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Bay City
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Bay City

The town plat of Bay City will be one mile square, near the center of which will be the court house and public square. All streets will be eighty feet wide except the four streets of either side of the public square, each lot of which will be one hundred feet wide. All blocks will be three hundred feet square and every one will be 140 feet deep, to a 20 foot alley giving every lot, whether on the corner or inside, an outlet. Tree planting will be encouraged, streets being wide enough for a row of trees on either side. As trees grow rapidly here Bay City can soon be a forest city. The town plan is a model of beauty and utility. All streets will be uniform and each a mile long.

Bay City Breeze, September 13, 1894


 Contractor Sykes made a flying trip to Wharton Saturday.

R. G. Kuykendall, the rustler of Wilson's creek was a pleasant caller Tuesday. He was on his road to Caney, the Egypt of Southern Texas, for corn.

Sheriff Hamilton and Attorney Gaines were in the city last Tuesday, looking after their improvements, and Mr. Gaines selected some good resident property. Both signified their intentions to build residences and move their families to Bay City at once.

Hon. R. C. Duff, of Columbia, candidate for Legislature, on the Democratic ticket, gave us a pleasant call last week, and made a speech Thursday night at Hardeman. He is well qualified and if elected, will render his district valuable service, by looking well after our interests.

S. M. Wilcox, U. S. Assistant Engineer, of the U. S. Engineer's office, Galveston, was escorted down from Wharton Friday by Messrs. Reeves and Barbee. From here he was escorted by the Town Company to Matagorda. Mr. Wilcox was sent out by the Government to make a preliminary examination of the Colorado river from Wharton to the coast, with a view of making a regular survey of the river, if it appears that its importance for navigation warranted it, and the people needed protection from the raft. We believe he will recommend the survey.


Almost every day some new firm or enterprise is located in Bay City.

WANTED. Ten thousand furs, by H. E. Moore, Deming's Bridge. Top prices guaranteed.

Four wagon loads of lumber came in Tuesday from Columbia, for the Sims livery stable.

Rowold Bros. have done a fine job painting the Breeze office. They are reliable and competent.

Dan Moore and J. L. Bandy have both selected resident lots this week, for immediate improvement.

We are requested to announce that Bro. Morris will preach at Matthew's Church on next Sunday. All are cordially invited to attend.

The real estate announcement of Shirley & Co. appears in this issue of the Breeze. They are a good reliable land company and are good rustlers, and if you want to buy or sell real estate give them a call.

We are glad to call the attention of our readers to the announcement of J. J. Shirley & Co., in which they propose to have a good variety of pear trees for sale in Bay City at the proper season. It is always well to get reliable goods from reliable  people.


Mr. J. J. Shirley returned from Bay City Saturday and is well pleased with the outlook. He purchased a lot on which will be immediately built an office for the real estate firm of Richardson & Shirley, they having associated with them E. C. Ray, who will take charge of the Bay City Office. Mr. Ray is a hustler and we predict a prosperous run of business. Those wanting information in regard to that country, will do well to address him. Bay City is the new capitol of Matagorda county. The lands of Matagorda are said to be very fine, but they are very remote from transportation. The Gulf Shore railroad is expected to be built through that county in less than a year. Lands are now cheap and the advent of the railroad will run prices up. It is a good general farming country. Most of the county is held in large tracts which will soon be cut up and sold in small bodies.--Alvin Sun.


J. W. Sims arrived yesterday from Columbia with a fine new livery outfit, finest in the country, and T. Y. Spencer, of Velasco, is putting in a lumber yard.



 Every day direct from Matagorda, served in all styles. Will also sell in quantity to consumers for family or hotel use. The very finest oysters at rasonable rates.

C. E. YEAMANS, Bay City, Texas.



Wharton, Texas, October 16.--Mr. G. M. Magill, of the Bay City Town Company, with Messrs. Lee and Mangum, old residents of Matagorda county, have just taken sounding in a skiff from Wharton to Bay City and report three and a half, four and thirty feet, after leaving the sandbar at Wharton down to Bay City. The river is now at the ordinary low stage. The river is in fine condition for navigation, with very few snags. As Houston is the nearest market for the two cities, and as the Post has done so much for Southwest Texas, and especially for Wharton, through its able and efficient correspondent, Judge W. F. Linn, a little space for this communication is asked for Matagorda's new county seat, Bay City.                        J.L.C.



 Commissioner's Court of Matagorda county convened in special session in Bay City on Monday, October 15, 1894.

Present, Hon. E. S. Rugeley, Sr., County Judge; Commissioners, H. H. Serril, H. W. Bowie, G. R. Brown, T. J. Poole, and Geo Austin, Clerk, comprising a full board.

Ordered by the Court that the building on the court house square at Bay City, be used as a temporary court house.

Ordered by Court, Poole objecting, that bid of L.T. Noyes, agent Diebold Safe and Lock Co., for building of a two-story brick jail be accepted, according to plans and specifications, for $8,475.

Warrant ordered for Conrad Franz, for $413 for bridge work on Hardeman slough.

Ordered by Court that county erect a modern two-story brick court house to cost not less than $25,000, nor more than $30,000, and authorized the County judge to advertise for plans, specifications and bids.

Ordered by Court that proposition of Bay City Town Company to donate $5,000 in cash, in lieu of frame court house, be accepted.

Adjourned to meet again in special session on November 1st.



 C.D.S. Graham, of Alvin, requests us to announce that beginning with next Monday, he will put on a daily hack line between Bay City and Wharton, for passengers and express. Leaving Wharton after the arrival of the train from Houston, will arrive at Bay City for supper. Leaving Bay City in the morning, will arrive at Wharton in time for the east bound train to Houston. Thus allowing people to go or come from Bay City to the railroad every day. This will be a great convenience for Bay City and the traveling public. Mr. Graham has plenty of means, is a good man, has good teams, and will be sure to make his line a grand success. Now people can get from Wharton to Bay City every day.


F. E. B. Stocker, the wide awake liveryman, of Wharton, announces this week through the Breeze that he is ready at all times to furnish the traveling public conveyance to Bay City.

Bay City Breeze, October 25, 1894


 The social event of the season in the Capitol of Matagorda County, occurred on last Friday night, the 25th instant, when the beauty and chivalry of not only this county, but of our neighboring towns, congregated in Bay City to dedicate the J. W. White drug store building with a grand ball. The attendance was large, the music furnished by Prof. Coston and son was delightful, the urbane Allan McNabb, as floor manager, was a grand leader, and while, without, the weather was cold and chilly, within, the soft strains of music, the radiant sunshine and smiles of the ladies, the gallantry of the gents, the maizy dream of the waltz, all combined to make the occasion one of pleasure long drawn out,"soft eyes  looked love to eyes that spake again," and all went merry as a marriage bell, until the great orb of day dispelled the love lorn merry makers.

While we are sure we did not get all the names, the crowd being so large, the following is a partial list of the prominent people present. From Matagorda; Mrs. Geo. Austin and family, Mr. Geo. Culver and wife, Mrs. Nettie Hatch, Mr. W. D. Barker and wife, Misses Annie Duffy, Dora Bruce, Blanche Inglehart, Belle Freeman, Bertha and Maggie Baxter, Messrs. W. C. Brown, Clifton Yeamans, Harry Burkhart, Clarence Dietrich, Jno. and Henry Sirrell, Wm. Franz, Wm. and Jesse Wallace. From El Campo; Messrs. Fisher, Carlton , Hahn, Beakes, Yeager and King. From Deming's Bridge; Messrs. T. E. and James Partain and Johnnie Wheeler. From Wharton; Miss Nannie Davis, the two Misses McMasters and Messrs. Brooks and Beakes. From Bay City; Misses Ida Thompson, Lida Franz, May Miller, Mamie Kilbride, Mrs. Fannie Wallace, Messrs. Scott, J. Wendell, J. K. Sayers, Arthur Collins, Johnnie Thompson, Sam Franz, R. A. Mathis, J. H. Mayfield, R. H. Traylor, Roland and R. H. Inglehart, and Dr. Simonds, of Caney. A great many of our town people dropped in for a little while to enjoy the music and witness the fun and frolic.

Last week we neglected to note that Amos Lee had bought out the interest of E. C. Ray, in the real estate firm of J. J. Shirley & Co. While Mr. Ray returned to Alvin, Mr. Lee has moved to Bay City and will push the business here, for which he is well equipped, having lived in the county for a number of years and is well acquainted with the lands of the county. He also owns some lands near the city which, he is subdividing, and offering in small tracts. We wish the new firm all manner of success.

Col. J. R. Currie arrived from Dallas Friday and accompanied by J. W. Gaines made a business trip to Brazoria forepart of the week.

A great many of our young people went down to Matagorda yesterday to attend the Moore-McCamley wedding which was followed by a grand ball.


A change in the card of the Matagorda County Abstract Co. will be found in this issue. R. C. Gaines has sold out his interest to R. H. Traylor and Allan McNabb is now secretary.


T. D. Fisher, Dr. H. Carlton, Henry Hahn, Abe Beakes, Ed. Yeager and H. P. King, leading members of El Campo's four hundred, were enjoying the ball Friday night and, in company with Dr. Scott, gave us a pleasant call.


Mr. Abel Pierce, of Deming's Bridge, drove over Thursday and was accompanied on his return by attorney J. W. Gaines. He says a large panther has been frequently seen lately on Palacious point and that they are thinking of organizing a hunt for him.


In noting arrivals last week we overlooked the arrival of J. K. Sayers, son of our esteemed townsmen, W. E. Sayers, who arrived from Spokane, Washington, to make Bay City his future home and to assist his father in their large and rapidly growing mercantile business in Bay City. Welcome.





 Up to Tuesday noon the following real estate transfers had been filed with County Clerk Austin since the records have arrived in Bay City:

Cornelius Davis and wife, to J. Gordon Brown, warranty deed to 703 acres of land out of the Lawrence Rainey league, on upper Caney.

David Boaz to W. Boaz, warranty deed to 320 acres out of section No. 554, G. C. & S. F. R. R. survey, west side of river.

V. L. LeTulle to Irvin Rugely, quit claim deed to 25 acres out of the Wm. Rabb league on lower Caney.

W. F. Neal and wife to Eugene Haralson, warranty deed to 20 acres out of Jacob Bells league, north of Bay City.

Hamet Graves, et al, to W. C. Braman deed to undivided interest in Grand tract No. 5, Matagorda town league.

David Swickhimer to J. J. Shirley, et al, lot 1 block 77 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to Sallie H. Sims, lots 9, 10, 11 and 12, block 49 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to W. E. Sayers, et al, lot 14, block 78 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to E. S. Rugeley, Sr., lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 block 88 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to W. T. Kuykendall lot 17, block 75 Bay City.

David Swickhimer to Fannie P. Hamilton, lot 11 block 65 Bay City.


Bay City Breeze, January 31, 1895


Alvin Henderson, deputy head consul, Woodman of the World, instituted a camp here last week of that order with twenty members. The following officers were elected and installed: T. J. Hamilton, consul commander; R. A. Mathis, advisor lieutenant; J. D. Moore, banker; E. E. Scott, physician; W. C. Carpenter, clerk; J. W. Gaines, Jr., watchman; H. M. Greene, escort; D. A. Shannon, sentry; D. P. Moore, J. M. Sims, J. W. White, managers.


Ira G. Lord and family are spending a few days on the beach.

Mrs. Dr. Scott is visiting her father on lower Caney this week.

Roland Inglehart and wife returned from a two weeks visit to friends at Matagorda.

C. H. Williams was a member of the party who went to Velasco Tuesday on the railroad mission.

Mrs. J. S. Teel, of Willis Point, sister of Druggist J. W. White, is here on a visit for a few week.s

J. C. and Frank Faeckney, contractors, of Columbia, were here Monday bidding on the bridge contract.

Assessor Steve Hill and E. J. Inglehart were up from Matagorda in attendance upon commissioners court.

Henry Williams, Jno. Wendell and E. H. Rowold are spending the week on the beach, near the mouth of Caney.

R. A. Mathis leaves to-day for Navasota on a short business trip He will meet his mother at Hempstead and accompany her here, where she will spend several weeks on a visit.

Dr. J. C. Mayfield, of Alvin, and J. W. Sprowles, of Brazoria, were in the city Tuesday. Dr. Mayfield was looking after the closing up of the business affairs of his son, the late Herndon Mayfield, deceased.

W. E. Matkin, of Howell, Ark., was in Bay City Monday looking over our county with a view of locating here. He was highly pleased with our lands and general prospects, and he at once departed for home to arrange matters to move here during the coming fall.

Frank Blizarde, who was engaged in the merchantile business here a few months last spring, returned from Keith, N. C., yesterday and says he is coming back to his first love to stay. He does not at present know just what he will engage in, but says stay he will, and that he is very sorry he ever left. We welcome him back.

Judge W. C. Carpenter and G. M. Magill left Tuesday for Velasco to confer with the members of the Boston syndicate on a railroad west from that place. They will be joined by several of the planters from lower Caney, who are taking a deep interest in the proposed road. The meeting was arranged by the citizens of Velasco and our people invited and urged to be present.

John Hagerty, of Ft. Worth, accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Fred Vogg, of Matagorda, passed through the city Monday on their way to Ft. Worth, where Mrs. Vogg will visit for some time at the home of her brother. This is the first visit of Mr. Hagerty to our county for twenty-five years, this being formerly his home. They were both delighted with Bay City, expressing great confidence in her future.

W. C. Brown left Monday moring for Dallas and New Orleans, where he goes to purchase a big stock of boots and shoes, which he will run in connection with his saddlery establishment. Mr. Brown is a honest, sober, and industrious young man, and by his gentlemanly conduct he has built up a fine business and the Breeze congratulates him upon his success, and hopes his new venture will likewise prove successful.

Bay City  Breeze, August 15, 1895


Second Month.

The second month ended on Dec. 9th. Up to that date we had enrolled 39 boys and 49 girlstotal 88. There were 307 cases of absence and 260 cases of tardiness during the month. Corporal punishment was administered in two cases.

The pupils are graded by a scale in which 10 is perfect, 9 excellent, 8 good, 7 fair and any grade below 7 is considered poor.

All who reach a general average for the month of 9 or over, in both lessons and conduct, have their names placed upon the roll of honor for that  month. Honorable mention is made of all who average 9 or over in conduct but fall below that high average in lesson.

Some pupils are endowed with brighter minds than others; some have had better school advantages than others; some have more time to study at home than others; and some have better assistance in home study than others. Hence, it may not be possible for all to get on the roll of honor. But every one can behave properly and thereby win the honorable mention for good conduct. We hope that all parents will urge their children to strive for this honorable distinction.

In making out the roll of honor, the names are grouped by grades, and the one making the highest average in each grade heads the list of that grade, and the next highest is placed second and so on; the lowest being last.

Following is the

              ROLL OF HONOR2 MONTH.

                       (Principal's Room.)

GRADE E. Florence Baxter, Lou Wallace, Lila Franz, John Greene, Edna Moore, Estelle Ladd, Alice Rugeley, Frank Shannon, Florence Applegate, James Gaines, Maud Hill, W. L. McCamly, Fanny Johnson.

GRADE F. Omega Baxter, Lillian Ladd, Ollif Turner, Mellie Sims, Pinkie McIntosh, Simon Johnson, Mabel Williams, Bertie Hill, Tenie Wallace, Myrtle Franz, Martha Lee.

                      (Assistant's Room.)

GRADE C. Ernest Bond, Minnie Hull, Emma Lee, Nettie Hull, Stanley Gillett, Oliver Franz, Matt Johnson, Joe Treat, Sarah Hicks, Nettie Elliott, Annie McIntosh, Fred Gillett.

GRADE B. Willie Melliourne, Daisy Fisher, Jimmy Hicks, May Ladd, Maggie Lee, Jay Applegate, Jeff Mangum, Oliver Wallace, Lewis McIntosh, Grover Moore, Ed. Lee, Elmo Lee.

GRADE A. Walter Gillet, Annie Hamilton, Florence Lee, Edna Hull, Eula Sims, Martha Turner, Susie Hill, Katie Gillett, Walter Baxter, Stanley Lee, Allen Stokes, Archie Franz, Emma Franz, Grover Mangum, Willie Wofford, Hallie Lee, Robt. Baker, Olivia Franz, Olga Benedict, Philip Watkins, George McIntosh, Jane Galbraith, Effie Wofford.

                  HONORABLE MENTION.      Richard Johnson, Maud Sisk, Unnie Mangum, James Sisk.



Under the auspices of the literary department of the Epworth League, Miss Ladd and Mrs. W. C. Carpenter are preparing a splendid musical and literary entertainment to be given in the school house on next Wednesday night, Dec. 25th. A small admission fee of 35 cents will be charged for adults and 10 cents for children, net proceeds to go to the Epworth League in order to procure some new song books. The entertainment promises to be a rare treat. Following is the programe:

Music by the band"Corn Flower Waltz." Misses Ladd, Applegate, Moody and W. C. Brown.

Song"The Star." Miss Ladd, May Ladd. Tableau.

Instrumental duet"Sleigh Bells." Misses Ladd and Applegate.

Song"Comrades. Twenty little boys. Tableau.

Instrumental solo. Miss Baxter.

Song duet"Life's Dream is O'er." Misses Moody and Ladd.

"Veiling the Novice." Misses Elouise Moody, Anna and Shirley Rugeley, Ollie and Annie Lords, Mabel Ladd, Lida Franz, Mrs. R. A. Mathis and W. L. McCamly. Tableau.

"Christmas Chorus." By all the performers.

Recitation. Miss Estelle Ladd.

Instrumental music"Over the Waves." Misses Moody, Ladd, Applegate and W. C. Brown.

Song. Mrs. Jno. W. White.

"Woman's Rights." Tableau.

Song quartette"Come Where The Lillies Bloom." Misses Ladd, Moody, Judge Carpenter and J. A. Sullivan.

Guitar duet. Misses Ladd and Applegate.

"Artists Studio." Tableaux. Pictures, Annie Hamilton, May Ladd, Mabel Ladd, Elouise Moody, Edgar Bramlett, W. L. McCamly.

Song"Jockey Hat and Feather." Lillian Ladd.

Instrumental music. Misses Ladd, Moody, Applegate and W. C. Brown

"Gypsy's Warning." Tableau. Misses Anna Rugeley, Ladd and L. J. Gartrell.

"Visions of Paradise." Tableau. Misses Anna, Shirley and Alice Rugeley, Lida Franz, Mabel and Estelle Ladd, Florence Applegate, Maud Hill, Mesdames W. C. Carpenter and R. A. Mathis. "Sleeping Girl," Elouise Moody.

Song. Judge Carpenter and Miss Ladd.

Song"Won't you be my Sweetheart," Florence Baxter. Answer, Mellie Sims.

"Night and morning." Tableau. Miss Ladd, Mrs. Carpenter, May Ladd, Eula Sims.

Bay City Breeze, December 19, 1895


 T. J. Hamilton attended Masonic Lodge at Demings Bridge Saturday.

Ike Kuykendall, of Ashby, was admiring the new court house Tuesday.

W. H. Huffaker, came up last week from Matagorda to work on the court house.

Miss Ada Keithly, of Willow Springs, Mo., arrived last week to visit her sister, Mrs. N. H. Rowlett.

Col. A. H. Pierce was in town Tuesday and Wednesday looking after his extensive interests in this county.

Major McReynolds, of the K. O. Ranch was in the city a short while yesterday looking after their large interests.

G. B. Culver, of Matagorda, was in town fore part of week and bought W. C. Williams' cattle at good figures.

Geo. Beckelhymer, a contractor from Corpus Christi, accompanied by his wife, arrived in the city last week and they may locate here.

Judge Rugeley passed through fore part of week en route to Wharton, where he goes after his family who have been visiting in Wharton for sometime.

Michael O'Connell, Sr., was in town yesterday on business. He got a fall that frightened him and his friends for a little while, but Dr. Bouldin soon brought him around all right.

T. J. Proctor, of Groesbeck, Texas, came in yesterday prospecting for a lumber yard. Mr. Proctor is a very pleasant gentleman and we hope he will decide to cast his lot with us, for a lumber yard we badly need.

Dr. L. B. Creath, who has been looking over the county for a week, left Tuesday with Henry Rugeley for Lake Austin and Lower Caney. The Doctor is much pleased with our county and people and seriously contemplates locating. We hope so, for he will make us a valuable citizen.

H. D. Applegate left with his family yesterday morning for their home in Victoria. They have been spending the winter in Bay City in order to be with Mr. Applegate, while he was building the court house. Mrs. Applegate and Miss Florence made many friends while here, who regret their departure, and they will all be accorded a warm welcome whenever they may return.


Work on the court house is progressing very nicely considering the continued rains. They are now putting on the slate roofing. As soon as that is finished the inside finish work can go right ahead. About all the frame work of the roof and tower is up. The steps to the entrances  are also being put in. Even now the building presents an imposing appearance and is visible as far as the eye can reach from all parts of Bay Prairie. Mr. Applegate informs us that with favorable weather the building could be completed now in 6 to 8 weeks.



George Austin informs us that C. W. Sterry and Mrs. Chas. Nulty, of Matagorda, are in receipt of late information that a rich uncle had recently died in Maine, leaving them a large legacy. Jim Sterry, of Port Lavaca, is also an equal heir with them. Mrs. Nulty is a sister of the Sterry's. Chas. Nulty had come up to work on the court house, but Oscar George came up after him yesterday to bring him the good news and take him back to Matagorda to meet another one of the heirs from Maine, who is here to take steps looking towards the settlement of the estate...

Bay City Breeze, January 30, 1896


Rev. A. J. Anderson preached here  Monday night.

J. M. Sims was among the people of the west side the past week.

W. J. Phillips and Arthur Stewart were up from Matagorda Monday.

Jno. C. Underwood and W. J. Shelton were over from Columbia Tuesday.

E. W. Pendecrest, of Elliott, Iowa, is in the city prospecting with a view to locating.

T. F. Baldwin, of San Antonio, has accepted a position with the W. E. Austin Abstract Company.



 The following we clip from "The New Test," a weekly paper published at Lockhart in the interest of the colored people, which gives a vivid description of the festivities here on the 19th of June:

"Attention, citizens! All citizens of Matagorda and surrounding counties are invited to attend the great reunion of ex-slaves and their descendants at Bay City, Texas, on June 19th.

"Come and hear ex-slaves tell of the sudden change from slaves to citizens; hear them make the chains of slaverydom rattle once more.

"Oh that lamb! A free dinner will be provided for all; come and eat mutton, pork, beef and cakes once more on that day the grandest of the nineteenth century; come and hear Judge Wego Jones express himself and sing that good old song about

"After old Sabine has left this world!"

