M. and J. A. Williams of Jefferson and P. M. Williams of Vivian, Louisiana. He was a member of the W. O. W. lodge at Jefferson. Interment was in the Old Foundry Cemetery near Lodi Monday morning.

Note: Bryant B. Williams 05 October 1861 - 14 November 1915 His wife, Mary Emmaline 05 May 1878 - 11 December 1968 is buried beside him.

Williams, Bettie

11 January 1917

Bettie Williams Dies From Fall

     Bettie Williams, a middle-aged Negro woman and known by many as "crazy Bettie" fell from a chair and died in a few minutes, Saturday night at the home of Bud Whitehead across the Polk Street bridge, where she had gone to help nurse his sick mother. Bettie was industrious and peaceful unless someone would tease her to see her get angry. Bettie made her home with Lizzie Hamilton. where she was taken from Sunday afternoon to be buried in the colored cemetery at Cypress Chapel, about one and one-half miles southeast of the this city, by the burial association of which she was a member.

Note: Bettie Williams is not listed in the Cypress Chapel Cemetery.

Williams, B. P.

Friday, 07 July 1911

Death Of B. P. Williams

     B. P. Williams died Wednesday evening after an illness of many weeks, at his home in Howellton in the northern surburbs of this city. Ben Williams had lived in Jefferson and Marion County nearly all of his life; had followed several businesses and was in charge of the banana store here for the past few years. He is survived by two daughters and a son and three brothers; Thad and Bryant, living here and P. M. Williams of Vivian, Louisiana. The burial took place Thursday at the Old Foundry Cemetery, near Lodi, where the family is buried.

Williams, W. T.

Friday, 10 March 1911

Death of W. T. Williams

     W. T. Williams died at his home, one and a half mile south of this city Monday at 11 a.m. from pneumonia and grippe, after an illness of 7 days, he was about 55 years old. He leaves a wife and four young children, all of the family had been sick in the last three months, the father was the last one stricken and the only one to die. The funeral was held at 3 p.m. Tuesday with the Rev. H. J. Hayes conducting the services, with interment in the Oakwood Cemetery.

Note: W. T. Williams 12 October 1855 - 6 March 1911 A daughter, Elizabeth followed him in death on the 30th of March, she was ten years old.

Wilson, Mrs. W. M.

21 October 1915

Mrs. Wilson Dies At Home

     Mrs. W. M. Wilson died at her home, Sunday, October 19th. She leaves a husband and three children, a father and other relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

Wilson, Walter L.

December 01, 1939

 Walter L. Wilson Killed In Accident

     Walter L. Wilson was accidently killed while hunting with William Davis. Walter was junior at Jefferson High School and he, Davis and Professor Sanders, agricultural / vocational teacher in the high school had been hunting, but Mr. Sanders had returned home before the accident.

     Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon with the Rev. Moreland officiating. Walter was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson of the Gray community.

Wood, Zane A. "Woody"

November 23, 2002

Zane A. "Woody" Wood

     SHREVEPORT A memorial service for Zane A. Woody Wood, 58, of Jefferson will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, 2002, in Oakwood Cemetery. The Honor Guard from Barksdale Air Force Base will attend. Mr. Wood died Thursday, Nov. 7, 2002, at Overton Brooks Hospital in Shreveport. Arrangements are by Mortuary Service of Louisiana. Woody was born Oct. 4, 1944, in Marietta, Ohio. On May 24, 1962, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at Beckley, W.Va. During Woodys service time, he became an aircraft radio repairman. Woody was released from the Air Force May 13, 1966, in Eimendorf, Alaska, with an honorable discharge.

     Woody resided in Jefferson with his wife of 31 years, Earline Wood. Here he enjoyed piloting his airplane with his stepsons. He also enjoyed hunting, fishing and running his boat on Black Cypress River. By profession, Woody was a paint contractor. For 15 years, he was the business and financial secretary of Local 1300 Painters and Allied Trade Union, AFL-CIO. Woody recently retired.

     Survivors include his wife, Earline Keasler Wood of Jefferson; his stepchildren, Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. McDonald of Georgia and, of Jefferson, Jack and Stella Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McDonald and Edward McDonald; and his brothers, Paul Wood of Arizona, Steve Wood of Georgia and Charles Wood, also of Georgia. Sisters include Kathy Wood of Georgia and Janie Wood of California. He is also
survived by his stepmother, Kathleen Wood of California.

Woods, Mrs. William

November 19, 1904

Mrs. Woods Dies

     On Saturday, November 12th, Mrs. Woods, wife of William Woods, died suddenly from heart trouble at their home, north of the city. The deceased leaves a husband and several children, all grown. The burial took place at New Prospect.

Note: Mary C. Woods 17 June 1842 – 12 November 1904.

Woodward, Louis

27 March 1913

Louis Woodward Dies From Measles

     Louis Woodward, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Woodward, who live on Clarksville Street, died Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. He was two years and three months old. He had been sick with the measles and congestion. The burial took place Thursday morning at 10:30 at the Oakwood Cemetery in Jefferson.

Note: Louis is not listed in the Oakwood Cemetery book.

Wythe, Walter

August 27, 1904

Wythe Child Dies

     At 4 a.m. Monday morning, August 15th, Walter the little son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Wythe died at age three years and five months in Cass County, after a short illness from congestion. The remains were brought to Kellyville for burial.

Note: There are two Wythes listed in the Kellyville Cemetery, Jane 1848-1922 & Walter 1836-1913, Little Walter Wythe is not listed.

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