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Phillips Family Bible Records

Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, August, 1996.


Typed by Faye Cunningham


The following entries were copied from a family Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Eleanor Inglehart Moore of Matagorda, Texas.  The Bible originally belonged to the John B. Phillips family.  It was published in New York in 1872 by the American Bible Society (Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI)


John B. Phillips and Lucy F. Swartz were married Dec. 16th 1869 in Indianola, Calhoun Co., Texas.

Joseph D. Moore and Susie A. Phillips were married August 15th, 1893 in Matagorda, Matagorda Co., Texas.

Charles P.  Williams and Daisy E. Phillips were married Wednesday July 22, 1903 at Matagorda, Matagorda Co., Texas.

F. Maurice Pennington and M. Elizabeth Phillips were married Monday, November 2, 1903 at Bay City, Matagorda Co., Texas.

J. Harold Inglehart and Lucy E. Phillips were married Wednesday, February 10th 1904 at Matagorda, Matagorda Co., Texas.

Sgt. James Moore and Eleanor Inglehart were married June 14th 1947 at Conroe, Texas, Montgomery Co.

Charles E. Dowden and Marianne Serrill were married December 8th 1948 at Matagorda, Matagorda Co., Texas.


John B. Phillips was born February 9th 1837 in the Isle of France (Mauritius) Coast of Africa.

Lucy F. Swartz was born December 29th 1839 in Galveston.

Susan Swartz was born January 10th 1806, Died September 19, 1875.

John Swartz was born November 1, 1782, Died October 31, 1860.

Susan Amelia Phillips, Born November 20, 1870 on Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

John Aldred Phillips, Born December 26, 1872 on Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Thomas Arthur Phillips, Born September 28, 1874 on Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Amy Phillips, Born March 12, 1876, Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Lucy Eleanor Phillips, Born December 14, 1877, Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Daisy Estelle Phillips, Born December 31, 1880, Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Mary Elizabeth Phillips, Born June 19, 1884, Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Born November 11, 1845, Victoria, Texas.

William James, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Born October 11, 1848, Long Mott, Texas.

Charles Antony, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Born January 12, 1852 Matagorda, Texas.

Margaret Emma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Born November 6, 1833, Grahame Town, South Africa.

John B., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Born February 9, 1837, Isle of France, Coast of Africa.

Edward H., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Born February 8, 1842, City of Pueblo, Mexico.


Amy Phillips died March 12, 1876 on Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Ruth Phillips died September 26, 1882, on Matagorda Peninsula, Texas.

Thomas A. Phillips died January 21, 1884.

Mrs. S. C. Phillips died February 7, 1891, in Matagorda, Texas.

Lucy F. Phillips died February 23, 1909 in Matagorda, Texas.

John B. Phillips died July 10, 1926 in Matagorda, Texas.

John A. Phillips died December 5, 1932 in Matagorda, Texas.

Daisy Phillips Williams died June 18, 1941 in Matagorda, Texas.

Susan Amelia Phillips Moore died January 15, 1958 in Bay City, Texas.

Lucy Eleanor Inglehart died July 21, 1963 in Bay City, Texas.

Jesse Harold Inglehart died September 5, 1964 in Bay City, Texas.



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