"Prof. B. T. Richardson will tell of slavery from its birth; Prof. N. B. Moore will tell of the rise and progress of the slaves from 1865, to the present time; Rev. John Sidney will trace the Negro from Adam down through the generations of Ham, Solomon and the Queen of the South, while Prof. A. G. Hilliard will tell of the Negro as a Soldier. Those great and eloquent orators, Rev. Thomas Roberson, Rev. O. Dorse, Hon. Jeff Robbins and Bro. Richard Ruffin will tell of the fidelity of the slave during bondage and of his past and present manhood.

Deceitful ways. Come and see our new court house and jail; hear our city clock strike the hours, as they are second to none in the state. Brother Jefferson Robins says he is very willing to whoop that in less than ten years Bay City will be the hub of the solid south.

The great Colorado is only two miles away. Go to the livery stable and hire a span of Norman horses (rates low) and drive your lady love out to the river that she may behold the greatest catfish stream in the known world.

The Grand March will take place at one o'clock sharp commencing at the corner of Avenue L and Moore street thence southward to Hamilton Plaza, thence westward to Austin street and thence northward to Sims' Avenue, under command of grand field marshal Harris Anderson and forty aides de camp, and the far famed Eagle Lake Silver Cornet band of seventy-five pieces and a mascot.

A Grand Emancipation Ball will take place at night in Hamilton Hall. Come one and all, both young and old and witness the wonder of the 19th century!


Rev. O. Dorse, chairman; Lee McRoy, Arthur Gee, Wm. Ranger, John Robbins, Willie Thompson, Wm. Duncan, Samuel Norris, Lewis Thomas.


Parris Roberson, Ike Standford, Joe Williams, Octave Herman, George Ambore, Cato Clay.


Prof. R. H. Harris, chairman; Hall McHenry, Allen Sawyer, Wonder Farris, Lee Jones, Ben Griggs, R. A. Roberson, Alfred Sidney, Raney Anderson, Mack Herman, Prof. A. G. Hilliard.

Solomon Jones, Assistant Manager; Isiah Jones, president of the company; Prof. Henry Smothers, collector."


The school entertainment at the new court house on Saturday night, will be full of grace, beauty, music, eloquence, wit, humor, and local jokes and hits that cannot fail to "bring down the house." As the cause is a most worthy one, and the price a mere trifle, we hope that the people of the county will come out in force and laugh and grow fat.


Persuant to the call of Prof. H. F. Smothers, president of the colored teachers institute of Matagorda county. There was a meeting held at the Warren Bridge school house May 1st, 1896, for the purpose of reorganizing the institute for the scholastic year. The following officers were elected: R. H. Harris, president; W. W. Cooper, vice-president; and A. G. Hilliard, secretary. The necessary committee being appointed the following program was arranged to be executed in the town of Bay City, May 22nd, 1896:


Introductory Address... Prof. H. Smothers

Annual Address..........R. H. Harris

School Management....Prof. W. W. Cooper

The Participle.....Prof. W. B. Moore

Addition in connection with multipli-cation, best method...J. J. Grundy

Secretary.               President

Williams Bros., last week, pur-chased W. E. Sayers & Co's., stock of groceries and hardware and are now occupying the stand with a general stock of merchandise. Mr. Sayers will continue to make Bay City his home, and will ere long again engage in some busines here.

G. W. Benedict returned from the west side Tuesday, where he has been at work on the Gill Kuykendall residence.

Bay City Breeze, May 7, 1896

A. S. Robbins, of the lumber firm of Blades & Robbins, Athens, came in on the steamer Bay City, first of week and has been visiting his nephew, Dr. J. E. Simons, of Caney. Mr. Robbins, or rather his firm took the contract to build the large Simons residence in Bay City and shipped the lumber and material to Wharton several weeks ago but so far owing to the bad roads and the fact that the steamer had more than she could do he has been able to get very little of the material to Bay City, as yet, and is now talking of rafting it down. However, Mr. Robbins likes our country and says all we need is transportation.

Bay City Breeze, February 11, 1897

BC Personal

John McCrosky was in town Monday.

R. H. Traylor returned to Matagorda this week.

Dr. J. Broadfoot, the Wharton specialist was in town yesterday.

Bruce Wallis was in town fore part of the week looking after cattle trades.

Frank Hawkins and family spent fore part of week visiting Dr. Rugeley.

Col. W. B. Wadsworth came up from Matagorda yesterday en route to Hearne.

Miss Jennie Parker, accompanied by Milton Winston, was shopping in the city Monday.

R. L. Duncan, a Brazos bottom planter of Hearne, came in yesterday prospecting and is much pleased with our country.

W. C. Carpenter was called to Wharton Tuesday to see his wife, who is ill and under the care of her uncle Dr. B. R. Valls, of Wharton.

Mrs. R. A. Mathis was visiting in town Monday, having recently returned from her extended trip to Mexico. She will resume her residence on Caney.

Miss Louise Holt, accompanied by her friend, Mrs. Groce, of Galveston, is expected home this week. Miss Holt has been visiting in Galveston for several weeks.

F. L. Spencer left Monday evening for Bay City, Matagorda county, which he will make his future home. Flay has many friends in Decatur who wish him success in his new home.--Decatur Free Press.

Charley Partain was over from Deming’s Bridge yesterday. He reports Miss Pearl Pierce as suffering from an attack of typhoid fever, very similar to the one her brother, A. B. Pierce, has just emerged from, but so far in not so violent a form.

R. W. Warren, of Ionia, Missouri, accompanied by his son, Earl Warren, of Simonton, Ft. Bend county, came down from Wharton Monday prospecting and expressed themselves as much pleased with our town and county. They expect to return soon with some of their friends to purchase property.

W. E. Harris, the ever popular traveling apostle of Gust Heye & Co., came in last night accompanied by two other gentlemen, one a Mr. Brown, another Knight of the Grip, and Mr. Duncan, an old friend of his who is in the county prospecting. Mr. Harris has a host of friends among our county merchants because he is a good man representing a good house and in his travels he never fails to say a good word for old Matagorda county. He thinks we have a great country and a great future.

Bay City Breeze, March 25, 1897


The Matagorda and Wharton Counties
Cattlemen's Protective Association

Offer the following rewards for information leading to the arrest, conviction and punishment of any person or persons for the following offenses, whenever the same are committed in connection with the property of any member of said association:

    Theft of cattle by a white man                                                             $500.00

Theft of cattle by a negro                                                                      250.00

Cutting wire fence (when a felony)                                                       100.00

Burning pasture or grass (when a felony)                                           100.00

Butchering beef without complying with the law                                   50.00

Skinning cattle or having possession of hides unlawfully                    20.00

Leaving gates open or tearing down fence                                          10.00

Following is a list of the members of this association:

Frank Rugeley, C. D. Kemp, Huebner Bros., D. P. Moore, S. T. Taylor, W. T. Taylor, W. B. Wadsworth, Ed Kilbride, Dr. A. M. Pelton, C. W. Burkhart, C. B. Culver, Stewart Bro's., John F. McNabb, Green Savage, J. A. Lawson, Holt & Bruce, Fred S. Robbins, B. A. Ryman, Wylie M. Kuykendall, John Matthews, Frank Hawkins, J. H. Rainey, John T. Sargent, Fred McC Robbins, R. M. Winston, George T. Sargent, R. G. Kuykendall, M. O'Connell, M. O'Connell, Jr., Dan O'Connell, E. H. Phillips, J. F. Williams.

                                By order of the Executive Committee.

J. F. HOLT, Secretary                                   W. B. WADSWORTH, Chairman.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 9, 1899

Our First Big County Fair
December 2, 1910


Y. M. C. A.

Bay City, Texas, October 14.—Some of the business men of this place have promoted a Young Men’s Christian Association, and the probabilities are that within sixty days Bay City will have as fine equipment in the way of baths, gymnasium and reading room as any city of her size in Texas. The upper part of Boney’s new brick has been secured and improvements will be made at once. The officers selected to serve until January 1, 1906, are: E. Fowler, president; William Cash, vice president; A. D. Hensley, secretary and A. M. Badouh, treasurer. It is expected that 100 members will be secured easily.

Houston Post, October 16, 1905

Bay City Items
A Lodge of the Modern Woodmen Has Been Organized.

Bay City, Texas, June 28.—Mr. and Mrs. Jack Elliott were in the city today from Markham.

Mrs. George L. Farmer of Markham was over today visiting and shopping

John F. Grant and J. F. Willis, manager of the Grant Lumber company at Palacios, came up from that city this morning.

Frank Lawson and two children spent the night with Judge Matthews and left this morning for Houston.

Some time this morning Z. E. Scofield’s cash drawer was robbed of $10. The money taken was a bill. Officers have been notified and are working on the case.

A lodge of sixteen members of the Modern Woodmen of America was organized last night and the following officers were elected: F. R. Long, consul; Jesse Matthews, adviser; Mr. Williams, banker; Bob Garner, clerk; C. F. Lockland, watchman; Ira Mather, secretary; Dr. Morton, Judge Matthews and W. M. Belcher, managers.

The Ladies of the Maccabees tendered the sir knights of the same order the first of a series of monthly receptions at the lodge room last night. A musical and literary program was rendered and the evening was made enjoyable to the knights by those various arts known only to the ladies.

Rev. Mr. Carter of Palacios was in the city today. He reports that he officiated yesterday evening at the wedding of Mr. William Melbourn and Miss Helena Cornelius. The ceremony was performed in the parlor of the Keller hotel in Midfields before a few intimate friends.

Houston Post, June 30, 1906

Bay City, Texas, June 29.—Mrs. Esther Kizer of Sealy is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. K. Lawrentz.

Judge A. A. Moore and wife and little daughter came in on the Southern Pacific this morning.

District court is trying the case of the Grant Lumber Company vs. Gibson & Barber today.

J. M. Lee of Edna, who has been in Bay City on business since Monday, returned home today.

Attorney G. G. Kelley of Wharton, who has been attending court here this week, left for home this morning.

Mrs. E. M. Stapp, who has been visiting Mrs. George Austin, returned to her home at Van Vleck today.

The marriage of Mr. Percy Middlebrook and Miss Stella Gilmore takes place tonight at the Presbyterian church. Rev. E. F. McDonald will perform the ceremony, which will take place about 8:30.

Mrs. Dr. Parker and little daughter, and Mrs. Parker’s mother, Mrs. Strong, left for Aransas this morning. Mrs. Strong has been visiting at the home of Dr. Parker several weeks, and Mrs. Parker will accompany her home and visit during the summer.

Houston Post, June 30, 1906

Bay City Items.

Large Number of People Have Gone to Palacios.

Bay City, Texas, July 3.—Mrs. E. E. White and children are visiting in Matagorda.

Mrs. Ima Reeves of Victoria is visiting friends in the city.

Marshal Boney is home from a business college for vacation.

Mrs. W. M. Holland and guest, Miss Carrie Cochran, left for Richmond this morning.

Mrs. Fred Brunner is home from an extended visit to relatives.

Houston Post, July 5, 1906

Bay City Items.
The District Court Is Winding Up Its Business.

Bay City, Texas, July 5.—In the case of C. Langham vs. the Colorado Canal company, the court sustained the demurrer of the defendant on a plea of nonjoinder and the case was dismissed. The case of Allen vs. Williams was continued, and the court refused a new hearing in the case of C. T. Brown et al vs. J. G. Stockton et al. The jury was dismissed for the term and court will adjourn Saturday.

O. E. Hatchett, Dan O’Connell, Allen Stinnett, Jack Elliott and Z. E. Scofield, members of the Bay City Gun club, went over to El Campo today to take part in the shoot.

Mrs. E. E. Pridgen and sister, Miss Willie Rose, who have been visiting their morhter, Mrs. P. J. Nave of this city, left this afternoon for Coleman to visit other relatives before returning to their home in Lake Charles.

Mayor Henry S. Williams of Columbus spent the hour between Santa Fe trains today transacting business in the city. He reports Columbus quiet following the recent battle.

J. W. McKelvy is taking his Fourth in El Campo.

M. G. Klein went over to Wharton this afternoon.

Mesdames G. B. Harris and A. D. Hensley are visiting in Houston.

Manager Rex White of the Colorado Rice Milling company returned today from a trip up the road.

Chris Zipprian, the Big Hill merchant, was in town this week.

J. W. Todawer went over to Houston to spend the Fourth.

Seventy excursion tickets to Palacios were sold at this station today.

Miss Dugat returned this morning from her visit to friends in Markham.

Mrs. R. W. Fulwood and children of Lampasas are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I . G. Lords.

H. Rader of Markham was looking after business interests in the city today.

Hon. W. D. Wilson left yesterday for Brazoria to join a house party and will spend a week on the beach.

Mrs. Laura Brasher of Weimar and Mrs. C. E. Dave of Indian Territory arrived today to visit Mrs. G. A. Moore of this city.

Houston Post, July 6, 1906

Markham, Matagorda County, Texas, July 8.—The best rain of the season fell here this evening. It is not a general rain, but covered a large section north of Markham. Showers have been falling in this part of the county, which have been light, but doing great good to the rice crops. Water from the river has been superior to river or well water for irrigating any kind of crops. The recent rains have had a wonderful effect on the rice crops in neutralizing the bad effect the river water and the alkali and salt spots, which are common in this part of the country, have had on the plant. The common logger-head turtle has taken to eating the rice plant and are doing considerable damage in some fields.

Houston Post, July 9, 1906

Bay City News.
Number of Excursionists to Palacios Have Returned.

Bay City, Texas, July 9.—Mrs. B. C. Fisher of Markham visited in the city today.

A. B. Pierce was in the city from Blessing today.

Ernest Dickert was over from Ashby today.

Squire Rainey of Van Vleck was in the city today.

Oskar Korn returned from a business visit to Houston today.

Editor Smith and E. J. Inglehart came up from Matagorda on the local this morning.

Mrs. and Mrs. B. F. Chillson were shopping in the city from Buckeye today.

Ed Partain of Trespalacios was in town today. He reports a fine rain over there yesterday.

Mrs. W. M. Holland and children returned home today from their visit to relatives in Richmond.

About a hundred of the Bay City delegation to Palacios returned home this morning. The train of six coaches was fairly well filled with people from other parts returning to their homes.

Houston Post, July 11, 1906

Break at a Pumping Plant.

Markham, Texas, July 22.—A very serious accident happened to the Moore-Cortes pumping plant about 7 o’clock last evening, which was caused by the giving away of a key which held in connection the steam head and piston, allowing the plunger to pass the center, breaking the whole end out of the steam chest. The damage is considerable and will require two or three weeks to repair the engine. The plant is provided with two powerful engines, one 500 and one 300 horsepower. The smaller one is intact and is being run at full capacity today, and with the fields full of water and raining almost every day, very little uneasiness is felt on account of the breakdown.

Houston Post, July 24, 1906

Bay City Local Items.

Bay City, Texas, December 7.—A private car containing five millionaires from Denver, Colo., passed through here Thursday over the Coast Line bound for the City of Mexico in search of winter homes and investments.

Matagorda, Markham and Palacios have each organized a law and order club for the purpose of enforcing the local option law, and to restrain whiskey solicitors from plying their avocations in Matagorda county.

The Bay City Gun club has arranged for a shooting tournament to be held here immediately following the Brenham shoot, which takes place on the 21st to 26th. Some noted marksmen will attend the shoot here.

Houston Post, December 9, 1906

Married in a Passenger Coach.

Bay City, Texas, December 28,.—Rev. E. F. McDonald of this city performed a marriage ceremony in the passenger coach of the westbound Southern Pacific train yesterday afternoon. The contracting parties were Mr. W. C. Glover of Markham and Miss Myra Cone of Floresville. The wedding took place in the coach while the train was waiting to change passengers. The young couple went on to Markham, where they will make their home.

Houston Post, December 29, 1906

Bay City Personals.

Bay City, Texas, August 9.—Jules Leffland was up from Palacios today.

W. H. Gainer was over from Markham today.

John F. Grant of the Grant Lumber company is in the city.

B. A. Ryman of Matagorda was a visitor to the city today.

A. B. Pierce of Blessing was attending to business in the city today

Hon. A. D. Hensley returned this morning from a business visit to Palacios.

The Gulf Coast line brought in fifty-four bales of cotton this morning, bound for Houston and Galveston via the Santa Fe.

It is feared that the squally blows that have accompanied the showers today my blow down much of the extremely tall and heavy rice.

A crazy man showed up in town yesterday afternoon and was put in jail early this morning. The party’s name nor his former home have yet been ascertained.

The Ladies of the Maccabees had a flattering audience at their entertainment last night. The program was most charmingly rendered. Mrs. Hart made a fine talk and all were served with delicious refreshments.

Houston Post, August 11, 1906

Bay City Personals.

Bay City, Texas, August 20.—Miss Lula Hill left this forenoon for Dallas.

G. V. Cabiniss of the West Side was in town today.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. McInnis left for Llano this morning.

Hon. Jeff N. Miller came in via the Santa Fe today.

Mrs. Holmes and party returned this morning from Palacios.

Dr. Smith was called to Markham this morning for consultation with Dr. Thurston.

Rev. E. F. McDonald left for Liberty this morning.

Captain Monroe Chapman and wife and Color Sergeant Serrill arrived today from Austin where they had been attending the State encampment.

County court opened today for the hearing of nonjury cases. In fact, we understand that as there were but two jury cases on the docket the court refused to call a jury for this term of the court.

Houston Post, August 22, 1906

Infant of S. A. Rosseau.

Bay City, Texas, August 22.—Mr. J. F. Williams of Markham brought the remains of the three weeks’ old infant of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Rosseau over on the Hawkinsville local this afternoon and with the help of friends here interred them in Cedarvale cemetery. The parents of the baby are themselves both critically ill of typhoid fever, the mother being so low that she is kept in ignorance of her baby’s death.

Houston Post, August 23, 1906

Bay City Personals.

Bay City, Texas. August 21.—J. H. Logan was over from Blessing today.

J. F. Williams, the lumberman, was over from Markham today.

Miss Kate Valls went up to Wharton this afternoon to visit relatives.

Miss Katie May Gillette went down to Matagorda today to visit relatives.

Mayor James H. Logan of Blessing was attending to business in this city today.

Misses Eula Sims and Rosa Boney went over to Houston this morning to visit friends.

Misses Annie Elmore and Virgie Gannon of Houston are the guests of Mrs. Dr. Rugeley.

Mrs. Logan G. Little and daughter and guest returned this morning from an outing of two weeks at Palacios.

Miss Velda Eddelman of Rosebud, who has been here for some time visiting her grandmother, Mrs. V. J. D. Holmes, and her aunt, Miss Tenie Holmes, left for home this morning.

A. M. Badouh returned today after an absence of about one month in New York.

Houston Post, August 24, 1906

Bay City News.

Bay City, Texas, August 22.—E. L. Hawkins, who has been for some time working with an engineering corps in Brazoria county, came in this evening on the Sunset to visit friends in Bay City.

Fred Lawentz went with his family to Palacios today, where they will spend several weeks. Mr. Lawentz will return tomorrow.

The board of equalization, consisting of Messrs. I. N. Barber, A. D. Hensley and L. A. Hammett, is in session. Several parties have been cited to show cause why their assessments should not be raised.

Mrs. C. F. Baker returned home this afternoon from Matagorda, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Ed Savage, and little girls.

Miss Kate Cookenboo, who has been visiting friends in Matagorda and Bay City, returned today to her home at Van Vleck.

A. T. Carlton came in this afternoon from Houston to accept a position with the Colorado mill as stenographer.

Miss Minnie Stewart came up from Matagorda this evening to visit with Colonel and Mrs. J. T. Sargent.

G. B. Harris came up this morning from Palacios, where he has been for some time with his family, camping on the bay.

Miss Eleanor Harding returned this morning from a visit with Mrs. Fisher at Markham.

Tom Castleton came up this morning from Palacios, returning this afternoon.

Edwin O’Quinn of Lufkin, who has been a guest of Rev. A. S. Whitehurst for several days, left for home today.

Dr. Scott went down to Matagorda today with one of the sugar mill men to interview the capitalists of that city.

Messrs. Shoneberg and Harang, two of the sugar mill promoters, left for the East via the Sunset today.

Mrs. Lyons and Miss Johnston left this morning for Houston to remain permanently.

Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Boyd passed through to Markham today.

Dr. H. E. Gaedcke is back from a business trip to Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Moore returned today from Port Lavaca.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Rosseau of Markham whose serious illness of typhoid fever has already been reported, are doing as well as could be expected, with no unfavorable developments in the last few days.

Houston Post, August 25, 1906

Bay City Personal News.
Mr. I. Marks Will Have His Rice Mill Headquarters at Houston.

Bay City, Texas, August 28.—I. Marks left yesterday afternoon for Houston to take up his duties as manager of the Bayou City rice mill. Houston will be Mr. Marks’ headquarters, but his family will continue to reside at San Antonio. Mr. I. Marks has in times past been one of Bay City’s most valuable and useful citizens and the town that owes much of its progress to his progressiveness will always wish him well wherever he may cast his lot.

Dr. and Mrs. Lunn of Houston, who have been visiting friends in the city the past few days, went over to visit west side relatives yesterday afternoon.

E. Langhammer, former tax collector of Washington county, came in yesterday via the Santa Fe and left overland for Angleton.

Senator and Mrs. Holland accompanied their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Andres of Richmond, to Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. Theo Schaedel have left for the East to visit their daughter in Louisiana.

E. E. Fleury, the newly elected cotton weigher of Wharton county, was in the city a day or so ago.

A. J. McMahon went over to Markham to look after insurance business yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. J. S. Gillette and daughter have returned from their visit to Matagorda.

W. S. Fairey, a prosperous west side farmer, was in the city yesterday.

Miss Josephine Laurentz is visiting Mrs. Dr. Thurston of Markham.

Miss Lula Ayers left this afternoon for a visit to friends in Palacios.

Miss Grover returned yesterday afternoon from her visit to Beeville.

Houston Post, August 29, 1906

Bay City Items.

Bay City, Texas, August 31.—Mr. J. T. Williams brought over the corpse of another child of Mr. and Mrs. Rosseau of Markham this morning and he and Mr. John Sutherland buried it. This child was about a year and a half old and died yesterday evening. Its parents are still very ill, Mrs. Rosseau being barely alive. Much sympathy is felt for the stricken family.

Mrs. Will Burger of Lane City was in the city today shopping and visiting with old neighbors.

Mr. John M. Corbett departed this morning for a visit of several weeks to the home of his childhood in North Carolina.

Mr. P. M. Bowie and son Hubert came up from their place to town this morning and went to San Antonio this afternoon, where the young man will again enter school.

