Stallcup Cemetery

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This cemetery is located at the old Stallcup Plantation site.


Stallcup, Anna Gray Sep. 4, 1860 Dec. 26, 1937
Stallcup, Anna Bel Aug. 11, 1890 Aug. 26, 1897
Stallcup, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy Ann" McAdoo Oct. 31, 1822 Feb. 22, 1905
Stallcup, Eunice Sep. 12, 1899 Aug. 25, 1901
Stallcup, Lucie Nov. 15, 1873 Nov. 17, 1885
Stallcup, Martha W. "Miss Mattie" Bell Dec. 20, 1854 Sep. 26, 1915
Stallcup, Mary E. Oct. 8, 1852 Sep. 25, 1857
Stallcup, Mary Goldie Dec. 27, 1893 Mar. 18, 1910
Stallcup, Michael Aubrey 1891 1937
Stallcup, Michael C "Squire Mike" Dec. 29, 1846 Jul. 5, 1922
Stallcup, William May 16, 1812 Nov. 16, 1889
Stallcup, William B Jan. 25, 1849 Mar. 6, 1931


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