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Matagorda County Tribune, September 28, 1928

Beginning today, and starting as of July 1, 1928, the Tribune will, through the courtesy of the tax collector's office publish weekly the automobile and truck registrations for the county. The list as published today takes up the work as the cars have been registered since July 1 in order to include a six months' period. This will be a weekly feature from now on and ought to prove of interest to automobile dealers, tire dealers, merchants and all others interested in the automobile business. automobile dealters ought to cut these reports out and paste them in a convenient place.


Davis, O. W. Chevrolet Sedan Bruce, Mrs. Bertha Dodge Victory Sedan
Popek, E. J. Whippet Tiner, C. L. Chevrolet Coach
Clark, A. L. Whippet Coach Chamblee, Clarence Ford Roadster
Wilkerson, Mrs. J. C. Dodge Senior Sedan Henson, J. W. Chevrolet Touring
Smith, C. D. Chevrolet Coach Bowers, Ira Chevrolet Coupe
Oertling, A. T. Hup Cabriolet Herder RIce Milling Chevrolet Coupe
Estlinbaum, L. C. Dodge Standard Sedan Chapman, E. H. Chevrolet Touring
Eastman, J. B. Whippet Coach Zipprian, E. H. Chevrolet Touring
Burkhart, C. L. Chevrolet Touring Burkhart, Harry Buick 29-27
Stoldt, F. W. Dodge Standard Sedan Webb, R. B. Plymouth Roadster
B. S. Rice Milling Co. Chevrolet Coupe Melbourn, W. C. Ford Roadster
Elliott, W. C., Jr. Chevrolet Coach Baxter, I. C. Chevrolet Coach
Scott, Dr. E. E. Hup Coach Duke, H. C. Chevrolet Coach
Kumler, S. G. Hup Sedan Johnson, Larry Whippet Roadster
Davis, W. E. Chevrolet Touring Gillette, W. S. Pontiac Sedan
Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Chevrolet Coupe McCullough, H. J. Chevrolet Coach
Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Chevrolet Coupe Poole, Mrs. T. J. Ford Fordor
Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Chevrolet Coupe Hillyer, Robert F. Chevrolet Coupe
Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Chevrolet Coupe Legg, R. K. Chevrolet Sedan
Reed, Alton L. Chevrolet Cabrolet Doss, W. W. Ford Phaeton
Crawford, Carlton Chevrolet Coach Zipprian, Mrs. E. E. Ford Tudor
Hiltpold, Jacob Whippet Touring Keith, E. J. Chevrolet Touring
Chamblee, Mrs. L. V. Ford Tudor Rudin, H. R. Pontiac Sedan
Gage, Hardy Dodge Standard Coupe Wolf, L. Chevrolet Coupe
Culver, E. G. Chevrolet Coach Harrison, A. R. Chevrolet Landau
Whitaker, J. R. Chevrolet Touring Farr, A. L. Chevrolet Coupe
Butcher, C. C. Chevrolet Sedan Patterson, O. K. Whippet 96 Sedan
Glenn, B. R. Chevrolet Sedan Harrison, G. A. Durant 55 Coupe
Dornak, Paul Jr. Hup Sedan Gaudet, E. A. Dodge Standard Sedan
Ackerman, C. J. Chevrolet Roadster Marshall, G. E. Chevrolet Roadster
Trousdale, E. M. Chevrolet Coach Williams, Mrs. J. A. Buick 29-41
LeCompte, M. L. Chevrolet Roadster Herder Rice Milling Co. Ford Coupe
Conner, C. F. Whippet Sedan Horne, Tom Ford Tudor
Doubek, V. H. Ford Tudor Poage, Robert Plymouth Coach
Walker, J. H. Chevrolet Roadster Weaver, A. Plymouth Coupe
Stribling, I. G. Chevrolet Coach Inglehart, J. T. Buick 28-26
Wood, Jno. K. Chevrolet Coupe Stone, B. O. Buick 29-26
Beard, John Whippet Sedan Stubblefield, Geo. Chevrolet Cabriolet
McDonald, A. F. Chevrolet Coupe Barnett, B. A. Chevrolet Coach
Cornelius, Will D. Ford Roadster Purswell, R. H. Chevrolet Sedan
Miller, Oscar Chevrolet Coupe Pevetaux, Mrs. J. C. Chevrolet Cabriolet
Patterson, H. B. Chevrolet Coach Rugeley, Rowland Dodge Sport Sedan
Johnson, H. Marston Chevrolet Sedan Vaughn, Frank Jr. Chrysler Roadster
Orrell, W. T. Chevrolet Touring Goff, Homer F. Chevrolet Sedan
Gartrell, Jas. W. Chevrolet Coupe Nini, Wilmer Chevrolet Coach
Lipscomb, Mrs. Edith Dodge Standard Sedan Johnson, Frank Dodge Victory Sedan
Altenberg, W. H. Ford Tudor Wakefield, Wm. Dodge Victory Sedan
