Bible Records:  Michael & Elizabeth Carver
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Children of Michael Craver and wife Elizabeth are:
#1 John, born Davidson Co NC shown on census of 1850 in Davidson Co NC
#2 Phebe, born Davidson Co NC
#3 Andrew, born abt 1790 Davidson Co NC, died Texas, married Sarah?
#4 Lewis, born 1791 Davidson Co NC married Rosina Mae?  He came to Harris Co GA, then to Texas between 1839 & 1854.
#5 Capt. Philip Craver, born Oct 6, 1796 NC, died 31 Dec 1885 in Harrison Co TX
#6 William, born 1800, died before 1870 in Davidson Co NC
#7 Mary, born 1803 Davidson Co NC, died Stanly Co NC, married Daniel Reep 14 Feb 1827 Davidson Co NC
#8 Sally, born 1803 Davidson Co NC married Henry Shoaf Mar 1, 1830
#9 Daniel, born Feb 13, 1804 Davidson Co NC, died Davidson Co NC, mar. 3 Jan 1836 to Elizabeth Trewell on Troup Co GA
#10 Alexander Rowan, born Apr 1, 1812 Davidson Co NC, died Mar 26, 1901 Davidson Co NC, mar. Sarah Cartine Park, born 10 Feb 1818 Davidson Co NC died 30 Apr 1901 Davidson Co NC.  

According to family sources Andrew. Philip, and Daniel came to Texas.

Andrew (#3) born abt 1790 Davidson Co NC died in Texas, married Sarah? Their children are:
Charles, born 1818 NC; Lewis T. born 1821 NC
Susan, born 1824 NC; Mitchel, born 1825 NC married Kitty F.
Delila, born 1831 GA
Nancy J., born 1834 GA. 

CAPTAIN PHILIP CRAVER (#5), our ancestor, was born OCT 6, 1796 in NC and d. Dec 31, 1886, aged 90 yrs 2 mo. 25 dys. in Harrison Co Tx.  He is buried in Liberty Cemetery, Harleton, TX  Philip served as wagontrain master in the war of 1812 and was always called Captain.  He married Mary Langley called Polly who was born 9 Apr 1811 in GA and died 11 July 1885 at the age of 74 yrs 3 mo 8 days in Harrison Co and
is buried in Liberty Cemetery.  She was the daughter of James Langley and Elizabeth.   The children of PHILIP CRAVER and MARY LANGLEY are:
(A) Alexander Rowan born Nov 27 1836 in GA mar. 14 Feb 1868 to Mary E. Vickers, daughter of Jack Vickers.  Alexander Rowan died Nov 18, 1920 and is buried in Yantis, TX.   The children of Alexander Rowan Craver and wife Mary Vickers are: (1) Tula born Yantis TX (2) J.H. born Nov 26, 1871, died July 5, 1931 Yantis TX;(3) Gertrude, born Feb 21, 1874, died May 10, 1954 bur. Yantis, TX;(4) Laura, born Mar 27, 1878, died May 25. 1954 bur Yantis TX mar. Sam Taylor on 24 Dec 1911; (5) Joanna, born Nov 29, 1883 died Oct 1884; (6)Alice Bulah, born Sept 16, 1888, died July 14, 1971 bur Yantis TX;  
(B) John Martin Craver, born Jan 31 1839 in Harris Co GA, died Oct 16, 1910 Yantis or Alba, Woos Co TX.  He mar. Julia Francis "Fannie" Jackson 13 Feb 1867 in Marshall, TX. Their children are a. Mary Anna "Mollie" born 16 Mar 1872 Harrison Co Tx mar. Lim Faulk Sept 25, 1896; b. Sidney, born 19 Sept 1885? Wood Co Tx died 14 Jan 1957 bur Yantis Cemetery, mar.Lilla Kitchens; c. John Auslynn, born 3 Oct 1875 Harrison Co Tx died 1917 Yantis Tx mar. Mayme Bernadine Casey; d. Dock, born 22 June 1877 died 11 Aug 1877; e. Ella, born Jan 9, 1879, died Oct 18, 1971 Yantis Tx; f. Walter, born Feb 26, 1883 died Sept 25, 1903 Yantis, Tx.
(C) Nancy Elizabeth Craver, born 1840 died 1843 mar. J.S.Massey 1874 
(D) Margaret Ann Craver born 1842 mar first Andrew Jackson Peddy b.1850 died 1871 Marshall Tx. mar. second George W. Williams, mar third J.W.Deckerts in 1865. 
(E) Louisa Jane Craver born 1843 died 1929 mar. William Greenleaf Jackson 1865 
(F) JAMES PHILIP CRAVER born 22 Dec 1844 Harris Co GA died 25 June 1906 bur Liberty Cemetery Harleton Tx mar. Nancy Ann Elizabeth Ragon 31 Dec 1873; 
(G) Julia Malisa Craver born 17 June 1846 GA mar 28 Feb 1864 William Chester Taylor 
(H) Mary Mathiah Craver born 8 May 1848 GA died 12 July 1866 aged 18 yrs 2 mo 4 days. Never married. 
(I) Martha Frances Craver born 2 Mar 1850 GA never married."

