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Rugeley Family Bible Records

Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, August, 1996.


A copy of the Rugeley Bible Records was donated to the
Matagorda County Genealogical Society by the Rugeley Family Association.


The Comprehensive Bible; Containing the Old and New Testaments,
According to the Authorized Version
; Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Company, 1856.


Henry Rugeley, Son of Rowland and Elizabeth Rugeley was born at St. Ives in Great Briton, on the 8th March 1743.

Elizabeth Cook was born on 24 January 1763 in Kirshaw District South Carolina.

Elizabeth Rugeley daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Rugeley was born near Camdin South Carolina on the 28 July 1785 about 3 o'clock in the afternoon

Rowland Rugeley son of Henry & Elizabeth Rugeley was born 17th December 1786 in Fairfield District So. Carolina

Henry Rugeley son of Henry & Elizabeth Rugeley was born on the 5 March 1789 in Fairfield District South Carolina.

John Rugeley Son of Henry & Elizabeth Rugeley was born 12th January 1792 in Fairfield District South Carolina.

Mary Ana Caroline Rugeley daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Rugeley was born 25 January 1794

Henry Cook Rugeley Son of John and Partenia Rugeley was born the 20th of April 1815

Alexander I Rugeley was born on the 19th September 1816

Thomas Brown Rugeley was born 15 March 1818

Alphonzo Irvin Rugeley was born 20th October 1819

Rowland Rugeley was born the 3rd of January 1821

Edward S. Rugeley was born 12th of September 1822

Mary Brown Rugeley was born 25 June 1825

Jane Rugeley was born 25th of November 1827

Partenia Irvin Rugeley was born 10th May 1831

These are my children by first marriage                                                   Jno. Rugeley

Eliza Compton Colgin second wife of John Rugeley was born the 30th September 1813

John William Rugeley Son of John and Eliza Rugeley was born the 1st day of December 1833

Sarah Ann Rugeley was born the 1st of February 1836

Henry Lowndes Rugeley was born 12th January 1838

Robert Haynes Rugeley was born the 10th November 1839

Thomas Brown Rugeley was born 11th December 1841

Eliza Colgin Rugeley was born 3d of February 1845

James Abercrombie Rugeley was born 18th May 1846

Frank Rugeley was born the 30th, July 1848

Edgar Rugeley was born the 3d, January 1851

Irvin Rugeley was born the 6th of July 1854

Caroline Rugeley was born the 4th, April 1859


Henry Rugeley was married the 28th November 1782 to Elizabeth Cook Daughter of John & Elizabeth Cook in Kershaw District South Carolina

John Rugeley, the Son of Henry Rugeley and Elizabeth Cook was married to Parthenia Irvin on the 12th of June 1814

John Rugeley married a second time, to Eliza C. Codgin on the 12th of February 1833


Henry Rugeley the head of this family died in the year 1796

Elizabeth Rugeley wife of the above Henry Rugeley died in the Spring of 1827

Elizabeth Rugeley Daughter of Henry & Elizabeth died 8th Sept. 1786

Rowland Rugeley Son of Henry & Elizabeth Rugeley died in the Spring of 1843

Mary Ann Caroline Rugeley Daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Rugeley died in the fall of 1818

James Abercromby Rugeley was drowned in Matagorda Bay on the night of 30 December 1864

My brother Henry Rugeley died on Tuesday morning at 3 o'clock AM on 20th Feb 1866, aged 76 years old and 11 months and 17 days

Thomas Brown Rugeley died 20th October 1847

John W. Rugeley on the 22, April 1862

Caroline Rugeley died on 13th October 1860

Eliza C. Rugeley married John W. Wiggins on the 31st January 1867 and died on the 7th February 1868

Departed this life Elizabeth C. Rugeley on the 3d December 1868 at half past 9 o'clock aged fifty five years, and two months and 3 days and wife of John Rugeley

John Rugeley 13th June 1878 aged 86 yrs and 5 months

Additional information included in Bible:

My father Sebastian Haupt was born in Durham, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania in the year of 1784. (The date of his birth was given us by his sister, Elizabeth Baker of Illinois when on a visit to my m_____ in 1845, & she was not positive as to its exact date and he died at his residence. Now known as McDonells Station in Sumpter Co., Ala on 3rd Oct 1835 my mother, Matilda Bremster, daughter of Henry B____ was born in Georgia on 20th Sept. 1793 & died near _________  (now McDonnell's Station) in Sumter Co., Ala. on 18th July 1880. My father and mother were married in Clark Co. Ala on 20 _____ 1817.  My mother 2nd marriage to Meritt Hodgins was 15th March 1846 at her residence in Sumpter Co.  Meritt Hodgins died in Sumpter Co. Ala on 22nd Nov. 18__.

ŚMountains City - Hays Co., Texas July 16th 1886 Ś William D. Haupt

Children of above: Lewis Haupt, Nancy Haupt, W. W. Haupt born in Green Co., Ala Feb. 10, 1828, Sebestia Anna Haupt


W. W. Haupt to Alexine Harwood Colgin in Ala on 1st May 1851

W. W. Haupt, 2nd marriage to Sarah Ann Rugeley in Matagorda County, Texas on 22nd May 1855. (W.W. represents the name William Walton)



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