A Compendium of Soldiers, with connections to Marion County, Texas, who served the Confederacy


Primary sources: “Confederate Pension Applications” (Texas State Library) “Texas Confederate Scrip Grantees, CSA”, by Thomas Lloyd MILLER, “Some Early Citizens of Marion County, Texas” by Juanita DAVIS CAWTHON, and numerous other references from which supplemental data could be gathered.

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Note that rejection of pension application did not necessarily mean that the applicant was not a veteran.


David ADAMS; Aged 60; Died: 26 JAN 1886 - Served in: Co. F., 2nd Regiment, Texas Cavalry

George T. ADAMS (Confederate Pension Applicant)

J. F. AIKIN (Confederate Pension Applicant)  May have served in 19th Texas Infantry (John AIKIN)

W. D. AKIN [AIKIN]; Died: 23 NOV 1921 - Served as Pvt, Co. C, 32nd Texas Cavalry [CRUMP'S] (Confederate Pension Application rejected)

Sgt. Julius Caesar ALFORD; Died: 15 JUN 1876 - Served in: Co. A, 1st TX Infantry - Marion Rifles Maj. Augustus C. ALLEN; Born: 1835; Died: 15 MAR 1914 - Served in: Co. C, 19th Infantry Regiment; Married, Ellen Virginia ADAMS

R. M. ALLEN (Land Script granted)

Daniel Nelson ["Tuck"] ALLEY, Jr.; Born: 03 NOV 1840; Died: 06 JUL 1903 (Confederate Pension Applicant); Married, Mary Hannah Moore REMBERT

James Walter ALLEY; Born: 26 MAR 1834; Died: 17 FEB 1868 - Served in: Co. F, 2nd Regiment, Texas Cavalry; Married, Mary Ann NASH

William B. ANDERSON (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Laura ANDERSON PEEBLES

Capt. William Thomas ARMISTEAD; Born: 25 OCT 1844; Died: 01 SEP 1920

William Thomas ATKINS, Sr.; Born: 20 AUG 1842; Died: 20 APR 1930 - Served as Pvt., Co. K, 3rd   Regiment. Alabama Vol. (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Sallie [Sudie] CRAWFORD; (2) Mattie Ward MURPHY

Joseph F. ATKINS [AKINS] - Served as Pvt., Co. H, 19th Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Thomas Madison BAGBY, Jr.; Born: 24 AUG 1839; Died: 09 OCT 1880 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Elvira L. SPARKS

Cullen Montgomery BAKER; Born: 22 JUN 1835; Died: 06 JAN 1869 - Served as Pvt., Co. G, Morgan's Squad. - Texas Cavalry; Married, (1) Martha Jane PETTY; (2) Martha FOSTER

Rudolph BALLAUF; Born: 30 JUN 1832; Died: 08 FEB 1910 - Served in: Co. A, 7th Battalion, Louisiana Infantry; Married, Mary Louise HOTTINGER

William L. BANISTER (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Wiley BARNES (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Sarah Minerva

1st LT King D. BATEMAN; Born: 30 NOV 1832; Died: 24 JUN 1902 - Served in: Co. F, 19th Texas Infantry; Married, Margaret Susan [Maggie] SAMFORD

Col. William Cincinnatus BATTE, Sr.; Born: 16 OCT 1816; Died: 06 JUL 1895; Married, (1) Frances Ann GRIGG; (2) Millie S. DILLAHUNTZ; (3) Mrs. Cecelia B. (DARBY) OLD

Sgt. Laban R. BAYLISS; Died: 24 APR 1863 - Served in: First Regiment, Texas Partisan Rangers

Maj. George Richard BEARD; Born: 1813; Died: 23 OCT 1892 - Served in: Co. C, 1st LA Volunteers; Married, (1) Mrs. Emma L. C. BONA; (2) Anna HENRY

Allen Walker (Walter) BELOTE; Born: 26 OCT 1846; Died: 05 MAY 1923 - Served in: Co. A, 19th Texas Regiment (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Sarah ["Sallie"] Elizabeth LAY

1st LT Benjamin Jefferson BENEFIELD; Born: 28 DEC 1839; Died: 05 AUG 1928 - Served in: Co. I, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Harriett Adelaide BARRY

J. R. BENNETT; Aged 62; Died: 20 MAR 1906

James Jackson BENNETT; Born: 31 DEC 1841; Died: 02 FEB 1925 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Sarah Ann THOMAS

Davis BIGGS; Born: 03 DEC 1845; Died: 27 JUN 1929 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mary C. ["Clemmie"] SUMMERS

Capt. Noble Allen BIRGE; Born: 31 MAY 1832; Died: 17 NOV 1902 - Served as Quartermaster in Jefferson; Married, Sophia [Sophie] BRADFORD

Lt. Col Harvey H. BLACK; Born: 1833; Killed in Action: 17 MAY 1862 - Served in: Co. A, 1st Texas Infantry Regiment [Marion Rifles]

Christopher Columbus BOHLER; Born: 08 NOV 1827; Died: 10 MAR 1910 (Confederate Pension Applicant) Married, Anna Jarvis GREEN

B. F. BOYDSTUN, Sr.; Born: 10 AUG 1826; Died: 18 MAR 1915 - Served in: Co. B, 12th Texas Cavalry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Martha C.

Capt. Andrew Jackson BRADEN; Born: 1838; Died: 11 JAN 1895; Married, Mary Ann Elizabeth CARTER

William Edward BRIDGES - Served as Pvt., Co. K, 11th Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant); Wife’s name, Jane E.

Col. John BURKE; Born: 9 MAR 1832; Died: 4 JAN 1871 - Served as a Spy for General LEE; Married, (1) Jennie TAYLOR; Second Wife’s name, Martha V.

