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MARKS AND BRANDS 1102 - 1588

1102 Solomon Monroe
, Freedman, Brand

Mark - Smooth crop and slit in each ear

Recorded 30 Apl. 1870

1103 George Bankston
, Freedboy, Brand

Mark: Crop and overbit in right, overslope and underbit in left.

Recorded 2d May 1870

1104 Isaac Brooks
, Freedman, Brand

Mark: Overbit in left and underbit in right ear

Recorded 9th May 1870

1105 Isaac Brooks Jr.
Freedman, Brand

Mark: Overbit in left ear and underbit in right

Recorded 9th May 1870

1106 Allan Taylor
, Freedman, Brand

Mark - Square crop off the left ear, & hole & underbit in right

Recorded 18 May 1870

1108 Hannah Costley
, Freedchild Brand

Recorded 26 May 1870


1112 Morris Law, Freedman, Brand

Mark - Fig leaf in right ear and hole in left ear

Recorded June 4, 1870

1114 James Lewis
, freedman, Brand

Mark - Crop & over & under bit in right & swallow fork in left.

Recorded June 11, 1870

1118 Albert Young
, Freedman, Brand

Mark: Two splits in right ear & over slope and underbit in left ear.

          Recorded 20 June 1870

1131 Bob Jones
, Freedman, Brand

Recorded 11 Aug. 1870

1132 Sam Norris
, Freedman, Brand

Mark: Slit in right ear & crop off the left.

Recorded 11th Aug. 1870

1140 Dennis Capiti
  Freedman  Brand

Recorded October 18th 1870

1141 Smith
Jackson 's  Freedman  Brand

Mark: Under bit in each ear One smooth crop of right ear

October 27th 1870

1151 Isaac Cole
  Freedman  Brand

Recorded Dec 15th 1870

1152 LuCindy Matthews
  Freedwoman  Brand

Recorded Dec 15th 1870

1153 Jeff Robbins
  freedman  Brand

Mark is smooth crop and under bit in each ear.

Recorded Dec 22nd 1870

1156 Ruben Kemp
  Freedman  Brand

Underbit in the right and Lancet point in the left

Recorded Jan 7th 1871

1157 Henry Johnson
  Freedman  Hog mark

Crop and Split in each ear

Recorded Jan 13th 1871

1250 Watt Cole
(Freedman)  Brand

Recorded August 22nd 1871

1307 Ben Gregg
's Brand

Mark is swallow right ear over slope left ear.

Recorded Feb 6th 1872

1412 Mark Amy
Hog mark

Smooth crop on the left and under bit on right ear

Recorded Nov 5th 1872


1413 Mark Amy Horse Brand

Recorded Nov 5th 1872

1414 George McCall
  Horse Brand

Recorded Nov 5th 1872

Hog mark crop & slit in right & underbit and over slope in the left

Recorded Nov 5th 1872

1415 Mark Harrison

Horse Brand & Hog Mark

Two slits in left ear & underbit in the right ear

Recorded Nov 5th 1872

1416 Sam Laddy
        Horse Brand

Hog mark  Two holes one in each ear

Recorded Nov 5th 1872

1421 Hugh Franklin

Ear mark is a swallow fork and two underbits in the right ear

Hog mark the same & brand for horses & cattle

Recorded Nov 5th 1872

1422 Sam Ambres

Ear mark and under slope in the right ear & a hole in the left

The mark for hogs & brand can be used for horses

Recorded Nov 5th 1872

1424 J. H. Dugard
's  Brand

Mark smooth crop & slit in both ears

The above mark & brand is intended for a general stock
            brand & mark

Recorded Nov 6th 1872

1429 Troy
Taylor 's Brand

For horses & cattle

Recorded December 18th A. D. 1872

1441 Joe
(African) Brand

Recorded Feburary 4th A.D. 1873

1454 Bion
(African) Brand

Mark is two over bits in right & two under bits left ear

Recorded March 12th 1873

1455 Henry
(African) Brand

Mark is crop right & split left ear

Recorded March 12th 1873

1462 Troy
Taylor 's Hog mark

Smooth crop & under bit left & smooth crop & split right

Recorded March 24th 1873

1468 Shade
(African) Brand

Mark is crop left ear & split right ear

Recorded March 25th 1873

1469 Coley
(African) Brand

Mark is swallow fork in each ear & underbit right ear

Recorded March 25th 1873


1555 Jeff Davis, freedman, Brand

Mark for cattle and hogs

Smooth crop in right and underbit & crop in left ear

Recorded Feby 11, 1874

1588 Lige Dennis Stone
's Brand

          Recorded May 6th 1874


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