B. C. Rice Mills Ford Business Coupe Brown, H. H. Dodge Senior Sedan
Williams, Ralph Chevrolet Imperial Landau Brown. J. W. Chevrolet Coach
Graves, L. M. Chevrolet Coach Hustead, Mrs. Irene Berg Dodge Standard coupe
Pollard, Claire F. Chevrolet Coach Reaser, G. W. Chevrolet Imperial Landau
Ryman, F. F. Pontiac Cabrolet Bunk, J. W. Chevrolet Coupe
Bachman, C. M. Ford Tudor Blackwell, Robert Chevrolet Coupe
Ryman, Ollie Chevrolet Sedan Rehak, F. J. Chevrolet Coach
Wieland, H. T. Dodge Victory Coupe Stulting, Guy Chevrolet Coach
Ater, Mrs. Bowmer Ford Tudor Griffith, P. S. Buick 29-20
Baade, Henry Ford Sport Coupe Sparks, J. W. Chevrolet Coach
Brhlik, F. J. Chevrolet Coach Horn, J. H. Ford Fordor
Rivers, A. M. Chevrolet Touring Nini, Lela Chevrolet Coach
Thompson, Floyd L. Chevrolet Coupe Appleton, L. S. Ford Roadster
Giulbeau, Tilden Pontiac Coupe McDonald, E. L. Chevrolet Sedan
Richers, A. C. Chevrolet Coach Selkirk, Mrs. S. G. Plymouth Coupe
Hughes, Warren C. Chevrolet Roadster Gullett, W. C. Chevrolet Coupe
Taylor, Wm. H. Chevrolet Coach Dedvage, A. F. Chevrolet Coach
Lacy, W. A. Chevrolet Coach Zipprian, G. W. Dodge Victory Sedan
Baer, A. G. Chevrolet Coupe Crawford, M. L. Chevrolet Coach
Darby, Eugene B. Chevrolet Coach Crossland, Geo. J. Ford Business Coupe
Marquer, August Chevrolet Coach Maxwell, R. L. Whippet Roadster 96
Teague, C. E. Dodge Standard Sedan McMurray, L. L. Pontiac Cabriolet
Winterstein, O. W. Chevrolet Coach Petrucha, Tom Dodge Victory Sedan
Krause, P. T. Chevrolet Coupe Ryman, Frank Dodge Victory Sedan
Frankson, D. F. Whippet Coach Davis, Willie Chevrolet Roadster
Hockey, Mrs. M. Ford Tudor Gilmore, H. G. Ford Fordor
Groves, H. E. Ford Tudor Merritt, J. C. Chevrolet Touring
Britt, R. E. Ford Touring Rose, Ira S. Ford Standard Coupe
Rugeley, S. W. Chevrolet Touring Hawk, J. W. Dodge Senior Sedan
Kain, L. W. Buick 20-29 Thompson, Bill Chevrolet Coupe
Sailor, O. E. Dodge Victory Sedan Goodwin, W. E. Dodge Standard Sedan
Lewis, J. C. Dodge Victory Sedan Sweeney, R. P. Dodge Victory Sedan
Schwebel, Geo. Chevrolet Sedan Hardy, G. P. Buick 28-29
Rugeley, Henry Dodge Victory Sedan Rodriguez, Manuel Chevrolet Sedan
Cookenboo C. C. Chevrolet Coach Fauss, Oliver F. Whippet 96
Hamill Drilling Co. Chevrolet Coupe Hamlin, G. H. Ford Sedan
Bomar, Dr. C. V. Oakland Coupe Cook, C. L. Chevrolet Coach
White, W. A. Pontiac 2-Door Sedan Lee, Amos Chevrolet Sedan
Briggs, R. W. & Co. Ford Sport Coupe Huitt, E. M. Whippet 98 Coupe
Taylor, S. S. Pontiac Coupe Gainer, W. T. Whippet 98 Coupe
Lawhon, C. E. Chevrolet Coach Smith, H. L. Pontiac Sedan
Jurek, Steve Whippet Sedan Ater, Bowmer  Pontiac Sedan
Baxter, W. L. Chevrolet Coach Ramos, Jose Chevrolet Touring
Mecklenburg, H. W. Chevrolet Imperial Landau Ottis, Joe J. Ford Tudor
Gibson, Mrs. E. A. Dodge Standard Sedan Maxwell, A. R. Whippet Coach
Bell, F. E. Dodge Standard Roadster Powell, J. H. Pontiac Cabriolet
Layton, E. P. Buick 29-27 Hite, Henry F. Ford Standard Coupe
Matchett, L. M. Chevrolet Coach Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Ford Standard Coupe
Richardson, J. S. Dodge Standard Roadster Yearra, Pedro Pontiac Sedan
Ryan, Edward Ford Roadster Laird, C. M. Dodge Standard Sedan
Elder, Wm. A. Chevrolet Roadster Blair, L. M. Chevrolet Coach
Reed, Geo. W. Pontiac Landau Ehlers, Carl R. Chevrolet Coach
Dickey, Chas. W. Nash Sedan McPeak, I. S. Chevrolet Coupe
Bodwen, John D. Dodge Standard Coupe Barnes, H. L. Chevrolet Coach
Laird, J. R. Ford Business Coupe Hurley, Mrs. F. A. Dodge Victory Sedan
Lowe, J. L. Chevrolet Coach Noster, Eula May Chevrolet Coach
Serrill, R. R. Whippet 98 Coach Texas Gulf Suphur Co. Chevrolet Coupe
Baker, Robert E. Ford Tudor Pletzer, H. W. Dodge Victory Sedan
Chambless, W. J. Chevrolet Sedan Hendley, Mrs. Annie E. Chevrolet Coach
Ham, J. P. Chevrolet Pickup Bedford, A. L. Chevrolet Coach


