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Mason County Texas Cemeteries

If you know of any cemeteries that are not listed here please let me know.   Wanda Qualls

This is on a cemetery plaque at a cemetery in Alabama: 

 "Linger awhile and walk with me into the shadowy mist that was yesterday.  Stroll across the faded pages of history and from our hardships learn the ways of a better life.  Pass me not for I am the spirit of your ancestors. In your veins flow my blood and the blood of my fathers.  Linger awhile, if only for a moment and through your thoughts I will know I am remembered."

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Mason County Graves & Cemeteries  -
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Gloria Mayfield's Cemeteries of Texas - Mason County

Art East Cemetery
Art West Cemetery Art
Bauer Cemetery Art  
Behrens Cemetery Purdy Hill  
Bethel Cemetery Between Brady and Mason Pictures
Blackjack Cemetery Spice Rock  
Cavness Cemetery Grit  
Chew Cemetery
Hwy 29 Pictures
Coffey Cemetery  Long Mountain  
Crosby Cemetery Purdy Hill  
East Art Cemetery
Eaton Cemetery  - with pictures
Eaton Cemetery
Fly Gap

Ellerbracht Cemetery Loyal Valley  
Ellison Cemetery
Purdy Hill  
Fly Gap Cemetery  Fly Gap  
Gamel Cemetery
Gamel Cemetery
Just past Streeter, Tx, left on Bluff Creek Rd. 
Gooch Cemetery Purdy Hill Pictures
Grit Cemetery Grit  
Daniel Hoerster Cemetery

Hoerster Grave

Jones Cemetery Purdy Hill  
Keyser Cemetery Castell  
Kothe Cemetery Loyal Valley  
Kothmann Family Cemetery
Leifeste Cemetery Fly Gap  
Long Mountain Cemetery
Long Mountain  
Lower Willow Creek Cemetery
Loyal Valley Cemetery
Loyal Valley Cemetery (text)

Pictures 1
Pictures 2
Martin Cemetery
New Gooch Cemetery Purdy Hill  
New Pontotoc Cemetery
Pontotoc Pictures
Newsom Cemetery
Old Gooch Cemetery Purdy Hill  
Old Pontotoc Cemetery
Polk Cemetery Purdy Hill  
Reichenau Cemetery

Toeppich Cemetery North of Hwy  29 Pictures
Union Band Cemetery
NE section of Mason County
People in this cemetary lived in various counties
Vater Cemetery Purdy Hill  
Wagram Cemetery
Spice Rock Pictures
Water Valley Cemetery Fredonia  
Wooten Cemetery   Smoothingiron  
List of Cemeteries in Mason County

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Chew Cemetery - Llano County
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