Greenwood Cemetery

Located in the Jackson community 15 miles west of Jefferson, Texas near Ferrell's Dam.
Unaccessible by road; contains sixty plus graves but only two marked.
Families that used this cemetery were Jackson, Starr, Petty, Rogers and Morris.

Hanard, William Iron Feb. 11, 1881 Feb. 7, 1883
Keene, Col George Washington Feb. 22, 1822 Dec. 21, 1908
Moseley, Burrell Nelson Sep. 17, 1874 Mar. 18, 1941
Moseley, Cora Hightower Oct. 7, 1878 Jun. 3, 1949
Ragon, Marthat M. A. Feb. 28, 1838 May 15, 1869
Shepard, Thaddeus H. Sep. 7, 1834 Jul. 22, 1905


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