Matagorda County Ford Truck Gulf Coast Irrigation Co. Ford
Delano, Z. W. International Watkins, Milam Chevrolet
Stone, W. C. International Dotson & White International Special
Culbertson, C. P. Chevrolet 1/2 ton Bullington, J. M. Chevrolet
Estlinbaum, Harvey Chevrolet Wofford, W. E. International
Carter Grain Co. International, 1 ton Ulland, A. O. International
Lawson & Walker Chevrolet Van Vleck School District Chevrolet
Blackwell, T. H. Chevrolet Perez, J. A. Chevrolet
Phillips, E. H. International Duncan, Wm. Chevrolet Hearse
Vaughn Truck Line Graham Brothers Caldwell, Oscar Chevrolet
Skrehot, R. E. Ford Smith, W. H. Chevrolet
Estill, H. W. Chevrolet    


Registration of New Cars and Trucks In Matagorda County, Week Ending Oct. 6

Matagorda County Tribune, October 12, 1928

Terry, R. E. Blessing Ford Tudor A-388540 1074-195
Buller, L. H. Palacios Durant M 28 532215 1074-197
Gottschalk, Gus Matagorda Chandler Sedan C-45906 1074-198
Woods, E. K. Wadsworth Nash Standard Coupe 147111 1074-199
Wright, J. S. Collegeport Ford Standard Coupe A-355758 1074-200
Gillespie, Frank Palacios Ford Fordor A-331309 1074-201
Hudson, O. E. Gulf Chevrolet Coach 4925325 1074-202
Dancy, Wendell Bay City Chevrolet Cabriolet 4378286 1074-203
Daughters, C. S. Clemville Plymouth Coupe O-193882 1074-204
Carpenter, David Palacios Chevrolet Roadster 4796832 1074-205
Terry, N. W. Clemville Whippet 98 Sedan 39051 1074-206
Vacek, S. T. Blessing Chevrolet Landau 4977327 1074-207
Pegram, R. Q. Bay City Nash 433 Sedan B-13192 1074-208
Bachman, J. & Son Bay City Ford Pickup A-395886 1074-210
Teller, E. M. Palacios Whippet 96 Sedan 297060 1074-211
Bankhead, A. J. Markham Ford Standard Coupe A-381692 1074-213
Bachman, J. & Son Bay City Chevrolet Pickup 4961671 1074-214
Pinchin, R. J. Blessing Durant M 2 Sedan W-5-533407 1074-215
Woods, C. J. Bay City Pontiac Landau 385422 1074-216
Melbourne, W. C. Midfield Chevrolet Sedan 4876469 1074-218
McLennan, Huberta Cedar Lane Chrysler 65 Sedan P-191876 1074-219
Hayes, N. L. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe 4934108 1074-221
Wheeler, Geo. B., Jr. Blessing Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 428109 1074-222
Wyatt, Buster Clemville Whippet Roadster 206171 1074-224
McKissick, Geo. B., Jr. Blessing Whippet Cabriolet 295599 1074-225
Watson, Thomas Gulf Chevrolet Coach 5014105 1074-226
Holsworth, W. S. Collegeport Chevrolet Coupe 4920400 1074-229
Corpus, Francisco Bay City Pontiac 2-Door Sedan 427900 1074-230
Franklin, Wash Cedar Lane Chevrolet Touring 4940681 1074-231
