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Bay City Jewish Businesses

Jewish Families

1937 Map with Jewish Businesses Marked

Rosenzweig's, Kasmans, Q-P, Kogutt Shoe Shop, Oshmans, Joe Denn Grocery, E. Goldman's Grocery, Q-P

Baer Cattle Company

Blum TV

Chasnoff Radio and TV

David's Firestone

Bay City Surplus - 1904 7th Street
Denn Brothers Sporting Goods
- 1911 7th Street
Denn's Silk Screening
- 1824 7th
Denn's Furniture and Gifts
- 1824 7th Street
Nichols Street Furniture
The House of Bargains
- 1900 13th Street

E. Goldman Grocery

Joe Denn Grocery

Joe's Cafe

Kasman Liquor Store

Kogutt Shoe Repair Shop

Moise Simon - Attorney

Neuman's Dry Goods

Oshman's Dry Goods

Q - P

Radio Shack

Rosenzweig's - Milady's - Clothes, Inc.

Sidney Schwartz CLU

Simon Bros. Dry Goods

Zlotnik's Department Store


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Oct. 31, 2013