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Blessing Newspaper Columns



By J. H. L.

A rain is very much needed.

A. B. Pierce spent one day in Bay City last week.

J. H. Logan made a business trip to Bay City last week.

J. P. Pierce of Johnson Timber was in the city last week.

Captain Lewis and three sons were in the city one day last week.

F. L. Crawford passed through here Sunday on his way home.

Mrs. Duffy and children of Matagorda went to Palacios from here last week.

Hay making seems to be the employment of the people of this community.

Mrs. J. E. Blair of Carancahua called on Mrs. J. H. Logan Friday afternoon.

Mr. Eidman from Ashby met his mother here Sunday, who came from Palacios.

Gwynne Dixon has accepted a position as ex-boss of the leveling gang of the R. R.

George Dixon and wife came in from Houston Tuesday and are visiting relatives and friends of Matagorda County.

Wiley Kuykendall and wife left Monday after spending a few days with friends and relatives.

Julian Harvey of Palacios passed through here en route home and was somewhat under the weather.

J. E. Pierce shipped two car loads of beautiful calves to Taylor & Sons of New Orleans.

Our worthy editor of THE TRIBUNE passed through our town on his way to Palacios.

Arthur Wheeler of Tres Palacios was in the city last week and came near having a serious accident.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 16, 1903

Blessing Beatitudes.

By Felicia.

Guy Borden, of Galveston, was here buying stock to ship.

F. L. Crawford moved his house to Palacios the last of the week.

Mrs. J. F. Lewis, of Ashby, was here Saturday looking for freight.

J. E. Pierce shipped two car loads of nice calves to New Orleans, Friday.

Mrs. T. E. Partain and Miss Julia Cornelius were here one day last week for the mail.

J. L. Logan, Jr., went to Midfields to summon Dr. Clay Moore for Mrs. George B. Dixon.

Capt. Roach, of Ashby, boarded the train for Bay City, Saturday, and returned Sunday.

Miss Emma Lewis was in our city Saturday, on her way to Matagorda to take charge of her school.

Dawdy & Wheeler, the popular merchants of Palacios, were in our city one day last week for freight.

Mr. Ledbetter and Miss Evie LeCompte were united in the holy bonds of wedlock, Wednesday. Hereís best wishes.

D. N. Dunbar, of Ashby, boarded the train for Port Lavaca, Monday. He has gone in search of his brother, Howard, who is supposed to be drowned in coming from Port Lavaca to Palacios the night we had a quite a little storm.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 23, 1903

Blessing Beatitudes.

By Felicia.

Miss Annie Dunbar returned from Markham Saturday.

OíNeal Brothers of Ashby are shipping rice from this place.

F. Clap, the well man, of Ganado, spent Monday night here.

Mauritz Nelson of Palacios was here last week visiting friends.

John Gibson of Bay City is here painting the store for J. H. Logan.

Guy Borden of San Antonio was here this week looking for cattle.

T. J. Poole, Jr., took charge of J. H. Loganís store during his absence.

Miss Viola Jordan spent several days with Mrs. J. H. Logan last week.

A. Ruthven of Palacios was here last week in search of two strayed horses.

Mrs. J. P. Pierce returned home Wednesday, after quite a lengthy visit to relatives.

J. H. Logan went to Houston Tuesday to purchase his dry goods. He returned Thursday.

Misses Annie and Kate Dunbar of Ashby took the train here for Markham one day last week.

Floyd Lewis of Ashby and Jno. Logan, Jr., of Carancahua boarded the train here Sunday for Bay City.

Dr. Clay Moore was called again Friday to see Mrs. George B. Dixon of Carancahua who is still quite sick of typhoid fever.

Joseph Pybus, Jr., came up from Palacios Sunday morning to spend Sunday with his parents. He returned Sunday evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 30, 1903

Blessing Beatitudes.

By Felicia.

John Gibson spent Sunday in Bay City.

J. E. Pierce is very busy repairing bridges.

R. L. Bronaugh spent Thursday night in Blessing.

Hal Rowlet was in our city writing up life insurance.

R. A. Partain was seen to take the train for Bay City.

Dr. Lothridge of Georgia took the train Friday morning.

F. M. Moore of Ashby boarded the cars for Bay City Friday.

H. E. Moore of El Campo spent Friday night in our city.

The toothpick tobacco drummer was doing our city last week.

Quite a number of cars of rice have been shipped to El Campo from this point.

After spending a while with home folks, Ernest Fleury returned to Bay City Sunday.

Dawdy and Wheeler of the firm of Dawdy & Wheeler made a flying trip to Bay City one day last week.

Quite a number of prospectors were in our city inquiring as to property, and we hope to soon have the town laid off.

Mrs. Ed Reynolds, of Markham was over visiting her mother, Mrs. Duffy. On her return home she was accompanied by her sister, Miss Tinie Duffy.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 13, 1903

Blessing Beatitudes.

By Felicia.

T. Gyle was in our city on his way to Ashby.

Dick Lewis of Ashby boarded the train for Bay City.

Floyd Lewis passed through here on his way home from Bay City.

Mrs. E. A. Dixon took her departure for her home in West Plains, Mo.

J. L. Jordan and J. H. Logan made a business trip to Bay City Friday.

J. H. Logan expects a fine lot of nuts, candies and fruits for Christmas.

Mrs. E. M. Yeamans passed through on her way to and from El Campo.

J. H. Logan and wife drove over to Hawley for a few roses Sunday evening.

On or about the 7th of December we will have railroad mail services, we are happy to say.

John Gibson has finished painting the store, and took his departure for Bay City Sunday morning.

J. C. DeBruinís surveying outfit of the Rice Belt R. R. was loaded in a car and billed for Port Lavaca.

A. B. Pierce was in the city and informed us that he had been damaged considerably by prairie fire on the east side of the Tres Palacios.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 20, 1903


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