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Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County, Beginning January 1, To Date

Daily Tribune, March 18, 1929

LeTulle, L. M. Bay City Ford Phaeton
Hill, E. M. Bay City Ford Coupe
Horn, W. R., Jr. Bay City Buick 29-27
Horn, J. H. Bay City Ford Sedan
Horn, J. E. Bay City Nash Cabriolet 422
Jones, R. D. Gulf Ford Tudor
Verser Brothers Bay City Ford Sport Roadster
Brown, Mrs. Sig Markham Chrysler Sedan 65
Rycade Oil Corp. Clemville Ford Coupe
Ross, Sam Bay City Chrysler 65 Sedan
Penington, J. M. Matagorda Ford Sedan
Marshall, E. E. Gulf DeSoto Bus. Coupe
Real, A. Collegeport Ford Phaeton
Smith, W. H. Bay City Durant 60 Coupe
Jackson, Pearl L. Gulf Ford Tudor
Engle, Paul E. Bay City Dodge Victory Sedan
Serrill, Geo. E. Bay City Ford Fordor
Bracher, Joseph H. Bay City Ford Std. Coupe
Freeman, H. T. Sargent Pontiac 4-Door Sedan
Clark, H. P. Gulf Ford Coupe
Hill, L. H. Clemville DeSoto 4-Door Sedan
Melbourne, J. H. Magnet Ford Coupe
Johnson, W. L. Gulf Chrysler 75 Sedan
Watkins, Sam Markham Ford Tudor
Wade, Jack Boling Ford Roadster
Broughton, Maurice Bay City DeSoto 4-Door Sedan
Adams, W. C. Bay City Ford Phaeton
Watkins, B. R. Bay City Dodge Std. Coupe
Culver, Jno. A. Wadsworth Ford Phaeton
West, W. O. Gulf Ford Coupe
Patterson, Matthew Gulf Ford Tudor
Polensky, Louis Bay City Ford Coupe
Patterson, Sam Gulf Chevrolet Coach
McDonald, L. E. Markham Chevrolet Sedan
Cash, Ivan Gulf Ford Tudor
Darby, E. B. Bay City Chevrolet Coach
McMillan, J. W. Bay City Ford Coupe
Taulbee, Bretch Bay City Ford Roadster
Craymer Mrs. L. G. Palacios Ford Tudor
Barr, L. A. Gulf Ford Tudor
Highley, Mrs. E. H. Bay City Ford Fordor
Marshall, G. E. Gulf DeSoto Bus. Coupe
Simms, H. J. Gulf Chevrolet Landau
Williams, D. M. Matagorda Chandler Sedan
Delk, W. K. Bay City Ford Sedan
Skinner, A. G. Palacios Ford Tudor
Wilson, Eugene Bay City Buick 29-46 Coupe
Sisk, Robert L. Bay City Ford Sport Coupe
Pickel, P. P. Bay City Ford Sport Roadster
Bures, J. B. Midfield Ford Tudor
Baxter, Mrs. H. P. Matagorda DeSoto Sedan
Cheek, S. H. Matagorda Chevrolet Coupe
Anderson, H. T. Midfield Dodge Sedan
Fields, F. B. Bay City Ford Coupe
Clark, S. J. Bay City Ford Tudor
Richman, Pat Bay City Ford Tudor
Bullard, W. A. Bay City Ford Tudor
Williams, J. C. Newgulf Ford Coupe
Watkins, Eugene Bay City Ford Phaeton
Miller, Taft Boling Ford Roadster
Clardy, D. M. Palacios Ford Tudor
Sargent, Geo. T. Matagorda Ford Coupe
Buller, Clarence Palacios Whippet 96 Sedan
Snider, A. B. Palacios Whippet 96 Sedan
Ludington, Lee Gulf Chandler 65 Sedan
Ehlers, Carl R. Palacios Chevrolet Coach
Gary, John Boling Ford Coupe
Hoffman, M . R. Wharton Ford Coupe
Duller, Chas. E. Blessing Ford Tudor
Anderson, R. F. Bay City Ford Tudor
Moseley, H. S. Bay City Chevrolet Coach
Aldrich, U. P. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe
Elder, V. D. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe
Stubblefield, S. O. Pledger Dodge Sedan
Tate, J. T. Palacios Ford Roadster
Gordon, W. R. Bay City Chevrolet Coach
Wills, H. H. Bay City Pontiac Sedan
LeTulle, Sam V. Bay City Ford Fordor
Hart, E. S. Bay City Chevrolet Coach
Adams, J. D. & Co Indianapolis, Ind. Pontiac Sedan
Walker, J. G. Blessing Chevrolet Landau
Collins, Johnson Bay City Ford Phaeton
Luecke, Wm. Bay City Whippet 98 Coupe
Patterson, S. A. Gulf Ford Roadster
Bowers, J. W. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe
Estill, H. W. Sargent Chevrolet Coupe
Gillespie, Geo. F. Palacios Ford Coupe
Campbell, J. C. Boling Ford Sedan
Harper, D. Bay City DeSoto Coupe
Wood, E. E. Bay City Ford Coupe
Stinnett, W. H. Bay City Dodge Std. Sedan
Lipscomb, M. Palacios Durant Dedan
Wagner, Dr. J. R. Palacios Ford Coupe
Taylor, I. T. Clemville Ford Tudor
Insall, F. F. Bay City Ford Coupe
Thurman, L. A. Bay City Ford Fordor
Grimes, J. M. Newgulf Ford Tudor
Herman, J. A. Pledger Ford Fordor
Finch, J. F. Gulf Pontiac Coupe
Patterson, C. W. Gulf Ford Tudor
S. Texas Monument Co. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe
Michna, J. F. Palacios Ford Tudor
Smith, Paris Bay City Buick 29-18 Coupe
Duke, H. C. Gulf Chevrolet Coach
Furber & Johnson Markham Chevrolet Sedan
Freeman, Chas. T. Sargent Ford Fordor
Bunk, Geo. Wadsworth Ford Sport Coupe
Davenport, W. T. Bay City Pontiac Sedan
Roberts, W. K. Markham Chevrolet Coach
Coskrey?, Jno. G. Gulf Chevrolet Sedan
Darby, E. B. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe
Farwell, H. B. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe
Singley, E. Palacios Ford Fordor
White, John W. Bay City Pontiac Coupe
Bowman, S. W. Bay City Ford Coupe
Cole, Solomon Palacios Whippet 96 Sedan
Draughn, Wiley Clemville Dodge Sedan
Jones, S. W. Bay City Ford Tudor
Stevens, J. M. Cedar Lane Ford Fordor
Blackwell, T. H. Blessing Ford Fordor
Insall, R. E. Bay City Plymouth Coupe
Rainer, Otis Bay City Chevrolet Coach
Cross, W. Gulf Chevrolet Coach
Ashcraft, H. L. Bay City Ford Fordor
Johnson, Leroy Markham Whippet Coach
Wooley, H. Ben. Gulf Dodge Coupe
Fella, John Clemville Ford Fordor
Lasater, J. R. Newgulf Pontiac Sedan
Carlin, D. L.? Bay City Pontiac Coupe
Burton, E. E. Palacios Whippet 96 Sedan
McBride, R. M. Bay City Ford Fordor
Downer, W. Blessing Ford Tudor
Ross, Sam Bay City Chrysler 65 Coupe
Smith, C. C. Gulf Chevrolet Coach
Lee, Carl Bay City Chevrolet Coupe
Eversole, Jack Damon Pontiac Sedan
Patton, O. B. Newgulf Ford Coupe
Grimes, J. T. Bay City Ford Tudor
Nelson, Fred E. Newgulf Ford Coupe
Wynne, W. W. Newgulf Pontiac Sedan


