Trinity Cemetery


Partial files gathered here by Lynda Davis and Pam Hartzo

Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Family Comments
Camp Camp, James James E. 29 Oct 1871 23-Oct-31   Lynda Davis
Carter Charley Charley T. 29 Oct 1871 23-Oct-31   Lynda Davis
Carter Hiram D. Hiram D 10 Oct 1901 30-Jan-64   Lynda Davis
Carter Margaret S. Margaret S. 23 Dec 1906  18-Feb-91   Lynda Davis
Carter Lily Ann Lily Ann 15 Aug 1876 7-Feb-42   Lynda Davis
Hartzo Jimmy D 16 Dec 1866 23 Mar 1899 Pam Hartzo S/o Laben & Emma Miles; James F
Hartzo Suzy B 17 Oct 1898 5 Sep 1900 Pam Hartzo James F/D?. & Mary E. Fason

Please note that as hard as we try, we are human. Sometimes we miss a grave here and there. If you know of an interrment that is not listed here, unmarked graves, cemetery history, have added information for an interrment, or have a gravesite picture you would like to see added,please contact Angela Hartman. Our goal is to put as much information online as is possible.




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