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Bay City Chapter No. 380 Order of the Eastern Star

Bay City Chapter No. 380 Order of the Eastern Star
By Shirley Haines 


Beginning in the mid-1890s, families moved to Bay City to establish homes, operate businesses, join churches and educate their children. Many of the men were members of the Masonic fraternity and their wives were members of the Order of The Eastern Star. On July 8, 1907, fourteen  women and six gentlemen met in the Masonic Lodge Room for the purpose  of organizing a chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. 


For several weeks prior to this time, J. W. Miller, who had been referred to as "the Robert Morris of Bay City Chapter," discussed the proposition with Masons and their wives. He aroused the interest of a sufficient number to warrant application being made to the proper authorities to organize a chapter of the Order of The Eastern Star in Bay City.


The request was granted, and Sarah Parker, deputy grand matron, was commissioned to come to Bay City to effect the organization of this chapter. She was accompanied by L. J. Black, Grand Ruth, and Leila Pond of the Orange Chapter; they arrived here on Sunday, July 7,. On Monday morning, July 8, the three women were escorted to the Lodge Room. Upon ascertaining the eligibility of those present to become members of the chapter, they proceeded to initiate the following individuals: Zoe Fowler, Sallie LeTulle, Lorena Gaines, Sallie Matthews, Mae Vaughn, Cora Perry, Mary Baker, Virginia Corbett, Lula Farmer, Lola Brown, Emma Whitehurst, Rose Duller, Pearl Morton, Fannie McDonald, L W. Brown, G. A. Moore, Jessie Matthews, J. W. Miller, J. E. Fowler and Charles E. Duller.


The visiting women spent Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday instructing those newly obligated members in the monitorial and esoteric work of the Order. On Tuesday night, July 9, the following were initiated: Bell Scott, Lorena Miller, Katie Vaughn, Cora Moore, John W. Gaines, R. L. Vaughn, A. S. Morton and W. H. Vaughn.


The following officers were installed by Sarah Parker and her assistants:

Zoe Fowler, worthy matron
G. A. Moore, worthy patron
Sallie Matthews, associate matron
Emma Whitehurst, chaplain
Virginia Corbett, Adah
Fannie McDonald, RUth
Cora Moore, Esther
Sallie LeTulle, Martha
Pearl Morton, Electa
Mae Vaughn, warder
J. W. Miller, sentinel


On October 9, 1907, the Grand Chapter of Texas,   Order   of  the  Eastern  Star,   declared   the  chapter  legally constituted  and issued  a   charter  to  Bay   City  Chapter  No.  380,  Order  of  the Eastern Star.


Each succeeding year saw this chapter growing, always striving to become more proficient in its work and to be an active chapter.


A pledge of $1000 to the Masonic Building Fund was eventually met through rummage sales, cake sales, and meals served for other organizations.


A number of members have served as deputy grand matron and grand representatives, and others have served on grand committees. The   chapterís   50th  anniversary   was  observed   in  1957 with   Mrs. Mary  Ann Morgan as Worthy Matron and Judge Jack Spurgeon as Worthy Patron.


Another   25  years  passed   and  on  October  9, 1982,   the  75th  anniversary  was observed.  Ms.  Neva Bunch  was  Worthy  Matron  and  Mr.  Jerry  Thompson was Worthy Patron. 


Palacios  Chapter  No. 125  Order of  the  Eastern Star  consolidated with Bay City Chapter No. 380 in March 1996.


On October 9,  2007  the chapter celebrated  its 100th  anniversary.   The chapter started with  20 members in 1907 and in 2007 there were 114 members.