Mrs. R. H. Foster and children left this afternoon for their home in Fort Worth.

Hon. W. D. Wilson went up to the city of Wharton this afternoon.

Judge Matthews went over to Palacios this afternoon.

Mrs. J. E. Anderson came in this morning over the Brownsville from Sarita and left this afternoon accompanied by her husband for Wallis.

Judge Thompson left this morning for Angleton, where he is to open district court Monday. Mrs. Thompson also left to put her little grandson in school, and then she will join Judge Thompson at Angleton.

Mr. A. B. McKissick was in the city today from Buckeye. He says harvesting has not commenced there yet, but some are getting ready.

Mrs. J. S. Goeppenger was down from Waco today shaking hands with his friends and former neighbors.

Mrs. W. L. Douglas returned this morning from a visit to relatives on the west side.

Dr. Simons returned this morning from a professional call to Markham.

Captain J. L. Logan was in the city today from his Carancahua ranch.

Miss Tenie Holmes returned from a visit to west side friends.

Houston Post, September 2, 1906

Bay City News.

Bay City, Texas, August 31.—J. P. Cherry of Fairview came down recently to visit his friends, J. O. Springer and family, and while here was offered the position of engineer at the ice plant. He accepted the place and his stay is therefore prolonged indefinitely.

Annie and Eilna, the sweet little daughters of Mr. and Mrs. E Zedler, gave their friends a jolly lawn party early yesterday afternoon and feasted them on ice cream and cake.

Major C. Langham and family and Mrs. J. V. Dantzler went down to Palacios today and will rough it a while at the Baptist Young People’s Union grounds there.

Miss Josephine Laurentz returned from Markham this morning accompanied by Miss Ellen Thruston, who will visit with her for several days.

I. Ditch returned today from a month’s shopping tour of the Eastern markets, looking much better physically than when he left.

Mrs. Lambert Magee of Markham returned home this afternoon after a visit to her mother in the city.

Houston Post, September 2, 1906

Bay City Personals.

Bay City, Texas, September 3.--Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Barker of Houston spent Sunday with homefolks in this county, returning to Houston today.

Mrs. Sandie Franklin, accompanied by Miss Annie Belle Chitt, came in from a visit to Mexico this morning and went on to Sealy this afternoon.

Mrs. John Castleton went up to Sealy this afternoon accompanied by her sister, Miss Sallie Whitfield, who has been visiting in the city for some time.

Mrs. Sam Kennedy left today for Mabanl in Kaufman county, having been called there by a telegram announcing the illness of her mother.

J. P. Keller and Bo McCain returned today from Houston.

Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Gaedecke returned from Palacios today, having spent several days there as guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Montgomery.

Miss Ellen Thruston, who has been a guest of Miss Josephine Laurentz for several days, left yesterday for her home in Markham.

Houston Post, September 6, 1906

Bay City Personals.

Bay City, Texas, September 3.—Dr. Lunn and family returned yesterday from the west side, Mrs. Lunn and the children stopping here for a further visit with relatives, while the doctor went on to Houston.

Miss Minna Stewart of Matagorda has been a guest at the John T. Sargent home the past several days and left Sunday to visit friends in Wharton.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Harding left Sunday for Houston, where they will spend several days sightseeing. They will visit Galveston before returning.

H. H. Foster, in from Buckeye, says the farmers in that section are cutting their rice now and that the crop is fine. He reports C. F Chillson about recovered from his recent severe illness.

Mrs. Annie Rugeley has gone up to Wharton, where she will visit relatives before returning to her home at Houston.

Houston Post, September 6, 1906

Bay City Items.
Annual Meeting of the Colorado Baptist Association.

Bay City, Texas, October 9.—A large number of messengers are expected to arrive here Thursday to attend the annual meeting of the Colorado Baptist association, which is to convene here Thursday night. The introductory sermon will be preached at the Baptist church building Thursday night at 8 o’clock by Rev. E. B. Atwood of Yoakum. The business session will begin at an early hour Friday morning and will be presided over by Mr. John T. Wofford of Cuero, who is the moderator of the body. Mr. J. W. Cook of the Yoakum Herald is secretary of the association and is expected to be present.

Mr. J. W. Moore of Markham and Miss Clifford Abee of this city were married in Houston Sunday. Miss Abee is the accomplished daughter of Mrs. R. H. Lee of this city.

The E. S. Rugeley chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, met last night at the Methodist tabernacle to commemorate the birthday of John H. Reagan. The association was greeted with a select crowd. Mr. W. M. Holland addressed the meeting. A very fine musical program was rendered and some excellent papers were read. The Southern cross of honor was presented to the following Confederate veterans: S. A. Anderson, J. R. Broyles, A. E. Cloud, T. J. Lewis, W. N. Pressley and T. Lewis.

Houston Post, October 10, 1906

Bay City.

Mrs. George Kadel, son and daughter of Dallas are the guests of Mrs. Gus? Austin.

Mrs. S. O. Eidman had as her guests Miss Sleku of Palacios.

Miss Bulah Nuckols returned Sunday after a very pleasant stay at Palacios.

Miss Jeannette Austin threw open the doors of her delightful home Wednesday evening to her many friends in honor of her guest, Miss Kadel of Dallas. A very pleasant name contest was indulged in, the prize, a hand-painted picture of the hostess’ work, was awarded to Mr. Seth Taylor. After matching cards for supper which were hand-painted ones done in little “lovers’ knots,” the guest repaired to the dining room to enjoy a delicious main course. Miss Austin’s dress was a beautiful creation of white net and Irish point over taffeta, and in her neat, charming way dispersed among her friends those sunny smiles. She was ably assisted by Misses Alma Austin, Letitia Lewis, Christine Kadel, Miss Austin’s guests were: Misses Kadel of Dallas, Trannie Nuckols, Lula Hill, Ella Hawkins, Gladys Davidson, Roberta Cappe, Alma Austin, Letitia Lewis; Messrs. C. M. Carter of Markham, R. R. Lewis, V. H. Doubek, Seth Taylor, Will Stinnett, C. R. Friedman, Tom Robison of Markham, McMennemy, Cookenboo, Routt.

Houston Post, August 18, 1907

Bay City.

Mrs. John Corbett left Wednesday afternoon for Galveston, where she was joined by Mr. Corbett, and from there to New Orleans for a few days.

Mrs. George Southwell was called to Fort Worth on account of the serious illness of her mother at that place.

Miss Underwood spent her usual Monday and Tuesday in Angleton this week.

Miss Musie Irby of Brenham was the guest of her sister, Miss Lizzie Irby, Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Eua Sims spent a few days in Palacios this week.

Mrs. E. F. Fowler and children left this week for Kansas City, their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. Chapman have as their guest Mr. Chapman’s sister, Miss Chapman of Oklahoma.

On Thursday night of last week Mr. and Mrs. John Castleton entertained the teachers of the high school with a masque forty-two party. The hour being set for 8 o’clock most of the guests arrive simultaneously only a few laggards; yet while waiting on them witty conversation flowed freely, each on trying to find out who the other was. Beautiful tally cards were passed and soon every one was enjoying that popular pastime. The most interesting part of the evening was that every one played with masque on, and very few had been found out when time came to “change faces.” The ladies prize, a beautiful Mexican drawn work handkerchief, went to Miss Irene Hall, while Mr. Lloyd received the gentlemen’s, a hand made tie rack. The booby, a box of shoe polish, to Mr. Brown. Refreshments of angel food cake and frozen peaches were served. It was only a few minutes of 12 o’clock when all stood hooded and cloaked ready to say adieu, when the lady of the house said: “I am sorry to have you all leave us,” and it was certain every one present echoed her sentiments for they surely were having the time of their lives and there was not a dull moment during the whole evening’s enjoyment. Those present were: Misses Hall, blue domino, white shepherdess; Laurentz, Red Riding Hood; Beal, bow girl; Russell, schoolgirl; McDonald, a baby; Barber, peasant; E. White, sailor girl; Whitfield, Japanese lady; Messrs. Roeder, grandma; Stockton, cowboy; Sisk, Indian chief; Barrow, city dude; Dickey, clown; Brown, stag; Fields, Boney, Lloyd, Bell, L. Jones of Brownsville and H. G. Castleton of Sealy.

Houston Post, March 1, 1908

Bay City.

Mrs. Agnes Brunner returned Sunday from a two months’ visit to friends in Rockport.

The last dance of the season was given Monday night at the Boney opera house. It was quite an enjoyable affair, although the crowd was small owing to the Lenten time.

On  Friday, March 27, a play, “Among the Breakers,” a two-act melodrama, was put on here under the management of Miss Emma Lewis for the benefit of the United Daughters of the Confederacy monument fund. The cast of characters consisted of Miss Roberts Capps. Eula Sims, Gladys Davidson and Jeanette Austin, Messrs. J. T. Stockton, Dick Lewis, Will Serrill, Jim Lewis, Will Green and Charles de St. Aubin, The play was a decided success in Bay City and netted $66.75, while on Tuesday, March 31, the same was played in Markham for a joint benefit for the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Markham school piano fund, netting there $15.60.

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cave are glad to learn of their return to Bay City, where they will now make their home.

Miss Ruby Daugherty, who has been Mrs. Rex White’s guest for a short time, left Tuesday for Markham, the guest of Mrs. Fisher of the hotel.

Mrs. L. J. Black of Columbia is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. Cochran Willis.

Mrs. John C. Smith, with her son, Mroks?, of Brazoria, passed through Wednesday en route to San Antonio, and was accompanied by her father, Dr. E. S. Weiseger. Upon her return from San Antonio Mrs. Smith will visit Mrs. Annie Rugeley.

Mrs. Charlie Austin and popular daughter, Miss Bess, came in over the Brownsville road Wednesday from San Antonio. At present they are domiciled with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Austin, to locate in Bay City later.

Mr. and Mrs. V. O. Ford and little ones, Virginia and Wellman, left Monday for Chicago, where Mrs. Ford and the children will remain indefinitely, Mr. Ford soon returning to Texas.

One of the prettiest affairs of the year and one of the most enjoyable, was that given Tuesday night in Markham after the play, “Among the Breakers,” when Mrs. Fisher and the charming coterie of young men at the hotel entertained the Bay City Amateur Dramatic club at supper, on which occasion all that could delight the eye and the most fastidious palate was everywhere in evidence. The beautifully appointed table, with its load of good things, was the scene of much jollity, where wit and repartee sped the hours all too quickly. When, after some very much appreciated musical numbers, both instrumental and vocal, given by Miss Daugherty and Messrs. George Burke and Gus Byars, the Bay City party, with genuine regret at leaving so jolly and entertaining a circle, turned their faces homeward, trusting they might soon have the pleasure of a similar visit to Markham. Those making up this happy party were; Mesdames, Jack Walker, Gus Byars and Mrs. Charles de St. Aubin, Misses Myrtle Farmer, Nettie Austin, Eula Sims, Gladys Davidson, Roberta Capps and Emma and Letty Lewis, with Messrs. J. T. Stockton, Charles de St. Aubin, W. E. Green, Dick Lewis, Walter de Verges, Ummie Eidman, Will Stinnett, Tom Robinson, George Burke, C. M. Carter, Gus Byars, Jack Walker, Will Furber, Jim Lewis, George Serrill and Dr. Ralph Byars.

The Forty-two club met Friday with Miss Emma Lewis. The afternoon, though enjoyable, was marked by its simplicity.

Mr. Walter de Verges of New Orleans is a city visitor this week.

Mr. Carl Himel of Homer, La., spent Thursday in the city, leaving that afternoon for his home by way of New Orleans.

Houston Post, April 5, 1908

Bay City.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews, after an extended visit to Dallas, returned Tuesday, accompanied by Misses Janie Hawkins and Jessie Belle Whitehurst.

Mr. Percy Sloan, who is attending West Texas Military academy, San Antonio, is home for the Easter holidays.

Mrs. Grat Huston of Wharton spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. S. A. Foote.

Misses Ruby Daugherty and Emma Lewis, who were the guests of Mrs. C. B. Fisher of Markham, returned home Monday

Mr. James Huston, one of Wharton’s society set, was in the city Sunday.

Captain and Mrs. John Floyd Lewis and family had as their guests Monday and Tuesday Miss Sallie Gregory of Van Vleck, Miss Fanny Belle Huston of Wharton and Mr. George Frederick Mitchell of Washington, D. C.

Mr. and Mrs. George Austin and daughters went down to Palacios Tuesday for a short visit, Mrs. Austin, Miss Zalie and Julia returning Wednesday.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy in business session were hospitably entertained Tuesday by the chapter president, Mrs. H. L. Rugeley.

Chaperoned by Mrs. I. L. Pitluk, quite a jolly crowd went out kodaking Monday afternoon. After taking any number of pictures the party returned to town and Stinnett’s, where cooling drinks made a pleasing end to a jolly afternoon. Those composing the party were Mrs. I. L Pitluk, Misses Fanny Belle Huston, Sallie Gregory, Jeannette Austin, Emma and Letty Lewis, Messrs. Slaughter, George F Mitchell, Orlo Brown, Dick Lewis and Dr. A. S. Morton.

Messrs. C. M. Carter and George Burke of Markham were Bay City visitors Wednesday.

Monday evening the young men of Bay City gave their young lady friends a most enjoyable oyster roast in Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Pitluk’s yard, where oysters in various fashions were served the assembled guests. The absence of formality made the occasion all the more enjoyable. Everybody enjoyed the evening, and even with the prospect of a dance after the oyster roast, every one reluctantly left the scene of much pleasure. Bay City young men truly understand how to make their guests enjoy themselves. Those present at this wholly delightful affair were Messrs. and Mesdames I. L. Pitluk, Bean McCamly, Thomas Haynes and R. J. Capps, Misses Fanny Belle Huston of Wharton, Sallie Gregory of Van Vleck, Bessie Austin, Jeannette Austin, Edna LaBauve, Henshaw, Hamerberg, Lita Lowe of St. Louis, Letty Lewis, Irene Hall, Gladys Davidson, Emma Lewis, Roberta Capps, Trannie Nuckols, Eula Sims and Edna LaBauve, Messrs. G. C. Bland, Orio Brown, George F. Mitchell, J. T. Stockton, U. Eidman, Robert Benge, Dan F. Miller, Will Stinnett, George Smith, Brasfield, Brown, Robert Vineyard, Dick Lewis and Drs. A. S. Morton and S R. Sholars. A very pleasant dance was given at the opera house after the oyster roast. Every one enjoyed it thoroughly.

Mrs. E. A. Davidson left Tuesday for a shopping trip to Houston and returned Thursday.

Mrs. W. T. Pollard was hostess Monday to the Shakespeare club, when “Romeo and Juliet” was the play completed, after which hospitable entertainment was the feature of the afternoon.

Thursday afternoon Mrs. Brasfield was hostess to the Ladies’ Whist club. Handsome prizes were skillfully played for, Mrs. Todsner winning the club prize, a Mexican drawn work handkerchief, on a cut with Mrs. I. L. Pitluk. Miss Lita Lowe of St. Louis and Mrs. Dan McClane were guests of the club. Refreshing cream was served.

Houston Post, April 12, 1908

Bay City

[First two entries were illegible.]

Today being the anniversary of the Bay City band, the band gave a very enjoyable picnic Sunday below Matthews’ store on Caney. The affair was a most pleasant one and each member and guest hoped that each ensuing anniversary might be so celebrated.

An event of much social interest was the Hawkins-Taylor wedding Sunday at 6 p. m. when Miss Ella Hawkins, one of Bay City’s most popular society girls and a daughter of one of Matagorda’s oldest and most prominent families, became the bride of Mr. Seth S. Taylor, formerly of Weimar, but now one of our prominent young business men. With Rev. John Sloan officiating, the wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride and was a very quiet affair, being witnessed by only the closest friends of the contracting parties. Beautiful simplicity marked every feature of this pretty house wedding. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ludwig, brother-in-law and sister of the groom, were the only attendants. The bride was handsomely gowned in a traveling suit of leather colored rajah, with shoes, gloves and hat to match and looked fair indeed. After the ceremony and the many congratulations of their friends, Mrs. and Mrs. Taylor, whose friends are many here in the girlhood home of the bride, left via the Santa Fe for Weimar. Mr. Taylor’s former home where they will visit for a short time, being there the recipients of many beautiful hospitalities, after which they will return, making Bay City their home. All of their friends wish them a long and happy married life.

Miss ___ ___, who has been Mrs. B. D. Hurd’s guest for several weeks, left Tuesday for St. Louis, from whence she goes to California.

Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Hurd and son Vernon and Mr. Robin Hurd left for Kansas City and Chicago Tuesday.

Houston Post, May 3, 1908

Bay City.

Misses Rose of Waco and Mallory of Paris are the guests of Misses Meta and Janie Hawkins.

Mrs. F. J. Capps is visiting friends in Markham.

Miss Mollie Belle Matthews is in Matagorda attending Misses Hamilton’s and Rugeley’s house parties.

Miss Sallie Gregory of Van Vleck is the guest of Miss Letty Lewis.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Corbett left Wednesday for the lakes and Northwest to spend the remainder of the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. White are spending the week in San Antonio.

Misses Barber have as their guest Miss Lizzie Irby.

At the home of Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Rugeley Tuesday evening Misses Madge Malory and Williamson and Roe were the honorees of a delightful entertainment by Misses Meta and Janie Hawkins. The evening was divided among auctions, a peanut contest and music, after which the party was chaperoned by Mesdames Rugeley, Aubin, Henry Rugeley and Barbee to Stinnett’s, where refreshments were served. The personnel of the party was Misses Mallory Rose, Williamson, Bates, Austin, Sims, Morton, Bell, Irene and Minnie Barber, Letty Lewis; Messrs. Lewis, Huston, Bland, Stock and Serrill, Bell, Montgomery, Normie Eidman, Rugeley and Dr. Sholars.

Miss Letty Lewis had as her guests Thursday, Misses Gladys Davidson, Vera Bates, Sallie Gregory and Nettie Austin.

Miss Carrie Metzgar returned from Beaumont and Brownsville Tuesday.

On of the most enjoyable affairs of the week in Bay City was the box ball party given by the young men complimentary to their lady friends. Miss Williamson and Dr. Sholars won the prize, a box of Huyler’s candies. The party later went to Stinnett’s, where refreshments were served. The out-of-town guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker, Markham; Mrs. C. B. Fisher, Messrs. C. M. Carter, W. A. Furber, T. W. Robinson, Markham, Misses Rose of Waco, Mallory of Paris, Williamson of Lockhart, Georgery of Van Vleck, Olkland and Morrison of Blessing, Dreyling of Houston, Dresch of Mexico, Sloan of Orange.

Houston Post, August 2, 1908

Ideal Weather for Harvesting.

Bay City, Texas, August 10—The last few days have been ideal for rice threshing. About 1500 sacks were received here yesterday, and about 2500 sacks today. Very little has been sold this week, but it is understood that a number of lots will be offered for sale next week. Prices remain good and there are quite a number of buyers here.

Houston Post, August 20, 1908

Bay City.

Miss Flora Lee Nance of Kyle is this week the guest of Mrs. H. L. Rugeley.

Friday Miss Vera Bates was hostess to the Forty-two club, having six tables of members and guests present. “Forty-two” was played. Mrs. Ludwig won the club award, a pair of silk hose. Miss Hamilton of Matagorda, the successful guest, receiving a handsome rose hat pin, while to Mrs. Todswer fell the booby. Miss Bates’ guests, in addition to the club members, were Mesdames Morris Jackson and Green Stewart of Matagorda and Misses Annie J. Hamilton of Matagorda, Cordie Bell, Pearl Morton, Louisa Dresch of Ciudad Porfirio Diaz, Mexico; Minnie Barber and Jennie Eidman.

Misses Jeannette Austin, Gladys Davidson and Letty and Emma Lewis returned Sunday from a visit to Mrs. C. B. Fisher at Markham.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lindner of Big Springs, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Austin several days, left for home Monday.

Miss Willie Belle Grimes of Bastrop, sister to Roy Grimes, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Grimes this week.

The Smart Set met with Miss Jennie Eidman Tuesday evening with nearly the full membership. Miss Emma Lewis, president, presiding. The meeting began purely a business one, the club proceeded to elect a vice president, Miss Nettie Austin, in addition to the officers’ meeting. The committee on by laws and constitution reported and the constitution was adopted and ratified. The meetings from now on will be on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, the next one being with Miss Vera Bates. At the close of the club business a social half hour was enjoyed, when Miss Eidman served cake and cream with Maraschino cherries.

Misses Nettie and Zallie Austin left Wednesday for a few weeks visit to Miss Annie Laurie Huston of Wharton.

Rev. John Sloan left Wednesday for Galveston and Orange to spend his vacation.

Miss Annie J. Hamilton left Tuesday morning for Richmond to join Miss Ivy Moore’s house party there.

Mrs. V. J. Walker of Markham was a guest of Mrs. Bat Smith at whist Thursday.

Tuesday evening the Daughters of the Confederacy tendered the local camp of veterans a reception at the home of Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Rugeley. Special arrangements were made for the coming of the beloved old men, who in Bay City stand for all the Daughters hold most dear. The Rugeley home was ablaze with light, the galleries being hung with Japanese lanterns. Soft old Southern airs, the contributions of Mrs. Bowie, Miss Dresch and Miss Anita Hill and Doyle Coston, Sr., added much to the pleasure of the assemblage, while Mrs. Mary Hunt Affleck, a club woman of statewide reputation and an enthusiastic and loyal daughter of the Old South, gave an address. Exquisite in sentiment and highly laudatory of the mettle of our dear old veterans. Responding to a hearty encore, Mrs. Afleck rendered some of her own compositions. Cake and cream in the United Daughters of the Confederacy colors of white and red were served. Those enjoying this affair were Mesdames Affleck, W. T. Pollard, Bowie, Whitehurst, Bat Smith, Annie Rugeley, Cora Stewart, Graham, Kate Moore, C. H. Williams, Henry Rugeley, Jesse Matthews, Graham and W. C. Carpenter; Misses Berta Thompson, Louisa Dresch, Roberta Cappa, Emma Lee Lewis, Nantie Duncan of Egypt, Meta, Janie and Lizzie Hawkins, Anita Hill, Gladys Moore and Messrs. V. D. LeTulle, J. A. Barnett, D. S. Brown, T. R. King, D. O. H. Coston, Sr., W. H. Presley, A. Currie, M. Sternberger, C. C. Strait, T. J. Lewis, J. W. Sweeny, J. E. Barnett, J. A. Montgomery and Drs. C. H. Williams, Bat Smith and H. L. Rugeley.

