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Nolte Family Bible Records

Typed by Faye Cunningham

Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, May, 1984.



CONTRIBUTED BY: Jean Wilkinson Richardson

HOLY BIBLE, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues, and the former translations diligently compared and revised, with marginal notes and analytical references. New York: J. A. Wilmore & Co. Inscribed therein: Price $11.00, Charles Nolte, Matagorda, Texas; July 9th 1897. This Bible is in the possession (1984) of Lorraine Bruce Jeter, Houston, Texas.




Charles David Bruce b. Nov 13, 1841 Matagorda Co., TX d. Mar 17, 1910 Matagorda, TX

Margaret Jane Yeamans Bruce b. Jan 30, 1849 Ashby, TX d. Aug 15, 1921 Matagorda, TX

Charles Nolte b. Apr 16, 1848 Germany d. Dec 7, 1927 Matagorda, TX

Hannah Eliza (Sterry) Nolte b. Oct 9, 1854 Texas d. Dec 20 1927 Matagorda, TX



James A. Bruce b. 7-20-1878 Matagorda d. 4-6-1944 Bay City, TX
Lorena M. Bruce b. 3-21-1883 Matagorda d. 9-17-1959 Bay City, TX

Married: Jan 4, 1906, Matagorda by Rev. John Sloan


Carrie Lauraine b. 11-16-1908 Matagorda m. 1-14-34 W. B. (Bill) Jeter
Marjorie Jim b. 5-15-1911 Matagorda m. 9-27-33 W. W. Wilkinson, Jr.
Bertha Barbara b. 8-14-1918 Bay City m. 8-21-38 G. M. Deerman
Marian Elizabeth b. 3-25-1922 m. 8-11-1945 C. P. Grover, Jr.



Jean Wilkinson b. Bay City, Texas m. 12-4-58 Cloid Daniel Smith (Divorced) m. 7-2-60 Marc Fite (Divorced)
Helen Wilkinson b. Bay City, Texas m. 6-29-56 Dick O’Neal m. 5-27-65 Clyde H. Fitch, Jr.
Courtney P. Grover III b. 7-15-47 Bay City, Texas

Barbara Dale Grover b. Bay City, Texas m. 6-15-67 Ronnie Guffey (Divorced)

Robert Bruce Jeter b. 1-7-38 Bay City, Texas m. 10-29-60 Sandra Dry (Divorced)

David Loyd Deerman b. Bay City, Texas m. 8-29-6_ Judy Schinn

Marian Grover b. Bay City, Texas m. 8-30-69 Leonard A. Ashford

James Bruce Grover b. Bay City, Texas m. 8-2-70 Suzanne Savage

Martha Grover b. 3-23-58, Bay City, Texas d. 3-27-58 Bay City, Texas


Marjorie was married in St. Marks Church, Bay City, Texas by Rev. Paul Engle (7 P.M.) to W. W. Wilkinson, Jr. Bay City, Texas.
Date Sept 27th 1933
Lauraine was married in St. Marks Church, Bay City, Texas by Rev. Paul Engle (7:30 A.M.) Date Jan 14th 1934 to Bill Jeter Bay City, Texas
W. N. Blair married Glynn Holcombe Oct 29 1935 in Martindale, Texas (Glynn from San Marcos, Texas)
Carl Albert Nolte married Bennie Brookshire June 12, 1935 in Timpson, Texas
Carl Albert Nolte died Feb 4, 1956 in Matagorda, Texas
Carrie Amelia Dietrich died Feb 4, 1956
Bertha Barbara Bruce was married to Geo M. Deerman on Aug 21, 1935
Marian Elizabeth Bruce was married to Courtney P. Grover on Aug 11, 1945

[The following birthdates were omitted due to privacy issues.]
Virginia Sullins Smith
James Richard O’Neal
Frank Duffy died Jan 29, 1961
Robert Bruce Jeter II  Baptized at Christ Church, Houston
Kathleen O’Neal
Laura Kelly O’Neal
Elizabeth O’Neal
Scott W. Fitch
Susan Lynn Jeter
Todd Brent Jeter
Kevin Deerman
Kimberly Deerman



CONTRIBUTED BY: Jean Wilkinson Richardson

(Note: These family notes are part of the Nolte Family Bible records which were printed in part in the May, 1984, Oak Leaves.)