Sgt. G. H. BUSH - Served in: 1st Texas Infantry

William Rodney CARR, Sr.; Born: 1846; Died: 18 FEB 1917 (His wife died 11 Jun 1927 at age 71)

Andrew Jackson Truitt CARTER; Born: 14 FEB 1829; Died: 15 APR 1907 - Served in: Co. K, 15th Texas Infantry; Married, Mary A. C. ["Mollie"] WATSON

Jules CHAUDRON; Aged 65; Died: 4 APR 1909

Capt. Volney H. CLAIBORNE; Born: 10 AUG 1836; Died: 01 FEB 1897 - Served as Supply Officer, Jefferson; Married, Lucy A. PERRY

Capt. Frank O. CLARE - Served in: Co. A, 9th Texas Cavalry; Married, Mrs. Ann E. SMALL

Dr. Pat Benjamin CLARK - Served in: Co. A, 1st Texas Infantry [Assistant Surgeon] (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Lou ENGLISH

Chaplain. Andrew F. (E.) CLEMMONS; Born: 1821 - Served in: Greer's Regiment, Ross' Brigade; Married, Lucy RAINEY

Dr. [Lt Col] Albert Gallatin CLOPTON; Born: 29 SEP 1827; Died: 19 JUN 1916 - Served as DFS – 1st Texas Regiment; Married, Annie Matilda HENDERSON

J. W. COBB (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Capt John King COCKE; Died: APR 1864 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry [Formed unit]; Married, Alice EASON

James COLE (Land Script granted)  (May have served as Pvt., Co D, 19th Texas Infantry)

Wilson Lumpkins COLLINS; Born: ca 1833; Died: 20 MAR 1874; Married, Josephine A. (CASTLEBERRY??)

F. M. COONER (Land Script granted)  (Could be Franklin Noah)

Franklin Noah COONER (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, S. E.

Daniel CORNELIUS  (Land Script Granted)

J. K. Polk COTTON - Served in: Co. B, 23rd Texas Cavalry [GOULD's Company] (Confederate Pension Applicant)

2nd LT Miranda W. COVEY; Born: 20 AUG 1834; Died: 21 APR 1884 - Served in: Co. A, 19th Regiment, Texas Infantry; Married, Susan A. GARELL

James Philip CRAVER; Born: 22 DEC 1844; Died: 25 JUN 1906 - Served as Pvt., Co. D, 32nd Texas Cavalry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  (Land Script granted)  Married, Nancy Ann Elizabeth RAGAN [RAGON]

Meriwether Lewis CRAWFORD; Born: 1841 - Served in: Co. A, 19th Texas Infantry; Married, Victoria Kate ALLEY

LtCol William Lyne CRAWFORD; Born: 22 JAN 1839; Died: 17 FEB 1920 - Served in: 19th Texas Infantry [AFS]; Married, Lucy Katherine ALLEY

Lt. Col Richard Phillip CRUMP; Born: ca 1817; Died: 14 OCT 1869 - Served in: 1st Texas   Regiment., Partisan Rangers (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Martha A. HUGHES; (2) Mrs. Cynthia Caroline HUGHES

Col. David Browning CULBERSON; Born: 29 SEP 1830; Died: 07 MAY 1900 - Served in: 18th Texas Infantry [HFS]; Married, Eugenia A. KIMBALL

Col. James H. CULBERSON; Born: 26 DEC 1836; Died: 16 SEP 1902 - Served in: Co. G, 17th Texas Cavalry, [MOORE’S]; Married, Eugenia BRIDGES

Thomas DANIELS, Sr.; Born: 25 DEC 1832; Died: 01 DEC 1915 - Served as Pvt., Co. G, 19th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Bethany Haseltine HOOD

L. C. DARNELL (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Andrew Jackson DAVIS; Died: 18 JUN 1918 - Served as Pvt., Co. C, 24th Arkansas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Delilah WINN

Meade Lesir DAVIS; Born: 02 SEP 1821; Died: 26 MAY 1903 - Served in: Co. I, HamptonLegion, SC (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mary Lucinda BELL

G. W. L. DAWSON; Born: 31 MAR 1835; Died: 30 APR 1909 (Confederate Pension Applicant) Wife’s name, Annie.  (Pension application by Annie DAWSON was rejected)

Mike DELLINGER (Confederate Pension Application by A. M. DELLINGER rejected)  Wife’s name, A. M.

Capt Jesse Marmaduke DEWARE, Sr.; Born: 18 APR 1845; Died: 11 NOV 1925; Married, (1) Mary Francis [Mollie] ROWELL; (2) Murphy Montgomery SMITH

Frederick DIELMAN; Born: 23 MAY 1830; Died: 30 OCT 1903 - Served as Pvt., Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry ["Cooper"] (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Katharina.

F. DILLMAN (Confederate Pension Application under name, DILLMAN rejected -- Could be Frederick DIELMAN)

Ezekiel H. DOBBINS; Born: 1844; Died DEC 1907; Married, Josephine HARRISON

M. V. DORGAN  Wife’s name, Margaret.  (Confederate Pension Application by Margaret DORGAN rejected)

James Burkett [Berkett] DOTSON; Born: 12 APR 1836; Died: 16 MAY 1863 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  (Land Script granted)  Married, Van Duzen CULBERSON

Zacharia(h) DOUGHERTY [DAUGHETY]; Born APR 1828; Died: 06 SEP 1914 - Served in: Co. A, 54th Georgia Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Fanny.

Capt. William H. DUKE – Organized DUKE's Company of Texas Volunteers [“Jefferson Guards”]  Wife’s name, Jennie.

James DUNCAN; Died: 13 MAY 1873  Buried at Oakwood, no marker.

Thomas Andrew DUNLOP; Born: 01 AUG 1837; Died: 12 NOV 1904 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Clarissa ["Clara"] Isabella ADAMS

Joseph P. DURR, Jr.; Born: 1815; Died: 20 JUN 1891 - Served as Pvt., Co. A, 19th Infantry Regiment. Wife’s name, Martha.