Historic Matagorda County, Volume I, pp. 460-462

Submitted by Kenneth L. Thames                                            V. G. Burchfield, Worthy Patron 1945 & 1946 - Photo courtesy of Blessing Masonic Lodge No. 411


Past Worthy Matrons & Worthy Patrons
Bay City Chapter No. 380 Order of the Easter Star  





Zoe Fowler


G. A. Moore

Eula McDonald


Jessie Matthews

Lola Brown


G. A. Moore

Annie Lee


G. C. Bland

Lorena Gaines


E. E. Scott

Pearl Morton


E. E. Scott

Cora Moore


Amos Lee

Edna Reynolds


J. E. Grace

Beulah Eidman


E. N. Gustafson

Maud Gustafson


G. A. Moore

Azalea Lloyd


W. G. Street

Tenie Holmes


Carroll M. Gaines

Georgina Burnett


Seth Taylor

Carrie Erikson


W. C. Carpenter

Sallie Williamson


C. A. Erickson

Bobbye Harris


A. Harris

Rose Williams


Walter C. Lloyd

Tenie Porter


J. A. Williams

Imogene Castleton


Charles V. Yeamans

Jessie Wilkins


W. H. Kelly

Ora Secrest


W. F. Tetts

Helen Howard


Frank S. Taylor

Jeanette Yeamans


John F. Frick

Eunice Hamel


F. A. Fowler

Ida Morehead


W. E. McNabb

Alice Leach


E. M. Williamson

Maggie Hensley


T. A. Williams

Gladys Helmecke


Charles Duller

Virginia Hutcheson


Charles Duller

Keye Ingram


C. A. Erickson

Mary Wilson


J. J. Spurgeon

Naomi Davant


J. A. Williams

Maurine Cole


Aaron Greenberg

Josephine Williams


Charles Newman

Estelle McPeak


Luther Bunch

Louise Amos


J. F. Ward

Bess Early


J. A. Williams

Rose Newman


J. A. Williams

Shirley Haines


V. G. Burchfield

Helen Kasman


V. G. Burchfield

Lula Mae Oliver


R. C. Crocker

Margaret Rooth


Van J. Simmons

Marion Amos


William Amos

Pearl Alexander


J. E. Jordan

Helen Rooth


Charles Wolf

Nannie Burchfield


Eugene Long

Ollie B. Holmans


William P. Holmans

Helen Gasaway


Kenneth O'Connell

Myrtle Davis


E. C. Davis

Korah Belle Taylor


J. A. Taylor

Mary Anne Morgan


J. J. Spurgeon

Frankie Ruth


Hughes Cox

Fern Quinn


Sam A. Quinn

Jewel McElrath


Fred Friday

Edna Lou Brown


George R. Brown

Evelyn Mielsch


John Paul Mielsch

Louise Matthews


J. C. Glover

Opal Oates


Carl Oates

Maxine Glover


J. C. Glover

Billie Jean Reynal


Paul Wakefield

Orene Davis


E. C. Davis

Johnna Ruth Norris


Russell Matthes

Hazel Sparks


J. L. Townsend

Alma Wakefield


Paul Wakefield

Ola Merle Powell


Ben Powell

Maxine Glover


J. C. Glover

Margaret Coyle


Irl Coyle

Annette Cook


Alfred Lee Cook

Lorene Wells


Douglas B. Wells

Karla Nash


Paul Wakefield

Thelma Sutton


Lewis L. Sutton

Carolyn Hale


J. C. Glover

Juanita Matthes


Russell Matthes

Myrtle Davis


Ed Reynal

Cathey Lynne Sawyer


Boyd J. Sawyer

Neva Bunch


Carl Oates

Neva Bunch


Carl Oates

Juanita Matthes


Russell Matthes

Christine Cook


Ed Reynal

Maxine Glover


J. C. Glover

Patricia Knight


Douglas B. Wells

Patricia Wehmeyer


James Wehmeyer

Maggie Estlinbaum


J. C. Glover

Carolyn Hale


David Cockrell

Gayle Shelley


Ken Shelley

Lorene Wells


Douglas B. Wells

Shirley Terry


Douglas Matthes

Maxine Glover


Russell Matthes

Donna Harrington


Sul-Ross Harrington

Susan Ashbrook


Victor Ashbrook

Gerry Sturtz


Bill Sturtz

Gayle Shelley


Ken Shelley

Gerry Sturtz


Russell Matthes

Kerry Brenner


John Woolsey, Jr.