Miss Nantie Duncan of Egypt is the guest of Mrs. Bowie this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bates have as their guest this week Mrs. Andrew Foster of Wharton.

Mrs. Chester H. Rugeley of Matagorda, with her two little ones, passed through Tuesday on her way to her home in Beaumont to spend two or three weeks.

With five tables of players, Mrs. Bat Smith entertained the Ladies’ Whist Thursday afternoon from 4 till 6. Mrs. Hilbarger won the club prize, a handsome cake plate, Mrs. Graham, the guest prize, Mexican drawn work handkerchief, Mrs. Dan McCare securing the booby. Refreshments were served at Stinnett’s. Club members and guests were Mesdames Hilbarger, Brasfield, McClare, Jesse Matthews, Graham, Cochran, Willis, Seaman Eidman, T. J. Walker, I. L. Pitluk, Annie Rugeley, Charles A Harding, Todswer, B. D. Hurd, and Misses Vivian Roach, Letty Lewis, Roberta Capps, Trannie Nuckols, Vera Bates and Emma Lee Lewis.

Hon. W. D. Wilson and wife arrived Thursday to make Bay City their home. Mr. Wilson’s numerous friends are glad indeed to welcome him and his wife to the old circles.

Mr. and Mrs. William Cash and family returned Sunday from an extended visit to their old home in Missouri.

The Bay City band gave a dance Monday evening in Parker and McLendon, it being well attended and most enjoyable.

Houston Post, August 30, 1908

Bay City Trades Day.
Large Crowd Attends and Amusements Provided.

Bay City, Texas, August 29.—A large crowd of people from the surrounding country attended the Trades Day celebration here today. Amusements, such as bicycle and foot racing, wild horse riding, pony racing, etc. were held. A majority of the merchants put on special sales and considerable shopping was done. The last Saturday in each month will be made permanent as a trades’ day hereafter.

Houston Post, August 30, 1908

Bay City.

The week’s gayeties opened Tuesday evening when the Bay City young men entertained their friends with a dance. The music was good and punch was served. The forty couples on the floor, in addition to the numerous spectators, thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

The Whist club Thursday afternoon met with Mrs. John R. Reynolds. Punch, cake and cream were served.

Miss Nonie Keller, between trains on Thursday, was the guest of Misses Minnie and Irene Barber.

Complimenting Miss Gladys Davidson, in honor of her approaching marriage to Dr. Ralph Byars of Markham, Mrs. Seth Taylor entertained Wednesday afternoon at 4 with a novelty shower, assisted by Mrs. I. L. Pitluk. Punch was served and toasts drunk to the bride-to-be. Linen, silk hose, cut glass and silver were the gifts of Miss Davidson’s admiring friends. Those present were Misses Eidman, Emma and Letty Lewis, Roberta Capps, Ethel Sutherland, Eula Sims and Mesdames Michelsson and Schusterman of Austin, V. H. Doubek, I. L. Pitluk, F. L. Ludwig and Davidson.

Mrs. Cave entertained the Priscillas Wednesday. Mrs. Whitehurst’s paper on “The Club and Its Purposes” was very good, the pretty souvenirs especially attractive. A salad course, followed by cake and cream was much enjoyed.

The annual Halloween party of the Smart Set took place Saturday evening at the home of Captain and Mrs. John Floyd Lewis. Lewis’ place was decorated in the time-honored witches, black cats, etc. and festoons of crepe paper, corn, cattails and moss. The tables for supper were decorated with skulls, devils’ heads and jack-o’-lanterns. Ghosts, yarns, fortune telling, music, etc., contributed to the evening’s pleasures. Those present were Mesdames Schusterman, T. J. Walker, C. B. Fisher, W. S. Holman, Misses Essie Bell, Annie J. Hamilton, Ethel Sutherland, Edith Dugat, Lucile Schindler, Messrs. Oscar Barber, George Perrill [Serrill?], T. J. Stockton, F. S. Thompson, Dick Lewis, Bob Vineyard, __ C. Bland, C. M. Carter, John Floyd Lewis, Jr., George R. Burke, T. J. ___, Thomas W. Robinson, Percy Blo__, Walter De Verges, Kraft Eidman, ___ Eidman, Guy Eidman, Dr. S. R. Byars, Motie Bell, Marshal Boney and Judge W. S Holman.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher, W. Furber and Jim Lewis of Markham and __ L. Himel of Houston were the guests of Misses Emma and Letty Lewis for dinner Sunday.

Thursday evening Messrs. George Serrill and Dick Lewis entertained the cast of “The Isle of Jewels” __ Pastime theater.

Misses Lily Huebner and ___ of Schulenburg were the guests of Mrs. Walter Brown for the d__ Tuesday evening.

Miss Dallie Gregory was a guest of the Misses Lewis Tuesday and Wednesday.

Houston Post, November 8, 1908

Bay City

Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Williams of Caney were the guests of friends here Thursday.

Mrs. Davidson had as her guest Wednesday and Thursday her daughter, Mrs. C. R. Byars of Markham.

Mesdames Michelson and Schusterman of Austin, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ike Pitluk for several weeks, left for their home Wednesday.

As hostess, Mrs. Monroe Chapman on Wednesday afternoon had as her guests the Priscillas. The evening passed most pleasantly.

Mrs. C. M. Zumwalt of Columbus, a prominent United Daughter of the Confederacy in the State official circles, is the guest of Mrs. V. O. Ford. The E. S. Rugeley chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, tendered Mrs. Zumwalt a most enjoyable reception on Saturday from 3 to 6 at the home of the chapter president, Mrs. H. L. Rugeley.

The Smart Set met Wednesday afternoon with Miss Nettie Austin. Miss Sallie Gregory of Van Vleck was a guest of the club. Cake and chocolate, with fruit, were served.

Misses Emma and Letty Lewis have as their guest this week Miss Sallie Gregory of Van Vleck.

Mrs. Jim Inglehart entertained the Forty-two club Friday afternoon. The very bad weather prevented a full attendance.

Houston Post, November 22, 1908

Bay City

Mrs. T. J. Walker of Markham came over Wednesday to be present at Miss Hill’s forty-two party. Instead of the usual Friday for the Forty-two to meet, Miss Hill entertained on Wednesday having three tables of club members. No guests were present. The highest scores found disclosed Misses Lilly Lewis and Roberta Capps tieing for the honors, the beautiful hand-painted violet cake plate, the work of the hostess, falling to Miss Lewis. A delicious salad course and chocolate served in daintiest hand-painted china, very delightfully regaled the guests after their strenuous playing.

Mrs. George Farmer of Markham was a guest of friends here Thursday.

Miss Nettie Austin left Thursday afternoon for Wharton to be Miss Fanny Bell Huston’s guest for a buffet luncheon given by “the dainty debutantes” at the Rust home.

Miss Sallie Gregory, who has been the guest of the Misses Lewis for several days, left for home Tuesday morning.

Miss Sallie Gregory, who has been the guest of the Misses Lewis for several days, left for home Tuesday morning.

Mrs. I. A. Pitluk and Misses Irene Hall, Edith Dugat and Emma Lewis were the guests of Mrs. C. B. Fisher at Markham Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. C. M. Zumwalt of Columbus, whose visit in Bay City has occasioned much pleasing hospitality, was again complimented, when Mrs. V. O. Ford, her hostess, entertained for her on Monday afternoon. Musical numbers, both vocal and instrumental, and talented readings, to say nothing of the honoree’s helpful paper, were delightful additions to the afternoon’s pleasures. Mexican music was a feature of the affair, the new Mexican band being highly appreciated, as well as the dainty and appropriate refreshments.

Mrs. I. L. Pitluk left Tuesday for Houston, there to visit friends for a few days.

Miss Mildred Thatcher of Eagle Lake is the guest of Mrs. Bat Smith this week.

A pretty affair of interest in Bay City society circles was that of Mrs. C. B. Fisher’s reception in Markham Friday, the honoree being Bay City’s latest bride, Mrs. Ralph Byars. The upper hall, a bower of floral loveliness, was the delightful spot into which each guest was ushered, being cordially greeted by hostess and honoree. All having arrived a progressive peanut contest was introduced, Mrs. Gus Byars winning first prize, a box of candy, while in the doll dressing rivalry, Mrs. Thruston was the lucky party, her reward being a doll card holder. A three-course luncheon completed this truly charming hospitality of Mrs. Fisher. Those invited to be among the guests to meet Mrs. Byars were: Mesdames Davidson and Ike Pitluk, Bay City; Lincoln of Wharton, Barber, Jones, Luedecke?, M. C. Thompson, Thruston, Charles Robin, J. W. Smith, J. F. Hudson, Hawkins, George Farmer, Sig Brown, J. J. Blake, T. J. Walker, V. E. Gothe, Hallie Anderson, S. S. Perry, Gus Byars, Mrs. Carter of New Orleans; Misses Irene Hall, Emma Lewis, Edith Dugat of Bay City, Young, Jessie Hawkins and Myrtle Farmer.

Mrs. Steve Perry of Markham visited Bay City friends Thursday.

The Houston Post, November 29, 1908

Bay City

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Corbett left Thursday to spend Christmas with Mrs. Corbett’s family at La Porte.

The engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Letty Lewis to Carl Lewis Himel on Thursday, January 21, was very prettily announced on Monday evening, when Mrs. J. Floyd Lewis entertained a few friends at an announcement luncheon. The color scheme of red, artistically combined with yellow, was carried out in the reception hall, parlor and dining room, while fragrant Bride and American Beauty roses, with palms and ferns, formed the floral adornment of the rooms. The interesting fact of Miss Letty’s engagement and approaching marriage was disclosed through the reading of verses and contained in gilded nuts, reposing upon bride place cards, the nuts being opened and read. Coming to R. R. Lewis, his verse gave the announcement, when the jolly guests wished her all kinds of good things in drinking their wine to her health and happiness and prosperity. Mr. Lewis acting as toastmaster. A course of salads and fried chicken, accompanied by chocolate, followed the toasts. The guests upon this occasion were the honoree, Miss Letty Lewis, Mesdames C. B. Fisher and T. J. Walker of Markham, J. M. Corbett, B. J. Dantzler, Seth Taylor, I. L. Pitluk, Jim Mayfield, Misses Loula Hill, Vera Bates, Roberta Capps, Irene and Minnie Barber, Emma Lewis and R. R. Lewis.

F. S.  Thomson left Wednesday to spend the holidays with his mother and friends in Belton.

Misses Meta, Janie and Lizzie Hawkins, Mollie Belle Matthews, Helen Green and Dell Moore are home from school for the holidays.

On December 15 in Galveston, Stuart Hounshed Lewis was married to Miss Anne Bertha Wallace. Dick Lewis of this place, brother to the groom, acting best man. The wedding was a very quiet one. Numerous gifts spoke eloquently of the esteem in which both bride and groom were held. After a bridal trip to New Orleans and St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Lewis will locate in Houston.

H. R. Robertson of Atlanta, prominent in Georgia cotton manufacturing circles, and who was the guest for several days of Mr. and Mrs. B. B White, left Sunday for Belton, to return later to Georgia.

Miss Vera Bates, assisted by Miss Hamilton and the Smart Set, will receive New Year’s afternoon

Miss Lilly Miller has returned from the Huntsville Normal institute for the holidays.

Houston Post, December 27, 1908

Bay City

Miss Irene Barber is visiting Miss Keller at Palacios this week.

Miss Vera Bates received New Year's Day. Assisting Miss Bates were the Smart Set and Miss Irby Steele of Houston. Light refreshments were served.

Mrs. J. M. Corbett tendered Miss Lilly Lewis a china shower Saturday afternoon, assisted by Mrs. W. D. Wilson. Fifty handsome pieces of china attested the numerous friends of hostess and honoree. Cake and wine were served.

The Smart Set met with Mrs. I. L. Pitluk and Miss Irene Hall Wednesday afternoon to play whist and elect new officers. Miss Barber was made president; Miss Vera Bates, vice president, and Miss Emma Lewis, secretary and treasurer. Refreshments of strawberries, cream and cake were served. Mrs. F. P. Damon and Miss Irby Steele were guests of the club.

Misses Meta, Janie and Lizzie Hawkins, Mollie Belle Matthews and Dell Moore, after their holiday visits home, have returned to their respective schools.

Houston Post, January 10, 1909

Bay City

Mrs. J. B. McCain visited home folks in Houston.

Miss Lula Ryon is in Lane City, the guest of her brother.

Mrs. Oscar Barber visited home folks in Palacios last week.

Miss Sallie Gregory of Van Vleck is the guest of Miss Lewis.

Miss Lena Floyd of Wharton is visiting her cousin, Miss Erma Lewis.

Mrs. Ralph Byars of Markham is visiting her mother, Mrs. Davidson.

Mrs. James Mayfield of Tanglewood is visiting Mrs. James W. Rugeley.

Mrs. J. M. Barber of Houston and little son are visiting her father, T. J. Poole, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Crawford are visiting Mrs. Crawford's mother, Mrs. Jackson, in Smithville.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Todswer left for Houston this week, where they will make their future home.

Miss Essie Reel and mother returned from Houston Monday, having visited friends and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Victor Brasfield of Chicago arrived last week to visit Mr. Brasfield's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Brasfield.

Misses Meta, Janie and Lizzie Hawkins arrived home Tuesday from Sherman where they have been attending Kid-Key [Kidd-Key] College.

Misses Nettie Austin and Minnie Barber entertained with a week-end party, having as their guests Miss Annie Hamilton of Matagorda, Miss Bessie Austin of San Antonio, Miss Lula Ryon of Missouri, Miss Green of New York City; Misses Irene Barber, Lula Hill, Zalie Austin, Erma Lewis, Florence Deadrick; Messrs. George Serrill, Dick Lewis, J. C. Bland, Dr. A. S. Morton, Dr. S. R. Sholars, M. Boney, R. Cookenboo, N. McMahon, T. H. Bridenell and E. S. Block; Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Dantzler, Mr. and Mrs. George Austin.

Galveston Daily News, May 30, 1909

Bay City

Miss Edna LaBauve and Miss Anita Haynes returned Friday from Houston, where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Baxter.

Mrs. S. O. Eidman, accompanied by Virginia and Wellman Ford, returned Friday last week from a week's visit to friends in Houston.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy met with Mrs. and Miss Capps Tuesday afternoon. A partial program was rendered, at the completion of which a salad course and teas was served.

Miss Irene Hall spent Saturday and Sunday in Houston with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Walker and W. A. Furber of Markham visited friends here Sunday.

Mrs. Ralph Byars returned to Markham Sunday, after a visit to Mrs. E. A. Davidson, her mother.

The announcement of the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Jessie Belle Whitehurst, on April 23, to Harry Dunn of Sherman has aroused much interest among Miss Whitehurst's many friends here. On Tuesday Miss Eula Sims entertains with a linen shower in honor of the bride-elect.

The Priscilla Embroidery club met with Mrs. G. A. Moore on Wednesday. After the busy hour, progressive anagrams was introduced, which was followed by a salad course.

Houston Post, April 11, 1909

Bay City

The Misses Alice Archer and Bertha Wallace of Houston, who are here for the Whitehurst-Dunn wedding, are the guests of Miss Eula Sims.

Harry A. Dunn, accompanied by his mother and best man, Roy E. Smith, all of Sherman, arrived Thursday noon for the event of Mr. Dunn’s marriage to Miss Jessie Belle Whitehurst Friday, the 23d.

The Misses Myrtle Farmer of Markham and Alma Dick of Columbus arrived here Thursday, the guests of Miss Jessie Belle Whitehurst, whose wedding to Harry Dunn of Sherman here Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sig Brown, Mrs. C. H. Fisher and C. M. Carter of Markham passed through here Tuesday enroute to the battle of flowers, San Antonio.

Dick Lewis and Miss Emma Lewis were the guests of Miss Sallie Gregory at Van Vleck Sunday.

Tuesday evening Miss Eula Sims entertained a few friends informally in honor of Miss Jessie Belle Whitehurst, her guest list covering the following: The honoree, Misses Alice Archer and Bertha Wallace of Houston, Messrs. Eugene Cookenboo, Wesley McMahon, Ummie Eidman and Robert Vineyard.

From Wednesday till Thursday afternoon Miss Irene Barber was the guest of Miss Sallie Gregory of Van Vleck.

Jim Lewis of Markham visited his parents, Captain and Mrs. John F. Lewis, Wednesday.

Wednesday evening the Corbett home was the scene of a jolly party, when Mrs. Corbett entertained informally in honor of Miss Jessie Belle Whitehurst. Refreshments of cream and cake were served. The personnel of the party was the Misses Jessie Belle Whitehurst, Alice Archer and Bertha Wallace of Houston and Eula Sims, Messrs. Ummie Eidman, Will Stinnett, G. D. Bland, Robert Vineyard and Wesley McMahon.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Monroe Chapman when a business session was held, at the completion of which a social hour was indulged in. Mrs. Chapman, assisted by her niece, Miss Fanny Newport, serving a dainty two-course luncheon, the first being a salad, followed by strawberries, whipped cream and cake. Those present were Mesdames H. L. Rugeley, Bland, W. C. Carpenter, C. L. De St. Aubin, Bowie, Bat Smith and Misses Berta Thompson, Vera Moore, Edith Prouty, Roberta Capps and Emma Lee Lewis.

Miss Maggie Moore of Wharton is the guest of Mrs. Harry Bates.

The Forty-two club for the first time since Lent met with Mrs. F. L. Ludwig last Friday afternoon, most of the members being present and two guests. Prize awards fell to Mrs. Fred Brunner, a lovely drawn work lunch cloth; to Mrs. Reed a thimble; the guest prize to Mrs. I. L. Pitluk, a bottle of shoe polish, with the instruction, “to shine at the feet, if not at the head.” Candies served during the game were delicious, but the cream and cake after was equally enjoyed. The next meeting is with Mrs. Seth Taylor, April 26, in honor of her first anniversary.

Mrs. C. L. De St. Aubin will entertain Friday evening in honor of Miss Vera Bates, who leaves shortly with her family for Caldwell, their home.

Mrs. Henry Rugeley left Wednesday for a few days’ visit to Houston.

Mrs. Brooks, the Misses Trannie and Clyde Nuckols and Messrs. Raymond Cookenboo and Percy Sloan are San Antonio carnival visitors this week.

Houston Post, April 25, 1909

Bay City

Miss Bessie Austin of San Antonio is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Austin.

In honor of her first anniversary, her cotton wedding, Mrs. Seth S. Taylor entertained with forty-two. Many lovely and useful remembrances in cotton attested Mrs. Taylor's large circle of friends. To Mrs. Don Laurentz fell the first prize, a silver butter knife, the guest award going to Mrs. Henry Rugeley, the booby falling to Mrs.. George Reed. A two-course luncheon was served.

Mr. W. A. Furber of Markham was in the city Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Brasfield on Tuesday evening entertained a few friends at dinner, in their artistic home, the guests being Messrs and Mesdames D. I. Partin, E. C. Moore, Selden Thompson and Mr. I. J. Holmes of La Belle, Mo.

Mrs. Lucy Powell of Meridian, Miss., is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Bat Smith.

In honor of Miss Vera Bates, who is to leave for Caldwell Tuesday, Mrs. Charles de St. Aubin entertained a large number of friends in most delightful fashion. Two contests were introduced. In the first Mr. H. B. Eidman won a cut glass bon-bon dish, while Mrs. Luther, Mrs. Bates' guest, drew the booby. The second contest disclosed Miss Emma Lewis the lucky mortal, she drawing a handsome copy of "The Song of the Bell," by Schiller. Refreshments of ices in daintiest shapes, pleased both eye and palates, after which all repaired to the opera house, where a dance was much enjoyed. Mrs. Aubin's guests were: Misses Vera Bates, Annie J. Hamilton of Matagorda, Irene and Minnie Barber, Nellie Austin, Zalie Austin, Loula Hill, Emma Lee Lewis, Jennie Eidman, Irene Hall, Lucille Schindler, Messrs. and Mesdames B. J. Dantzler, Seaman Eidman, Hugh B. Eidman, Cochran Willis, F. L. Ludwig, S. S. Taylor, Mrs. Annie Rugeley, Mrs. Harry Bates, Mrs. Luther and Messrs. Dick Lewis, Kraft Eidman, Ummie Eidman, George Serrill, Marshall Boney, Robert Vineyard, Bert Bridewell and Dr. S. R. Sholars.

At Palacios Monday morning at 7 o'clock Miss Nonie Keller of Palacios and Mr. Oscar Barber of this place were married. Miss Keller is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Keller. Mr. Barber is a real estate man here. The young couple left by boat for Port Lavaca, to later go on to Houston and San Antonio for a short trip, after which they will be at home in Bay City.

The Ladies' Whist club met with Mrs. F. H. Jones Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Lena Cavis and Alvin Inglehart were married here Tuesday evening at 8:36, Rev. John Sloan officiating. Only the immediate friends and relatives of the contracting parties were present at the ceremony at the home of the bride.

Mrs. T. J. Walker of Markham spent Monday and Tuesday in the city.

Misses Sallie Gregory and Nonie Mason of Van Vleck were visiting here Wednesday.

Messrs. Dick Lewis and Marshall Boney went by automobile to Houston Tuesday, returning by way of the Brownsville Thursday.

At 3:30 Friday afternoon, at the Presbyterian church, lovely in its decoration of palms and ferns, Miss Jessie Belle Whitehurst and Mr. Harry Augustus Dunn of Sherman were untied in marriage, in the presence of a large number of friends, Rev. Mr. Smith of Houston celebrating the ceremony. "O Fair, Sweet and Holy," in Mrs. V. D. Ford's rich voice, heralded the ceremony, while the strains of Lohengrin, Miss Alice Archer at the organ, ushered in the bridal party, Rev. Smith impressively officiating. Miss Whitehurst was attended by Miss Eula Sims, her maid of honor. Mr. Dunn's best friend, Ray E. Smith of Sherman, being best man.

Houston Post, May 2, 1909

Bay City.

Mr. Harry C. Tassey of Houston was the guest of Captain and Mrs. John Floyd Lewis Sunday and Monday.

The Misses Dell and Maggie Conger informally entertained Tuesday evening with "42." Following the games "The Alcove" was the next step in the path of pleasure, where the Misses Congers' guests enjoyed cooling drinks and ices. The personnel of the party being Mr. and Mrs. Bo McCain, Misses Stella Atkinson, Lucile Culllen, Essie Bell and Messrs. Dick Lewis, Bob Benge, Dickey, B. G. Von Roeder and Motie Bell.

Mr. and Mrs. Geat Huston left Monday for a short visit to Houston.

