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Mr. Sweet went to Bay City Tuesday.

Mr. J. P. Chastun went to Pledger and purchased lumber for building a modern cottage on his farm here.

Mr. Day Cane went to Bay City Saturday.

Mr. George Walker has been on the sick list this week.

Mrs. J. P. Chastun is recovering from a serious spell of lagrippe.

Mr. Jas. H. Chastun and Mr. Fred Gernand captured a large wildcat, measuring five feet, one inch.

The white school at Ashwood started Monday with a fairly good attendance. Miss Norma Linn will be the teacher. Ashwood is proud of her appointment.

Things are on the hustle on the Valley View farm.

The Matagorda County Tribune, January 17, 1912


J. H. Chastun returned from Fort Crockett where he has been visiting. He also was present at the Cotton Carnival.

Mrs. C. L. Smith and daughters have returned from Beaumont.

Mrs. Hill went to Wharton one day last week.

Mrs. Annie Manix of Victoria is visiting her mother, Mrs. Sarah Powell of this place.

Jas. Chastun is improving his farm with a new residence.

The farmers in this locality are very busy with their potatoes.

Misses Mary and Marion Chastun left this place for their home in Galveston last Sunday.

Mr. Hill will hold service at the Arbor church Sunday, September 1.

Jas. Chastun and a man from Galveston are going to put in a truck crop which they expect to ship to Northern markets.

F. C. Gernand of Galveston will erect a packing house at this place as soon as vegetables are ready for market.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 16, 1912


Mr. J. K. Smith just arrived to visit home folks.

Mr. Week of Leesville, La., was here looking over land and seeking a convenient place to settle.

He believes all a man has to do here is to work and he will win.

Tobe Billingsley of Leesville, LA., arrived here to locate a farm. He expects to move immediately and prepare for spring.

John Cain of Merryville, La., is here on a visit to kin folks. He expects to move here in the near future.

Mr. Jesse Walker and his charming bride arrived here last week. They will make this their home. Mr. Walker came here some time last year and prepared a home and then went back to Louisiana and married.

Mr. Sam Jerrells and son, Sammie, is very ill. Dr. Scott was called to their bedside Friday afternoon.

Mr. A. Hanson has been on the sick list for the last few days.

Mr. G. E. Hill went to Bay City Friday.

Mr. Walter Richardson passed through this place headed for Wharton, Saturday.

Jas. H. Chastun will install a grinding mill and irrigation plant with which he expects to capsize the dry weather on truck crop on his place. The machinery has been ordered, and he expects to have the plant running by October 1, 1912.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 13, 1912


Messrs. J. K. and C. L. Smith returned to Beaumont this week.

Mr. Sam Jarrell and little boy are recovering nicely.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. Fisher Smith, a fine 7 1-2 pound baby girl at 11 p.m. Thursday night. Mother and baby doing fine.

Mr. J. R. Smith came in from Beaumont to visit home folks.

Dr. E. E. Scott spent the most of last week at Ashwood on account of the illness of Miss Geraldine Smith.

Mr. Jesse Walker is on the sick list this week.

Mr. J. F. Smith and two children, C. L., Jr., and little Miss May Belle, are recovering fast.

Mr. C. L. Smith, Sr., came in to visit his family.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 20, 1912


Dr. Ansby left here for Leesville, La., where his family resides, on returning he will make his home here.

Mr. C. L. Smith and daughters, Bessie, Ethel and Geraldine, returned from Beaumont, Tuesday where they have been visiting relatives.

Several new comers arrived here Saturday and are spending their stay with Mr. G. A. Wicks.

Mrs. M. Sweatt and Miss Celia Wicks was shopping at Ashwood this week.

Raymond Brown of Sugar Valley was in these parts Monday.

Jas. H. Chastun of Galveston arrived at this place Tuesday. He will devote his time to truck growing. He shipped the first crate of fall vegetables Saturday. The shipment went to Hitchcock, Texas.

Mr. Anton Hanson was in Bay City Sunday and Monday on business.

A. J. Magee of Bay City was at this place Wednesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 13, 1912


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