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Savage Family Bible Records

Printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication,
Oak Leaves, Volume 4, No. 4, August, 1985.

Typed by Faye Cunningham


Contributed By Margaret Seerden and Barbara Stell


Norman Savage, March 28, 1826, New York, son of Emilius and Mary Savage

Mary A. Smith, first wife of Norman Savage, April 27, 1828

Marinda Adams Savage, second wife of Norman Savage, June 10, 1832, South Carolina

Charlotte M., daughter of Norman and Mary Smith Savage, October 15, 1851

Norman and Marinda Adams Savage’s children, all born in Matagorda County, were:

Greenberry Savage, April 8, 1855

Edward J. Savage, November 27, 1858

Isabella Savage, January 1, 1857

Mae Savage, 1863

Amanda Jane Franz, wife of Greenberry Savage, November 11, 1861, Matagorda County

Greenberry and Amanda Jane Savage’s children, all born in Matagorda County were:

Florance Isabella, February 22, 1880

Mary Beulah, July 17, 1882

Galen Mizpah, September 26, 1883

Brownine Louesa, November 20, 1885

John Edward Stewart, January 17, 1887

Fredrick Sheppard Robbins, June 5, 1890

Mae Marinda, February 19, 1892

Morris Odus, October 8, 1893

Theressa Lucille, May 14, 1895

Hamilton Wadsworth, December 2, 1896

Jane Gabor, February 2, 1898


Norman Savage married first Mary A. Smith, June 17, 1850

Norman Savage married second Marinda Adams, June 1854, Bastrop, Texas

Isabella Savage, daughter of Norman and Marinda Savage, married John Hill McCain

Edward J. Savage, son of Norman and Marinda Savage, married Fannie C. Gottschalk

Mae Savage, daughter of Norman and Marinda Savage, married John Hill McCain

Greenberry Savage, son of Norman and Marinda Adams Savage, and Amanda Jane Franz, daughter of Conrad and Demis Baxter Franz, were united in marriage by Reverend J. N. McCain in the presence of a large gathering at the home of Conrad Franz on the 28th day of November, 1878

May Beulah Savage married Homer Turner Cartwright on September 27, 1899

Galen Mizpah Savage married Robert J. Bain on September 1, 1903

John Edward Stewart Savage married Jennie Gardner Parker Law on February 5, 1907

Marinda Mae Savage married Hurshel Goodnight Gilmore on June 22, 1910

Morris Odus Savage married Penolepy “Neppie” Branch

Theressa Lucille Savage married Robert Porter Sweeny on March 16, 1919

Hamilton Wadsworth Savage married Eva Elizabeth Robbins on November 2, 1921

Jane Gabor Savage married Foster Milner on July 2, 1932


Norman Savage died on May 7, 1878, buried in Matagorda Cemetery

Mary A. Smith Savage died on June 6, 1852

Marinda Adams Savage died on January 28, 1930, buried in Matagorda Cemetery

Amanda Jane Franz Savage died on February 27, 1898, buried in the Savage Family Cemetery

Greenberry Savage died on February 28, 1938, buried in the Savage Family Cemetery

Florance Isabelle Savage died on February 22, 1880, buried in the Savage Family Cemetery

Mary Beulah Savage Cartwright died on March 31, 1968, buried in Cedarvale Cemetery

Homer Turner Cartwright, husband od Mary Beulah, died on February 18, 1928, buried in Cedarvale Cemetery

Galen Mizpah Savage Bain died on July 2, 1905

Brownie Louesa Savage died on November 20, 1885, buried in the Savage Family Cemetery

John Edward Stewart Savage died on January 18, 1976, buried in Roselawn Cemetery

Fredrick Sheppard Robbins Savage died on January 18, 1957, buried in Cedarvale Cemetery

Mae Marinda Savage Gilmore died on April 1, 1979, buried in Cedarvale Cemetery

Hurshel Gilmore, husband of Mae Marinda Savage Gilmore, died on October 5, 1948, buried in Cedarvale Cemetery

Morris Odus Savage died on December 26, 1951, buried in Cedarvale Cemetery

Theressa Lucille Savage Sweeny died on January 12, 1934, buried in Cedarvale Cemetery

Hamilton Wadsworth Savage died on November 7, 1965, buried in Roselawn Cemetery



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