Smith, Baker Bay City Chevrolet Touring 5015076 1074-232
Hobbs, A. B. Clemville Ford Coupe A-381711 1074-233
Hawkins, Tom Cedar Lane Chevrolet Roadster 5012515 1074-234


Vailszalla, Victor Bay City Chevrolet 4952509 130-907
Poteet, R. C. Bay City Chevrolet 4978216 130-908
Robertson, Luther Bay City International 152669 130-910
Stubblefield, H. A.   International 152666 130-912


New Automobile Registrations For Matagorda County For the Week Ending October 13th

Matagorda County Tribune, October 19, 1928

Hester, T. C. Gulf Ford Tudor A-459307 1074-236
Spoor, D. E. Blessing Dodge Standard Sedan J-74829 1074-237
Moore, M. P. Matagorda Chevrolet Roadster 4940757 1074-238
Rugeley, Mrs. J. W. Bay City Chrysler 65 Sedan 194334 1074-239
Hall, T. B. Pledger Chevrolet Imp. Landau 4956624 1074-240
McGlaun, C. E. Gulf Ford Standard Coupe A459301 1074-241
Buller, Mrs. L. Gulf Nash 420 Sedan 150835 1074-243
Powell, J. W. Gulf Dodge Victory Sedan M-107871 1074-244
Swartz, W. R. Gulf Buick 29-47 2308525 1074-245
Richers, Louis Bay City Pontiac Sedan 442404 1074-246
Fields, F. B. Bay City Buick 29-47 2233838 1074-247
Hunnicutt, J. P. Bay City Buick Roadster 121 2298835 1074-248
Clark, Sam Bay City Plymouth Roadster 189966 1074-249
Blair, Fred Bay City Chevrolet Coupe 5055816 1074-250
Ingram, J. W. Bay City Plymouth Coupe 204077 1074-252


New Automobile Registrations For Matagorda County For the Week Ending October 20

Matagorda County Tribune, October 26, 1928

Wendle, Robert Bay City Chevrolet Coach 5039518 1074-253
Hathaway, Geo. P. Clemville Ford Coupe A-459193 1074-254
Thompson, Viola El Maton Chevrolet Touring 5051282 1074-255
Myers, A. R. Citrus Grove Chevrolet Coach 4995023 1074-256
Gottschalk, H. M. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 4969600 1074-257
Thompson, M. Bay City Ford Tudor A-334393 1074-260
Matagorda County, Rec.
Dist. No. 1
  Ford Phaeton A-178115 1074-262
Bond, E. E. Bay City Chevrolet Coach 5017163 1074-263
Kopecky, V. L. El Maton Chrysler 65 Sedan 196329 1074-264
Jackson, W. D. Bay City Ford Coupe A-461701 1074-266
Barnes, R. B. Bay City Dodge Victory Sedan M-111147 1074-267
Bell, C. R. Wadsworth Chevrolet Coach 5042154 1074-268
Alsup, J. H. Gulf Chevrolet Coupe 4969755 1074-269
LeTulle, J. J. Bay City Ford Tudor A-480595 1074-270
Harvey, H. Citrus Grove Whippet 96 Sedan 303617 1074-271
Wheelock, R. H. Bay City Chevrolet Cabriolet 4959391 1074-272
Foster, M. F. Blessing Chrysler 65 Roadster 195738 1074-273
Brown, A. A. Citrus Grove Whippet Sedan 304040 1074-274
Brown, Jennie Bay City Chevrolet Coach 5014132 1074-275


