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McFarlane, Theall & Sweeny Family
Bible Records


Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, Volume 6, No. 2, February 1987.

Typed by Faye Cunningham


The Holy Bible, American Bible Society, 1838

CONTRIBUTED BY: Margaret Seerden



Mary McFarlane 1795

Dugald McFarlane Aug 1797

Sarah McFarlane 1800

Ann McFarlane 1803

Duncan McFarlane 1804

W. Wallace McFarlane July 3, 1823

Eureka McFarlane September 10, 1828

Dugald William Theall, Matagorda Feb. 25, 1855

Andrew Jackson Theall, Matagorda, March 25, 1857

Aric Davenport Theall, Matagorda, November 27, 1859

Rosa Josepha Eureka Theall, Brazoria, February 21st 1862

Samuel Pinckney Sweeny, West Columbia, Texas Sept. 12, 1881

Benjamin Franklin Sweeny, West Columbia, Texas Nov. 22, 1883

Douglas Theall Sweeny, West Columbia, Texas Aug. 21, 1885

Eureka Pearl Sweeny, West Columbia, Texas Oct. 17, 1889

Robert Porter Sweeny, West Columbia, Texas March 9, 1892

Valeria Vera Sweeny, Columbia, Texas Sept. 24, 1895



Dugald McFarlane, Sr. and Mary Campbell, 1793—Argyleshire, Scotland

Dugald McFarlane, Jr. and Eliza Montgomery Davenport were married in the city of Mobile, Ala. March 25th, 1825

Joseph Theall and Eureka McFarlane were married in Gulf Prairie, Brazoria Co., Texas on Oct. 13th 1853

B. F. Sweeny and Arie D. Theall were married in West Columbia, Brazoria Co., Texas in 1880, November 9th

Douglas Theall Sweeny and Dora Annie Jansen were married in Bay City, Texas, June 25th, 1907

Benjamin Franklin Sweeny and Edna May Hearne were married in Richmond, Texas, March 10th 1908

R. D. Dudley and Eureka Pearl Sweeny were married in Bay City, Texas, December 27th 1909

Robert Porter Sweeny and Lucille Savage were married in Bay City, Texas, March 16th 1919



Mary McFarlane, Ireland 1798

Sarah McFarlane Do. 1802

Duncan McFarlane Doun, Scotland 1804

Dugald McFarlane at Stirling, Scotland 1805, aged 35

Mary, his consort, died at Edinburgh, Scotland, 1812

Eliza M. McFarlane died at New Orleans, 1841, age 35

Dugald McFarlane at Brazoria, Texas, March 23, 1861, age 64

Joseph Theall, near Columbia, Texas, Sept. 18th, 1864 aged 34 years and 7 months

Rosa Josepha Eureka Theall, Columbia, TX, August 21th 1866 Aged 4 years, 6 months

Dugald William Theall died West Columbia, Brazoria Co., Texas, Oct. 14th 1873, aged 18 years and 7 months

Andrew Jackson Theall died in West Columbia, Brazoria Co., Texas, April 1st 1891, aged 34 and 7 days

William Wallace McFarlane died in Springfield, Mass., January 1st, 1902

William Wallace McFarlane died in Springfield, Mass., January 1st, 1902, aged 79 years

Eureka McFarlane Theall died at Bay City, Texas, April 28th in 1919, aged 90 years, 7 months, 18 days

Arie D. Sweeny at Bay City, Texas, Oct. 16, 1954, aged 94 years, 10 months, 18 days



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