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending March 23rd

Daily Tribune, March 25, 1929

Lewis, W. Z. Gulf Pontiac Cabriolet 499602 728-080
Lewis, Mell Palacios Chevrolet Coach 366184 728-082
Hines, I. M. Gulf Ford Roadster A-115-1699 728-083
Head, E. A. Van Vleck Ford Roadster A-1028191 728-085
Blackwell, Nelson Blessing Chevrolet Coupe 353634 728-088
Schmarber, J. E. [Schmerber]? Gulf Chevrolet Coach 373763 728-091
Derrick. J. A. Palacios Whippet 96 Sedan 360667 728-095
Hill, T. L. Gulf Pontiac Coupe 500136 728-096
Butterworth, Carl E. Gulf Pontiac Coupe 508098 728-098
Preddy, J. R. Bay City Chrysler 75 Coupe 293309 728-099
Hodge, E. L. Gulf Willys-Knight Sedan 82210 728-100
Gainer, W. T. Clemville Willys-Knight Coupe 92868 728-151
Hamilton, A. V. Newgulf Pontiac Cabriolet 509026 728-153
Lewis, Kirk Palacios Chevrolet Coach 393547 728-154
McPeak, F. B. Gulf Pontiac Sedan 508933 728-155


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending March 30th
Daily Tribune, April 1, 1929