Yanes, Andres Bay City International 149248 130-915
Kyler, Will Bay City Chevrolet T-4907741 130-917
Briggs, N. B. Blessing Chevrolet T-5000797 130-920


New Automobile Registrations For Matagorda County For the Week Ending October 27th

Matagorda County Tribune, November 2, 1928

Burse, Mrs. M. L. Palacios Dodge Sport Sedan M-81281 1074-247
Jones, B. J., Jr. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 4609504 1074-277
Vavrecka, Frank Palacios Chevrolet Coach 4978379 1074-278
Ottis, Geo. P. Gulf Nash Sedan 153003 1074-279
Deming, J. W. Cedar Lane Chevrolet Sedan 4975603 1074-280
Rikard, Reed Bay City Chevrolet Coach 5008004 1074-281
Williamson, Lola F. Bay City Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 425151 1074-282
Watkins, V. N. Bay City Nash 440 B-12738 1074-284
Wood, Mrs. E. E. Bay City Nash 420 Sedan 154353 1074-285
Steves, C. J. Bay City Chrysler 65 Sedan P-196010 1074-286
Corbett, Jno. M. Bay City Dodge Senior Sedan S-61216 1074-287
Moore, Jerome W. Bay City Ford Coupe A-498553 1074-289 [288?]
Groce, R. L., Jr. Bay City DeSoto Sedan BK-20811 1074-289
Musch, G. C. Bay City Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 456004 1074-290
Smith, Cyrus Gulf Pontiac Landau 441798 1074-291
Barber, Harold Markham Ford Tudor A522883 1074-291 [292?]
Pybus, J. L. Palacios Chevrolet Landau 4987287 1074-293
O'Brian, C. M. Gulf Chrysler 65 Sedan 197356 1074-294
Watson, A. L. Bay City Plymouth Sedan 212810 1074-295


Hudgins, Thos. Cedar Lane Chevrolet 4954022 130-921
Jones, S. C. Van Vleck Chevrolet 5036696 130-922


New Automobile Registrations For Matagorda County For the Week Ending November 10

Matagorda County Tribune, November 16, 1928

Corbett, John M. Bay City Ford Fordor A-554056 1074-311
Spoor, V. D. Blessing Chevrolet Coupe 5069111 1074-312
Murphy, V. C. Blessing Ford Tudor A-554029 1074-313
Farthing, Clyde Clemville Dodge Victory Coupe M-57622 1074-314
Mayfield, Frances   Chevrolet Coupe 5065733 1074-315
Gest, Adolph Bay City Chevrolet Coupe 5048756 1074-316
Dillard, M. Palacios Chevrolet Touring Car 5030280 1074-317
Poole Cattle Co. Bay City Ford Coupe A-548811 1074-318
Cash, Ivan Gulf Chevrolet Coach 4949298 1074-319
Robbins, Mrs. Fred S. Bay City Nash 428 Sedan 158737 1074-320
Rogers, F. A. Gulf Ford Strip 27 15126304 1074-321
Trull, B. W. Midfield Ford Phaeton A-473401 1074-322
Yawn, J. J. Cedar Lane Chevrolet Touring 5035142 1074-323
Rachuig, A. W. Van Vleck Ford Standard Coupe A-551602 1074-324
Jancek, J. F. Wharton Chevrolet Sedan 4816492 1074-325
Keller, N. L. Midfield Whippet Roadster 339703 1074-326
Means, A. C. Clemville Whippet 98 Coupe 43157 1074-327
Sanford, Mrs. W. A. Blessing Ford Roadster A-553779 1074-328
Ottis, M. J. Bay City Nash 420-29 160038 1074-329
Horn, J. E. Bay City Nash 422-29 150694 1074-330
Badouh, E. M. Bay City Nash 420-29 160034 1074-331
Johnson, John Jr.   Chevrolet Sedan 4908329 1074-332
Walker, M. T. Cedar Lane Ford Phaeton A-548932 1074-333
Brown, Sig Markham Plymouth Sedan 213138 1074-334
Jones, W. G. Bay City Ford Standard Coupe A-551542 1074-335


