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Key to transcription:

Column 1: The first number is the dwelling/house. The second number is the family.

Both are numbered in the order of visitation.

Columns 2-3: Names of persons whose place of abode on first day of June 1870 was in this family.

An asterisk (*) before the name indicates married within the year.

Columns 4-6: Age, Sex, and Color (B Black; M Mulatto)

Column 7: Occupation. Also, month of birth is given for children born within the year.

Column 8: Place of birth. Two-letter state abbreviation or,

AFR Africa

INT Indian Territory

IRE Ireland

NAS - Nassau

Columns 9-10:   Small f Father of foreign birth.     Small m Mother of foreign birth


17-14    Hawes,      Richard     67   M   B                                       VA

             Leah          60   F    B      Housekeeper           VA

               Peter         21   M   B      Farm Hand               KY

               Louisa       17   F    B      Farm Hand               KY

               Richard     10   M   B      At Home                   TX

18-15    Young,       Benjamin  22   M   B      Farm Hand               TX

               Melvina     20   F    B      Housekeeper           TX

               James       1/12 M  B (May)                             TX

Preston,    George     31   M   B      Farm Hand               MD

               Eliza J.      40   F    B      Housekeeper           MS

Reed,        Charles     71   M   B      Farm Hand               SC

               Easther     48   F    B      Housekeeper           KY

19-18    Cole,         Isaac         44   M   B      Farmer                     VA

               Mary          30   F    B      Housekeeper           AR

               Delia         10   F    B      At Home                   TX

               Walter       5    M   B                                       TX

               John          3    M   B                                       TX

               Grant         1    M   B                                       TX

Royall,       Paulina      70   F    B      Asst Housekeeper  VA

22-23    Doss,        Orange     35   M   B      Farmer                     SC

               Eliza          40   F    B      Housekeeper           SC

23-24    Randall,     Stephen    35   M   B      Farmer                     SC

Gee,          Minda        80   F    B      At Home                   SC

Randall,     Susan       37   F    B      Housekeeper          AFR  f    m

24-25    Gee,          Fanny        30   F    B      Housekeeper         AL

               Stephen    7    M   B                                       TX

               William      5    M   B                                       TX

               Abram       2    M   B                                       TX

26-27    Household of Joseph Mangum

              Hardeman, Danl.        11   M   B      House Servant         TX

38-39    Simmons, John          50   M   B      Farm Hand               MS

               Rebecca   38   F    B      Housekeeper           LA

               Riley          12   M   B      At Home                   TX

               Martha       1    F    B                                       TX

40-40    Household of Henry L. DeMoss

              Simmons, Flora         10   F    B      Nurse                        TX

45-44    Household of William Elliott

              McDowell, Daniel       45   M   B      Farm Hand               GA    f    m

50-49    Haddon,    Martha       30   F    B      Housekeeper           TX

               Fanny        12   F    B      At Home                   TX

               James       4    M   B                                          TX

               Charles     2    M   M                                          TX

               John T.         3/12  M     M  (March)                  TX

51-50    Hamlin,      Richard     50   M   B      Farmer                       VA

Roberts,    Hester       39   F    B      Housekeeper           SC

               Rebecca   70   F    B      At Home                   SC

Thompson, Lucinda    25   F    B      Housekeeper           TN

               Malinda     2    F    B                                          TX


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Jan. 7, 2005
Jan. 7, 2005