The Joseph Nolte family was in Matagorda, Texas by 1854, as in that year Joseph’s wife, Christina Berghardt Nolte, age 33, and his little son, Joseph, Jr. age 3 died. They share a common tombstone in Matagorda Cemetery. They came from Germany, but as of this date (1984), no record of their immigration has been found.

The family consisted of the father, Joseph, born in Germany on June 19, 1816, and his wife Christina born about 1821 in Germany and their five children. The children were:

1. Caroline Amelia born 1845, Wereshausen, Germany married February 28, 1860 Sebastian Dietrich. She died May 12, 1906 and is buried in Matagorda Cemetery.

2. Ellen born in Germany married September 9, 1865, Charles Wm. Pope. This family moved to South Dakota.

3. Carl (Charles) Nolte born April 16, 1848 in Germany married May 8, 1873 Hannah Elizabeth Sterry. His death occurred December 7, 1928 and he is buried in Matagorda Cemetery.

4. Bertha Frances born in Germany married March 4, 1869, Martin J. Funk in Matagorda, Texas. She died March 7, 1875 in Indianola, Texas.

5. Joseph, Jr. born 1851 in Germany, died and buried 1854 in Matagorda, Texas.

The Nolte family were Catholics and there being no Roman Church in Matagorda, they became members of Christ Episcopal Church. The name of Joseph Nolte on a nameplate marked his family’s pew in this historic church.

October 4, 1861 Joseph Nolte enlisted in Co. D., 6th Reg, Texas Infantry, Capt. E. A. Person’s [Peareson's] Co., at Victoria, Texas. He was captured January 11, 1863 at Arkansas Post, and transferred to Camp Butler, Illinois prisoner of war camp. April 21, 1863 he was admitted to the General Hospital, Petersburg, Virginia suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. He received a 60 day furlough May 5, 1863. He signed the Parole of Honor, July 14, 1865 at Matagorda, Texas.

Joseph Nolte became a naturalized citizen, August 6, 1867 when a “Letter of Citizenship” was issued to him at the Matagorda County.

Business Directory for 1879-80 lists him under Justices of Peace, Ex-Officio Notaries Public of Matagorda County. Family tradition is he was elected County Judge the day he died, November 9, 1880. He is buried in Matagorda Cemetery.

Carl Nolte was 6 years old when he came to Matagorda from Germany with his family. Tradition is he was already trained in the shoemaker trade. Although not proven, he is said to have been captured by the Yankees during the Civil War and taken to New Orleans. He was educated in the local school, and was a carpenter by trade. The two homes he built for his family have withstood hurricanes and are still occupied today.

May 8, 1873 he married Hannah Elizabeth Sterry, daughter of James and Nancy Wright Sterling Sterry. They were the parents of eight children.

1. Annie Mabel b. August 20, 1874, died September 8, 1961 married first Oscar George, second Weston Bailey.

2. Caroline Amelia b. October 4, 1876 married August 15, 1901 Clarence Dietrich, her first cousin. She died February 4, 1956.

3. Emma Louisa b. July 31, 1879, d. July 31, 1881.

4. Arthur Pelton, named for Matagorda physician Dr. Pelton, b. July 14, 1881, d. February 27, 1884.

5. Lorena May, b. March 21, 1883, married James Arthur Bruce, January 4, 1906. She died September 17, 1959.

6. Fannie Elizabeth, b. April 9, 1887, married January 6, 1927, Frank Duffy. She died March 13, 1975.

7. Carl Albert, b. June 25, 1891, d. November 8, 1954. Married Ben Brookshire, June 12, 1935.

8. Bertha Lee, b. February 3, 1894, married L. M. Blair October 16, 1912. She married second, C. P. Barry, September 17, 1934. She died July 9, 1966.

Following the death of Carl Nolte’s sister, Bertha Funk in Indianola in 1875, he and Hannah reared his nephew, Martin Jacob Funk. February 20, 1907 he married Nora Bruce, daughter of Arthur and Mary Smith Bruce. They lived in San Marcos where he was owner-pharmacist for over fifty years of Funk Drug Store. He died January 10, 1958, and he, Dora, and his sister, Bertha Barbara Funk are all buried in the San Marcos Cemetery.

Carl “Charles” and Hannah Nolte both died of the flu in December, 1927. He died on the 7th and she died on the 20th. Both are buried in Matagorda Cemetery.



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