The "42" met at the Crawford home Friday with Mesdames Seamon Eidman and H. B. Eidman as hostesses. Blue and yellow were the tones carried out from score cards to ices, the latter being enjoyed at "The Alcove," where palms and gorgeous hued cannas formed the decorative features. Handsome cut glass souvenirs were the success awards, the club one going to Miss Fannie Nuckols, while Miss Florrie McFarlin won the guest prize.

Mrs. Charles de St. Aubin and children are in town again, after a pleasant visit to friends and relatives in Brazoria county.

Mrs. V. H. Brasfield of Chicago was very prettily complimented Friday afternoon when Mrs. D. H. Brasfield entertained with an informal musicale. After the musical hour, a tempting lunch was the portion of the guests, covers being laid for fourteen, who were: Mrs. V. H. Brasfield, honor guest; Mesdames Soekland, Ninde Wilcox, F. H. Jones, Annie Rugeley, B. D. Hurd, E. C. Moore; Misses Wilcox and Vera Bates of Caldwell, and Master Vernon Hurd.

Miss Tabb of Seabrook is the guest of Miss Lily Miller this week.

Mrs. C. Ralph Byars of Harrisburg is in the city, the guest of her mother, Mrs. E. A. Davidson.

Houston Post, August 29, 1909

Bay City

Mrs. H. W. Ninde and daughter left Monday for Ohio. Miss Ninde will remain North all winter.

Mrs. Ike Pitluk and son are home again after a sojourn of several weeks in Austin for the benefit of the latter's health.

Miss Meta Hawkins, in company with her aunt, Mrs. Henry Rugeley, left to enter Chevy Chase for the year.

Miss Anna Murphy of Kansas City, Mo., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Z. E. Scofield of this city.

Mrs. C. Fisher of Markham is over for the Episcopal bazaar, a guest of Mrs. Rex White.

Miss Nellie Branch of Housotn has come to Bay City for the furutre, relieving Miss Barns, who goes to Alpine.

Miss Annie J. Hamilton of Matagorda was a visitor to Bay City several days this week.

Miss Tresa Sholars of Orange has been visiting her brother, Dr. Sholars, en route Baylor college.

Mrs. Durham has returned home after a visit of several weeks to her old home in Arkansas.

Houston Post, September 26, 1909

Bay City

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Overstreet of Del Rio are on a visit to relatives in the city.

Mrs. Bell and Miss Essie returned Monday after a pleasant visit to Weimar.

Mrs. Colonel Langham entertained the Shakespeare club Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Brashfield entertained the Whist club Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Harry Dunn of Sherman visited home folks Sunday, returning home Monday.

Mrs. Gus Byars was a visitor to the city one day this week.

Mrs. T. E. Partain of Midfield spent Friday with friends in the city.

Mrs. Lou Alderman of Sealy has been a visitor to the family of E. H. Hightower.

Mrs. J. C. Corbett entertained the Percilla club Wednesday afternoon.

Miss Sally Gregory of Van Vleck is the gust of Captain and Mrs. J. F. Lewis for the dance Friday night.

Houston Post, October 9, 1909

Bay City

The Whist club was delightfully entertained by Miss Roberta Capps at the beautiful home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Capps. The spacious reception rooms were tastily decorated, the color scheme being yellow and white. Ferns and flowers also added to the decoration. The score cards were miniature turkeys. After the game the hostess, in her ever-charming manner, served a dainty repast, in which the color scheme of yellow and white was carried out. No prizes are given in this club, the ladies playing merely for the sake of the game and the social hour it affords. About twenty members of the club were present and several guests. The next meeting will be held Thursday, December 9, 1909, with Mrs. James Rugeley as hostess.

The Priscilla club entertained their members and several guests with a delightful reception on Wednesday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Amos Lee. The affair was a farewell tribute to Mrs. Whitehurst, who is a member of the club, and will leave soon for her new home. Cut flowers and ferns made a pretty background for the light gowns of the ladies. The hostess distributed bean bags, containing beans, to be used as money at an auction sale to follow, each bean representing one dollar. Boxes, bags and bundles of every size and description were offered for sale, each one being a jolly burlesque. After the auction, Mrs. Lee served dainty fruit salad and cake. The members of the club, with several guests, enjoyed Mrs. Lee's hospitality, and welcomed the opportunity to bid farewell to Mrs. Whitehurst, who will be greatly missed. Mrs. George Farmer of Markham, a member of the club, was also present. She was the guest of Mrs. C. L. Aubin.

The Ladies' Civic club held a business meeting Monday afternoon. Owing to the inclement weather, only a few of the members were present, but a very interesting meeting was held. Plans and arrangements were perfected for the entertainment which the ladies of the club, with the high school, will give on Monday evening, December 6, when they will being to Bay City a noted lecturer, whose subjects will be "Radium," "Wireless Telegraphy," and "Liquid Air." A committee of three ladies was appointed to wait on the board of trustees and asked that a fire drill be taught the children of the public schools.

Mrs. Seamon Eidman is home from a pleasant visit to Houston, where she enjoyed the production of "The Music Master."

Houston Post, December 5, 1909

Bay City

The Ladies' Civic club held their regular business meeting Tuesday afternoon at the court house. A large number were present and manifested great interest in the plans and arrangements being discussed for the beautifying of the park. The ladies of Bay City are enthusiastic in their work for cleanliness and civic righteousness.

The ladies of the Episcopal Guild held a most profitable bazaar and dinner Wednesday. Fancy work of all designs was shown and found a ready sale. Dolls and doll clothes for the little ones were exhibited to the delight of the many children who viewed them. A home-made candy booth proved a great attraction with its dainty baskets of toothsome dainties. The dinner tables presented a very pretty sight, decorated in cut flowers and loaded with everything nice to eat, and were well patronized.

Mrs. M. [B.] J. Dantzler was a charming hostess to the Priscilla club Wednesday afternoon. The beautiful home of Mrs. Dantzler was decorated with roses and ferns. Music and conversation were interspersed with the embroidery done by the ladies. Mrs. C. Langham and Miss Gregory of Van Vleck were guests of Mrs. Dantzler on this occasion. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess.

Mrs. India B. Mason left Tuesday for Houston, where she will visit for a week, before going to Calvert to spend the holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Scott Field, Jr.

Miss Emma Lewis is home from a pleasant sojourn in Lake Charles, La., and Houston.

Miss Annie J. Hamilton of Matagorda is the guest of relatives and friends for the holidays.

Preparations are going forward for the sixth annual holiday ball to be given by the young men of Bay City, and it promises to be the social event of the season.

Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham were visitors to Bay City this week, and were guests for an informal supper with Miss Emma Lewis on Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Freeman of Richard, who has been the guest of Mrs. Annie Rugeley, has returned to her home.

The Forty-two club and the United Daughters of the Confederacy will not hold any meetings until after teh Christmas holidays.

Houston Post, December 16, 1909

Bay City

Misses Doss and White, county teachers from Wadsworth, are attending the county institute this week.

Mrs. Joe Crawford and little daughter, Eugenia, of Houston are holiday guests of Mrs. Annie Rugeley. Mr. Crawford will spend Christmas Day here.

Miss Annie Laura Holman, who teaches at Dunbar, has been a guest of Judge and Mrs. W. B. Holman.

Miss Fannie Brogdon of Bryan, who has charge of the Van Vleck school, spent the institute week with Mrs. Annie Rugeley.

The sixth annual holiday ball, to be given by the young men, is eagerly looked forward to by local society people and the many visitors who will attend. Over 240 invitations have been sent out to the surrounding cities. A Houston band will furnish the music and the dance will be held at the court house.

Judge and Mrs. W. S. Holman and children will spend the holidays at La Grange.

Mrs. Lydia Kaufman of Palacios was a visitor to Bay City this week.

Miss Marguerite Matteson of Buckeye was a visitor to Bay City on Saturday.

Mrs. C. L. De St. Aubin will entertain a house party of charming young ladies during Christmas week. The personnel of the party includes Misses Steele of Houston, Misses Hinkles of Hinkles Ferry and Miss McNeil of Brazoria.

Mrs. J. F. Lewis has returned from a pleasant stay at Lake Charles and Houston with her daughter, Mrs. Hemil.

Miss Annie J. Hamilton of Matagorda will be the guest of relatives and friends for the holidays.

Mrs. Autry and daughters, Misses Selma and Carmine, of Houston, Miss Jerusha Collins of Galveston and Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Lewis of Houston will be holiday guests of Miss Emma Lewis.

Miss Fannie Brogdon will spend the holidays at her home in Bryan.

Miss Eads of Houston and Miss Sallye Gregory of Van Vleck will be the guests of Miss Emma Lewis for the holiday ball.

Miss Nettie Austin will entertain with a house party for the holiday ball. Her guests include Miss Edna Woodruff of Blessing, Fannie Bell and Annie Laura Houston of Wharton, Lurline Andrews of Wharton, Mrs. Jack Fisher of Markham, Misses Jessie Serrill of Matagorda and Mollie Bell of Glen Flora.

Houston Post, December 26, 1909

Bay City

Miss Belle Henshaw is spending the holidays in San Antonio, the guest of friends.

Mrs. Annie Rugeley had as her guests for dinner Christmas Day Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crawford and little daughter of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. De. Aubin and children, and Mr. and Mrs. O. Longino of this city.

Mr. and Mrs. George Williams and daughter, Nola May, spent Christmas in Palacios, the guests of relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Lewis have returned to their home in Houston after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lewis.

Mrs. Ganes Brunner left Wednesday for Markham, where she will spend a few days with friends.

Mrs. Annie Rugeley spent a few days in Houston, the guest of friends, this week.

One of the prettiest weddings of the season occurred Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Cullins, when Miss Lucille Cullins became the wife of Marshall Boney. The reception rooms, where the ceremony was performed, were decorated with ferns, cut flowers and festoons of Southern similax combined with wedding bells. The attendants were: Maid of honor, Miss Lucille Miller, and best man, Omie Eidman. The wedding march was played by Mrs. E. C. Moore. The bride looked her loveliest in her charming gown of white crepe de chine, and carried an arm bouquet of lilies of the valley and ferns. The maid of honor, Miss Miller, was daintily robed in pale blue messaline. During the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. Mr. Morrison of the Baptist church, Mrs. Moore played the "Flower Song." Refreshments of ice cream in heart shape, fruit cake and coffee were served. Only the relatives and intimate friends of the young people were present. The couple left immediately after the ceremony for Houston, Galveston and San Antonio for a short trip. They will return January 5 and occupy their home, which is finished and waiting for them.

Miss Emma Lewis and her guest, Mrs. S. H. Lewis of Houston, spent Monday and Tuesday in Markham, the guests of Mrs. C. B. Fisher.

Miss Nita Hill delightedly entertained the senior class at her home Tuesday evening. Games, music and conversation enlivened the evening, at the close of which dainty refreshments were served.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Garvey of Houston were visitors to Bay City last week.

Miss Nettie Austin returned Wednesday afternoon from Wharton, where she attended the holiday ball given by the young men of this city.

Mrs. I. Pitluk was the guest of relatives and friends in Houston several days last week.

Houston Post, January 1, 1910

From Wednesday's Daily

C. V. Cabaniss of Markham was in town this morning.

J. L. Logan of Blessing was among the visitors to the city today.

John R. Rowles was in town from Blessing today.

Miss Mildred Taylor returned to her home in San Antonio today after a visit of several weeks with the family of V. L. LeTulle.

R. O. Middlebrook of Matagorda was in town this morning en route to Houston. He says there is nothing doing in the Big Hill sulphur field at present, but that he is looking for the beginning of operations in the near future.

The enrollment on the opening day in the Jefferson Davis High School was 452, against 490 last year. Last year's opening day enrollment was 100 in excess of the attendance on the first day of the previous term. The attendance at the colored school is also considerably less than last year.

The Grand Opera House orchestra has been reorganized, and the members will meet Sunday afternoon the first practice of the season. The organization consists of eleven pieces, as follows: First violin, Prof. Gannon; second violin, Walter Gillette and R. A. Kleska; piano, Mrs. Waldron; cornet, Hayden McDonald; clarionette, Grover Coston; flute, E. Zedler; trombone, Stanley Gillette; base, Z. DeLano; traps, Percy Block. This list includes the pick of the town's musical talent for the instruments named, and the patrons for the Grand will hear some high class music during the coming season.

A letter received by C. L. DeAubin, who is holding down the Wells-Fargo express office here while J. T. Stockton takes his vacation, announces that the genial agent of the carrying corporation has taken unto himself a wife since he left here two weeks ago. Mr. Stockton did not divulge the young lady's name, but stated that "she was an old sweetheart of mine," and added that they were then in New York seeing the sights and enjoying their honeymoon. Neither did he say just when he was likely to bring his wife home.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 9, 1910


December 2, 1910

Bay City to Entertain Farmers

Bay City, Texas, March 14.--H. A. Clapp of Collegeport, secretary of the Mid-Coast Industrial congress, attended the farmers' conference at San Benito last Thursday. While there Mr. Clapp had a talk with Mr. Yoakum and Traffic Manager Doherty of the Frisco system, and gathered from these gentlemen the promise to give Bay City the next conference if Bay City wants it. He assured the Frisco officials that Bay City would be only too glad to have the conference and that we would make preparations to entertain 1000 people.

The matter will be placed before the Business league and every effort to make Bay City the next meeting place for the conference as well as to royally entertain the crowd which is sure to come, will be made.

Houston Post, March 15, 1911

Delegates Were Names
To Represent Matagorda County at Immigration Conference

Bay City, Texas, April 14.--At the request of J. S. Doughterty, chairman of the immigration conference, which is to be held in Houston on April 26, Judge W. S. Holman has appointed the following delegation from Matagorda county:

Precinct No. 1, Matagorda, G. B. Culver and A. H. Wadsworth
Precinct No. 2, W. W. Reyerly and Henry Rugeley
Precinct No. 3, Wadsworth, H. E. Jamison
Precinct No. 4, Bay City, D. P. Moore, N. M. Vogelsang, B. E. Norvell and J. W. Magill
Precinct No. 6, Blessing, J. E. Pierce and J. B. Leamon
Precinct No. 7, Ashby, D. M. Dunbar
Precinct No. 8, Van Vleck, M. O'Connell and N. E. Trumbull
Precinct No. 9, Markham, W. A. Furber and A. M. Anderson
Precinct No. 10, Palacios, C. J. Wildman, H. B. Farwell and Charley Morris
Precinct No. 11, Midfield, F. F. Lund and W. B. Gaumer
Precinct No. 12, Collegeport, H. A. Clapp, W. W. Wilkinson and G. M. Magill

Houston Post, April 15, 1911


From Saturday’s Daily:

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Byars yesterday a fine 10-pound girl.

Harvey Nuckols of Corpus Christi, is in the city visiting relatives.

Mr. Sam LeTulle, who is attending the A. and M. College is here on his vacation.

J. C. Willis autoed to Houston yesterday and spent the day in the metropolis on business.

Rev. John Sloan left this morning for Matagorda where he will hold services tomorrow.

Miss Thelma Dreyling, of Houston, is in the city visiting her friend, Miss Eunice Baker.

Mrs. S. O. Eidman is visiting in Houston this week, going over yesterday via auto.

Col. Jno. M. Simpson, of Dallas, spent yesterday and this morning in the city having come up from his ranch yesterday to be present at the hearing before Major Howell.

Mrs. Winnie McClave returned last Tuesday night after a two weeks’ visit with relative in Houston. She was accompanied by her cousin, Miss Thelma Dreyling who will spend the summer here.

Mrs. C. L. de St. Aubin will leave tomorrow to join her husband in Port Arthur. The departure of this estimable family from our midst is a source of the keenest regret on the part of the entire citizenship of Bay City.

Major Howell is a good listener, and it is usually the case that “still water runs deep.” We trust the Major’s recommendations to his department will result in the long-hoped-for improvement of the Colorado, and the consequent relief for the anxious ones along the stream.

W. E. Green stated to the Tribune man this morning that he will leave here tomorrow and will go to Port Arthur to make arrangements to move his family in about two weeks. Mr. Green and his family are well-known in Bay City and have many friends who will regret their departure exceedingly.

Mr. Geo. B. Culver, of Matagorda spent the day in Bay City yesterday and while here, incidentally, told Uncle Sam through Major Howell that we had the money if the United States did not with which we might improve the Colorado river channel. Mr. Culver is one of the country builders and is doing a splendid work for his section of the county as well as lending splendid aid to the other portions when his services are needed.

Mr. John J. Raezer, of Houston, is in the city and made a statement in the proceedings held by Major Howell yesterday. Mr. Raezer is well posted on all current events as well as being a good statistician on the crop situation.

From Monday’s Daily:

Mr. G. R. Tillman and wife who have been spending the past two months in Lockhart, Red Rock and Smithville with relatives returned to the city Saturday.

County Treasurer Arthur Collins informed us Saturday that Mr. N. M. Vogelsang and family had stopped in San Antonio and would sojourn there a month before going on the Alpine.

Mr. Bruce Wallace, a prominent citizen of El Campo, accompanied by his wife spent the day yesterday in the city with Mr. Wallace’s mother. They made the trip via auto and returned last evening.

City Engineer A. R. Leckie paid Brazoria county a visit of three or four days duration last week. He said the crops all looked very well, but were in no wise, ahead of ours that he could see.

Mr. H. N. Burditt, a prosperous farmer of La Ward, Jackson county, spent Saturday in Bay City on business. Mr. Burditt says the crops in his vicinity look fairly well and the indications are exceptionally good for a fine crop this fall.

From Tuesday’s Daily:

D. L. Gable, a Dallasite, was here Sunday, transacting some business.

George S. Moore, came over from Francitas and spent Sunday here.

W. M. Osman, a San Antonio citizen, was here Sunday and Monday.

P. T. Tipps, a Beaumont citizen, paid our city a visit Sunday.

J. P. Rice, of Joplin, Mo., was here Sunday and Monday on business.

J. R. Davis, of Helo, Texas, was in the city on business Sunday and Monday.

F. A. Davis, of Everett, Mass., was a business visitor to Bay City yesterday.

D. B. Cherry, a Houstonian, was a business visitor to Bay City the first of the week.

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Rugeley left this morning for Corpus Christi where they will spend sometime recuperating.

Dr. Abney left Sunday for Waco, where he has an important business engagement. He will be gone for ten days or longer.

T. M. Howard, a former citizen of Bay City, but now of San Benito, is in the city. He was joined here by his brother, O. J. Howard, of Eagle Lake.

B. R. Ellwood, of Colorado Springs, Colo., is in Bay City and has identified himself with the Matagorda County Development Company. Mr. Ellwood has traveled considerably over the country and says he considers this section the cream of all he has seen.

Wilbur Goodman, of Houston, representing the Southwestern Farmer spent yesterday and today in the city on business connected with his publication. Mr. Goodman comes from Michigan to Texas and has had much experience as a land holder in South Dakota and Iowa. He said that this part of Texas is far ahead of anything he ever saw in possibilities, and that its future is very bright indeed.

Oscar Thurston spend Sunday here from Buckeye.

John Roberson, a Buckeye business man was here Sunday.

Roy Bamer, of Buckeye, spent Sunday in Bay City.

Miss Ethel Gorman, of Palestine, visited in the city Sunday. She was registered at the Nuckols.

Rev. L. E. Selfridge left this morning for Matagorda where he will fill his regular appointment at the Presbyterian church.

Roy Tanquary, of Midfield, visited Bay City yesterday on business.

The Matagorda County Tribune, June 2, 1911

Bay City

Miss Jessie May Serrill of Matagorda was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill Wednesday.

Misses Meta and Janie Hawkins returned Friday after a several days' visit in Houston.

Mrs. S. O. Eidman is visiting in Houston.

Misses Emma Lee Leins and Jeanette Austin were guests of Mrs. Winnie Baker McClare for dinner Wednesday evening.

Mrs. G. A. Moore, assisted by her daughter Laurellie, entertained Tuesday evening in honor of Miss Marian and Ralph Jones, who leave Thursday for their home in Collegeport.

Miss Helen Kilbride will entertain Thursday evening with a dance in honor of her guest, Miss Charlotte Blessie, of Eagle Pass.

Quite a number of young people from Bay City enjoyed an informal dance at Mrs. Huebner's country home Wednesday evening.

Miss O. J. Doubek, returned Friday night after a several days' visit in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Doubek and little daughter Alma and Miss Zalie Austin leave Sunday for a several months' visit in New Mexico.

Mrs. Charles Baker is the guest of friends in Matagorda.

Houston Post, June 4, 1911

Bay City

Miss Louise Hill is visiting in St. Louis.

Mrs. Will Stinnett returned Saturday after a week's visit in Houston.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher of Markham was the gust of Mrs. J. F. Lewis Saturday.

Mrs. S. S. Moore is the guest of friends in San Antonio.

Mrs. G. Ludwig and Miss Marie Ludwig are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ludwig.

Mrs. V. H. Doubek returned Monday after a several days' visit in Matagorda.

Miss Grace Pierce of Palacios was the guest of Miss Frances Poole Tuesday.

Miss Catherine Poole returned Monday after a week's visit with Miss Charlotte Jones of Collegeport.

Rev. and Mrs. John Sloan were guests of Theo. Smith and family in Collegeport Sunday and Monday.

Misses Jeanette and Zalie Austin were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp in Collegeport Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Brunner delightfully entertained Thursday afternoon with a forty-two party in compliment to her guest, Mrs. J. Maynor of Birmingham, Ala. After the games a fruit salad course was served and the prizes given, Mrs. Brasfield receiving a hand embroidered centerpiece and Mrs. Maynor a hand-embroidered lunch cloth. The invited guests were: Mesdames Brasfield, A. J. Harty, S. O. Eidman, Ludwig, Pitluk, Swartz, Stowers, Himel of Lake Charles, La., S. Thompson, Pence, E. C. Moore, Ragor of Chicago, Walker of Markham, Willis and Emmett Perry.

Houston Post, August 20, 1911

Bay City

Miss Laura Murchison of San Antonio is the guest of Miss Jeannette Austin.

Mrs. Emmet Perry had as guests for dinner Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Peareson of Richmond and Mr. and Mrs. James Mayfield of Tanglewylde.

Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp of Collegeport is the guest of George Austin and family.

Miss Helen Holt Kilbride complimented Misses Euarda and Mattie Talbot of San Antonio with an informal reception Thursday afternoon. A flower contest and musical program afforded much pleasure, the prize, a dainty hand-painted pin, being worn by Miss Grace Keller. Two delicious courses were served, the first a salad course, the latter fruit gelatine and cream. The guests were: Misses Zalie Austin, Grace Keller, Tillie Miller, Mamie Thompson Huddlestone of Cleburne, Louise Wortham of Gainesville, Katie May Gillett, Shirley Carter, Catherine Cookenboo.

