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Registration of New Cars in Matagorda County For the Week Ending Sept. 7th

Daily Tribune, September 9, 1929

Franz, A. N. Bay City Ford Coupe A-2113418 1158-381
Schultz, E. H. Buckeye Ford Fordor A-2164550 1158-383
Farrington, J. E. Boling Ford Coupe A-2155752 1158-384
Wigodski, Yetta Bay City Buick 64-30 2505910 1158-386
LeTulle, V. L. Bay City Buick 30-57 2340042 1158-389
Parker, H. H. Bay City Ford Fordor A-2056541 1158-390
Millard, Frank D. Blessing Chevrolet Coupe 1038681 1158-391
Hill, G. J. Lane City Ford Sedan A-2037460 1158-394
Williams, Ralph Palacios Plymouth Sedan 71622 1158-395
Diaz, F. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 1123097 1158-396
Stewart, Warner Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 1105768 1158-397
Barrera, Jesus Gulf Ford Tudor A-2155921 1158-398
Phillips, M. I. Sargent Chevrolet Sedan 1127101 1158-399
McGehee, Sol Gulf Ford Coupe A-2091525 1158-400
Pitman, W. W. Wharton Chevrolet Coupe 1011228 1158-401
Trull, B. W. Midfield Chevrolet Coupe 1113989 1158-402
Dupuis, Henry Matagorda Chevrolet Coupe 1123757 1158-403
Thompson, Hy. Houston Ford Tudor A-2201101 1158-405


People's Laundry Bay City Ford Delivery A-2184719 165-380
Harper, V. T. Markham Ford Pickup A-2164853 165-381
Missouri State Life Ins. Co. Bay City Chevrolet Truck 945568 165-382
Trevino, E. Bay City Ford Truck A-2050201 165-384
Machala, Louis P. El Maton Chevrolet Truck 1080565 165-385
Luther, C. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 949774 165-386
Brown, Tom Bay City Chevrolet Truck 1137295 165-387
Baker, E. C. Gulf Ford Panel Del. A-2214708 165-389


Registration of New Cars in Matagorda County For the Week Ending Sept. 14th

Daily Tribune, September 16, 1929

Culver, Eric Matagorda Chevrolet Sedan 1052999 1158-407
Robinson, Ruth Matagorda Chevrolet Coupe 1158930 1158-408
Pollak, J. L. Houston Ford Tudor A-2263652 1158-409
Anderson, V. L. Danevang Ford Coupe A-2252906 1158-410
Terry, R. E. Blessing Ford Tudor A-2231846 1158-412
Horn, J. H. Bay City Ford Fordor A-2243325 1158-413
Stewart, A. C. Matagorda Ford Coupe A-2231805 1158-414
Hudson, Etta Iago Pontiac Coupe 619155 1158-416
Cash, Miss Clara Mae Bay City Ford Tudor A-2242992 1158-417
Andrez, Felix Bay City International Truck 187980 165-391
Bell, E. R. El Maton Chevrolet Truck 1140731 165-393
Yakish, Wm. Bay City Whippet Truck 3598 165-393
Barnes, R. B. Bay City Ford Pickup A-2220000 165-395


Registration of New Cars in Matagorda County For the Week Ending Sept. 21

Daily Tribune, September 29, 1929

Clements, W. O. Gulf Ford Coupe A-2182663 1158-419
Roacha, Walter Palacios Chevrolet Phaeton 916258 1158-420
Davidson, W. R. Gulf DeSoto Sedan 94022 1158-422
Bruce, J. A. Bay City Ford Fordor A-2239370 1158-423
Frick, Otto Bay City Ford Sedan A-2286351 1158-424
Cooper, Edward M. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 914372 1158-425
Pybus, J. L. Palacios Chevrolet Sedan 1133044 1158-426
Harris, A. Bay City Ford Tudor A-2243200 1158-427
Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Gulf Buick 30-64-C 2511227 1158-428
Crossland, T. B. Bay City Ford Tudor A-2297234 1158-429
Zipprian, Mrs. E. E. Matagorda Ford Sedan A-2297201 1158-430
Horn, Mrs. R. L. Bay City Durant 63 Sedan 24_165 1158-431
Pierce, Mrs. Chas. W. Bay City Durant Sedan 128819 1158-432
White, Octavia Bay City Ford Roadster A-1739781 1158-433
Trull, B. W. Midfield Ford Tudor A-2166434 1158-434
Gulf Coast Irrigation Co. Bay City Ford Pickup A-2184955 165-397
Mica, Joe Blessing Chevrolet Truck 1140687 165-398
Morris, Chas. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 1131773 165-401
Bullard R. Sargent Ford Pickup A-2292618 165-402


