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Key to transcription:

Column 1: The first number is the dwelling/house. The second number is the family.

Both are numbered in the order of visitation.

Columns 2-3: Names of persons whose place of abode on first day of June 1870 was in this family.

An asterisk (*) before the name indicates married within the year.

Columns 4-6: Age, Sex, and Color (B Black; M Mulatto)

Column 7: Occupation. Also, month of birth is given for children born within the year.

Column 8: Place of birth. Two-letter state abbreviation or,

AFR Africa

INT Indian Territory

IRE Ireland

NAS - Nassau

Columns 9-10:   Small f Father of foreign birth.     Small m Mother of foreign birth

2-2        Yancy,       Pentellan  56   M   M     Farm Hand               VA

               Ellen          38   F    M     Housekeeper           VA

               Madison    21   M   M     Farm Hand               TX

               Sophia      17   F    M     Cook                        TX

               Cornelia    13   F    M     At Home                   TX

               Ida             10   F    M     At Home                   TX

               Washington     9   M     M  At Home              TX

               Elmira       6    F    M                                       TX

               Louisiana  2    F    M                                       TX

3-3        Lincoln,     Errick        60   M   B      Farm Hand               MD

               Irena         41   F    B      Housekeeper           VA

               Henry        27   M   B      Farm Hand               GA

               Theresa    25   F    B      Cook                                  VA

               James       10   M   B      At Home                   TX

               Mary A.     1    F    B                                       TX

               Ely             20   M   B      Farm Hand               GA

4-4        Mountain,  James       54   M   B      Farm Hand               AL

               Louisa       55   F    B      Housekeeper           VA

               Edward     9    M   B      At Home                   TX

5-5        Fisher,       Henry        45   M   B      Farm Hand               VA

               Nancy        40   F    B      Housekeeper           VA         m

               Louisa       16   F    B      Asst Housekeeper  TX

6-6        Swetzer,    Cambridge      20  M     B  Farm Hand          GA

               Jinsey       48   F    B      Housekeeper           GA

7-7        Household of Francis Carruthers

Smith,        Thomas    18   M   B      Farm Hand               TX

Attwell,      John          26   M   M     Farm Hand               TX

9-9        Household of Trinida Navida

              Navida,      Martha       36   F    M     Housekeeper           INT

               Laura J.     12   F    M     At Home                   TX

               Andrew     8    M   M     At Home                   TX

10-10    Household of Domingo Allonis

Allonis,      Susan       38   F    M     Housekeeper           AL

               Walter       12   M   M     Cattle Driver             TX

               Frances    9    F    M     At Home                   TX

               Emily         8    F    M                                       TX

               Lewis        4    M   M                                       TX

               Martina        9/12    F      M  (September)       TX

Smith,        Daniel       21   M   M     Cattle Driver             AL

11-11    Wiggin,      Robert      28   M   B      Farm Hand               TX

               Hettie        17   F    B      Housekeeper           TX

               Isaac             4/12 M     B  (February)           TX

13-13    Household of Amanda VanDorn

Johnson,   Lewis        25   M   B      Cattle Driver             LA

Lewis,        Adam        14   M   B      Cattle Driver             TX

14-14    Household of James B. Hawkins

Heyward,   Hall            18   M   B      Cattle Driver             TX


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Jan. 7, 2005