Shirley Arnold


Wayne Arnold

Maxine Glover


Russell Matthes

Elaine Day


Russell Matthes

Elaine Day


John Woolsey, Jr.

Lisa Remmy


Russell Matthes



Eastern Star Elects Officers For Ensuing Year

It takes more than "weather" to keep the officers and members away from a Star meeting when we have an initiation and election of officers scheduled. There were __ members who braved the rain and lightning on Tuesday night, May 6, to attend the meeting and confer the degrees of our beautiful order upon three candidates: Miss Nola White, Mrs. Francis Watkins and Mr. Leslie Watkins, who received the degrees as calmly as though the elements were at peace outside. The hall had been decorated profusely with larkspur and Sweetheart roses in wall pockets and floor baskets by Mrs. Mollie Horn and Mrs. Annas Horn. The star point stations were especially lovely with small baskets of sweet peas and fern in the appropriate colors of blue, yellow, white, green and red. Each officer gave the initiatory work in a most effective and impressive manner as though they remembered that this was to be the last initiation of the officers of this year.

Report of the Mother-Daughter banquet which was served by the ladies of the Eastern Star, was made by the general chairman, Mrs. Sallie Williamson. The report was received and thanks tendered "Sister Sallie" and her efficient committees for the pleasing manner in which the banquet was served.

With the Worthy Patron, J. J. Frick presiding, the following officers were elected for the incoming year:

Worthy Matron, Mrs. Eunice Cates
Worthy Patron, F. A. Verser
Associate Matron, Mrs. Ida Morehead
Associate Patron, W. E. McNabb
Secretary, Mrs. Sallie Williamson
Treasurer, Mrs. Olga Matchett
Conductress, Mrs. Alice Leech
Associate Conductress, Mrs. Maggie Hensley

The other offices are appointed and will be filled by the Worthy Matron Elect. Immediately after the election had been declared the present Matron, Mrs. Jeanette Yeamans, asked that our newly elected Matron, Mrs. Eunice Cates and Patron, F. A. Verser, be escorted to the East where they were given a hearty welcome by the chapter. The gavel was extended to Mrs. Cates and in courtesy she was asked to close the chapter. We were then invited to the club room for refreshments, consisting of brick ice cream in pink, white and lavender and Angel Food Diamonds in pink and lavender, graciously served by Mrs. Daisy Lewis, Mrs. Allick and Mrs. Porter.

Daily Tribune, May 14, 1930

Bay City Eastern Star Installs Officers

Tuesday night of this week was the time set apart for Bay City O. E. S. to install its officers for the coming year, and it was a very beautiful service. Mrs. Ida Morehead, the now Past Matron, opened the chapter in regular form, and the business of the chapter was soon dispatched, and "for the good of the order," installation was begun. Sister Jeanette Yeamans, serving in her capacity of D. Grand Matron was installing officer and Sister Carrie Erickson, Grand Marshal; Sister Annie Lee, Grand Chaplain; Sister Cora B. Moore, Grand Organist, were the officiating members.

The newly elected and appointive officers were called, and after the ritual addresses, each officer was presented at the altar where he or she, was accepted the station for which each had been elected.

Sister Alice Leech was escorted to her station in the East, as Worthy Matron and Brother E. M. Williamson took his station at her left, as Worthy Patron for 1932 and 1933. A very attractive plan had been chosen for the Star points, and as each one was escorted to her station, the Grand Marshal pinned a lovely corsage in the color appropriate to her station, upon the shoulder, each the gift of the new Matron to her official family. The following were installed at this time:

Worthy Matron, Mrs. Alice Leech
Worthy Patron, Mr. E. M. Williamson
Associate Matron, Mrs. Mattie Hensley
Associate Patron, Mr. T. A. Williams
Secretary, Mrs. Sallie Williamson
Treasurer, Miss Eula Mae Noster
Conductress, Mrs. Gladys Helmecke
Associate Conductress, Mrs. Virginia Hutcheson
Chaplain, Mrs. Eunice Bussell
Organist, Miss Bernice Milner
Marshal, Mrs. Eunice Cates
Adah, Mrs. Minnie Fields
Ruth, Mrs. Roberta Watkins
Esther, Mrs. Keye Ingram
Martha, Mrs. Maurine Reed
Electa, Mrs. Mary Martin
Warder, Mrs. Bonnie Young
Sentinel, Mr. Chas. V. Yeamans.