John Jacob DURRUM; Died: SEP 1863 - Served in: Capt. DUKE's Co., TX Vol. [“Jefferson Guards”]

1st LT Oscar Augustus DURRUM; Born: 06 OCT 1837; Wounded and Died: 17 APR 1864 at Mansfield, LA

Samuel Dalton DURRUM; Born: 21 NOV 1845; Died: 02 MAR 1895 - Served in: 3rd Texas Cavalry

Silas Mercer DURRUM; Born: 14 SEP 1847; Died: 22 NOV 1923 - Served in: 3rd Texas Infantry; Married, Mary Ellen WILSON

Edward EBERSTADT; Born: 24 JUN 1831; Died: 22 OCT 1903 - Served in: Co. D, 1st Battalion, Louisiana Infantry; Wife’s name, Anna R.

Philip ELDRIDGE; Born: 27 FEB 1833; Died: 20 OCT 1927; Wife’s name, Betty [Bettie].

Col. Benjamin Holland EPPERSON; Born: 03 NOV 1824; Died: 06 SEP 1878; Married, (1) Harriett Amanda SHIELDS; (2) Nannie E. REED EPPERSON BLINN

Hugh L. ERWIN; Died: 01 NOV 1890 - Served as Pvt., 10th Texas Field Battery (Land Script granted)  Wife’s name, F. M.

Maj. William E. ESTES; Born: 01 MAY 1832; Died: 21 SEP 1902 - Served in: 32nd Texas Cavalry [FS]; Married, (1) Harriett Adeline [Adele] WILLINGHAM; (2) Jane MOORE

John A. FIEDLER; Born: 22 JUL 1835; Died: 12 JAN 1918 (Confederate Pension Application rejected)  Married, Caroline NAGEL

Robert Alcetas FIGURES; Born: 21 MAR 1836; Died: 10 JAN 1916 - Served as Pvt., Co. F, 19th Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Margaret P. URQUHART

A. T. FINLEY (Land Script granted)

John FISCHER; Born: 16 MAR 1831; Died: 10 DEC 1913 - Served in: Col. OCHILTREE's Regiment [18th TX]; Married, R. P. ANDERSON

Ambrose FITZGERALD; Born: ca 1829; Died: 28 OCT 1910 - Served in: Co. F, 22nd Brigade, Texas Cavalry; Married, (1) Frances SKIDMORE; (2) Georgia WARE

James FITZGERALD; Died: 22 JUL 1902 (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Joseph M. FITZGERALD; Born: 02 AUG 1830; Died: 14 FEB 1912 - Served as Pvt. Co. I, 32nd Texas Cavalry; Married, Sarah Jane PRIDE

Capt. Lewis Spencer FLATAU [FLATEAU]; Born: 25 MAY 1843; Died: JUL 1910 - Served in: 1st Confederate Artillery, 4th LA Brigade (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Kate WILSON; (2) Ella PITTS

Dr. Abijah B. FLINT; Born: ca 1838 - Served in: General FRENCH'S Div. - 10th TX Cavalry [Surgeon]; Married, Sarah E. CRAVER

Pvt William Thomas FORD; Born: ca 1827; Died: 03 JAN 1865 - Served in: Co. H, 7th Regiment., TexasInfantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Dorcas Melissa THOMPSON

Columbus Franklin FORNSBY (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, A. C. Augustus FOSCUE; Born: 19 JAN 1835; Died: 24 JUN 1867

Col. Benjamin Daniel FOSCUE; Born: 10 APR 1833; Died: 28 JAN 1898 - Served in: Co. H, 7th Texas Infantry; Married, Mary E. LYON

Julien Smith FOSCUE; Born: 28 AUG 1841; Died: 24 NOV 1869 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry; Married, Elosise [Eloise] AMOSS (AMOS)

Isaac Lafayette FOSTER (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, V. C. Noah Hill FOSTER (Confederate Pension Applicant)

George Houston FOWLER; Born: 05 AUG 1843; Died: 14 NOV 1904  Married, (1) Bettie STEWART; Second wife’s name, Hattie M.  (Confederate Pension Application by Hattie FOWLER rejected)

George FRAZOR [FRAZIER]; Died: 30 MAR 1894; Wife’s name, Elizabeth J.

Hugh Augustus FREEMAN; Born: 07 JUL 1842; Died: 12 DEC 1871 - Served in: Capt. DUKE's Co., Jefferson Guards

Dr. John McDade FRITH, Sr.; Born: 20 NOV 1826; Died: 06 JUN 1888; Married, Laura Amanda JONES

Andrew Jefferson GAFFORD; Born: 20 APR 1832; Died: 24 AUG 1907 - Served in: 9th Brigade, Texas Militia; Married, (1) Rebecca Jane E. NANCE; (2) Elizabeth Emeline MORGAN

Samuel Owen GAFFORD; Born: 08 OCT 1837; Died: 13 OCT 1907 - Served in: 9th Brigade, Texas Militia (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mary Leonard PURDY

Capt. Robert B. GAUSE; Died: 25 SEP 1895 - Served in: 3rd Texas Cavalry - So. Kansas-Texas Mounted Rifles; Married, Celestia ("Lessie") H. PERRY

Henry GILMAN [GILLMAN]; Born: 10 AUG 1839; Died: 15 JUN 1906 - Served in: 11th Louisiana Regiment (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Theresia [Theresa] SCHWIND

James H. GLASS - Served in: PRATT's Battery, PARSON's Brigrade (Confederate Pension Application rejected although file number (08890) was issued)

Pvt. A. J. GLENN (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Louis GOLDBERG; Born: 02 SEP 1832; Died: 21 JAN 1899; Wife’s name, Miriam.

Corp. George C. GOOLSBY; Born: ca 1833 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Application rejected)  Married, Mary A. WITT

Capt Charles Gibbs GRAHAM; Born: 30 APR 1833; Died: 03 JUN 1896 - Served in: Co. A [& D] 1st Texas Regiment (Confederate Pension Applicant) (Land Script granted)  Married, Sarah Texanah HARRIS

Perry McClure GRAHAM; Born: 07 NOV 1823; Died: 02 NOV 1881 - Served in: Capt. DUKE's Jefferson Guards; Married, (1) Madeline Lester DARBY; (2) Kaziah Frances ROGERS

J. F. GRAVES (Confederate Pension Applicant)

George A. GRAY; Born: 23 DEC 1826; Died: 1903 - Served in: Co. G, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Firstwife’s name, Frances; Second wife, Sarah E. NABORS

James C. GRAY; Born: 1829; Died: 1879 - Served in: Co. G, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles; Married, Susan Georgia BELL.