Registration of New Cars in Matagorda County For the Week Ending Sept. 28th

Daily Tribune, September 30, 1929

Carr, Frank, Jr. Bay City Pontiac Coupe 567552 1158-435
Bruck, E. H. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe 1164018 1158-436
Gottschalk, H. Matagorda Chevrolet Coupe 1182495 1158-437
Gay, F. C. Corpus Christi Ford Coupe 1182455 1158-439
Prather, M. A. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 1182455 1158-443
Royner, Geo. M. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 1208522 1158-444
Sholars, Mrs. S. R. Bay City Nash Sedan 342948 1158-445
Carlisle, C. D. Boling Ford Roadster A-1968686 1158-446
Watkins, W. W. Gulf Ford Coupe A-2339230 1158-447
Gilmore, H. G. Bay City Ford Fordor A-2297432 1158-448
Barnett, J. F. Palacios Ford Fordor A-2142798 1158-450
Culver Shell Dredging Co. Matagorda Ford A-2296963 187-103


Registration of New Cars In Matagorda County For the Week Ending Oct. 5th

Daily Tribune, October 8, 1929

Kehrer, Vastine J. Newgulf DeSoto Sedan 88891 1158-451
Winchester, M. D. Newgulf Ford Tudor A-2346952 1158-452
Garcia, Serafino Matagorda Chevrolet Sedan 1091832 1158-456
Wilson, E. Boling Ford Coupe A-2292798 1158-457
Garcia, Benito Gulf Pontiac Sedan 640265 1158-458
Fortenberry, J. J. Midfield Ford Fordor A-2340552 1158-460
Miller, H. E. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe 1162317 1158-462
McFarland, T. A. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 946095 1158-463
Thornhill, W. J., Jr. Matagorda Chev. Sedan 1139088 1158-464
Cornelius, W. D. Markham Durant 70 Sedan 3624 1158-465
Young, L. M. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 1208014 1158-467
Denn, M. J. Bay City Chevrolet Coach 1187777 1158-468
Lindsey, R. E. Bay City Ford Tudor A-2330021 1158-469
Harris, A. Bay City Ford Coupe A-2164674 1158-470
Frick, M. Bay City Hupmobile Coupe 30 S15-946 1158-471


Kirby, E. L. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 1060328 187-106
Viets, H. C. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 1157087 187-107
White, Emil J. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 1137337 187-108
Viets, C. B. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 1164581 187-109
Rogers, Geo. Matagorda Chevrolet Truck 1171890 187-110


