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Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending May 4th

Daily Tribune, May 6, 1929

Rugeley, Walcott Bay City Ford Roadster A1378738 728-353
Hawkins, Mrs. Ruby Bay City Ford Coupe A-1341438 728-356
Benavides, Rave Bay City Chevrolet Landau 456631 728-357
Abshier, Mrs. Jas. R. Newgulf Ford Coupe A-1378722 728-360
Rowles, R. D. Palacios Willys-Knight Coupe 107206 728-361
Praytor, A. L. Wharton Dodge Coupe 11-62901 728-362
Clements, J. D. Lane City Ford Tudor A-1378761 728-364
Price Lumber Co. Palacios Ford Coupe A-1365131 728-365
Sparks, E. M. Clemville Ford Coupe A-1317836 728-366
Williams, Clyde Bay City Nash Sedan 193666 728-368
Gilmore, W. L. Matagorda Whippet Roadster 75865 728-369
Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Gulf Buick 29-27 2398215 728-373
Schmidt, F. C. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1365192 728-374
Priest, C. R. Wharton Pontiac Roadster 527799 728-375
Traylor, John Palacios Whippet 98 Coach 67534 728-377
Wagner, Dr. J. R. Palacios Ford Tudor A-1358663 728-379
Bedford, A. L. Matagorda Chevrolet Sedan 463761 728-382
McCarter, Jack Newgulf Chevrolet Sedan 462513 728-383
Mitchell, C. L. Gulf Pontiac Coach 517722 728-388
Smith, Carey, Jr. Bay City Ford Roadster A-1311187 728-389
Yeamans, Dewey Matagorda Ford Tudor A-1378817 728-391


Blackwell, T. H. Blessing International Truck 187963 165-282
Yancey Bros. Bay City Ford Panel Delivery A-1403913 165-283


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending May 11

Daily Tribune, May 13, 1929

Short, McKee Houston Nash 420 Sedan 164074 728-393
McNabb, A. W. Matagorda Dodge Sedan H-54885 728-394
Baker, Oscar Clemville Whippet 96 Coach 401610 728-395
Gentry, B. G. Newgulf Pontiac Sedan 557521 728-396
Altenburg, W. H. Gulf Ford Fordor A-1381322 728-398
Salazar, Jose Gulf Ford Fordor A-1296336 728-399
Feigle, W. L. Newgulf DeSoto Coupe 54364 728-401
Spitzer, J. W. Boling Chevrolet Coach 389015 728-402
Hustead, Irma Berg Matagorda Dodge Sedan H-52661 728-403
Sterry, Jas. F. Matagorda Ford Fordor A-1429381 728-404
Murphy, Elizabeth Bay City Chevrolet Sedan 637575 728-405
McLain, Walter E. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 608695 728-406
Williams, Chas. P. Matagorda Chevrolet Coupe 608610 728-407
Gilmore, H. S. Bay City Ford Phaeton A-1364999 728-408
Hobbins, Chester Pledger Chevrolet Cabriolet 422743 728-409
Williams, Jim, Jr. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 609563 728-412
Moore, Byron T. Houston Ford Tudor A-1380970 728-413
Nelson, Roy Collegeport Ford Fordor A-1471418 728-414
Sparks, A. W. Clemville Ford Fordor A-1204812 728-415
Brooking, G. T. Palacios Roosevelt? Sedan S-6871 728-418


Worthy, G. W. Cedar Lane Ford Pickup A-1000371 165-286


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending May 18th

Daily Tribune, May 20, 1929

Hall, H. V. Palacios Chevrolet Sedan 626921 728-420
Foster, H. H., Mrs. Palacios Dodge Sedan 11-40422 728-423
Steubing, T. L. Gulf Chevrolet Coupe 638239 728-425
Smith, W. H. Bay City Durant Coupe 117304 728-426
Ragor, Mrs. Emeline C. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1436338 728-427
Giese, C. A. Matagorda Chevrolet Roadster 607378 728-428
Jesse, Walter Markham Whippet Coupe 381618 728-429
Humphrey, J. H. Newgulf Ford Roadster A-1381530 728-430
Crawford, R. F. Matagorda Chevrolet Sedan 623767 728-435
Sledge, V. H. Newgulf Dodge Coupe 11-62529 728-436
Louderbach, Eleanor Palacios Chevrolet Coach 626386 728-437


Fortenberry, J. J. Midfield International 173879 165-278
Culver, Geo. D. Wadsworth Ford Truck A-1434731 165-289
Gonzales, Jose Bay City Chevrolet Truck 639721 165-291