John Mitchell GRUBBS; Born: 01 MAR 1815; Died: 17 MAR 1893; Married, Nancy Ann COX

Edward B. GUTHREDGE; Born: 28 FEB 1845; Died: 29 MAR 1894; Married, Lida CAMPBELL

Spire McIntosh HAGERTY, Jr.; Born: 23 MAR 1849; Died: 29 SEP 1886; Not married

Daniel Frederick HAMILTON; Born: 1845; Died: 1910 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant) Married, Isabella JONES BOOKER

Pvt Samuel Jackson HAMILTON; Born: ca 1842 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Regiment, Texas Infantry; Married, Mollie B. FIGURES

Pvt Goodwin A. HARRIS; Born: 01 SEP 1844; Died: 24 JUN 1895 - Served in: Co. A, 27th Texas Cavalry; Wife’s name, Sallie E

Capt. William M. HARRISON; Born: 26 APR 1819 - Served in: ?? [River Boat Captain ?]; Married, (1) Elizabeth SHIELDS; (2) Elizabeth Ann EPPERSON

Capt. Joseph Crockett HART, Jr.; Born: 27 OCT 1837; Died: 29 MAR 1915 - Served in: Co. E., 9th Texas Cavalry; Married, Nancy [Mamie] [Nannie] Ellen DUKE

2nd Lt Charles C. HAWKINS; Born: ca 1829 - Served in: Co. G, 3rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry

Rev. Americus L. HAY; Married, Margaret BABE

Capt. Samuel Augustus HAYDEN; Born: 07 APR 1839; Died: 10 OCT 1918 - Served in: Co. B, 16th Louisiana Infantry; Married, Mary Guion RELYA

Enos P. HAYS; Born: 01 APR 1840; Died: 19 JAN 1896 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry (Land Script granted)  Married, Martha Ann PRIDE

Joseph Johnson HAYWOOD; Born: 09 AUG 1846; Died: 04 MAY 1890 - Served in: General WALKER's Division; Married, Laura PERRY

Alonzo Dennis HENDRIX; Born: 01 MAR 1847; Died: 01 FEB 1930 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mary Jane Clarinda RANDLE

Oscar HERRENKIND; Born: ca 1842 - Served in: Capt. W. H. DUKE's Jefferson Guard; Married, Jenny [Regina] LANAMAN

Dr, John Pontan [Peyton] HERVEY; Born: 11 FEB 1832; Died: 10 MAR 1899 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Eleanor V. DARLEY; (2) Mrs. Frances P. SEDBERRY STARKS

Leonida ["Lee"] HIGH; Born: 10 AUG 1842; Died: 22 MAY 1912 (Land Script granted)  Married, Sally Frances WRIGHT

John M. HOBDY; Born: ca 1843; Died: ca 1875; Married, Virginia FREEMAN

Robert Blount HODGE; Aged 20; Died: 30 JUL 1864 Wounded 6 Jul 1864, died at Oxford, Georgia

W. G. HOLLY (Confederate Pension Application rejected)

Pvt George W. HUDSON; Aged 86; Died: 27 DEC 1914 - Served in: 1st Texas Vol. Infantry - Co. A, Marion Rifles (Confederate Pension Applicant)  (Land Script granted)  Married, Nannie L. LOCKHART

Joe N. HUGHES; Born: JUN 1836; Died: 11 APR 1914 (Land Script granted)  Married, Ellie KELLY

Major Jacinth O. JACKSON, Sr.; Born: 14 JUN 1846; Died: 04 AUG 1915; Married, Sabra SPELLINGS

Jasper Nuton [Newton] JACKSON (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Alice GRAY

John M. JETT; Aged 83; Died: 31 JUL 1912 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Martha FOX

A. G. JOHNSON (Land Script granted)

Clement C. JOHNSON; Born: ca JAN 1841; Died: 26 JUL 1926 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Caroline.

Pvt. H. R. JOHNSON - Served in: 1st Texas Voluntary Infantry - Marion Rifles

Mack Mitchell JOHNSON; Born: 11 DEC 1836; Died: 27 JUL 1914 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Armelia [Remaliah] COTTON

Pvt. Archibald Stuart JOHNSTON; Born: 29 FEB 1836; Died: 1869 - Served in: Co. A, 3rd   Regiment., Alabama Infantry; Married, Eliza Charlotte ATWELL

Felix Albinus JONES; Died: MAY 1916 - Served in: Capt. W. H. DUKE'S Jefferson Guard; Married, Jennie [Janie] A. REESE

John G. JONES; Born: 1826; Died: 1900 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  (Land Script granted)  Wife’s name, Ann Elizabeth

William Calvin JONES; Born: 27 MAR 1840; Died: 09 JUL 1913 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Rebecca Taylor BELOTE

William Felix [Franklin] JONES; Born: 15 APR 1845; Died: 10 NOV 1914 - Served in: Co.H, 7th Texas Infantry // 19th Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Sallie E. NASH

Marcellus JORDAN; Born: 02 AUG 1830; Died: 28 MAY 1913 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Susan G.

Charles JOURDAN; Aged 39; Died: 20 SEP 1880 - Served in: 10th Louisiana Infantry; Married, Elizabeth C. BOND

Marshall Dallas KELLY (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Martha Ann.