Benedict, A. W. Bay City Ford Roadster A-1181047 728-157
Sisk, Mrs. F. L. Bay City Ford Sedan A-1205077 728-158
Culver, G. B. Matagorda Ford Coupe A-1136609 728-159
Harper, H. A. Bay City Chevrolet Roadster 327071 728-160
Huebner, M. D. Bay City Ford Coupe A-1131399 728-162
Miranda, Manuel Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 391104 728-165
Fuller, George El Maton Ford Roadster A-1174798 728-166
Robinson, J. E. Palacios Chevrolet Sedan 389016 728-167
Brown, Wayne H. West Columbia Pontiac Sedan 524260 728-170
Tew, Chas. Bay City Ford Sedan A-1184029 728-171
LeCompte, T. G. Cedar Lane Chevrolet Phaeton 380514 728-172
Hamill Drilling Co. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe 374778 728-173
Chinn, Albert Edna Ford Phaeton A-1231956 728-175
Paulk, D. D. Palacios Ford Truck A-1058913 165-252
Central Power and Light Co. Bay City Ford Pickup A-92111 165-253


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending April 6th
Daily Tribune, April 8, 1929

[NOTE: The copy from the microfilm for this list was light and some of the motor numbers may not be correct.]

Sealock, C. R. Palacios Chevrolet Roadster 388851 728-177
Wilkinson, W. W. Bay City Ford Sport Coupe A-1237638 728-178
Page, D. D. Gulf Ford Business Coupe A-1012529 728-179
Bailey, C. A. Newgulf Ford Sport Roadster A-1217617 728-180
Adams, J. O. Bay City Ford Phaeton A-1966787 728-181
Acosta, Antonio Bay City Ford Phaeton A-991100 728-182
Spiller, Joe Cedar Lane Ford Phaeton A-784404 728-183
McMurray, Dr. A. L. Houston Chrysler 75 Coupe 292960 728-184
Laughter, C. P. Palacios Ford Phaeton A-841797 728-185
Pledger, J. T. Gulf De Soto Coupe 15656 728-186
Verser, Mrs. H. A. Bay City Ford Forder A-1237645 728-189
Breeden, F. A. Gulf Buick Sedan 2292433 728-193
Brant, Marins F. El Campo Ford Fordor A-1132430 728-195
Deshotels, J. D. Gulf Dodge 6 Sedan 11-19741 728-196
Patterson, A. S. Bay City Ford Fordor A-1151711 728-197
Hood, J. L.  Bay City Ford Tudor A-1192210 728-200
Harriman, Chas. B. Palacios Ford Fordor A-1070600 728-201
Tiner, C. L. Gulf Chevrolet Coach 420879 728-203
Dunbar, Edgar Gulf Ford Fordor A-1091888 728-205
Wennell, A. P. Matagorda Pontiac Roadster 523260 728-207
Perry, W. L. Markham Whippet Roadster 381129 728-209
Chapman, C. W. Newgulf Ford Coupe A-1096117 728-210
Noyes, Mrs. E. B. El Campo Oakland Sedan 264875 728-211
Pfeffer, A. A. Houston Pontiac Cabriolet 518871 728-212
Lowe, W. T. Bay City Ford Coupe A-1143781 728-214
Goodall, Dan Gulf Ford Tudor A-1691881 728-218
Gulf Coast Irrigation Co. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1220384 728-219
McCullough, M. S. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1245180 728-222
Fennell, T. A. Newgulf Ford Coupe A-653536 728-227
Glaros, M. Palacios Studebaker Sedan 1925 728-229
Barron, H. N. Bay City Ford Roadster A-1215332 728-230
Barnett, J. F. Palacios Ford Tudor A-1050582 728-231
Billingsley, E. L. Gulf Dodge Victoria 11-28890 728-232
Keopff, C. A. Gulf Dodge Sedan 11-24215 728-233
Churchill, C. C. Gulf Whippet 98 Sedan 75822 728-238
Bailey, E. W. Bay City Ford Coupe A-1245165 728-239
Rhodes, Jno. Bay City Ford Phaeton A-968549 728-240
Viets, C. B. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 26644 165-263
Rogers, Geo. Bay City Chevrolet Truck 363494 165-264