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending May 25th

Daily Tribune, May 28, 1929

Moran, L. R. Wadsworth Chevrolet Touring 586250 728-439
Wichman, Hy Bay City Ford Coupe A-1405042 728-441
Sanders, H. E. Gulf Ford Tudor A-1429491 728-442
Farr, A. L. Clemville Pontiac Coupe 537889 728-443
Patterson, A. S. Gulf Chevrolet Roadster 615203 728-444
Taylor, Wm. Clemville De Soto Roadster 50893 728-445
Johnson, M. L. Newgulf Ford Roadster A-1414985 728-446
Hawkins, Green Cedar Lane Chevrolet Roadster 627900 728-448
Jones, B. J. Markham Pontiac Sedan 568350 728-449
Harris, A. L. Bay City Chevrolet Coach 317528 728-450
Etie, Gaston E. Newgulf Ford Coupe A-1341361 728-451
Hevener, J. C. Boling Ford Coupe A-1436692 728-452
LeTulle, L. M. Bay City Ford Coupe A-1443382 728-453
Glenn, B. R. Bay City De Soto Sedan 57827 728-454
Treat, V. H. Gulf Ford Fordor A-1277124 728-455
Scott, J. E. Bay City Pontiac Coupe 556993 728-456
Estill, R. L. Cedar Lane Chevrolet Coupe 691118 728-457


Gulf Coast Irrigation Co. Bay City Ford Pickup A-1517829 165-295


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending June 1st

Daily Tribune, June 3, 1929

Slone, Tom Palacios Whippet Coach 408273 728-458
Stoufflet, E. J. Goose Creek Pontiac Coupe 509453 728-459
Kielbauch, Jake H. Gulf Dodge Coupe H-60309? 728-460
Hoover, J. F. Markham Chevrolet Sedan 562241 728-461
Thorn, B. B. Bay City Pontiac Coach 507548 728-462
Cooper, W. O. Gulf Ford Fordor A-1590752 728-463


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending June 8th

Daily Tribune, June 10, 1929

Cherry, S. A. Boling Ford Roadster A-4429330 728-164
Braden, Mrs. Geo. T. Blessing Ford Tudor A-4460160 728-165
Porter, W. L. Bay City Ford Roadster A-1591022 728-166
Kelley, Bert Bay City Durant 60 Sedan 117261 728-167
Silbereisen, Gus O. Bay City Chevrolet Sedan 763265 728-168
Ziegenhals, O. W. Bay City Chevrolet Sedasn 751023 728-169
Gilmore, Mrs. C. W. Matagorda Chevrolet Sedan 757465 728-170
Powell, Vogt Blessing Chevrolet Sedan 751812 728-171
McKissick, Geo. B. Blessing Chevrolet Roadster 512255 728-172
Groves, Oscar Gulf De Soto Sedan 69538 728-173
Bowers, V. L. Collegeport Chevrolet Coupe 741127 728-174
St. John, Lois Marie Bay City Nash 420 Sedan 201957 728-175
Schaap, Wm. Newgulf Ford Truck A-1323228 165-298
Gonzales, Jose R. Newgulf Ford Truck A-1471350 165-299


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending June 15

Daily Tribune, June 17, 1929

Williams, Jas. S. Blessing Willys Knight Sedan 107960 728-476
Winter, Chris E. Iago Pontiac Coupe 593239 728-477
Humble Oil & Ref. Co. Houston Chevrolet Coupe 749423 728-478
Thomas, W. C. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 751458 728-480
Inglehart, Dr. C. M. Gulf Chevrolet Coach 454214 728-482
Boso, Andrew Bay City Chevrolet Cabriolet 751401 728-484
Jesse, Walter Markham Whippet Sedan 93523 728-485
Weber, L. C. Gulf Chevrolet Coach 797014 728-488
Moore, R. M. Gulf Chevrolet Coupe 79700 728-489
Quinton, A. J. El Campo Chevrolet Roadster 603658 728-492
Smith, Weldon Bay City Chevrolet Coach 802125 728-493
Pierce, Richard L. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe 779687 728-495


Smith, Mrs. Allen J. Blessing Ford Truck A-1554329 165-301
Orchard, P. H. Bay City International 173719 165-302
Looper & Abbott Boling International 182176 165-303


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending June 22

Daily Tribune, June 29, 1929

Hendley, Annie E. Palacios Chevrolet Phaeton 789969 728-494
Brown, S. C. Palacios Ford Tudor A-1243639 728-496
Livengood, Dr. B. L. Bay City Ford Tudor A-1460586 728-497
Mansker, A. J. Gulf Chevrolet Coach 778025 728-498
Corse, S. W. Collegeport Ford Phaeton A-986438 728-501
Woolsey, Miss Tommie Bay City Chevrolet Coach 795814 728-503
Edwards, Harry Bay City Ford Roadster A-1575513 728-504
Scott, Wm. A. Pledger Chevrolet Coupe 741132 728-505
Moore, W. M. C. Matagorda Studebaker 6 39001 728-506
Swinford, Levi Bay City Ford Coupe A-1522326 728-507
Soward, H. B. Gulf Ford Tudor A-1409693 728-508
Stockton, C. V. Gulf De Soto Sedan RS-269-R 728-509
Coble, W. L. Matagorda Ford Fordor A-1381188 728-510
Stieber, John Blessing Chevrolet Sedan 691194 728-511
Harkey, R. M. Bay City Ford Truck A-1642774 165-304
Carr, Toney Bay City Federal A-6 16-C-4644 165-305
Blinsky, John Matgorda Chevrolet Pickup 771240 165-306


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