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Duffy Family Bible Records

Courtesy of  Bobbie Dykes

Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, February, 1997.



Submitted by Bobbie Duffy Dykes of Bay City, Texas who is now in possession of the Bible. Information in brackets was added by Bobbie Duffy Dykes for clarification.


The Comprehensive Teachers' Bible published by: London:

Samuel Bagster and Sons, Limited. New York: James Pott and Co.

No date given.


Front cover is missing, but on a part of a fly page it has written "This book was given to Dora by her loving Father," and written on a back page "A present to Dora from her loving Father F. Cornelius."

There are no family pages, but on a page that is lined and is title "Notes," the following is written:


Geo. Duffy & Dora Cornelius was married April 7, 1897
Neil Oscar Banfield & Annie Inez Duffy were married Oct. 15, 1919
Leo Andrew Duffy & Myrtle Victoria Fulcher were married June 9, 1928

James Louie Duffy & Ella Mae Chiles were united the 14th day of July (piece of the page missing with the year)

 J. L. Duffy and Jennie Watkins were married Dec. 26, 19[33]



George Andrew Duffy born May 6 1873

Dora Cornelius born Apr 1 1876

Annie Inez Duffy born Jan 15 1899

Leo Andrew Duffy born Oct 17 1902

James Louie Duffy born Sept 4th 1906


Neil Andrew Banfield

Lester Ray Banfield

Bobbye Ann Duffy

[J]amie Louise Duffy]

George Samuel Duffy


On a sheet of notebook paper in the Bible, the following:


James Murry born November 6, 1867

Robert Murry born December 14, 1868

[James and Robert were half-brothers of George A. Duffy. Their mother was Epsy Green Murry Duffy and James and Robert were from Epsy's first marriage.]

[The Duffy children were born to Epsy Green Murry Duffy and her second husband August Duffy.]

Jessie Duffy born August 11, 1871

George Duffy born May 6, 1873

August Duffy born July 29, 1875

[Mary] Louisa Duffy born February 12, 1878

[Margaret Irene] Maggie Duffy born July 12, 1880

Andrew Duffy born October 15, 1882

John Edwin Duffy born November 6, 1883

[Christene] Tennie Duffy born February 8, 1886

Peter Duffy born February 16, 1888

Henry Duffy born March 19, 1889

Dora Duffy born November 25, 1892

Charles (Baby) Duffy born March 15, 1896



Jessie Duffy died July 6, 1875

Andrew Duffy died October 25, 1882

Peter Duffy died February 24, 1888


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