Mrs. S. Reichman of Hallettsville is visiting Mrs. Henry Swartz.

Miss Lucy Yerxa of Buckeye was the guest of friends Wednesday.

Misses Irene and Eula Barber returned to their home in Houston Wednesday after a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill.

Miss Helen Kilbride had as guests for dinner Wednesday evening Miss Louise Wortham of Gainesville, Carol Gaines, Hugh Keller, Emmie Eidman and Robbie Darst of Richmond.

Miss Blanch Bettison of Houston visited Mrs. Amos Lee Thursday.

Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Sholars are visiting in Orange.

Houston Post, August 27, 1911

Bay City

Mrs. John Crawford entertained a number of her friends with whist Thursday afternoon. Those present were: Mesdames Reynolds, Pitluk, H. B. Eidman, P. G. Huston, S. Thompson, James Keller, W. Stinnett, Rex White, Taylor, Ludwig, Stowers, Brasfield, Reed, Boney, Earl Moore, James Sutherland, Swartz, Stockton and Mrs. Reichman of Hallettsville.

Miss Louise Wortham, who has been the guest of Mrs. W. D. Wilson, returned to her home in Gainesville Monday.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher of Markham was the guest of Mrs. Carl Himel Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp returned to her home in Collegeport Saturday after a week's visit to George Austin and family.

Miss Zalie Austin spent Thursday in Matagorda, the guest of Mrs. Ed Layton.

Houston Post, September 3, 1911

Bay City

Mrs. George Serrill is visiting in Matagorda.

Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Sholars returned Tuesday after spending several weeks with relatives in Orange.

Mrs. A. Lincon, who has been the guest of Mrs. Martin Thompson, left for her home in Wharton Monday.

Mrs. Ragor, Mrs. A. J. Harty and Miss Marguerite Ragor returned from Galveston Tuesday where they have been guests of the Galvez for the past week.

Miss Laura Murchison, who has been the guest of Miss Jeannette Austin, returned to her home in San Antonio Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Corbett returned Wednesday after a several weeks' visit in Virginia.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp of Collegeport, who have been the guests of George Austin and family, left for Port O'Connor Wednesday to attend the Midcoast congress.

Mrs. J. W. Gaines delightfully entertained the young society set Wednesday evening in honor of Miss Rachel Peden of Houston and and Pierce Gaines, who leaves Monday for Virginia where he will enter college. After contests and various games delicious ice cream and cake were served. Those enjoying this charming hospitality were Misses Helen Kilbride, Ruth Keller, Shirley Carter, Catherine Poole, Louella Baker, Gladys Moore, Ola Lee Wright, Mabel Kennedy, Grace Moore, Stella Sutherland, Daisy Cookenboo, Annie Lu Gillett, Lois Moore; Messrs. Carroll Gaines, George Sutherland, Sammy LeTulle, Joe Milner, Leslie Cookenboo, Carol Cookenboo, Sherman Baker, Henry Lee and Harol Carter.

Mr. and Mrs. George Austin, Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Doubek, Misses Laura Murchison of San Antonio, Zalie Austin, Jeannette Austin, Julia Austin, Messrs. James Rugeley, R. T. Bigelow and E. Highley went to Matagorda via auto Sunday evening where they enjoyed an oyster supper, returning home by moonlight.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robbins left Thursday for a several months' visit to Virginia.

Mrs. R. G. Kleska returned Thursday after a week's visit in Houston.

Houston Post, September 10, 1911

Bay City

Mrs. F. Holt of Tanglewylde was the guest of Mrs. Ed Kilbride Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Clapp of Collegeport were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Austin Monday.

Mrs. Rayn, who has been the guest of Mrs. A. J. Hartly, returned to her home in Chicago last week.

Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham was the guest of Mrs. Fred Brunner Sunday.

Miss Emma Lee Lewis returned last week after a month spent in Colorado.

Mrs. Sargent and Mrs. James W. Rugeley have returned after several week' visit in Mineral Wells.

Mrs. B. J. Dantzler of Alpine is the guest of Mrs. George Serrill.

Mrs. Winnie Baker McClave returned Sunday after spending the summer in Mineral Wells and Colorado.

Mrs. G. Smith and son, Merrill, of Galveston are guests of Mrs. Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Keller.

Mrs. Hamilton and Miss Marguerite Hamilton of Matagorda are guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Sholars.

Mrs. S. S. Moore returned Sunday after a six weeks' visit in San Antonio.

Miss Zalie Austin entertained the Owls' club Wednesday. After a delightful afternoon spent in making plans for a series of "jolly evenings" during the winter, the guests were asked into the dining room, where a delicious lunch was served from a prettily appointed table. Those present were: Misses Eula Simms, Grace Keller, Maggie Conger, Catherine Cookenboo, Lillie Miller, Bertha Wallace, Carrie Salley, Dell Moore and Catherine Gillett.

Mrs. J. R. Reynolds entertained with dancing Friday evening in honor of her guests, the Misses Jarrell of Belton. Fruit punch was served during the dances and at the conclusion a dainty ice course. Those enjoying this delightful hospitality were: Misses Carrie Salley, Catherine Cookenboo, Cathryn Poole, Zalie Austin, Catherine Gillette, Lois Moore, Gladys Moore, Grace Moore, Lou Ella Baker, Dell Moore, Lizzie Hawkins, Janie Hawkins, Grace Keller and Mrs. Will Stinnett; Messrs. Will Stinnett, Gene Cookenboo, Carroll Cookenboo, Ed McKelvey, U. Eidman, Carrol Gaines, Sutherland Reddin, H. Carter, F. Thompson, W. McKelvey, Hugh Keller, Foster, Lee, Baker, J. C. Lewis and Perry Moore.

Mrs. George Edward Serrill was hostess to the Bridge club Wednesday afternoon. After the usual number of games a delicious lunch was served, consisting of deviled crabs, Saratoga flakes, Waldorf salad, sandwiches, olives and iced tea. The club members present were: Mesdames A. J. Harty, J. Corbett, Kilbride, Mayfield, J. Gaines, W. D. Wilson, P. G. Huston, Seldon Thompson, S. R. Sholars, J. Keller and I. L. Pitluk. The guests were Mrs. B. J. Dantzler of Alpine and Miss Marguerite Ragor of Chicago.

Mrs. Carl Himel and Miss Emma Lee Lewis were guests of Mrs. C. B. Fisher in Markham Sunday.

On last Friday a beautifully appointed luncheon was given by Mrs. Andrew J. Harty in compliment to her mother, Mrs. E. Ragor of Chicago. The table was lovely in American Beauty roses, cut glass and silver. Five courses were served, after which the guests were invited into the spacious music room to indulge in a game of bridge. Mrs. Rex. B. White, making the highest score, was presented with cut glass knife rests. Those enjoying this charming hospitality were: Mesdames Ike L. Pitluk, J. Corbett, T. Brooks, Ed Kilbride, James Mayfield, Emmett Perry, T. Pearson of Richmond, Goodwin Sterne of Matagorda, Rex B. White and Miss Marguerite Ragor of Chicago.

Misses Cathryn Poole and Lois Moore were guests of friends in Houston last week.

Houston Post, October 1, 1911

Bay City

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Clapp of Collegeport were guests of Mrs. George Austin Friday.

Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham is the guest of Mrs. Fred Brunner.

Mrs. Minnie Baker McClare returned Sunday after a week's visit in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Serrill celebrated the first anniversary of their marriage with a 6 o'clock dinner Friday evening. Their guests on this delightful occasion included Mr. and Mrs. George Austin and Mrs. B. J. Dantzler of Alpine.

Mrs. John W. Gaines entertained the ladies of the Eastern Star Monday afternoon in honor of Miss Posey of Brownwood. Those present were: Mesdames Winnie McClare, Walter Brown, H. B. Eidman, J. R. Reynolds; Misses Essie Bell and Eula Sims.

Houston Post, October 22, 1911

Bay City

Mrs. Emmit Perry visited Angleton last week.

Miss Allie Hall of Wharton is visiting Misses Hawkins.

Miss Minnie Phillips of Matagorda visited Thelma Moore last week.

Mrs. Jack Walker and Mrs. Fisher of Markham visited the city last week.

Mrs. S. R. Sholars is visiting her mother, Mrs. F. P. Hamilton at Matagorda.

Mrs. Seamon Eidman returned home last Sunday after spending the week at Houston.

Mrs. Carter and daughter, Miss Shirley, returned home Monday after spending the past week in Houston.

Mrs. B. H. Brasfield returned home from Collegeport Monday after spending several days with Mrs. B. H. Hurd.

Mrs. J. C. Williams returned home last Sunday after spending the week in Houston visiting her sister, Mrs. R. C. Duff.

Galveston Daily News, November 26, 1911

Oil Prospectors at Collegeport

Collegeport, Texas, December 14. Oil prospectors from Pennsylvania have arrived in Collegeport and have examined a favorable-looking spot on the Colorado river, where they expect to begin operations about ten miles from here. The indications have been known and watched for some time, and the movement will be of intense interest to this locality because of other successful wells in the county.

Houston Post, December 15, 1911

Bay City

Misses Alice Archer and Jennie Vineyard of Houston were guests of Miss Emma Lewis for the ball Friday evening.

Misses Marguerite Hamilton and Vivian Sargent were guests of Mrs. J. Cookenboo Friday.

Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Sholars are visiting in Orange.

Mrs. P. G. Huston is visiting in Richmond.

Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill returned Tuesday after a several days' visit in Matagorda.

Miss Grace Pierce of Palacios is visiting Miss Annie Lou Gillett.

Miss Dorothy Kuykendall of Kyle has been the guest of Misses Grace and Lois Moore the past week.

Mrs. William Austin returned Tuesday after a week's visit in San Antonio.

Mrs. G. A. Moore and children have returned from Weimar, where they spent the holidays.

Miss Katherine Gillett is visiting in Matagorda.

Mrs. E. P. Rugeley returned to her home in San Antonio Wednesday after a week's visit to Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Harding.

Judge and Mrs. Jesse Matthews and Miss Mollie Bell Matthews of Glen Flora were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Gaines Friday.

Mrs. J. W. Todsern of Ganado is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Eidman.

The most elaborate affair of the season was the eighth annual ball given by the young men Friday evening, December 29, at the court house. Among those present were: Misses Helen Kilbride, Adele Moore, Lois Moore, Ruth Kellen, Zalie Austin, Emma Lewis, Tenie Benge, Catherine Poole, Lizzie Poole, Janie Hawkins, Meta Hawkins, Frances Poole, Catherine Cookenboo, Lillie Miller, Gladys Moore, Jeanette Austin, Marguerite Ragor, Shirley Carter, Pauline Huebner, Mrs. Winnie Baker McClave, Misses Marguerite Hamilton and Vivian Sargent of Matagorda, Ollie Elmore, May Vineyard, Nannie May Brooks, Laurie Huston, Winnie Huston of Wharton, Alice Archer, Jennie Vineyard of Houston, Grace Smith of Collegeport, Leone and Lucy Yerxa, Helen Beadle of Buckeye, Dorothy Kuykendall of Kyle, Catherine Stewart of Houston, Mollie Bell Matthews of Glen Flora, and Miss Sadler of Houston; Messrs. Ummie Eidman, Hugh Keller, Sherman Baker, Elmer Highly, Grover Moore, Elmore Haralson, F. Halladay, Jim McClosky, Bob Benge, Donald Poole, Raymond Cookenboo, Von Dolan, P. Derant, Carroll Gaines, Roland Rugeley, Henry Zie, E. McKery, David Reddin, Billie Foster, Wesley McKelvy, C. M. Carter, Perry Moore, Otto Huebner, Jack Pitluck, Henry Eidlebach, Ray Bigelow, Dr. Lipsitt of Blessing, Jins Lewis of Markham, Cappell of El Campo, R. Jones, Bolton, Lamar Huston, Robert Vineyard and Hawes of Wharton, Farmer, Tom Darst, H. Darst, D. O'Farrell of Richmond, Matteson of Buckeye, Bond of Buckeye; Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Eidman, Mr. and Mrs. George Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kilbride, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Eidman, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Pitluk, Mr. and Mrs. Swarts, Mr. and Mrs. H. Rugeley, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harty, Mr. and Mrs. Rex White, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gaines, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Willis, Dr. and Mrs. Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Dean of Palestine, Mr. and Mrs. Clapp of Collegeport, Mr. and Mrs. Talcott of Van Vleck, Mr. and Mrs. S. Thompson, Mrs. Yerxa of Buckeye, Mrs. George Serrill, Mr. and Mrs. S. Taylor.

Mrs. Edna Hawkins was hostess to the Bridge club Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Sloan returned to their home in Dallas Wednesday after spending the holidays with their parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. Sloan.

Houston Post, January 7, 1912

Bay City

Miss Jessie May Serrill of Matagorda is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill.

Mrs. S. R. Sholars returned Monday after a visit to Richmond.

Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp of Collegeport visited friends here Tuesday.

Rev. and Mrs. John Sloan visited in Matagorda Sunday.

Misses Meta, Janie and Lizzie Hawkins returned Monday after a visit with Mrs. D. R. Pearson of Richmond.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kilbride returned Wednesday after a several days' visit in Richmond.

Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham was the guest of friends Saturday.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews of Glen Flora is the guest of Mrs. John Gaines.

Mrs. Will Guenard and Miss Anna Athens returned to their home in Houston Monday after a week's visit with Miss Eula Sims.

Mrs. S. J. Thompson was hostess to the Bridge club Wednesday afternoon. Those present were Mesdames George Serrill, Rex White, N. J. Hardy, W. D. Wilson, E. L. _____, J. P. Keller, Mrs. Rago of Chicago and Miss Rago.

Mrs. Gloser? Tippins returned to Houston Sunday, after a week's visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Sutherland.

Houston, Post, March 17, 1912

Bay City

Miss Marguerite Hamilton of Matagorda is the guest of Mrs. S. R. Sholars.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher, Messrs. George Burke, W. Furber and James Lewis of Markham and Miss Grace Smith of Collegeport were guests of Miss Emma Lewis Sunday.

Mrs. Ike L. Pitluk will leave Friday for a visit with relatives in Austin.

Mrs. James Williams and Mrs. Annie Williams Byars of Matagorda were guests of friends Wednesday.

Miss Violet Ellis visited relatives in Matagorda Sunday.

Rev. and Mrs. John Sloan were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Harding Sunday.

Mrs. Charles Harding is visiting in Houston.

Invitations have been received from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stephen Austin of San Antonio announcing the marriage of their daughter, Mary Elizabeth to Edward Sherwood Holaday on the evening of Wednesday, April 24, at 8 o'clock in St. Mark's Episcopal church, San Antonio.

Houston Post, April 14, 1912

Bay City

Mrs. Winnie Baker McClane and Miss Pearl Morton are visiting in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth of Matagorda and Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Sholars visited in Galveston and Houston last week.

Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill were guests of friends in Palacios Thursday.

Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham was the guest of Mrs. Agnes Brunner Wednesday.

Miss Imogene Inglehart of Matagorda is the guest of Miss Ivy Arnold.

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Thompson returned Monday after a few days' visit in Houston.

Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Brooks, Mrs. Talcott and Miss Nell Fitzmorris left for Houston Saturday via auto, returning Sunday.

Misses Meta, Janie and Lizzie Hawkins spent Saturday in Galveston.

Miss Callie Metzger visited in Collegeport Sunday.

Houston Post, June 2, 1912

Bay City

The beautiful colonial home of Mr. and Mrs. John Gaines was the scene of a most enjoyable reception and dance Monday evening, given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Gaines' two sons, Carroll and Pierce, and the members of their house party, which include Misses Mollie Bell Matthews of Glen Flora, Alma and Irene Ratcliff of Shreveport, La.; Nannie Campbell of Mississippi, Rachel Peden of Houston, Tom Darst of Richmond and Milton Winston of San Marcos. The punch bowl, in a pretty little bower, was presided over by Mrs. Winnie Baker McClave. Those present were Misses Janie Hawkins, Lizzie Hawkins, Lillie Miller, Zalie Austin, Helen Kilbride, Adele Moore, Ruth Keller, Mabel Kennedy, Jeannette Austin, Shirley Carter, Zora Samuels of Greenville, Louise Wortham of Gainesville, Lucile and Kate Ruckman of Las Esperanzas, Marguerite Hamilton of Matagorda, Lucile Ladd of Alpine; Emmie Eidman, R. T. Bigelow, H. Parker, Roland Rugeley, Murphy, G. Sutherland, S. LeTulle, Sherman Baker, H. Lee, Ellingwood, R. Cookenboo, C. Cookenboo, Jack Pitluk, Perry Moore, B. Frazier of Eagle Lake, Mrs. Jesse Matthews of Glen Flora, Mrs. Winnie Baker McClave, Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill.

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Williams entertained a few friends with whist Tuesday evening. After the games a delicious salad and punch were served. Those enjoying the evening were Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Seth Taylor, Miss Jackson and Mr. Ellingwood.

Miss Emma Lee Lewis was the guest of Mrs. C. B. Fisher in Markham Sunday.

Mrs. Ed Baker of Matagorda is the guest of Mrs. Amos Lee.

Mrs. E. L. Perry left Wednesday for a visit in Colorado Springs.

Mrs. Fred Robbins entertained the members of Mrs. Taylor Huebner's house party Monday afternoon.

Mrs. Bowers of Port Lavaca is the guest of Mrs. Stephen Perry.

Mrs. Frank Holt and Miss Mollie Wadsworth are visiting in Collegeport.

Mrs. A. D. Thompson complimented her house guests, Mrs. Leitch and Mrs. Reid, with a delightful reception Tuesday afternoon. Those assisting Mrs. Thompson in receiving were Mesdames I. L. Pitluk, F. L. Perry, A. R. Carter, H. Rugeley, J. W. Gaines, E. L. Hawkins, Winnie Baker McClave; Misses Emma Lee Lewis, Janie Hawkins; Mesdames J. Reynolds, O. J. Doubek and Louis LeTulle.

Miss Anita Hill is the guest of friends in Velasco.

Houston Post, July 14, 1912

Bay City

Charles Austin of San Antonio was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Will Austin Tuesday.

Miss Muta Serrill of Matagorda is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Serrill.

Mrs. H. A. Clapp of Collegeport was the guest of friends Saturday.

Rev. and Mrs. John Sloan visited in Collegeport Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Ike L. Pitluk returned last week after a visit in Austin and Palestine.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Layton of Matagorda were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Austin Monday.

Miss Cornelia Mayfield of Tanglewylde is the guest of Miss Helen Kilbride.

Miss Lula Williams of Palacios visited friends Saturday.

Mrs. James Keller was hostess to the Whist club Friday afternoon.

Mrs. James Mayfield entertained the Bridge club Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Lawson of Matagorda was the guest of Mrs. Middlebrook Wednesday.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth of Matagorda was the guest of Mrs. Ed Kilbride Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Yerxa of Buckeye were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ducros Thursday.

Miss Eloise Lane of Lane City was the guest of the Misses Hawkins Friday.

Houston Post, September 8, 1912

Bay City

Miss Muta Serrill of Matagorda was the guest of Mrs. George Serrill Wednesday.

Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham was the guest of Mrs. Fred Brunner Thursday.

Miss Marguerite Hamilton of Matagorda is visiting Mrs. S. R. Sholars.

Mrs. Crawford of Houston was the guest of Mrs. Annie Rugeley Tuesday.

Mrs. Frank Smith of Galveston is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Keller.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher of Markham is visiting Miss Emma Lewis.

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Thompson of Fort Worth were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kilbride Sunday.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth of Hearne and Mrs. Frank Holt of Tanglewylde were guests of Mrs. Ed Kilbride this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Layton of Matagorda visited Mr. and Mrs. George Austin Saturday.

Miss Cornelia Mayfield of Tanglewylde is the guest of Miss Helen Kiilbride.

Mrs. Jim Hill is visiting in Velasco.

Mrs. Ryan of Lane City was the guest of Mrs. Schuster Thursday.

Miss Leone Yerxa of Buckeye visited friends Tuesday.

Mrs. Jones of Collegeport was the guest of Mrs. Emmet Perry Monday.

Houston Post, September 29, 1912

Bay City

Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Doubek had as guests for dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. George Austin, Misses Jeannette, Zalie and Julia Austin.

Mr. and Mrs. De Aubin of Port Arthur arrived last week and will make Bay City their home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kilbride and Miss Helen Kilbride left for Washington Friday, where the latter will enter school.

Mrs. McBride, who has been the guest of relatives in Port Arthur, returned last week.

Mrs. R. Kleska, who has been visiting in Matagorda, has returned.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wadsworth are in Matagorda for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sloan, who have been the guests of Rev. and Mrs. John Sloan, left for their home in Dallas Sunday.

Houston Post, January 12, 1913

Big Fire In Bay City

Last Friday night at a very late hour fire was discovered in the Pape restaurant opposite the LeTulle hardware store, and before it could be arrested the flames had spread to the two adjoining stores which were occupied by a plumbing establishment and bakery. In the plumbing house was stored the printing outfit of the late Bay City Breeze owned by Ed Bond. It is said there was no insurance on any of the property burned, and then there is a later report that there was some insurance on either the restaurant or the building.

It was a close call for the Walker Furniture and Undertaking house, Mr. Wm. Walker owning the two buildings occupied by the furniture store. But for the prompt and efficient service of the firemen the whole row of frame buildings up to Ditch's would have burned.

Matagorda News, February 7, 1913

Bay City

Miss Maisy Holmes of La Bele, Mo., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Thompson.

Mrs. Andrews of Wharton is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth.

Misses Mamie Thompson, Catherine and Frances Poole visited friends in Matagorda Friday.

Mrs. John Sloan, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sloan in Dallas, returned Friday.

Miss Emma Lee Lewis visited in Markham Sunday.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher and Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham are the guests of Mrs. Agnes Brunner.

Miss May Turner visited in Collegeport Sunday.

Mrs. J. S. Foster returned last week from a month's visit in San Antonio.

Mrs. Andrew J. Harty, who has been visiting in Chicago for the past several months, returned Wednesday.

Houston Post, March 16, 1913


Mrs. Liures of Collegeport was in the city Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Reese of Vanderbilt visited relatives here last week.

Horace Yeamans of Collegeport was in Palacios Saturday.

Dr. and Mrs. Gray of Carancahua spent Saturday in the city.

Dr. Pevoto of Houston spent Sunday in Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Hurd were over fro Collegeport Saturday.

Mrs. Williams and children left Monday for their home in Broken Arrow, Ok. They have been in the city since January.

Miss Ella D. Hatchell went to Houston Monday to spend several weeks.

Miss Ann Eliza Driskill spent Monday in Collegeport.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Perry visited relatives in Bay City Tuesday.

