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Christmas Shopping on the South Side of the Square in 1937
Bay City, Texas


Thru the Shops With Toots

Take advantage of the outstanding jewelry values at TETTS JEWELRY CO. Give long-lasting gifts this year! You are sure to find just what you want in the splendid selection of highest quality jewelry at TETT’S JEWELRY CO. Men’s or ladies’ watches, ladies’ rings, pocket watches, diamond set birthstones, modern solitaires are among the complete assortment of fine jewelry.

A complete assortment of lovely dainty underthings at THE HOSIERY. Comfortable BALBRIGGANS in flame, tearose or Normandie blue for $1.98—a gift that will please sister or friend. Gordon’s shadow clock and Gordon’s irridence hose for $1.35 for those who admire sheer hosiery. Taffeta slips and taffeta petty coats and potter puff robes for Christmas gifts at THE HOSIERY.

A special kiddies matinee at 10 a. m. Saturday. Prizes and surprises for all the kiddies! Spend your Sunday afternoon in comfort at the cool Franklin where you enjoy excellent entertainment.

A permanent?...$1.95?...Yes, at THE BLUE ROSE BEAUTY SALON…Most anyone will want to take advantage of this special offer which is being offered as just another special at THE BLUE ROSE BEAUTY SALON. Call 128 today and make your appointment. Better get that new permanent at the low price of $1.95.

Excitement ran high in Bay City on Saturday, December 18, 1937 because Tex Ritter made an in person guest appearance at the Franklin Theatre “Bay City’s Finest Show Place!” A street parade was held at 9:30 a.m. and the doors opened at 9:45 a.m. Tex Ritter, “Cowboy Star of Song and Saddle,” would be singing his way into their hearts with a “Talented Company of Western Performers.” Admission prices until 5 p.m. were children-10¢ and adults 25¢. After 5, children-10¢ and adults 35¢. Showing on the screen that day was “Tex Rides With the Boy Scouts.” Mr. John G. Long had outdone himself in presenting quality entertainment for his patrons.

While waiting in the theatre line, mother couldn’t help but gaze into the McGlaun’s window where Mrs. A. M. McGlaun made alterations and dresses. The beautiful baby clothes she made clothed many babies in the area.

Gifford’s Men’s Shop, owned by Mr. Gifford Reiman, could be seen from the theatre line as well, but Father only gave it a disinterested look at the fine clothing displayed in the window.

The children, however, had no problem finding something to occupy their attention while waiting in line. The wonderful picture windows of the J. C. Penney store which were filled with toys fascinated the “nose smudgers.” The array of toys was overwhelming—metal toy stoves, 98¢; 14-inch baby dolls for 49¢; treasure chests for 98¢, Streamlined scooters, $2.98;  Popeye color sets, 25¢; ball bearing skates, 98¢; train sets, 98¢; Globe Racer red utility wagons, $2.98; double barrel pop guns, 25¢; and many, many toys that could be added to those letters to Santa. The hundreds of items of men, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and household items held no fascination for them.

The Blue Rose Salon and the Hosiery offered services to the women of the area. Mrs. Sallee Pickle Rogers, a graduate of the Fashion Art School in San Francisco, managed the Hosiery and was assisted by Mrs. Phebe Anderson. She carried “the more exclusive lines in feminine dainty wear.” Shoppers could purchase silk hose, lingerie, handkerchiefs and corsages.

The Barnett Barber Shop provided services to all of those who needed a shave and a haircut.

Verser Bros. Tailors and Dry Cleaners could make a hand-made suit or clean dresses and suits. Women could “safely entrust their finest and most delicate frocks” to Verser’s modern methods—“Germ-Free, Odor-Free and Dirt-Free.”

Zac Delano’s Alcove, located in the Austin Building, was a popular meeting and eating place. It’s dining room could seat 200. The Chamber of Commerce meetings were held there and it was a popular gathering place for students and shoppers. Upstairs, George R. Burke, who handled oil leases, royalties and a general line of insurance, had his office.

Tetts Jewelry Company offered repair services for watches, clocks, jewelry and spectacles. They carried a complete line of jewelry, diamonds, silver, china, glass and gift merchandise and specialized in Gorham Silver, Towle Silver, Rosenthal China, Wedgewood China, Cambridge Glass, Gruen and Bulova watches. Owner Mr. W. F. Tetts, an optometrist, could also give eye exams and prescribe glasses for his customers.

Sisk Grocery and Hardware shoppers offered an extensive variety of products in the style of an old general mercantile store. Owners, James C. “Mr. Jim” Sisk and his wife, “Miss Fannie” McDonald Sisk, worked hard to make their business a success. They were always there to welcome their customers and friends.

The Bay City Bank and Trust Company building not only housed the bank, but had offices for other businesses. Three of those in 1937 were the Long Theatre Printing Company, Donald H. Heiman, D.D.S. and the Mowan Studio where families had their pictures taken to remember the Christmas of 1937.




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