C.E. Massey died December the 29 in the year of our Lord 1872.
J.F. Massey died Augusat 26 in the year of our Lord 1870.
A.R.Massey died the 3 in the year of our Lord 1873.
Lieular Swift Massey died October the 22nd in the year of our Lord 1878.
N.E. Craver was borned August the 14 in the year of our Lord 1840.
J.S. Massey and N.E. craver was married January the 4 in the year of our Lord 1874.
Lieular Swift Massey was borned November the 10 in the year of our Lord 1874.
Mary Elizabeth Massey was borned April the 25th in the year of our Lord 1876.
Philip Craver Massey was borned June the 5th in the year of our Lord 1848.

Mr. W.C.Taylor and Julia M. Craver married the 28 day of February 1864.
Mr. J.W. (John W.N.) Dickerts (?) and Marget (M.A.) M. Craver married the 6 day of March 1865 (Aunt Mag). (note: underneath the 6 is a 2 in parentheses).
Mr. A.P.Celchoat and Martha Clower married the 21 day October 1870 (Aunt Mat).
Mr. W.G.Jackson and E.J. Craver were married in the year of our Lord 1865 on October 19th.
(Mr.) J.P.Craver and Elizabeth Ragain were married December 3l (note: this is corrected by me to be 21).
J.S. Massey and N.D\E. craver were married January 1, 1874.
B.A. Farr was married the 8 day of December in 1886.
Martha Francis Craver qaa born on the 2nd day of March in the year 1850.
Plesent Phillip Taylor was born on the 25 day of November in the year 1868.

Rufus Giles Celchoat was born on the 28 day of September in the year 1871.
Andrew J. Peddy born Nov 18 A.D. 1871.
James R. Taylor was born the 2 day of N (?) in the year 1871.
Lieular Swift Massey (note:Lula) was borned November 13th in the year of our Lord 1874.
Mary Elizabetn Massey was borned April the 28th in the year of our Lord 1876 (note:   Bettie).
William Chester was born in the year 1878 on the 29th day of October.
Philip Craver Massey was born June the 5 1878.
Fannie J. Jackson was born the 12 day of July in the year 1867.

John Ross Massey was borned March the 21 in the year of our Lord 1821.
Elizabeth Bailey was borned March the 1 in the year of our Lord 1826.
John R. Massey and Elizabeth Bailey was married May 29th 1842.
J.S. Massey and C.E.Holton was married Feb the 1, 1866.
John Swift Massey was borned June 14 in the year of our Lord 1846.
Calaricy Emoline Holton was borned July the 10th in the year of our Lord 1846.
Alice Caroline Massey was borned Oct the 8 in the year of our Lord 1867.
John Franklin Massey was borned March the 3 in the year of our Lord 1869.
Author James Massey was borned Feb the 8th in the year of our Lord 1871.
Abel Ross Massey was borned Dec the 18th in the year of our Lord 1872.

(End of Bible Records of  Michael Craver, father of Philip Craver)

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