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Bruce Family Bible Records

Courtesy of  Lester Wallace

Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, August, 1997.



   Submitted by Lester Wallace

Bible presented to Mrs. M. J. Bruce

By Jacob Straus

Matagorda December 30th 1871


Charles David Bruce was born Nov 13th 1841

Margaret Jane Yeamans was born Jan 30th 1849

James Arthur Bruce was born July 20th 1878

Frank Charles Bruce was born August 15, 1880


Children of James Arthur Bruce

Carrie Lauraine Bruce was born Nov. 16th 1908

Marjorie Jim Bruce was born May 15th 1911

Bertha Barbara Bruce was born Aug. 14, 1918

Marian Elizabeth Bruce was born March 25th 1922


Children of Frank Charles Bruce

Frank Russel Bruce was born Dec 2nd 1910

Marie Josephine Bruce was born Apr 27th 1914


Charles David Bruce died March 17th 1909 1910

Margaret Jane Bruce died Aug 15-1921

Frank Charles Bruce died July 30-1933

James Arthur Bruce [died] April 6th 1944



Charles D. Bruce was married to Margaret J. Yeamans Sept. 10, 1873


James Arthur Bruce and Lorena May Nolte were married Jan. 4, 1906 Matagorda, Texas.


Frank Charles Bruce and Addie Zipprian were married Jan 31, 1910 Bay City, Texas by Rev. L. E. Selfredge


W. G. Thornhill and Marie Josephine Bruce were married Dec. 28th 1939 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church,
Bay City, by Rev. Paul Engle



This is to Certify

            Adelaide Asenath Zipprian

            Born at Matagorda Peninsula Matagorda Co. on June 17th 1882


            Frank Charles Bruce

            Born at Peytons Creek Matagorda Co. on Aug 15th 1880

            were joined together in the bonds of

            Holy Matrimony

            at Bay City, Texas on the 31st day of

            January in the year of our Lord 1910

            in the presence of Mrs. Dr. J. E. Simons,

            Walthens Bryan and Mrs. L. E. Selfridge and children

            Rev. L. E. Selfridge Clergyman


            What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.


Husband's Parents

Father Charles David Bruce

Mother Margaret Jane Yeamans

Married at Cashes Creek, Matagorda Co.

Date Sept. 10th, 1873



Date of Birth  Nov 13th 1841

Place of Birth Cashes Creek Mat. Co.

Date of Death March 17th 1910

Place of Burial Matagorda, Texas.



Date of Birth  Jan 30th 1849

Place of Birth Cashes Creek, Mat. Co.

Date of Death Aug. 15th 1921

Place of Burial Matagorda, Texas.


Father William Zipprian

Mother Marie Louise Yearzley

Married at Matagorda Peninsula

Date April 17th, 1873



Date of Birth  Dec. 24th, 1849

Place of Birth  Matagorda Peninsula Matagorda Co.

Date of Death   June 25th 1931

Place of Burial Matagorda, Texas



Date of Birth  March 22nd 1857

Place of Birth New Orleans, La.

Date of Death Aug. 8th, 1939

Place of Burial Matagorda, Texas.


Other Data on Husband's Family

Lorena May Nolte & James Arthur Bruce married Jan. 4th, 1906

James Arthur Bruce born July 20th, 1878

Carrie Lauraine Bruce, Nov. 16th, 1908

Marjorie Jim Bruce, May 15th 1911

Bertha Barbara Bruce, Aug. 14th, 1918

Marion Elizabeth Bruce, March 25th, 1922



Name Frank Russell Bruce

Date of Birth   Dec. 2nd, 1910

Place of Birth  Matagorda, Texas

Married to Marguerite Henigan Crabb

Date Feb. 15, 1962


Name Marie Josephine Bruce

Date of Birth  April 27th, 1914

Place of Birth  Matagorda, Texas

Married to W. J. Thornhill Jr.

Date Dec. 28th, 1939


Name Billie Jo Thornhill

Date of Birth

Place of Birth  Born at Dow Hospital Velasco, Texas


Name Frank Russell Bruce

Date of Birth  Dec 2, 1910

Place of Birth  Matagorda

Married to Marguerite Crabb [19]'62

Date of Death Dec 2nd 1980

Place of Burial Matagorda Cemetery


On Sunday night, 27th Inst. of congestion of the brain, Alfred Yearzley, Printer, age 36 years, a native of England, formerly of Natchez, Miss., but for the last fifteen years a resident of this city.

His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at half past 3 oclock, This afternoon from the Hall of the Typographical Union, corner of Perdido and Cardondelet streets. (New Orleans Typographical Union) The officers and members of the union are requested to attend the funeral of their late Brother member as above.

James Risk, Pres.

Monday Nov. 28th 1859


Charles David Bruce died March 17th, 1910

Frank Charles Bruce died July 30th, 1933

Margaret Jane Bruce died Aug. 15th, 1921

James Arthur Bruce died April 6th, 1944


Marie Josephine Bruce and W. G. Thornhill Jr. were married Dec. 28th, 1939 about 6 p.m. St. Marks Episcopal Church, Bay City, Texas by Rev. Paul Engle

Present the family & few friends



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