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Chamber of Commerce
Bay City, Texas

Matagorda County Tribune, 100th Anniversary Edition, August 23, 1945

Officers and Directors of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce for 1945

E. O. Taulbee……………………….................………………………..President
James Castleton………………………………..........……..First Vice-President
Roy G. Wertz……………………………..……...............Second Vice-President
L. B. Luder……………………………………....…………............……Treasurer
Daisy L. Bell……………………………………   ……….…….............Secretary


E. O. Taulbee
James Scott
James Castleton
Arthur C. Stewart
Tom J. Poole, Jr.
Carl Bachman
Roy G. Wertz
R. E. Morgan
Bert C. Steves
Samuel G. Selkirk, Jr.


1945 Committees

Aviation Committee
R. Lee Anderson, Chairman
Tom J. Poole, Jr.
Franklin Shelly
James Scott

Auditing Committee
L. B. Luder
E. L. McDonald

County Fair Committee
Tom J. Poole, Jr., Chairman
Francis Savage
John E. Hutchison
Carl Bachman
P. R. Hamill
T. S. Hermanson, Elmaton, Texas
LeRoy Franz
Mrs. Alma S. Hale
J. C. Lewis
Roy G. Wertz
W. W. Rugeley
Carl Lively
Emil Ottis, Wadsworth, Texas
E. A. Mixon

Civic Affairs Committee
S. G. Selkirk, Jr., Chairman
W. R. Gordon
Mrs. A. Harris
Hugh Strickland
F. S. Taylor
Frank Thompson
Carey Smith, Jr.
C. B. Trotter

Economic Development Committee
E. O. Taulbee, Chairman
Roy G. Wertz
Cary Smith, Jr.
Pat Thompson
Vance Porter

Economic Development Committee
J. A. Birkner
Daisy L. Bell, Secretary
R. Lee Anderson
H. W. Swem, Newgulf, Texas
H. W. Cormier
A. A. Rice
C. Crawford, Palacios, Tex.

Legislative Committee
Arthur C. Stewart, Chairman
E. L. McDonald
Pat Thompson
Judge A. Harris
Rowland Rugeley
P. R. Hamill, Vice-Chairman
Paris Smith
John Sutherland
Judge Thos. H. Lewis
Vance Porter

Membership Committee
A. A. Rice, Chairman
R. E. Morgan
S. G. Selkirk, Jr.
Aaron Greenberg
R. W. Bussell
T. J. Poole, Jr.
Carl Bachman

Merchant Committee
Bert C. Steves, Chairman
R. E. Graham
C. R. Anderson
J. C. Sisk
M. B. Guess
Max Epstein
R. E. Morgan
Dave Paine
Carl Bachman

Merchant Committee (continued)
H. Brandon
E. W. Willenberg
O. R. Etie
Frank Thompson
Mrs. Fae Hurley
O. B. Stanley
D. L. Gibbs
Paris Smith
W. F. Tetts

National Affairs Committee
P. R. Hamill, Chairman
J. C. Lewis
Roy G. Wertz

Oil Industry Committee
E. L. McDonald, Chairman
T. W. Haught
W. B. McGee
Sid Miley
O. J. Doubek
P. R. Hamill
Roy W. Machen

Post War Planning Committee
E. O. Taulbee, Chairman
Louis Matchett
R. Lee Anderson
S. E. Doughtie
Tom Hale
Thos. H. Lewis
Roy G. Wertz
Vance Porter
P. R. Hamill
James Castleton
Paris Smith

Publicity Committee
James Castleton, Chairman
Carey Smith, Jr.
L. B. Luder
Roy G. Wertz



New Year’s Day
San Jacinto Day (If not on Saturday)
Independence Day (July Fourth)
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day



Marston Johnson, Van Vleck, Texas

Elliott-Waldron Abstract Co.

J. R. Cookenboo
J. J. Gannon, Houston, Texas
Luther Robertson

Amusement Companies:
Frels State Theatre
Texas Theatre

Erickson & Bell
A. Harris
Thos. H. Lewis
R. F. Peden

Automobile Dealers and Repairing:
Bay City Auto & Sales Co.
Bay-Tex Garage
Mielsch Motor Company
Rugeley Motor Company

Automobile Equipment:
Dependable Motor Parts
Gibbs’ Firestone Store
Lack’s Auto Supply Store
Western Auto Associate Store

Bay City Bank & Trust Company
First National Bank

Barber Shops:
Tom Birchfield Barber Shop
Edward’s Barber Shop

Beauty Shoppes:
Bon-Ton Beauty Shoppe

Bottlers & Distributors:
Coca Cola Bottling Company

Building Materials:
Alamo Lumber Company
Bay City Lumber Company
Bay City Material Company

Bus Lines:
Bowen Motor Coaches

Etie’s Café
Rice Café

People’s Laundry
Verser Brothers

Clothing and Department Stores:
Gifford’s Shoppe
Hurley Shoppe
McGlaun’s Children Shoppe
Neuman Brothers
Orchid Shoppe
Oshman Dry Goods Company
J. C. Penney Company
Tillman’s Bargain Store

Cold Storage:
Bay City Packing Company

Gerald Mora Construction Company
Southern States Construction Company

Mrs. J. C. Murray

Cotton Gins:
Bay City Gin Company

Credit Associations:
Retail Merchants Association

Dairies and Creameries:
Bay City-Phenix Cremery
Birkner’s Dairy

Dr. Vernon H. Fricke
Dr. S. R. Sholars
Dr. E. A. Sibley




Drug Stores:
Huston’s Drug Store
Matagorda Pharmacy
Scott’s Drug Store

Electric Power and Light Companies:
Central Power and Light Co.