Houston Post, March 30 1913

Bay City

Mrs. Amos Lee is visiting in Rockdale.

Mrs. J. W. Todswer of Ganado is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Nuckols.

Mrs. Ed Layton of Matagorda attended the reception and shower given by Mrs. George Edward Serrill in honor of Miss Jeannette Austin Thursday.

Mrs. C. B. Fisher of Markham visited with friends and attended the Austin shower and reception Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Agnes Brunner and Mrs. Jack Walker of Markham are visiting in Victoria.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Sterne of Matagorda were guests of friends Sunday.

Miss Leone Yerxa of Buckeye attended the Austin shower Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Austin announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Jeannette Elizabeth to Elmer H. Highley, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Thursday, April 24, 1913.

Miss Jessie Mae Serrill of Matagorda is the guest of Mrs. George Serrill.

Miss Adele Moore will have as guests for the Moose ball Friday evening Misses Polly Robertson of Waelder and Helen Beadle of Beadle.

Miss Emma Lee Lewis will have as guests for the week-end Misses Jennie Vineyard of Houston, Ethel Gaines of Houston, Grace Smith of Collegeport and Edith Thompson of Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lewis will have as guests for the week-end Misses Minnie Kattmann and Elsa Landwehr of Houston, Leona Yerxa of Buckeye and Norma Autrey of Houston. The following cards have been issued by Mrs. Lewis: Mrs. Richard Ricker Lewis at home Mrs. Augustus R. Rucks, 3 to 6 p. m., Tuesday, April 22.

Mrs. J. F. Holt of Tanglewylde was the guest of Mrs. Ed Kilbride Sunday.

Mrs. T. C. Brooks is visiting in Indiana.

J. Raymond Cookenboo and Mrs. Winnie Baker McClave, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Baker, were quietly married at St. Mark's Episcopal Church Friday afternoon, April 11. Rev. John Sloan officiating. The bride was charmingly attired in a blue traveling suit with accessories to match. She is one of Bay City's most lovable daughters. Mr. Cookenboo is one of Bay City's most popular young men and stands high in the estimation of the public. Mr. and Mrs. Cookenboo left for Houston, San Antonio and other points immediately after the ceremony.

Following closely upon the announcement of the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Jeannette Elizabeth Austin, the miscellaneous shower tendered Miss Austin by Mrs. George Edward Serrill Thursday Thursday, April 10; was in every detail a handsomely appointed affair and one of the prettiest courtesies ever extended a bride. A wealth of Bride roses gave off their beauty and fragrance in the living room where the hostess and honoree were assisted in receiving the guests by Mesdames George Austin, E. P. Layton of Matagorda, Winnie Baker McClave and Misses Jessie May Serrill of Matagorda and Pearl Morton. Miss Alice Serrill presided at the guest register. Miss Austin was handsomely gowned in a white embroidered and lace dress and the hostess in a handsome hand-embroidered blue voile. The punch table was found in this same room, where Japanese lanterns and umbrellas gave a distinctly Oriental effect, further accentuated by the kimonoed grace of the Japanese maids, Miss Zalie Austin and Miss Muta Serrill, who served delicious punch and cake, over the punch table so beautifully covered in drawnwork, with roses and ferns strewn about. Mr. Mohler and Mrs. Waldron in their ever delightful fashion added a touch of brilliancy and loveliness to Mrs. Serrill's hospitality in honor of Miss Austin, the violin and piano giving of their best in such able hands. Mrs. Rex. B. White, possessing a voice of rare sweetness and charm, gave a delightful number of "I Love You," doubly attuning the hearts of the guests in sympathy with this occasion.

Houston Post, April 20, 1913

Bay City

A merry party enjoying the excursion to Palacios Friday evening was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Will Stinnett. The party included Misses Katherine Steele of Houston, Daphne and Felice Stinnett of Amarillo, Marguerite Hamilton, Lois Moore, Zalie Austin, Ola Jackson, Florence Stinnett, Mrs. A. C. Stinnett of Amarillo, and Messrs. Roland Rugeley, Brahn Frazar, Otto Huebner, George Geautreax, Sherman Baker, Hugh Keller and Ellingwood.

Wednesday evening the Moose Club complimented Misses Katherine Steele of Houston and Daphne and Felice Stinnett of Amarillo with a "middy blouse" dance.

Mrs. Henry Rugeley gave a tea Friday afternoon for the Altar Guild of the Episcopal Church.

Miss Elmore Hawkins has returned home from Austin, where she has been attending school.

Mrs. Will Stinnett complimented her sister, Miss Katherine Steele of Houston, and Daphne and Felice Stinnett with a heart party Thursday evening.

Miss Glen Harbert of Columbus is the guest of Miss Felice and Daphne Stinnett.

Houston Post, June 1, 1913


From Friday’s Daily.

Business in the city is good with everybody and everybody is happy.

Mr. Hope Thompson, of Hasima, was a business visitor to the city yesterday.

R. F. Faickney, of Van Vleck, passed through the city yesterday on his way to Houston.

Hon. John W. Gaines returned last night from Galveston where he has been presenting a case to the court of civil appeals.

O. E. Hatchett left this morning for Palacios where he will begin the construction of a neat summer cottage for Judge J. M. Sims. The cottage will be finished in time for the B.Y.P.U. encampment.

Miss Emma Lewis, who has been ill for the past several days, left this afternoon for Mineral Wells and will perhaps go to Colorado from there. She was accompanied by her brother, Mr. R. R. Lewis to Houston.

Mr. M. Mol, who recently purchased twenty acres of ground near the Modine place, has improved the place and will engage in the strawberry and celery business, he being experienced in both.

Master Morton McMahan was seriously hurt by stepping on a broken milk bottle last night. A gash three inches long was cut through the skin and tendons to the bone. An artery was cut and the little fellow lost a good deal of blood. He was hurried to the hospital where it was necessary to keep him under ether for a half hour to repair the damage. The carelessness of those who leave broken bottles about is emphasized by this accident. With children going barefoot as they do no broken glass should be left lying around.

From Saturday’s Daily.

Mr. C. R. Archibald is in the city visiting his sister, Mrs. A. D. Thompson.

Prof. R. E. Scott came up from Palacios this morning. He says the summer normal is thoroughly organized down to business with a vim.

Mrs. John W. Gaines and children left today for Hot Springs, Ark., for the summer.

Mr. Will Cherry, of Eagle Lake, has been in the city for several days visiting his sister, Mrs. Allen Stinnett.

Morton McMahon, who cut his foot so badly Thursday, is resting well.

Mrs. Laura Sweeny of Angleton is in the city the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. C. Willis.

Henry Lee is improving rapidly. He is now practically clear of fever and we hope to soon see him out of bed.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeCoux of Houston are in the city visiting relatives.

B. E. Norvell is sporting another new Paige automobile, which he claims sells for $950; well $950 may be right, but it looks like a $2,000 car to us fellows that want a car and have only $9.50 with which to buy.

Mr. Ludwig Mahler was up from Palacios today and stated that the pavilion dance last night was a great success from every standpoint, and that about eighty couples congregated at the pavilion to enjoy the evening.

In front of the Bay City Realty Companys’ office are two stacks of brick. One stack is a dark red while the other stack is a beautiful salmon color, and from our view point they are as good brick as we ever saw. They are from our new plant, the Bay City Brick and Tile Company. Messrs. Norvell and Gaines are spending several thousand dollars on the plant and inside of a month they will have the most up-to-date brick and tile plant in the gulf coast of Texas, with a capacity of from thirty to forty thousand brick per day.

From Monday’s Daily.

Mr. Sam Berg, of Matagorda, spent Saturday in the city on business.

Miss Marie Kennedy, of Chalmers, is the guest of Miss Lillie Linn.

Mrs. J. M. Andrews and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth are expected to arrive home today from a visit of several weeks to Marlin and other points.—Wharton Spectator.

Mrs. Fred S. Robbins returned yesterday from a several weeks visit to Dallas.

Miss Ethel Smith, of Ashwood, is spending the week-end, as the guest of Miss Louise Linn.

Mrs. Terese Robbins is in the city from Matagorda the guest of her son, Mr. Fred S. Robbins.

Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Boney and family returned yesterday from a visit of several weeks to Mineral Wells.

From Tuesday’s Daily.

Capt. J. W. White is in Matagorda today on business.

Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Huston returned Sunday from a visit of several days in Galveston.

Miss Eunie Baker, who has been in Mineral Wells for the past nine months attending school, returned home yesterday for the summer.

Miss Helen Kilbride returned yesterday from Richmond where she has been attending the Moore house party for the past two weeks, the guest of the daughter of Congressman Moore.

Mrs. C. C. Howerton, mother of J. C. Howerton, editor of the Cuero Record, arrived in the city today on a visit to her grand-daughter, Mrs. J. R. Whittaker.

Mrs. Birdie Carter has returned home, after a visit of several weeks to friends and relatives in other parts of the state.

Mr. E. K. McMahan and family and Mr. White and family, who have been on “Ben Hur” beach for several days, have returned home.

Mrs. J. D. Wright, who has been so very ill with typhoid fever, was reported better yesterday afternoon.

Mr. H. F. Ninde was in the city today and says that while he is not just getting back from the Intercoastal Canal celebration, he is just getting over it.

Mr. James Pontius, of Indianola, Neb., spent the past few days in the county prospecting. He left for home yesterday afternoon.

From Thursday’s Daily.

Mrs. H. E. Ditch left yesterday for Houston on a visit.

E. B. Wells spent Wednesday in Houston on business.

Mr. George Kilbride, of Matagorda, is a business visitor to the city today.

Mr. Jack Pitluk left today for Austin, where he will visit for the next two weeks.

W. C. Duncan, manager of the light plant, spent Wednesday in Houston on business.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth returned yesterday from a visit to relatives in Hearne, Texas.

Morton McMahon who so badly cut his foot with a piece of broken milk bottle last week, is reported to be doing well today.

Mrs. W. S. Holman and children, who have been in La Grange for the past few weeks visiting relatives, returned home yesterday, accompanied by her sister, Miss Kaulbach.

Mrs. Laura Sweeny, of Angleton, who has been in the city for the past several days, visiting her sister, Mrs. J. C. Willis, returned to her home Tuesday.

Judge and Mrs. Wells Thompson arrived home today from a visit of several weeks at some of the watering places in Mississippi, where they have been since the re-union in Chattanooga.

The Matagorda County Tribune, June 27, 1913

From Saturday’s Daily.

Mrs. Rudolph Roemer of Elgin is here visiting Mrs. R. C. Emmel.

Mr. E. R. Emmel of Bryan, Texas, spent several days here visiting his brother, R. C. Emmel.

Born, this morning at the Bay City Hospital, unto Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kelly, a 12 pound girl.

Dr. R. H. Towles and wife of Houston spent several days here visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Emmel.

Rev. Johnson and Mr. Campbell Sewall of Houston, are in the city visiting Mr. R. F. Anderson and family.

County Assessor Dan Moore and family went over to Palacios yesterday afternoon to join the Bay City campers at the B.Y.P.U. Park.

Miss E. May Turner returned this morning from a week’s visit to her home in Collegeport and is at her post in the Austin Abstract plant.

Mr. Lynn Yeamans, of Citrus Grove, spent yesterday in Bay City and informed us that he had just learned that his son, who invented an appliance for an aeroplane, has received $100,000 for his patent rights. Mr. Yeamans had received no confirmation of this report when talking to us.

Mrs. Oskar Korn and two little daughters returned today from Pecos, Texas, where she has been visiting her parents for the summer.

Miss Shirley Carter has returned to her home in this city after a stay of two weeks with friends at Seabrook.

From Monday’s Daily.

Born this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Moore a pretty little girl.

Mr. R. E. L. Myers, of Corpus Christi, is in the city for several days on business.

Miss Vinnie Holland, of Marlin, is in the city the guest of Miss Matie Brewer.

George Serrill left Saturday for Galveston where he will spend several days taking degrees in advanced work in Masonry.

Miss Matie Brewer, who has been attending the summer Norman at Palacios for the past several weeks, has returned to her home in this city.

Miss Matie Brewer left today for Seadrift accompanied by Master Paris Smith, who is returning to his home after a visit of several days with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lewis, of Gonzales, accompanied by Misses Tonton and DeWitt, arrived in the city yesterday in automobile on their way to Palacios. While here they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. H. Lewis.

Mr. Jno. M. Wright, secretary of the Tyler Box and Lumber Mfg. Co., of Tyler, arrived in the city yesterday and will begin at once to get contracts on timber for the factory here. Mr. Wright is registered at the Rice Hotel.

Harvey M. McQuiston spent Saturday and Sunday in Houston on business.

Hayden McDonald and Stanley Gillette spend Saturday and yesterday in Galveston.

Mr. J. S. Foster has sold his home to Mr. Henry Ryman, who will make Bay City his home. Mr. Foster will occupy the Mrs. Holmes place on Avenue H. Miss Tennie Holmes will live with the Fosters.

Mr. F. Cornelius, a prominent citizen of Midfield, spent today in Bay City.

Miss Ethel King of Stockdate is the guest of Mrs. Russell Williams.

Miss Janie Darst, of Richmond, is in the city visiting Mrs. P. G. Huston.

County Surveyor E. N. Gustafson and Mr. E. L. Hawkins and surveying party will leave tomorrow for Pledger where they will remain for several days in the interest of the county.

Quite a large number of Bay City people are out in West Texas at the Texas Presbyterian encampment which is at Kerrville: Rev. and Mrs. L. E. Selfridge and family, Mrs. A. D. Hensley, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Poole Sr. and family, Miss Lucile Magill and Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Poole Jr. and family. They report a grand time and much spiritual good. The Misses Poole are said to be two of the most popular young ladies in the camp.

From Wednesday’s Daily.

Mr. A. A. Duffy was a business visitor here today from Matagorda.

Mrs. J. L. Walters left this morning for a visit to Iago and Wharton.

Messrs. J. F. and Henry Williams motored to Bay City from Matagorda today.

Mrs. Hugh Jones, of Joaquin, Texas, is in the city the guest of her sister, Mrs. R. W. Persons.

Miss May Binkley, of El Campo who has been visiting Mrs. A. A. Anderson, returned home this morning.

The Matagorda County Tribune, August 8, 1913

Bay City

Mrs. Jessie May Serrill of Matagorda was the guest of Mrs. George Serrill Wednesday.

Mrs. E. C. Baker of Matagorda was the guest of Mrs. Amos Lee Wednesday.

Misses Lillie and Essie Clements of Lane City were guests of Mrs. J. R. Cookenboo Wednesday.

Mrs. Jo Sargent of Matagorda is the guest of Mrs. Helen Kilbride.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Schall? of Dallas are guests of relatives.

Mr. Andrews of Wharton is the guest of Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth.

Mrs. Marguerite Hamilton of Matagorda is visiting Miss Janie Hawkins.

Mrs. Lettie Lewis Hamel returned Wednesday after visiting in Houston for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Montgomery of Houston were guests of the Nuckols hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Carden? of Matagorda are guests of Rev. and Mrs. John Sloan.

Mr. and Mrs. ____ Watkins of Markham visited relatives Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wildman of Palacios were guests of friends.

Houston Post, April 25, 1915



New Brick Schoolhouse Costing
$12,000 Is Erected—Streets Are Bettered.


Bay City, Tex., May 29.—Conditions in and around Bay City are rapidly improving over the past few months. Numerous local improvements are being made In the way of new homes. The home of Misses Hawkins is now completed at a cost of approximately $30,000. The Presbyterian people have completed a new home for their pastor; the Baptist congregation has completed a new two story brick church home for their pastor, and the handsome two-story brick church building is nearing completion. This building is one of the most handsome in South Texas and, when completed, will cost about $25,000.


Contractor O. E. Hatchett has just completed a two-story brick school building at Magnet at a cost of $12,000, and contract has been let for another school building near Bay City.


Numerous improvements are being made on our streets, besides several blocks of cement sidewalk are now being laid. Bay City at present has about twelve miles of these sidewalks.


Mayor Klein has been active in cleaning up the town, during the past few weeks and the general appearance is greatly improved. A petition has been circulated and presented to the three railroads entering Bay City, asking for a union passenger depot. There is practically no opposition to this from the railroads, and it will not be long: until same will be built.


The public library has outgrown its present quarters and will move into a new and larger building within a short time.


Galveston Daily News, Sunday, May 30, 1915


From Friday’s Daily.

Miss Pearl Morton, who has been for several months at San Benito and Brownsville , is in the city, the guest of Mrs. Jesse Matthews.

Miss Mays Jacobs of Greenville , S. C., is in the city on a visit of some duration with her sister, Mrs. D. A. Switzer.

Mr. J. C. Willis of Wharton spent today in Bay City on business.

Mr. O. E. Hatchett has secured a contract to build a fine new school house for Prairie Center and will begin work at once.

Mr. Simon Lewis has returned from an extended trip to friends and relatives in Alabama and Georgia and says that while he enjoyed the trip he was glad to get back home.

Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Lewis and children returned yesterday from a week in Brazoria County , which they report had a glorious rain on Tuesday, covering all points except the immediate coast, which is parched as never before in their knowledge. Of especial important is the relief to the crops on the State farm and Gulf Prairie, as it means the interest of all the people of Texas .

From Saturday’s Daily.

Mrs. W. L. Penny of Houston is in the city on a visit to her parents, Judge and Mrs. Jesse Matthews.

Judge S. J. Styles has appointed J. A. Elmore county auditor, vice H. M. Elmore who was accidentally killed last week, an account of which was published in the last issue.—Wharton Spectator.

Mrs. C. J. Green and granddaughter returned yesterday from Yoakum after visiting Mrs. Green’s daughter, Mrs. C. W. McClelland.

Mr. H. C. Hunt of Buckeye spent today in the city on business.

Mr. Jack Walker of Markham was a business visitor to the city today.

The Tribune has received an interesting letter from our good friend, Dooley Franz, who is now at Paris Island . He and Everett Bond are the only two Texans there, but they are having a good time and enjoy it, although there’s no place like Texas for them.

An interesting photograph was recently received by Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Keller of this city which was taken during a visit of the king and queen of England to the city of Lincoln , an interesting account of which appeared in the London Post, of April 10. Mr. Phil E. Davant, 1st lieutenant in the American service, a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Keller, had been appointed one of the national honor guards which acted as escort to the royal party. Lieutenant Davant’s picture was shown in the group immediately next to their majesties, an unusual honor as the portraiture readily reveals. The wife of Lieutenant Davant, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keller, is making her home in Bay City with her parents during the period of the war.

From Monday’s Daily.

Mrs. James F. Perry of Freeport is visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Perry, leaving Wednesday for Gonzales.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Blackburn returned to Sugar Valley yesterday, bringing W. D., Jr., whose eyes are improving constantly, after the serious accident in May.

Mrs. Ellen Cherry left Saturday for Temple , where she will undergo an operation.

Mrs. Allen Stinnett and little daughter spent yesterday in Buckeye, the guests of Mrs. Robinnett, who left today for St. Louis , en route to her home.

Mr. S. S. Moore of San Antonio is in the city on a visit to friends and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cox of Granger, Williamson County , are in the city on a prospecting tour.

Mrs. R. E. Scott of Pittsburg is in the city for a day or two, after which she will go to Sweeny to visit her sister. Mrs. Scott will then return to Bay City for a visit of several days.

Mr. W. A. Furber of Markham was a visitor to the city today.

Judge F. H. Jones has returned from a business trip to Dallas .

Mr. G. M. Reed was a business visitor to Bay City Saturday.

Johnnie May Williams, who has been visiting home folks at Matagorda, passed through the city Saturday on his return to Camp Ellington . He is a member of the aero squadron and is being trained in aviation.

Mr. C. S. Wiseman and wife of Wharton were visitors to Bay City Saturday. “Doc” was on The Tribune force for several months prior to going to Wharton where he is now at work for the Spectator.

Commissioner’s Court met today in regular monthly session with Judge John F. Perry presiding and with Commissioners Louis Huebner, J. B.  Hawkins, Henry Sanders and Charley Cabaniss present.

Dr. G. S. Hessenbruch, of the Gulf Sulphur Co., spent Saturday in the city on business.

Rev. J. P. Gilliam began a revival meeting for the Baptists at Cedar Lane yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Erickson and family leave Wednesday morning for a several weeks’ visit to Lake City , Minnesota .

FOR SALE : One second-hand Dearing binder, a McCormick mower and push rake for sale cheap. Only in use one season. Apply to W. P. Johnson five miles N. E. Bay City or P. O. Box 43                           12-w-p

Guy Eidman was over from El Campo to get some Oakland cars for the El Campo trade. He says the automobile business is brisk and the demand much greater than the supply.

From Tuesday’s Daily.

Mr. J. C. Webb of Rogalusa , La. , who has been in the city on a visit to J. E. Thompson and family, has returned to his home.

Miss Pauline Thompson has returned from a very pleasant visit to friends and relatives in Palacios.

Miss Marguerite Thompson is visiting in Palacios.

E. F. McDonald, who does a general rental business, informs us that there are more people residing in the corporate limits of Bay City than in five years. The demand for good residences exceeds the supply. He also has applications for business property well located.

Mr. J. M. Greenwood, who has been employed in the government shipyards at Orange , spent a few days in the city this week with friends. He said much work is being done in Orange and a large force of men is employed in the several shipyards there.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kelly of Oil City , La. , arrived here last Tuesday via automobile on a visit to Mrs. Kelly’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Patterson, near Orangedale. They say that in all the trip the best roads they found were those of Matagorda County .

Corporal Merlin Vogelsang arrived home last night from Austin and will spend a few days here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Vogelsang.

Mr. N. M. Vogelsang left today for San Antonio and Uvalde on business.

Mrs. Ada Mohle and Miss Merle Mohle, who have been in the city for the past two weeks visiting Mrs. Mohle’s daughter, Mrs. Carey Smith, left today for their home in Lockhart.

Papa Schill requests The Tribune to say that the town clock, which has been on bad behavior for the past two weeks, is now in good shape and will give no more trouble.

Miss Dell Conger, who has been assisting in the office work for her father for the past several years, has gone to San Antonio to do stenographic work. She is succeeded in the office here by her sister, Mrs. Lenora Gibson.

The members of the Commissioner’s Court visited Matagorda last night to attend a mass meeting of the citizens which was held for the purpose of launching a move to build a first-class 16-foot highway from Matagorda to the sulphur fields. The meeting was a successful one and The Tribune has been informed that a petition asking for an election to provide for bonds for the building of the road will be submitted to the court Saturday.

Misses Irene and Pauline Gibson came in Wednesday to spend the 4th with their parents and will remain until Sunday when they will return to Bay City to resume their studies.—Francitas Bee.

