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The Ashby community and surrounding vicinity were called upon to mourn in common sympathy last week when the death of Grandpa J. H. Nicholson was announced. While his death was not expected, nevertheless it caused a deep sorrow over the while community, for he was one of the old residents here, a thoroughly beloved, good, Christian man, whose good words of encouragement were always cherished by those with whom he came in contact. He was 77 years old and leaves an aged wife, five sons and one daughter and a number of grandchildren to mourn his loss. All the five sons and daughter were present at the funeral. His daughter, Mrs. Robertson, had been taking care of him in his last sickness. A large concourse of neighbors and friends attended the funeral. The remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at Ashby. As man counts time, his years were full and running over and were replete with good deeds and acts of loving kindness; but as God measures space, he has just begun the life of everlasting joy and bliss, the heritage of all who love God and keep His commandments. To all the kind and loving friends who assisted in the last sickness, death and burial of the good husband, father and grandfather, the family requests the Beacon to extend their profound thanks.

Palacios Beacon, October 26, 1923

James Elbert Nicholson

Eliza J. Avery Pelton


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