Electrical Contractors:
Bennett Refrigeration Co.
Wolffarth & Bowman

Morris Pest Control System

Farm Implements:
Rex Harris
A. R. Matthes Farm Equipment Co.

Feed Stores:
Carter Grain Company
Feeder’s Supply Store

Bay City Floral Company
Davis Flower Shop

Funeral Directors:
Matchett-Newman Funeral Home

Furniture Stores:
Taylor Brothers
Walker Furniture Company

A & P Grocery
Alaskan Food Market
Bachman’s IGA Store
Bay City Food Market
Denn’s Food Store
East End Grocery
Evans Food Store
Goldman’s Grocery
Sisk Grocery & Hardware Co.
C. W. Smith Grocery

Groce-Wearden Company
Matagorda Wholesalers, Inc.
E. A. Mixon, Produce

LeTulle Mercantile Company

Matagorda General Hospital

Bay-Tex Hotel

Geo. R. Burke
Geo. E. Serrill
C. B. Trotter
A. H. Wadsworth

Secrest Jewelry Company
Tetts Jewelry Company

Liquor Stores:
Jason’s Liquor Store

Machine Shops:
Bay City Machine Shop
R. E. Slater

Mail Order Houses:
Montgomery Ward Company
Sears Roebuck & Company

Ministers of Religion:
Rev. Harry V. Rankin

Bay City Tribune

Office Supplies:
Spoonemore’s Office Supply Co.

Oil Field Supplies:
Hunt Tool Company

Oil Producers:
J. S. Abercrombie Co. & Magnolia Pet. Co., Sweeny, Texas
Hamill & Hamill
Ohio Oil Company
Skelly Oil Company
Sun Oil Company


Oil Refineries:
Hamman Oil & Refining Company
Shelly [Skelly?] Refining Company

Osteopathic Phys. & Surgs.—D. O.
Dr. B. L. Livengood

Petroleum Products—Wholesale
J. E. Aaron, Aaron Oil Company
H. N. Barkley, Magnolia Petroleum Co.
James Castleton, Humble Oil & Refining Co.
T. A. Castleton, Sinclair Refining Company
E. J. Nedbalek, Texaco Petroleum Products
Noble Thornton, Conoco Oil Company

Mowan Studio

Physicians & Sugeons—M. D.:
Dr. R. F. Roche
Dr. Chas. A. Shoultz

Culver Plumbing Company

Radios and Repair:
Wm. Holub Radio Shop

Missouri Pacific Lines
Santa Fe Railroad Company
T. & N. O. Railroad Company

Real Estate:
Mrs. Mae Baxter, Matagorda, Texas
W. T. Cox Real Estate & Insurance
Magill Land Company, Callie M. Metzger, Owner

Rice Mills:
Bay City Rice Mills

Saddle & Shoe Shop:
Central Shoe Shop

Gulf Coast Business Schools

Seed Stores:
Southern Seed Store

Service Stations:
O. J. Doubek Texas Service Station
Hatchett’s Magnolia Service Station
Morrow’s Conoco Service Station

Matagorda Shell Compay

Sulphur Mining:
Texas Gulf Sulphur Company, Newgulf, Texas

City Cab Company

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

Butler-Moreman Tire & Service Company

Tourist Courts:
Como Motel

Trucking Lines:
L. A. Norris Trucking Company
Union Truck Lines

Variety Stores:
V. C. Glenn
Guess Brothers

Veneer Companies:
Bay City Veneer Miles

Dr. I. C. Marks

Gulf Coast Warehouse Company
Union Warehouse & Elevator Company

Water Companies:
Gulf Coast Water Company




R. Lee Anderson
Arthur Baer
R. H. Beavers
Daisy L. Bell
Johnnie Blinsky
J. J. Boley
R. G. Buckley
Emma L. Carleton
Clark Bros.
F. G. Cobb
Geo. C. Cockburn

S. O. Eidman
Alma S. Hale
Tom Hale
P. R. Hamill
Hawkins Ranch
John E. Hutchison
J. J. LeTulle
J. C. Lewis
E. L. McDonald
R. H. Minton
D. P. Moore Estate

R. H. Parker, Matagorda, Texas
T. J. Poole, Jr.
Vance Porter
Mrs. Susie LeTulle Rugeley
W. W. Rugeley
Leopold Schwartz
Samuel G. Selkirk, Jr.
J. D. Tabb
E. O. Taulbee
Tom, The Hatter, Houston
J. G. (Grady) Walker


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