Walter Ralph KENNON; Born: 1844; Died: 1932 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Pauline BARHAME

Capt James D. KITCHEN; Aged 64; Died: 16 NOV 1897

Joseph D. LASATER; Born: 1835; Died: 02 OCT 1902 - Served in: CULBERTSON's 18th Texas, Co. D; Married, Mrs. J. P. LOONEY

Capt. William Lemuel Peters LEIGH; Married, (1) Sarah R. WEVER; (2) Hannah Maria DUNMEYER

Sgt. Joshua Augustus LINDSAY; Born: 1833; Died: 02 MAR 1892 (Land Script granted)  Married, Susan Elizabeth PEAL

James D. LITTLE; Born: 05 JAN 1833; Died: 19 JAN 1904; Married, Nancy Jane LITTLE]

Royal Francis LOCKETT; Born: 25 NOV 1827; Died: 25 DEC 1865 - Served in: Co. B, CRUMP's Regiment, Texas Cavalry; Married, Julia Frances JONES

Thomas Napoleon LOCKETT; Aged 69; Died: 05 OCT 1907 - Served in: Co. B, LONG's Regiment, Partisan Rangers; Married, (1) Laura MOORE; (2) Laura M. PRUITT

William Augustus LOCKETT; Born: 19 AUG 1833; Died: 26 FEB 1916; Married, Mrs. Mary Adeline LOWTHER DREESON

Thomas L. LYON; Born: 01 MAR 1827; Died: 26 NOV 1908 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Sallie S. CHRISTIAN

Brig. General Hinchie Parham MABRY; Born: 27 OCT 1829; Died: 20 MAR 1884; Married, Sarah Abigail HAYWOOD

Merideth MANNING; Born: 14 FEB 1838; Died: 13 NOV 1918; Married, Kesiah J. REEVES

Pvt. Wiley C. MASON; Born: ca 1828 - Served in: Co. A, 1st Texas Infantry

2nd Lt William Henry MASON; Aged 88; Died: 24 JUL 1920 - Served in: Co. F, 19th Regiment, Texas Infantry; Married, Mary [Mollie] Henderson TERRY

William Franklin MATHEWS; Married, Harriet India SHARP

William Abram MAYS; Born: 1816; Died: 1903 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Rebecca WARREN

Lemuel MC CANN (Confederate Pension Applicant)

William Franklin MC DONALD (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Thomas Franklin MC GARITY; Born: 26 SEP 1846; Died: 23 JUL 1905; Married, Berta P. [Nee] McGARITY

Col. Hector MC KAY, Jr.; Born: 29 SEP 1835; Died: 17 NOV 1894 - Served in: Co. H & B, CRUMP's Regiment, Texas Cavalry; Married, Kate PHILLIPS

Col. James H. MC REYNOLDS; Died: ca 1891 - Served as DFS - 9th Texas Infantry

Thomas R. MEBANE; Died: ca 1863 - Served in: Co. D, 18th  Regiment, Texas Infantry

James Riley METTS (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Pvt. Acquilla [Aquila/Aquilla] MILES; Born: 12 NOV 1839; Died: 27 OCT 1927 - Served in: Co. D, 1st Texas  Regiment., HOOD’S Brigade (Land Script granted)  Married, Alice B. COVEY

Pvt. Henry Augusta MIMS, Jr.; Born: 24 FEB 1840; Died: 05 APR 1915 - Served in: Co. D, 32nd Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Confederate Pension Applicant) 

Married, (1) Emma Clay WEBB; (2) Susan ALLEN

John Wesley MIMS; Born: 12 AUG 1829; Died: 20 FEB 1907 Wife’s name, Elizabeth  (Confederate Pension Application, in name of Elizabeth MIMS, rejected) 

Joseph K. MINTER; Aged 55; Died: 20 MAY 1876 (Confederate Pension Applicant) Wife’s name, Margaret J.

James MONTGOMERY (Land Script granted)

Joel Gaston MORTON; Born: 15 SEP 1821; Died: 18 NOV 1867 (Land Script granted)  Married, Missouria Frances GRIMES

Abner Pulaski MOSELEY, Sr.; Born: 26 JUL 1829; Died: 13 AUG 1908 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry; Married, (1) Louisiana MC CAA; (2) Frances [Fannie] E. MOSELEY [Nee]

William Hilary MOSELEY; Born: 26 MAY 1824; Died: 08 JUL 1903 - Served in: Co. G, 16th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry; Married, (1) Elizabeth Caroline TAYLOR; (2) Mary Florence SMITH

William Lewis MOSELEY; Born: 26 JUL 1843; Died: 13 MAR 1907 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mattie Ellen CONNER

John C. MURPHY; Born: 21 AUG 1816; Died: 06 DEC 1871; Wife’s name, Mary E. T.

William J. MURPHY; Born: 28 OCT 1844; Died: 17 SEP 1878

Benjamin A. NANCE; Born: ca 1830 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry; Wife’s name, Sarah

3rd Sgt. Silas H. NANCE - Served in: Co. A, 19th Texas Infantry; Married, Rebecca H. WHEAT

William D. NASH; Born: ca 1830; Died: 23 NOV 1910 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  (Land Script granted)  Married, Lucinda YOUNG

Joseph NEY; Aged 56; Died: 11 FEB 1893; First wife’s name, Belinda [Bellinda]; Second wife: Bertha DOPPLEMAYER

Julius NEY; Born: 29 DEC 1841; Died: 26 SEP 1898; Wife’s name, Fannie

1st Lt Bassiannus NICHOLS; Born: 26 JUL 1828; Died: APR 1870 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry [OCHILTREE's]; Married, Roberta ROBERTS

Charles NIEDERMEIER; Born: 1834; Died: 24 OCT 1902; Wife’s name, Anna K.