Visitors present from other chapters were Mrs. Roberts of the West Columbia chapter, and Mrs. Jessie Clark of Oklahoma City Chapter, who each brought greetings to the Bay City Chapter.

The newly installed officers at once assumed the duties of her station. Sister Leech, who is one of the "A" members of the chapter, asked the co-operation of the chapter, and the support of her officers in their various stations, for she realized that it takes "team" work to put anything across, and with the assistance of all, the year promises much good for the Bay City Chapter O. E. S. and she closed the chapter in regular form.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 16, 1932

Mrs. Korah B. Taylor To Be Installed Worthy Matron

Mrs. Korah Belle Taylor will be installed Worthy Matron of Bay City Chapter 380 at the Masonic Hall Thursday evening at 8. Other officers to be installed are John A. Taylor, Worthy Patron; Mary Anne Morgan, Associate Matron; J. J. Spurgeon, Associate Patron; Ila Mae Simmons, Secretary; Jewel McElrath, Treasurer; Frankie Ruth, Conductress; Shirley Schulz, Associate Conductress; Marguerite Sirman, Chaplain; Pearl Friday, Marshall; Edna Lou Brown, Organist; Lorene Wells, Ada; Della Mae Ruth, Ruth; Louise Cantrell, Esther; Evelyn Mielsch, Martha; Katybel Wade; Electa; Maine Glover, Warder, V. C. Burchfield, Sentinel.

The meeting will be open.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 6, 1956

Front row l to r: J. C. Glover, Maxine Glover, Billie Jean Reynal, Paul Wakefield
Second row l to r: Johnna Ruth Norris,
Third row l to r: Marguerite Sirman, Bobbye Taylor
Fourth row l to r: Alma Wakefield, Bill Sirman, J. L. Townsend

Eastern Star Has Installation Here

In an important and meaningful ceremony, recently, Mrs. Maxine Glover was installed as Worthy Matron and J. C. Glover, Worthy Patron, of the Bay City Chapter #380 Order of Eastern Star.

Also installed as officers of the chapter were Mrs. Billie Jean Reynal, associate matron; Paul Wakefield, associate patron; Ila Mae Simmons, secretary; Marguerite Sirman, treasurer; Orene Davis, conductress; Johnna Ruth Norris, associate conductress.

Appointed officers installed were Hazel Townsend, chaplain; Juanita Matthes, marshal; Bobbye Taylor, organist; and Star Points are  (Adah) Shirley Schultz, (Ruth) Mary Ashby, (Esther) Peggy Henderson, (Martha) Mattie Conroy, and (Electa) Alma Wakefield. Bill Sirman is warden and J. L. Townsend is sentinel.

The Chapter Room was decorated for the event with the East banked with appointed pot plants and beautiful greenery.

Colors of the Worthy Matron were pink and white and were also carried out around the Chapter Room as bouquets of flowers graced the piano, secretary's desk, and the five officers stations. The Star Points stations were marked by end vases containing flowers of their appropriate station's color.

The registration book was presided over by Mrs. Susie Dickerson and the two sons and niece of the Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron-elect, George William and Gary Glover and Cindy Gosling. The Holy Bible and the Square and Compasses were placed on the altar by two lovely little girls, Debbie and Becky Gosling, nieces of the WM and WP-elect.

The retiring WM and WP, Opal and Carl Oates opened the meeting and welcomed the guests of the installation. The Deputy Grand Matron of District 4, Section 9, Grand Chapter of Texas, Wilma Franke was introduced and welcomed in the East.