Registration of New Cars In Matagorda County For the Week Ending Oct. 15th

Daily Tribune, October 15, 1929

Barnes, R. B. Bay City Buick 30-57 2506050 1158-472
Dawdy, Mrs. J. E. Buckeye Ford Coupe A-2359376 1158-473
Smith, R. L. Bay City Chevrolet Coach 1786635 1158-474
King, Frank A. Collegeport Ford Tudor A-2134713 1158-475
Werlla, E. T. Gainesmore Ford Phaeton A-1990672 1158-476
Lee, Carl Bay City Chevrolet Sedan 994814 1158-489
Hall, L. B. Pledger Chevrolet Coach 1184181 1158-497
Dickinson, S. E. Bay City DeSoto Coupe K E-2625 1158-480
Richers, Louis Bay City Pontiac Sedan 632469 1158-481
Barr, H. T. Blessing Chevrolet Roadster 1026597 1158-482
Edwards, Geo. W. Palacios Chevrolet Coach 1091739 1158-483
Allison, C. H. Palacios Chevrolet Coupe 1181138 1158-484
Culver, H. A. Wadsworth Ford Sedan A-2381042 1158-487
Belamger [Belanger], J. J. Gulf Ford Tudor A-2397702 1158-488
Roberts, W. K. Markham Chevrolet Coach 1240726 1158-490
Harrison, Mrs. R. L. Bay City Ford Sedan A-2398030 1158-491
Terry, P. P. Blessing Ford Sedan A-2381301 1158-492
Law, Albert Palacios Chevrolet Imp. Sedan 1253235 1158-493
Hatchett, A. G. Bay City Chevrolet Sedan 1221224 1158-494
Jensen, J. P. Palacios Chevrolet Truck 1224275 187-112


Registration of New Cars In Matagorda County For the Week Ending Oct. 19th

Daily Tribune, October 23, 1929

Harper, Filmore Bay City DeSoto Sedan 100225 1158-496
Ramirez, Juan Gulf Chevrolet Sedan 1137829 1158-497
Estill, Henry Sargent Chevrolet Coupe 1139930 1158-498
Lewis, Kirk Palacios Chevrolet Coach 1227036 1158-499
Hensley, Guy, Jr. Bay City Chevrolet Coupe 1184175 1158-500
Gros, W. J. Matagorda Chevrolet Sedan 1207308 1158-501
Bell, C. R. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 1250001 1158-502
Northcutt, C. R. Matagorda Chevrolet Coach 1182476 1158-503
Richman Bros. Lane City Ford Coupe A-1831099 1158-504
Roberts, J. B. Cedar  Lake Chevrolet Coupe 1181383 1158-506
Davis, Alvin Bay City Ford Sedan A-2360923 1158-507
James, J. A. Bay City Ford Tudor A-2381063 1158-508
Bowers, I. M. Blessing Chevrolet Coupe 1253217 1158-509
Hall, L. B. Pledger Chevrolet Sedan 1079988 1158-510
Freeman, C. T. Sargent Ford Sedan A-2426690 1158-511
Brown, Mack Bay City Chevrolet Coach 1267385 1158-512
Driscoll, Carlos Pledger Chevrolet Sedan 1187988 1158-513
Newman, Chas. E. Markham Chevrolet Coupe 1269036 1158-514
Ballinger, A. L. Bay City Ford Tudor A-2382909 1158-515
Castillo, Felipe B. Bay City Chevrolet Truck 1140629 187-117
Kyler, Will Bay City Ford Pickup A-2439743 187-118
Garza, Guadalupe El Maton Chevrolet Truck 1201635 187-122
Ryman, Albert Bay City Ford Truck A-2423589 187-123


Registration of New Cars, Matagorda County For the Week Ending October 26th

Daily Tribune, October 28, 1929

Jamison, Hope New Gulf Chevrolet Coupe 1198511 1158-516
Schley, Clara Palacios Ford Fordor A-2339832 1158-517
Guynes, Roe Blessing Ford Tudor A-2411968 1158-518
Bell, E. M. Bay City Marquette Sedan 17739 1158-519
Frick, M. Bay City Hupmobile Sedan S-14234 1158-519?
Secrest, M. Bay City Ford Tudor A-2455710 1158-522
Gunter, Minnie Midfield Willys-Knight Sed 115858 1158-523
Brod, E. El Campo Ford Coupe A-2455821 1158-525
Richmond Bros. Lane City Ford Coupe A-2449662 1158-526
Shelby, J. D. Gulf Chevrolet Sedan 1188109 1158-527
Franzen, Gus Collegeport Ford Fordor A-2426679 1158-527?
Cornelius, Will D. Markham Chev. Truck 1188514 187-125
Huff, John Palacios Chevrolet Truck 1224241 187-127


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