Joseph [James] Addison O'REAR; Born: -- DEC 1846; Died: 1926 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Adryann Sophrony Fletcher COOK; (2) Emma BARNETT

Col. Thomas Peck OCHILTREE; Born: 26 OCT 1839; Died: 25 NOV 1902 - Served in: HOOD's Texas Brigade

Col. William Beck OCHILTREE, Jr.; Born: 18 OCT 1811; Died: 27 DEC 1867 - Served in: 18th Texas Infantry [Adjutant]; Married, Atala A. HOTCHKISS PHILIPS

John ONEY - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry (Land Script granted)

Julius OPPENHEIM; Born: 17 MAY 1843; Died: 28 FEB 1914 - Served in: CSA Quartermaster Department (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Caroline ["Carrie"] FABER

Charles E. ORR; Born: 02 MAR 1842; Died: 01 JAN 1912 (Land Script granted)  Married, Mary A. BARNES

1st LT James H. ORR - Served in: 18th Texas Infantry, Company D (Confederate Pension Application rejected)  Married, Susan ALDERSON

William J. PARKER; Died: ca 1865 (POW at Hatcher’s Run, VA, 02 April 1865)

J. S. PARR; Died: ca 1906 (Fought in the battle of Mansfield, LA)

Peter Lucius PATILLO (Confederate Pension Applicant)

G. L. PEAVY; Born: 07 DEC 1835; Died: 24 JUL 1908 Wife’s name, Mary Maria  (Confederate Pension Application, by Mary M. PEAVY, rejected)

Maj. William Evander PENN; Born: 11 AUG 1832; Died: APR 1895; Married, Corilla Frances SAYLE

Capt William PERRY; Born: 15 APR 1813; Died: 02 JAN 1869; Married, Sardinia Hicks SMITH

Whitmill PHILLIPS - Served in: Co. G., 3rd   Regiment, TX Cavalry [So. Kansas - TX Mounted] (Land Script granted)  Married, Virginia ALDERSON

Major Charles S. POSTELWAITE; Died: 04 SEP 1886 - Served in: Co. A, 1st Texas Vol. Infantry - Marion Rifles (Land Script granted)

Majof Joseph H. PRATT; Died: 24 MAR 1873; Death attributed to wounds received in battle 26 Oct 1864 (May have served in 10th Texas Field Battery, Texas Light Artillery)

T. S. W. PRESTON; Born: 23 MAR 1838; Died: 23 JAN 1901 (Confederate Pension Applicant) Wife’s name, Annie M.

Dr. Lyttleton S. RAYFIELD; Born: 1840; Died: 07 JUL 1881; Married, (1) Mary Virginia TODD; (2) Anne B. CHEW

DAVID REAVES  Wife’s name, Angelina  (Confederate Pension Application, by Angelina REAVES, rejected)

A. C. REED [READ]; “Body removed from Calvert, TX and buried in Jefferson, 31 Jan 1877”

James Jackson RIVES; Born: 22 FEB 1829; Died: 20 NOV 1894 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas Infantry; Married, Hortense STUART [STEWART]

Pvt. William Green RIVES; Born: 02 JUL 1831; Died: 04 DEC 1887 - Served in: Co. G., 3rd Texas Cavalry; Married, Mary Ann HAYWOOD

Pvt. Thomas E. ROBERTS; Born: 1838; Died: 1886 - Served in: Co. F, 6th Regiment, Alabama Infantry

Gen. James Harrison ROGERS; Born: 18 OCT 1813; Died: 08 SEP 1903; Married, (1) Barbara Braioli [Brawley] HOGE; (2) Cozia [Koziah] A. OCHILTREE

John W. ROGERS; Born: 1846; Died: 1932 (Confederate Pension Applicant) Wife’s name, Easter

Capt. Thomas Jefferson ROGERS; Born: 15 FEB 1832; Died: 28 MAY 1918 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Regiment, Texas Infantry; Married, Nancy Emily MAYBERRY

Capt John T. ROOTS; Born: 28 JAN 1840; Died: 10 MAY 1886; Married, Mary E. ROGERS

Dr. Robert E. ROWELL; Born: 11 AUG 1824; Died: 16 MAY 1900 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Texas [Surgeon]; Married, Ann Augusta KIMBALL

John SABINE; Aged 58; Died: 10 JUL 1883; Married, Elizabeth Victoria GEER

William Daniel SANFORD - Served in: 1st Texas Infantry; Never MarriedCol. William P. SAUFLEY - Served in: "SAUFLEY's Scouting Batt." - Texas Cavalry; Married, Eliza Jane CRITTENDEN

Walter Patterson SCHLUTER; Born: 20 JUN 1845; Died: 05 JUN 1925 - Served in: Captain DUKE's "Jefferson Guards"; Married, (1) Annie Laurie (Laura) HALE; (2) Mrs. Eugenia ROWELL STUMP

Clemons [Clemmens] A. SCHWEERS; Born: 30 APR 1838; Died: 12 MAY 1917; Wife’s name, Dora W.

Thomas H. SCOTT; Born: ca 1835 - Served in: Co. G, 3rd Texas Infantry; Married, Kia WILLISON

W. W. SCOTT; Died: 22 OCT 1905, Aged 80  (Confederate Pension Applicant)

1st Sgt. John David SEDBERRY; Born: 17 JUL 1841; Died: 1894 - Served in: Co. F, 19th Regiment, Texas Infantry

M. K. SEDBERRY; Born: 24 MAR 1839; Died: 24 DEC 1869

Capt. Thomas Dixon SEDBERRY; Born: 09 JUN 1831; Died: 31 OCT 1871 - Served in: Co. F, 19th Regiment, Texas Infantry; Married, Virginia [Jennie] Ann MASON

Dr. William Jones SEDBERRY; Born: 24 MAR 1839; Died: 19 APR 1923 - Served in: Co. G, 3rd Texas Cavalry; Married, (1) Nancy [Nannie] Jane ALLEY; (2) Mrs. Lelia SHORTRIDGE GEORGE

William Harrison SEDGASS; Born: 01 JAN 1839; Died: 16 JAN 1916 - Served in: Co. H, 5th Texas Cavalry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mrs. Cathern E. [Kate] CARTER

Jacob SEXT; Born: 12 MAY 1835; Died: 04 DEC 1906   Married, Sarah Jane Rebecca CARTER  (Confederate Pension Application, by Sarah Jane Rebecca CARTER, rejected)

James Allen SHARP; Born: 14 OCT 1845; Died: 22 DEC 1921 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Texanna MATHEWS; (2) Fawna ROBERTSON.