Robinson, George Bay City Chevrolet 5021231 130-928


New Automobile Registrations For Matagorda County
For the Week Ending November 17, 1928

Matagorda County Tribune, November 23, 1928

Robinson, S. L. Bay City Chrysler 65 Coach 195588 1074-338
Marshall, E. E. Gulf De Soto Roadster DK16387 1074-339
Horn, W. R., Jr. Bay City Buick 29-27 2339191 1074-343
Kretschmeier, P. E. Bay City Plymouth Coupe 21343 1074-340
Dyllar, George Gulf Dodge Victory D-L Sedan M-113340 1074-341
Tillman, R. G. Bay City Pontiac 2-Door Sedan 455312 1074-342
Savage, N. D. Matagorda Chandler 75 Coupe 6957 1074-343
Salsbury, G. A. Palacios Ford Coupe A-554075 1074-345
Harper, V. T. Markham Dodge Sedan J-82750 1074-346
Wendt, W. G. Buckeye Dodge Sedan M-114554 1074-347
Pump, W. H. Gulf Dodge Sedan M-98268 1074-348
Jesse, W. F. Markham Whippet 96 Coupe 23564 1074-350
Hardy, G. P. Bay City Buick 29-27 2339118 1074-351
Tines, Eugene Bay City Chevrolet Touring 5067047 1074-352


Vann, S. F. Bay City International 151053 130-929


New Registrations of Cars and Trucks In  Matagorda County, Week Ending Nov. 24

Matagorda County Tribune, November 30, 1928

White. W. L. Bay City Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 435695 1074-353
Brown, Pearl Bay City Chevrolet Sedan 5039469 1074-354
Taylor, S. S. Bay City Pontiac Coupe 459355 1074-355
Butterworth, Carl E. Gulf Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 453960 1074-356
Taylor, F. S. Bay City Pontiac Sedan 249066 1074-357
Dicker, J. E. Gulf De Soto Roadster 18096 1074-359
Curtis Auto Sales Co   Overland T '25 T-14075 1074-360
Rugeley, Henry Bay City Ford St'd. Coupe A601047 1074-361
Kain, Douglas Matagorda Pontiac 2-Door Sedan 456013 1074-362
Smith, J. Fisher Ashwood Pontiac Touring 341192 1074-363
Hawkins, Antonio Sargent Pontiac Sedan 456788 1074-364
Schulte, A. E. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 5008170 1074-365
Smith, Guy Gulf Buick Sedan 29 2288180 1074-366
Sartwelle Bros. Palacios Ford Tudor A-619542 1074-368


New Automobile Registrations For Matagorda County For the Week Ending December 1st

Matagorda County Tribune, December 7, 1928

Kollatschny, Otto Gulf Ford Tudor A619581 1074-369
Peters, E. J. Bay City Dodge Victory Sedan M-124958 1074-370
Huebner Bros. Bay City Ford Pickup A-615965 1074-371
Pickel, U. T. Matagorda Chandler 65 Sedan C-50397 1074-372
Taylor Bros. Bay City Ford Pickup A-619580 1074-373
Wiggins, Jesse Bay City Ford Fordor A-637442 1074-375


New Automobile Registrations For Matagorda County For the Week Ending December 8th

Matagorda County Tribune, December 14, 1928

Tinnin, C. C. Gulf De Soto 6 B Coupe 27200 1074-376
Sanborn, Raleigh Bay City Buick 29-27 2331611 1074-378
LeTulle, L. M. Bay City Ford Phaeton A637343 1074-379
Ross, Sam Bay City Chrysler 65 Sedan 20514 1074-381
Dunn, Mrs. Ella K. Blessing Packard 626 Coupe 247844 1074-382
Hill, E. M. Bay City Ford Coupe A-630770 1074-384


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