Worthy Matron Opal Oates then introduced the installing officer, Helen Gasoway, Past Deputy Grand Matron, District 4, Section 9, Grand Chapter of Texas. Sister Helen in turn introduced her assistants for the evening. They were all past Matrons of the local chapter--Mrs. Myrtle Davis, installing marshal; Mrs. Evelyn Mielsch, installing chaplain; Mrs. Edna Lou Brown, installing organist; Mrs. Nannie Belle Burchfield, installing secretary.

Dismissal was to a rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" sung beautifully by Mrs. Louise Cantrell. Everyone then retired to a lovely decorated club room for refreshments. White cake with the OES Star emblem on top, pink punch, assorted nuts, and mints were served from crystal and silver appointments.

Candelabras with pink candles and lovely pink carnation arrangements were lovely on the table, which was laid with an exquisite white cloth over pink taffeta. This carried out the color scheme of pink and white which was followed by the incoming Matron and Patron. Mrs. Bonnie Gosling and Mrs. Linda Perry served the guest and a joyous fellowship was had by all.

Daily Tribune,




Bay City Assembly No. 119 Order of the Rainbow For Girls

Senior Rainbow Girls Honored At Party

The senior members of the Rainbow Girls were honored with a coke party Thursday afternoon with the advisory board of the assembly as hosts,

The table was laid with white organdy over yellow and held a central arrangement of yellow lilies and purple larkspur.

Refreshments of fancy sandwiches, assorted cookies, mints, cokes were served.

The honorees received ear screws as gifts from the assembly all arranged in a lovely basket. Mother advisor, Mrs. Jewel McElrath also gave them gifts.

Senior girls honored were Nancy Webb, Norma Jean Meinke, Ann Holmans, Paula Rogers, Betsy Coleman, Julia Salter, Peggy Schulz, Cynthia Hatchett, Lois Bickham, Leah Harrington, Shirley Lenderman, Judy Cox, Barbara Sue Brown and Barbara Jean Morehead.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 24, 1956

Rainbow Girls Initiation Meeting

Bay City Chapter of the Order of Rainbow for Girls will have their initiation meeting Tuesday night, May 22nd, at 7:00 p. m. at the Masonic Hall.

Three more girls will be accepted into the Order.

All officers and members of the order are urged to attend since this will be the last meeting for the present group of officers.

Refreshments will be served immediately following the meeting.

All Masons and Eastern Stars are most cordially invited to attend.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 24, 1956

Miss Julia Salter To Be Installed Worthy Advisor

Miss Julia Salter will be installed as Worthy Advisor of the Order of the Rainbow for Girls in a public installation service. The service will be held in Wesley Hall Sunday, June 3 at 2:30 p. m. Miss Salter is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Salter.

Other officers to be installed are Sallie Milner, Nancy Seerden, Betty Jean McKelvey, Nancy Newman, Carole Sue Hildreth, Kathleen Meinke, Dorothy Jane Willis, Margie Gavender, Kay Franz, Pat Simpson, Annette Bunk, Paula McCullough, Jane Morris, Beatrice Miller, Dorothy Burr, Barbara Miller.

The public is cordially invited to attend.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 7, 1956

Local Girls Attend Instruction School For Rainbows

Thirteen girls and three adults from the Bay City Assembly No. 119, attended a school of instruction in El Campo, Jan. 17. Conducting the school was Mrs. Martha Marie Whitfield, Supreme Inspector, Supreme Order of Rainbow for Girls.

The following local girls each holding an office in the school were in attendance: Rachel Harrison, Dorothy Burr, Oralee Hurst, Annette Bunk, Irby Curtiss, Barbara Miller, Janice Schimek, Shirley Kinard, Harriett Brady, Joyce Lawrence, Jean Roberts, Carolina Bearse, Julianne McAllister.

Adults attending were, Mrs. E. L. Gentry, Mrs. Lorene Wells and Mrs. E. E. Brooks.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 29, 1959


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