Sgt. John W. SHARROCK(S); Aged 78; Died: 15 JAN 1902 - Served in: 18th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Laura Josephine HOLMAN

Thadius [Thaddeus] P. SHEPHARD; Born: 03 JUL 1833; Died: 22 JUL 1905 - Served in: Co. K, 28th Louisiana (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Ann; (2) Sallie

Charles Jasper SIMMONS; Born: 24 SEP 1846; Died: 18 MAR 1924 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mary Ann PETERS

J. H. SIMMONS (Confederate Pension Applicant)

John Andrew SIMMONS; Born: 15 DEC 1841; Died: 31 JAN 1928 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Harriet F. REEDER

Col. William Bradford SIMS, SR.; Born: 19 DEC 1829; Died: 28 FEB 1889 - Served in: 9th Regiment, Texas Cavalry [Staff] (Land Script granted)  Married, (1) Jane Anna BROOKS; (2) Mrs. Mary Sophia TODD.

Capt. William E. SINGLETON; Born: 12 APR 1835; Died: 30 JAN 1917; Married, Louisa J. HARRIS

Marion Try SLAUGHTER; Born: 1826; Died: 04 MAY 1886 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mrs. Eveline J. CRUTCHER

Robert M. SLAUGHTER; Died: 02 MAR 1893; Married, Mary Jane CASTLEBERRY

John A. SMISSON - Served in: Co. B, 1st Regiment, TX Partisan Rangers; Wife’s name, Margaret

Henry Alexander SMITH; Born: 22 JUL 1848; Died: 27 MAR 1916 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Wyley C.

John Whithead SMITH (Confederate Pension Applicant) Wife’s name, Luella

Richard B. SMITHSON; Born: 1844; Died: 11 DEC 1878

Capt. Charles A. SNEAD; Born: 17 DEC 1843; Died: 20 OCT 1922 - Served in: Co. H, 14th Virginia (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Soloman Alexander SPELLINGS; Born: 18 JAN 1841; Died: 08 NOV 1903 - Served in: Co. G, 3rd Texas Cavalry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Carrie THOMAS; (2) Maude M. FRAZIER

Robert Walker SPENCE; Born: 03 MAR 1844; Died: 07 MAR 1905 - Served in: CRUMP's Battalion, ECTOR's Brigade; Married, Florence Emma ROGERS

Michael C. STALLCUP; Born: 29 DEC 1846; Died: 05 JUL 1922; Married, Mattie W. BELL

William Blackburn STALLCUP; Born: 16 MAY 1812; Died: 16 NOV 1889; Married, Elizabeth [Betsy] Ann MC ADOO

Henry A. STEALY; Aged 46; Died: 26 MAR 1875 - Served in: Co. F, 2nd Regiment, Texas Cavalry; Wife’s name, Mary

Moses STEINLEIN; Died: 19 AUG 1901; Married, Leah Eliza FILKINS

Jacob STERNE; Born: ca 1827; Died: 07 NOV 1872 - Served in: Company A, 19th Texas Infantry [WATERHOUSE]; Married, Ernestine DOPPLEMAYER

Jonathon David (Davis) STRINGER; Born: 17 NOV 1846; Died: 10 APR 1928 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Lucretia MC IVER; (2) Minnie Lee DILL

Frederick STUTZ; Born: 31 JAN 1830; Died: 27 JUL 1874; Wife’s name, Katherine

John A. SUMMERS; Born: 05 DEC 1825; Died: 08 FEB 1885 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Elizabeth C. WATSON

Rev. J. R. SWIFT; Died: 06 SEP 1872 (Buried at Oakwood, No marker)

John TANKERSLY (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Rebecca C.

B. F. TAYLOR; Born: 01 JAN 1839; Died: 18 APR 1905 (Land Script granted)

Lt Col Enos Ward TAYLOR; Born: 1840 - Served in: 19th Texas Infantry [AFS]; Married, Fannie FISHER

Francis M. TAYLOR  (Mother, Sarah Elizabeth TAYLOR’s obituary states that he “…fell far from home while in the defense of his country.”

Henry C. TAYLOR; Born: 17 MAY 1840; Died: 16 JUN 1905; Married, (1) Hattie HYDE; (2) Sarah TERHUNE

Capt. Hilary L. TAYLOR; Born: 15 OCT 1843; Died: 11 MAR 1915 - Served in: Co. E, 3rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry Brigade; Married, (1) Mary Grace CALVIT; (2) Mrs. Josephine HARRIS

James Robert TAYLOR; Born: 26 DEC 1843; Died: 31 MAY 1930; Married, (1) Georgia Ann Allie DURHAM; (2) Anna WINDSOR

Dr. John M. TAYLOR; Born: 07 APR 1837; Died: 11 JUL 1902 - Served in: 3rd Texas Cavalry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Amanda M. CAVEN

Ward TAYLOR, Jr.; Born: 06 NOV 1832; Died: 10 APR 1894 - Served as Pvt., Co. F, 19th Texas Infantry; Married, Amanda Isadore GIBSON

Dr. Archibald Alexander TERHUNE; Born: 03 JAN 1825; Died: 03 FEB 1891 - Served in: Surgeon, 18th Georgia Regiment; Married, Mary Frances WARE

George W. TERRY; Married, Thalia C. JONES

J. A. THARP (Confederate Pension Application rejected)

George W. THOMAS; Died: 11 MAR 1911, Aged 75; Wife’s name, Lucinda E.