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending April 13th

Daily Tribune, April 15, 1929

Bures, J. B. Midfield Ford Tudor A-986181 728-243
Milstead, W. E. Gulf Ford Tudor A-1083000 728-244
Hall, G. W. Pledger Oakland Sedan 239215 728-246
Williams, Johnnie Matagorda Chevrolet Roadster 885501 728-247
Largent, A. L. Matagorda Chevrolet Coupe 459707 728-248
Hill, Elmer Newgulf Whippet Sedan 322516 728-250
Callihan, V. E. Gulf Pontiac Coach 527987 728-251
Jones, B. J., Jr. Bay City Oakland Coach 243206 728-252
Clements, S. W. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1237385 728-254
Denn, Joe Bay City DeSoto Sedan 41657 728-257
Owens, S. E. Bay City Durant Sedan 140110 728-258
Stewart, D. Bay City Pontiac Coupe 537850 728-261
Crews, W. L. Gulf Buick 29-26 2344237 728-262
Stegall, T. V. Bay City DeSoto Coach KR-034-D 728-263
Fleury, Ed Midfield Ford Coupe A-1282566 728-264
Rhodes, E. V. Bay City Ford Coupe A-1288114 728-265
Bay City Rice Mills Bay City Ford Tudor A-1287943 728-268
Manning, J. A. Damon Pontiac Sedan 483072 728-269
Schultz, H. Bay City Pontiac Sedan 5239221 728-273
Newsome, R. P. Palacios Willys Knight Coach 87510 728-277
Barr, J. W. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 482681 728-278


Matthes, A. R. Blessing International 193824 165-269
Savage, Morris Bay City Ford Pickup A-1287958 165-272


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending

Daily Tribune, April 22, 1929

Adams, G. L. Newgulf Ford Tudor A-1327105 728-280
Harrell, E. H. Newgulf Ford Roadster A-1300735 728-281
White, T. B. Bay City Ford Roadster A-1306225 728-282
Jones, Wash Cedar Lane Ford Roadster A-837215 728-283
Sterne, Goodwin Matagorda Chevrolet Cabriolet 456919 728-284
Girtman, J. R. Boling Ford Fordor A-1245500 728-289
Mahavier, J. A. Gulf Chevrolet Coach 500224 728-290
Moore, P. S. Bay City Chevrolet Sedan 485295 728-291
Egan, Mrs. Mildred Don Tol Ford Coupe A1326851 728-292
Norris, E. C. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe 500061 728-293
Williams, W. H. Palacios Whippet 96 Coach 268007 728-295
Minich, Mrs. A. Blessing Ford Fordor A1287882 728-296
De Lano, Z. W. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe 454169 728-299
Davant, W. E. Bay City Hup A. O. Sedan 138267 728-300
McGlothlin, Grady Palacios Chevrolet Sedan 458829 728-301
Barr, H. V. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 483424 728-302
Stribling, I. G. Boling  Dodge Sedan S-39072 728-305
Culver, Chas. L. Newgulf Pontiac Roadster 539229 728-306
Kopecky, John M. El Maton Ford Fordor A-1252531 728-308
Freeman, Joe H. Bay City Ford Fordor A-1306670 728-310
Groce-Parish Co. Bay City Chevrolet truck T-302297 165-276


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending April 27th

Daily Tribune, April 29, 1929

Snider, J. W. Palacios Whippet 96 Sedan 353930 728-314
Goddin, A. C. Palacios DeSoto Sedan 50813 728-316
Hutchinson, E. O. Bay City Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 523652 728-317
Smith, J. A. Gulf Ford Tudor A-1356587 728-319
Griffin, T. C. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1340771 728-320
McCroskey, J. H. Bay City Ford Fordor A-1180943 728-321
Hilliard & Baines Bay City Chevrolet 301644 728-322
Swindler, Wm. Markham Durant Sedan 112053 728-323
Burt, J. R. Sargent Ford Coupe A-1306481 728-324
Brown, T. W. Gulf Oakland Coupe 271233 728-326
Harrison, J. J. Matagorda Ford Tudor A-1341337 728-327
Brhlik, F. J. Midfield Ford Tudor A1306213 728-328
Stubblefield, Geo. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe 493021 728-330
Skuca, John Blessing Ford Fordor A-1237413 728-331
Watkins, Mrs. Rose Wadsworth Ford Coupe A-992164 728-335
Poole, W. H. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1318260 728-336
Lawson, G. G. Palacios Willys-Knight Sedan 107278 728-338
Reed, Marshall C. Gulf Ford Tudor A-1364812 728-339
Allen, Joe G. Cedar Lane Chevrolet Coupe 536486 728-342
Watkins, Chas. E. Bay City Chevrolet Coach 546122 728-344
Bickham, H. R. Blessing Chevrolet Sedan 550378 728-345
Stinnett, A. E., Jr. Bay City Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 518452 728-346
Manis, R. Wharton Chevrolet Touring 555900 728-347
Real, J. M. Collegeport Ford Phaeton A-1041346 728-350
Gordon, Pierre Bay City Pontiac Coupe 538156 728-351
Collins, A. S. Bay City Ford Pickup A-1282299 165-281


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