From Wednesday’s Daily.

A fine boy has made his appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie McDonald of Markham .

Mr. Warren Baker, who underwent a severe surgical operation at Galveston ten days ago, is reported convalescent at the John Sealy Hospital of that city. Mrs. C. F. Baker is in Galveston attending him.

Mr. H. J. Bolton of Wharton is in the city for a few days on business.

Mrs. S. A. Nance and children of Bastrop are in the city visiting Mrs. Nance’s sister, Mrs. P. A. Bond.

Miss Cara Garrett left today for Palacios where she will visit for two weeks, after which she will go to Chicago for a summer course in music.

Mrs. W. S. Holman and children have returned from a visit to friends and relatives in La Grange .

From Thursday’s Daily.

Mr. E. P. Layton of Matagorda was a visitor to the city today. He says his part of the county is badly in need of rain.

Mr. George B. McKissick of Ashby was a visitor to Bay City today.

Miss Nannie McGehee of Wadsworth spent today in the city, the guest of Mrs. Nannie Franz.

Sheriff Bert Carr and Judge John F. Perry are in Austin this week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bates have been the guests of the Kraft Eidmans for some days.

Mr. Crawford Barnett was summoned to McComb , Ohio , last night on account of the death of Mrs. Barnett’s mother. Mrs. Barnett has been with her mother for the past few weeks.

Dr. C. P. Jones, who has been called to the service of his county, left today to report for duty.

Miss Mary Rugeley left this morning for a visit to San Antonio .

Matagorda County Tribune, July 7, 1918

Bay City Schools

The faculty for Bay City high school for 1918-19 with their present assignment. Assignments are subject to change when the superintendent thinks best:
David R. Hibbetts, Mathematics, superintendent.
R. F. Phelps, science, principal of high school.
Miss Ina Nowlin, Spanish and Latin.
Miss Pansy Walden, English and librarian.
Miss Mabel Kenedy, history and biology.

Grammar School.
Miss Laura Bowman, English and spelling, principal.
Miss Ola Anderson, mathematics and reading.
Miss Albert Poage, geography and agriculture.
Mrs. O. E Kenedy, history and physiology.

Primary School.
Miss Daily Cookenboo, fourth grade.
Miss Mamie Gusman, third grade.
Miss Viva M. Womack, second grade.
Miss Tenie Holmes, first grade.
Miss Ivy Yancy, general assistant to the primary.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 20, 1918

Complimentary Dance to Students Home For Christmas Holidays

The dance Monday evening was one of the most enjoyable of the season's round of delightful events. Entertaining music was furnished by an Hawaiian orchestra.

The personnel of this delightful affair, as follows:

Carrie Boney
Thelma Moore
Annie Lee Cox
Julia Austin
Marion Gaines
Mary Rugeley
Mabel Hamill
Eunice Baker
Opal Boney
Louise Mayfield
Cornelia Mayfield
Lottie Mae Cox
Myrtle Darby
Ethel Hamill
Arzilla Clark

Merlin Vogelsang
Jimmie Castleton
Blakely Winston of Richmond
Randolph Cox
Jim McKelvy
Claude Hamill
Charles Davidson
Fred Lewis
Ed. Castleton
Mitt Morehead
Dick Gaines
Wesley McKelvy
Harry Clark
Percy Hamill
Frank S. Taylor
Albert Lewis

Messrs. and Mesdames--
Craig Cates Tiptonville, Tenn.
Carroll Gaines
S. R. Sholars
Lieut. and Mrs. C. M. O'Brian of Ayer, Mass.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 10, 1919

Homeseekers Excursion For Bay City

The First homeseekers excursion to come to Bay City in several years will leave Illinois May 15, according to the secretary of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce.

A thousand booklets on Matagorda County have been distributed through the co-operation of the Chicago and Alton Railroad and Dr. VanWormer and it is thought that this is the beginning of a constant stream of prospectors for this section of the country.

The secretary of the Chamber of Commerce has been working on this matter for several weeks and is delighted with its success. It remains for the people of Matagorda County to receive these visitors in the proper spirit and the results will doubtless be satisfactory for all parties concerned.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 23, 1926

Bay City Local Happenings


Miss Viola Middlebrook of Fort Worth is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carrington and her father, Mr. R. O. Middlebrook.


Mrs. Sam Hamburger of Columbus is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Berlowitz for a few days.


Miss Joyce Gillette of Houston was a Bay City visitor Tuesday.


Miss June Stovall of La Porte is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Eddie Willenberg and Mr. Willenberg for a few days.


Mr. Ernest Plant of Dallas sent the Christmas holidays in the city with Mrs. Plant.


Mr. and Mrs. Spence Clements and Miss Marianne Clements were Sunday visitors in Houston.


Mr. and Mrs. Ben Whisenhunt of Houston were the Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Anderson.


Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Willenberg and Miss June Stovall of La Porte, their house guest spent Sunday and Monday in Freeport.


Mrs. G. A. Moore returned home Tuesday after spending the holidays in Bryan.


Miss Beatrice Poole and Mr. Arthur Collins were Houston visitors for the day.


Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Jackson returned to their home in Galveston today, after spending the holidays with Mrs. Jackson's mother, Mrs. D. P. Moore.


Mrs. Eugene Wilson and daughter, Sarah Janin are visiting in Lockhart for a few days.


Miss Dolly Cox spent Tuesday in Wharton, the guest of Miss Mary Moore Rowan, miss Rowan and Miss Catherine Wilson returned with Miss Cox for a visit.


Miss Kathryn Cornelius of Blessing was a Tuesday visitor in Bay City.


Messrs. Beadle and William Moore, Albert Wadsworth and Duncan Corbett were visitors in Egypt, Tuesday.


Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Ray of Newgulf, were Sunday visitors in Bay City.


Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Chapman of Garwood visited with relatives in Weimar for several days.


Miss Leona Insall is visiting relatives in Weimar for several days.


Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Stevens of Victoria visited in Bay City Monday, the guests of their son, Mr. Tommy Stevens and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Gordon.


Mrs. E. G. Cloar and her children, Mr. Tommy and Miss Eura Cloar of Houston and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cloar of Beaumont, Miss Beulah Cloar of Houston and Mr. Bob Bassett of Richmond were the Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bachman.


Mr. and Mrs. George Yeager, Sr., and their daughter, Mrs. H. H. Swem of Newgulf, spent Monday and Tuesday in Houston.


Mrs. Jimmy Britton and Sonny are in Houston visiting for several days.


Mrs. Claire Pollard had as her Christmas guests, her son, Mr. Harrison Pollard of Benavides and Miss Lo Reese Smith of Alice.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Wilcox and Mrs. J. S. Duncan and son John Cecil of Stuttgart, Ark., are the guests of Mrs. M. W. Millican and family for a few days visit.


Mrs. E. P. Maynard of Matagorda is a visitor in Bay City, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Billie Stinnett.


Miss Ione Stinnett and Mrs. B. F. ____ were visitors in Richmond on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Miss Helen Cates spent Monday and Tuesday in Wharton, the guest of Miss Lottie Groom Hodges. Miss Hodges returned Tuesday with Miss Cates for a visit.


Mrs. J. L. Henry and daughter, Mary Emma of Houston, were the Christmas guests of Mrs. Henry's mother, Mrs. M. S. Barnett. Miss Henry will spend the rest of the week with her grandmother.


Among those attending the dance Tuesday evening at the Baker Roof were Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Huston, Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stinnett, Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Preddy of Austin, Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Hamill, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Crofoot, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Irwin, Mr. A. M. Jackson of Galveston, Mr. Eugene Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Langham, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Taylor, Mr. Kenneth Horton, Mr. Jerry Ludwig; Messrs. Jas, and Austin Castleton, Mr. Albert Oertling, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Plant, Mrs. Mae Brunner, Mr. Glen McCLain, Mr. Knox Stapleton of Newgulf, Miss Lillian Pevoteaux, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Gustafson, Dr. and Mrs. Heimon, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Moore, Mr. Mike Ryan, Jean Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Spence Clements and Jim Davis Clements, Mesdames Ellis Hamill, Harry Clark of San Antonio, Ann Freen and Mr. Eddie Badouh.


The Matagorda County Tribune, December 29, 1932


The Gleaner's All-Day Meeting At Wesley Chapel

The Gleaners of the Methodist Church held an all-day meeting at Wesley Chapel. Tuesday from ten to three o'clock, having as joint hostesses, Mesdames Tony Carr, P. G. Secrest, R. Russell, D. E. Cates, Dora Dienst and Helen Wilkinson.

The meeting was opened with a prayer from Mrs. A. J. McCary followed by the business session. The devotional on Missions was given by Mrs. R. Bussell. Mrs. F. S. Taylor, who was in charge  of the program, announced that several discussions would be given on the study book, "Facing the Future in Indian Mission," by Mrs. Joe Freeman, Mrs. B. Ehlert, Mrs. Vance Porter, Mrs. W. E Davant and Mrs. Frazier of which was most interesting. Mrs. Paris Smith then closed the meeting for the social hour.

At which time the luncheon, consisting of chicken a la king in patties, with cream peas, potato chips, pear salad, hot rolls, iced tea and strawberry cake was served on lace-laid trays, centered with baskets of sweetheart roses, at individual tables.

After the luncheon, the members then viewed the Indian display, which was most interesting and entertaining, especially so with Mrs. Smith and Miss Fay Carr explaining each item. Miss Carr further entertained the class with a story about her father who was an Indian war veteran. The meeting was then closed by the class benediction.

The members attending this meeting were Brother and Mrs. A. J. McCary and Mesdames O. H. Gusman, Helen Wilkinson, Dora Dienst, Schaeffer, W. E. Gaedecke, S. E. Hager, S. Oliver, Paris Smith, F. S. Taylor, W. F. Tetts, Pat Thompson, Joe Freeman, Vance Porter, P. E. Lee, P. G Secrest, Frank Thompson, Frank Carr, W. E. Davant, B. Ehlert, Meschkat, R. Bussell, Fred Mielsch, H. C. Ellis, W. E. DeWeese, D. E. Cates, Tony Carr, Crawford Barnett and E. M. Williamson

Matagorda County Tribune, April 27, 1933

Students Return to Colleges Sun. After Holiday Visit

Among the Bay City students returning to the various colleges after spending the Thanksgiving holidays with their parents were:

Virginia Wilkinson and Monte Loving, Jr., returned to Southwestern College in Georgetown;
John Paul Wilkinson, Neils Thompson, Ione Stinnett, Judith Gaedcke, Ray Beth Pegram, G. P. Hardy, Jr., Jane Rugeley, Pinkey Wynne, Beulah Erickson, Edward Gaudet, returned to the University of Texas in Austin;
Miss Mary Wiggins to Austin;
Johnny Frick, Manford Noster and Don Werta to A. & M. College in College Station;
Miss Teresa Lewis to Austin College in Sherman;
Miss Kathryn Williamson to C. I. A. in Denton;
Miss Mary Jane Cobb to Our Lady of the Lake College in San Antonio;
Lloyd Bond to Lon Morris at Jacksonville;
Beadle Moore, George Edward Serrill to Rice Institute in Houston;
Bert Carr, Hudson Castleton and Jay Serrill to Schreiner Institute in Kerrville;
Chas. Shoultz and P. G. Secrest Jr., to the medical department of the University of Texas in Galveston; Martin Garner to Junior College in Houston.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 7, 1933

Faculty Entertain

A delightful affair of this week was the social meeting of the members of the Bay City school faculty, which was given at the spacious home of Mrs. D. P. Moore on Monday evening at eight o'clock with Mrs. Bretch Taulbee, Miss Martha Langham and Miss Martha Moore acting as hostesses.

Throughout the lovely home, poinsettias beautifully arranged with Yaupon and other Yuletide blossoms formed an artistic background for the guests. Five tables of bridge and one of forty-two made up the personnel. Attractive bridge tallies and score pads further reflected the Christmas season, the tables being covered with green cloths.

At the close of the games, Miss Lucille Christenberry held high score for contract and Miss Bess Senour high for forty-two. Both were presented jars of Christmas candies.

On handsomely appointed trays centered with tall red tapers gleaming in silver holders, the dainty refreshments repeating the chosen theme consisting of molded cranberry salad, open-faced sandwiches, Chinese Chews, hot tea and salted nuts were served.

The personnel of teachers attending this enjoyable affair was Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Posey, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Early, Mr. and Mrs. Bretch Taulbee, Mrs. J. W. Ingram, Mrs. Hubert Gusman, Mrs. R. M. Wynne, Misses Martha Langham, Mamie Gusman, Lucille Christenberry, Bess Senour, Nan Shifflett, Lucille Frazier, Neva Christian, Constance Langham, Laverne Secrest, Martha Moore and Messrs. Tom Driscoll, Stanley Cernosek and H. G. Williams.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 21, 1933

College Students Return to Studies After Holiday Visit

The following students have returned to their studies at the colleges after spending the holidays with their parents and friends in Bay City:

Neils Thompson, Terance Pollard, John Paul Wilkinson, G. P. Hardy, Jr., Edward Gaudet, Jane Rugeley, Ione Stinnett, Judith Gaedcke, Ray Beth Pegram, Beulah Erickson, all to the University of Texas in Austin;
Teresa Lewis, Mary Marshall McClure, Brooksy Smith to Austin College in Sherman;
Virginia Wilkinson and Monte Loving to Southwestern University in Georgetown;
Don Wertz to A. & M. College in College Station;
Lloyd Bond to Lon Morris in Jacksonville;
Kitty King Corbett to Chatham Hall in Chatham Hall, Virginia;
Duncan Corbett to Washington and Lee in Lexington, Virginia;
Beadle Moore to Rice Institute in Houston;
P. G. Secrest and Charles Shoultz to the Medical Department of the University of Texas in Galveston;
Hudson Castleton, Jay Serrill and Bert Carr, Jr. to Schreiner Institute at Kerrville;
Kathryn Williamson to C. I. A. to Denton;
Martin Garner to A. & I. in Kingsville;
Milton Wynne to University in Austin;
Mary Jean Cobb to Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio;
Jeanne LeTulle to Baylor College at Belton.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 4, 1934

Students of Bay City Who Will Attend College

Bay City will be largely represented at outstanding colleges in Texas and other states this year. The following is a partial list of those who will attend college this term of school:

University of Texas, Austin, Texas: Robert Anderson, John Paul Wilkinson, G. P. hardy, Gerald and Geraldyne Livengood, Duncan Corbett, Susanna Helmecke, Ray Beth Pegram and Ted Davant.

Rice Institute, Houston, Texas: Tom Anderson, Beadle Moore, Joe Fryou and Bert Carr, Jr.

Howard Payne, Brownwood, Texas: Miss Beth Anderson

Kemper Military Academy, Booneville, Missouri: Albert Wadsworth, Jr.

Beaumont Junior College, Beaumont, Texas: George Richard Keene and Bobbie Wilkinson

Bryant-Stratton College, Providence, R. I: Frank Hurley

Schreiner Academy, Kerrville, Texas: Hudson Castleton, Jay Serrill and George Edward Serrill

College of Industrial Arts, Denton, Texas: Miss Kathryn Williamson

A. & M. College, College Station, Texas: Don Wertz and John Frick

Austin College, Sherman, Texas: Terese and Edward Lewis and Frances McClure

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio: Miss Virginia Wilkinson

Sweet Briar, Lynchburg, Virginia: Miss Kitty King Corbett

Woodberry Forrest School, Woodberry Forrest, Virginia: Gibbons Corbett

Matagorda County Tribune, September 20, 1934

Black and White Shop To Re-Open Wednes.

The Black and White Shop on West side of the square will re-open Wednesday and the public is cordially invited to visit between the hours of 2 and 6 p. m. for free coffee and doughnuts.

This shop has been completely remodeled and enlarged, adding another attractive business house to the square.

The Black and White Shop specializes in sandwiches, coffee, short orders, etc. At a later date they will make fried chicken their specialty.

Daily Tribune, March 16, 1937


Mr. and Mrs. Don Sterling Jr. spent the weekend in Caldwell.

Mrs. James Nibblett Jr. and Sherry of Houston are visiting relatives here a few days.

Mr. E. J. Crofoot and son, Tad spent Easter here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Crofoot. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Crofoot will leave soon for their new home in Sacramento, California.

Mrs. Norman Spencer left yesterday for her home in Big Springs after spending several days here with her sisters, Mrs. Pat Thompson and Mrs. Cecil Saunders and her mother, Mrs. Neils Anderson.

Mrs. Pat Thompson and Mrs. Neils Anderson are in Houston today where Mrs. Anderson is consulting her physician.

Adelbert Verser and Charles Maddox went back to A. and M. College yesterday after spending the Easter Holidays here with her parents. They were accompanied to Houston by Mr. and Mrs. Laddie Lowe and Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Verser.

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Cole returned to Houston yesterday afternoon after spending the Easter holidays with Mrs. Cole's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Mills.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Ryman returned to A. and M. College this morning after spending the Easter holidays here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Horn and Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Ryman in Matagorda.

Mrs. A. C. Barton spent the week end in Port Lavaca with Mr. Barton.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gartman and Randy and Mrs. Grover Horn and Mrs. Wm. P. Ryman spent Sunday in Newgulf with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore of Freeport spent yesterday here with relatives.

Mrs. Terrill Pierce and mother, Mrs. R. L. Porter spent Easter Sunday in Houston with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Paris Smith are in Dallas where they were called on account of the death of a nephew.

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Labay spent the weekend in El Campo with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Bareiss of Houston were Easter guests of Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Matthes and children. Mrs. Bareiss and Mrs. Matthes are sisters.

Mr. and Mrs. Vestal Fisher, Susan and Deanna, Mrs. Mae Sherry and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fisher and Donald spent the weekend in Houston with Mr. and Mrs. James Niblett and Sherry. They enjoyed a trip to the San Jacinto Monument Sunday afternoon.

Charles Kidder, University of Texas student spent the weekend with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack C. Milner, Mack, Jr. and John Brochar of Houston spent the Easter holidays in Bay City visiting in the homes of Mrs. R. J. Sisk and Mr. and Mrs. James E. Foreman.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Evans of Houston spent the weekend here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Clifton. They were accompanied by Miss Johnnie Fay Joice, who visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Joice.

Russell Matthes and his roommate, Clift Davis at Baylor spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes.

Tribune, April 3, 1947

131 On Faculty Of School; Many New Teachers Here

There are 131 members of the faculty of the Bay City Independent School District, this total including principals, school nurse, and teachers and coaches.

Because the school system this upcoming year will return to the four-year high school system the high school faculty has been increased. For the past three years the junior high school contained grades seven, eight, with the ninth grade to move to the high school.

This change was approved by the school board earlier this year. It will make numerous changes in the scholastic and athletic programs of the school.

It will provide increased volume of students for the various school activities as band, choral work, and the other phases of school work.

In addition to providing additional talent for athletic teams, the choral program is expected to have increased numbers, as will the band at the high school.

Next year the girl's physical education program will require two instructors, where in the past only one instructor was necessary.

There are 31 members of the high [school] Mrs. Ruby Ballard, Mrs. Broughton, Mrs. Kay Johnson, Roxie McCarty, Phil Point, Miss Mattie Sue Ringgold, Miss Bonnie Southwell, and Albert Wynn.

Incumbent instructors include J. I. Barron, Miss Lucille Christenberry, Mrs. Bess Early, Erwin Graeter, Mrs. Mary Gregory, Mrs. Lois Harris, Don Haley, Mrs. Keye Ingram, Charles King, Sam Maglitto, E. D. Marling, Vance McDonald, Mrs. Nola Mae McWilliams, Joe Rogers, Orlando Schraub, Mrs. Edith Smith, James D. Sowell, Kermit Spielman, Mrs. Viola Sullivan, George Valon, Mary Valon.

There are 18 members of the junior high school faculty. New members include Mrs. Sue Beeman, Henry Black, Mrs. Eva Einkauf, Fred Goeke, LaVerne Jecmenek. Incumbent instructors include Mrs. Lillie Balusek, Miss Emma Chamrad, Robert Conklin, Roy C. Harris, Miss Margaret Holsworth, Principal Kenneth Kerley, Miss Della S. Oliver, Edwin A. Peters, Mrs. B. Smith, Mrs. Bonnie H. Staten, Mrs. Vevi Stevens, Miss Valeria Sweeny, and Mrs. Jo R. Williams.

There are 54 members of the elementary school faculty and 28 on the faculty of Hillard schools.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 23, 1956

New Members Names For Bay City Faculty

There are 54 members of the faculty of the two elementary schools of Bay City Independent School District. In that number, which includes the principals, there are seven new members, including one new principal.

John Hill is the new principal at the Pierce School. Last year Frank Balusek was principal of Tenie Holmes and Pierce, dividing his time between the two schools.

In addition to Mr. Hill the new members of the elementary school faculty include Samuel David Beeman, the speech therapist who is completing his degree requirements at San Marcos, Mrs. Jerry Nell Goeke, wife of the new junior high coach, Mrs. Mildred Owen, Mrs. Geraldine Rogers, Mrs. Jerry Salyer, and Mrs. Aileen Warnoch.

Incumbent members of the faculty include Mrs. Ruth Alford, Mrs. Carmen S. Anderson, Mrs. Eunice Anderson, Miss Edith Armstrong, Mrs. Etta Mae Baker, Mr. Balusek, Mrs.. Nettalie Russell Bateman, Mrs. Peggy Chapman, Mrs. Alice Cherry, Mrs. Dorothy Criswell, Mrs. Kathryn E. Davis, Miss Pearl Donoway, Mrs. Esther N. Hall, Mrs. Ivie Y. Humber, Mrs. Roberta Irwin, Mrs. Margaret Jordan, Mrs. Rhoda King, Mrs. Margaret Lawson, Mrs. Mattie Liston, Miss Pearl Love, Miss Ethel Manning, Mrs. Mary B. McAllister, Mrs. Violet McKnight, Mrs. Ellen L. Minkert, Mrs. Norene Nelson, Mrs. Daisy Newton, Mrs. Charlsie Nygard, Mrs. Frances Patterson, Mrs. Mary Peterson, Miss Sybil Runnells, Mrs. Elaine Scoggin, Mrs. Inez Scott, Miss Bess Senour, Mrs. Lena Maude Shaffer, Mrs. Mildred Sherrer, Mrs. Marguerite D. Sirman, Mrs. Erlyne V. Sykes, Mrs. Eva Tenberg, Mrs. Bessie Lee Tharp, Mrs. Elaine Townsend, Mrs. Corinne Vaughan, Mrs. Roxie B. Wiginton, Miss Kay Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Young and Mrs. Mary Younts.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 23, 1956


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