J. M. THOMAS; Died: SEP 1884 (Section ‘G’ at Oakwood, no marker)

John N. THOMAS; Died: 19 AUG 1927 (Confederate Pension Applicant) Wife’s name, Mamie

Lucien W. THOMAS; Born: ca 1844;  Member of 1st Texas, taken prisoner in Pennsylvania

Jason I. THOMPSON (Land Script granted)

Thomas THOMPSON; Born: 17 APR 1819; Died: 02 NOV 1892 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Dorcas Emaline FORD

Capt George Thomas TODD; Born: 06 MAY 1839; Died: 02 FEB 1913 - Served in: Co. A, 1st TX Regiment, HOOD's Brigade; Married, (1) Edwina Ellen VAN DYKE; (2) Marion Bruce MILLER

James Campbell TODD; Born: 10 DEC 1844; Died: 17 AUG 1870 - Served in: 1st Texas Infantry

Capt J. M. TUCKER; Died: 07 DEC 1891 - Served in: Co. F, 2nd Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Land Script granted)  Married, Mrs. Alice COCKE

1st Sgt Aaron Duke TULLIS; Born: 1834; Died: 14 SEP 1897 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Martha Jane JOHNSON

A. R. TYLER (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Pvt. Frank M. TYLER; Born: 15 NOV 1826; Died: 10 FEB 1901 - Served in: Co. D, 18th Regiment, Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Hon. John McNiel URQUHART; Born: 31 DEC 1844; Died: 09 SEP 1882 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Anna Christiana MC LEOD

Major J. Thomas VEAL; Aged 78; Died: 04 JUN 1902 - Served in: 3rd Infantry Regiment (Col., Mansfield)

Pvt. John C. VEAL; Aged 66; Died: 10 MAR 1890 - Served in: Co. A, 1st Texas Infantry Marion Rifles (Land Script granted)

Capt. John M. VINES; Born: 1844; Died: 04 JUL 1914 - Served in: CSA Lane Rangers ["Farrier"] (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Edla V. CONNOR; (2) Louella SHANK [SCHANCK]

Col. J. B. VINSON; Aged 83; Died: 25 MAR 1896

Robert Walker VINSON; Died: 03 JUN 1915, Aged 75 - Served in: Co. F, 22nd Texas Volunteer Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Sophia GIBBS

1st Sgt. A. F. VOSIER - Served in: Co. H, 14th Texas Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)

T. J. WAGNON (Land Script granted).  May have served Co. H, 15th Texas Infantry

Dr. Robert W. [Dick] WALKER; Born: ca 1810; Died: 11 MAR 1892 - Served in: Co. A, 1st TX Vol. Infantry - Marion Rifles (Land Script granted)  Married, Eliza S. MORGAN

Douglas Drury WALTON; Aged 25; Died: 08 JUN 1872 - Served in: Co. A, 1st TX Infantry // Co. D, 18th TX Infantry

Col. William B. WARD; Born: 08 MAY 1837; Died: 02 DEC 1915; Married, Zue AIKEN

Dr. A. B. WASKOM; Born: 20 JAN 1844; Died: 18 JAN 1906; Married, Sue A. SWANSON

Col. John M. WASKOM; Born: 19 NOV 1818; Died: 02 MAY 1883; Married, (1) Nancy Ann COOK; (2) Mrs. Martha J. LARY

Gen Richard E. WATERHOUSE, Jr.; Born: 12 JAN 1833; Died: 20 MAR 1876 - Served in: 19th Texas Volunteer Infantry; Married, Rosalee WALLACE

Capt. George Washington WATSON; Born: MAY 1841; Died: 04 NOV 1913 - Served in: Co. F, 2nd Texas Cavalry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Marietta MATHEWS

2nd LT Henry Jackson WHATLEY; Born: 29 NOV 1845; Died: 29 NOV 1917 - Served in: Co. E, 31st Alabama Infantry (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Nancy Jane SMITH

Pvt. James Darling WHATLEY; Born: 1825; Died: 1892 - Served in: Co. A, 5th Mississippi Infantry [State Troop]; Married, (1) Martha Elizabeth NICKERSON; (2) Isabella DICKERSON

Sgt. Martin W. WHATLEY; Born: 1837 - Served in: Co. E, 31st Alabama Infantry; First wife’s name: Mary A.;  Second wife: Lula NIXON

Capt. W. R. WHITE; Born: 09 MAR 1829 - Served in: F&S – 12th Battalion, Arkansas Sharpshooters, AQM; Married, (1) Mary J. CLARK; (2) Mary C. LOVE

James Bryan WHITFIELD; Born: 14 SEP 1841; Died: 06 FEB 1908 (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, Mary Eglentine CRUTCHER

David Franklin WILLIAMS; Died: ca 1925 (Land Script granted)

Maj. William Jacob WILLIAMS; Born: 07 JAN 1824; Died: 04 MAR 1894; Married, (1) Mary Elizabeth STRICKLAND; Second wife’s name: Martha Ann

Capt. W. P. [Wm. G.] WIMBERLY; Aged 83; Died: 06 JUN 1906 - Served in: Co. A, 1st Texas Infantry Marion Rifles  [W. G.] (Confederate Pension Applicant)

Benjamin WOOD; Born: 08 JUL 1834; Died: 17 OCT 1864 (Land Script granted)  Married, Catherine ["Kate"] Barbara HELD

Oliver Hamilton Perry WOOD (Confederate Pension Applicant)  May have served in Co. D, 4th Texas Infantry and/or Co. K, 17th Texas Cavalry

R. F. B. WOODS; Born: 24 NOV 1837; Died: 01 NOV 1909 (Confederate Pension Applicant) Married, Julia Lounett SHEPHERD

Julian WOODSON  (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Bettie W.

Col. William Amos WORTHAM; Born: 03 NOV 1830; Died: 01 OCT 1910 - Served in: 32nd and 35th Texas Cavalry; Married, Adeline E. ASHCROFT (ASHCRAFT)

Capt. Asa Upton WRIGHT, Sr.; Born: 1832; Died: 1885 - Served in: A.Q.M. 17th Texas Cavalry, Quartermaster Dept; Married, Elizabeth ["Lizzie"] MC CALLEN

Sgt. Wesley YORK; Born: 12 JUL 1824; Died: 15 OCT 1888 - Served in: Co D, 18th Texas Infantry   ["Westley"] (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Married, (1) Martha Ann LOGAN; (2) Sarah E. ECHOLS

W. H. YOUNG (Confederate Pension Applicant)  Wife’s name, Ella

Daniel H. ZACHRY; Born: 06 OCT 1826; Died: 26 AUG 1902; Married, Sarah H. PERRY

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