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A word of congratulation on rousing Matagorda county from her Rip Van Winkle siesta.

Big Hill is still here--five miles east of Matagorda.

At this writing we are reveling in fresh vegetables, sweet crisp melons, game, birds, fish and oysters.

Health of the country superb, save a peculiar epidemic, which is diagnosed as Bay City fever, with a chronic tendency; "so mote it be."

Misses Lida Franz, from vicinity of Elliott's and May Miller, of Lampasas, came down Sunday to attend school. Big Hill feels honored by the presence of such unremitting application to study as they display.

Some of our prominent citizens are to-day en route to Bay City, bound to make a fortune or "bust." Hurrah! for the new Eldorado.

If acceptable, will send a list of names at the end of each school month, giving the highest grades attained in their studies during the month.

Yours for Enterprise, MRS. J. D. HOLMES

Bay City Breeze, October 11, 1894


By Fidelis

S. J. Ellis and Wm. Dunbar were on the Hill Tuesday taking items.

Walter Tinnie and Edgar Dunbar were on the Hill Wednesday.

J. S. Ryan is at work on Mr. Sutherland's wells, trying to improve them.

Philip Yeamans, Jr. and wife and babies were over in our village today, shopping.

J. F. and J. A. Williams were with us yesterday, looking after their stock.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zipprian and Mr. L. Keller went to Matagorda and back today.

Philip Yeamans has taken off the last load of the Haynes house lumber to Bay City.

C. Zipprian is contemplating moving his store up to Wadsworth Station as soon as he can secure a location.

Well, after a long absence, I have come back to the fold; but there is not much going on here.

J. C. Zipprian has leased an oil well from McCallop? Bros. of Houston?, and is erecting a windmill to pump out the oil. He thinks it will be a paying proposition.

We heard from I. F. Dean today, the 6th. He says he will be back not later than the 1st of next week and is going to put down four more wells. He has a man here looking after his interest, and has put in a nice garden and has strawberries in bloom. He will bring his family with him. We also understand that Mr. Sutherland and the Higgins Oil Co. are going to put in some new wells soon; so we are still living in hopes.

[NOTE: The portion following this last paragraph was cut from the newspaper and it is unknown whether there was more of the column.]

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 15, 1907


J. F. Williams paid us a visit one day last week.

Wm. Dunbar helped J. C. Zipprian put up a windmill last week.

S. J. Ellis and Wm. Dunbar are hauling for I. F. Dean this week.

C. and G. W. Zipprian took a trip up to Wadsworth one day last week.

Ed Zipprian is improving very slowly. He is not able to be out yet.

G. B. Culver and two little sons and A. R. Lamb came out Saturday eve for another hunt and made us a very pleasant call.

Mr. Sutherland spent last week with us and went home Saturday after five days roughing in the oil field.

Mrs. Layton and Charley Dietrich, her brother, late of Memphis, Tenn., made us a very pleasant call one day last week.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 29, 1907


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