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Lieutenant and Mrs. Wyatt O. Selkirk delightfully entertained with a picnic at Tidehaven Tuesday.  The fortunate guests were Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Wheeler, Waldo Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Duller, Alice, Gertwell, and Ethan Duller, Mrs. Edith Law.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gober left Tuesday for Kansas to spend July and August.

Mrs. Biron Gill left on Sunday for Antwerp , N. Y., to remain until September.

Mrs. W. O. Selkirk of Galveston arrived Sunday for a visit with her husband.

Mrs. R. H. Seade and children left Monday for their home in Lincoln , Neb. , after a three months’ visit with relatives.

Miss Eva Aiken and Mr. Walter Lohnes were quietly married Thursday night at the bride’s home.  A number of friends and relatives were present in spite of the downpour of rain.  Many handsome gifts were on exhibition and the happy couple starts life with the good wishes of all who know them.

Mrs. Theo. Smith and daughter of Collegeport were registered at Hotel Blessing Thursday.

Mr. H. Black and bride of Markham spent a few days in town this week.

Mr. Arthur Brown returned from Corsicana Friday, bringing a fair young bride with him.

The Matagorda County Tribune, July 4, 1913

Transcribed by Pat Nichols


Rev. W. R. Hill spent several days in Houston this week.

Mrs. Walter Spencer returned to her home in Galveston Monday, after a two weeks' visit with Mrs. F. N. Dyer.

Mrs. R. T. Phillips and Mrs. David Garner are spending encampment week at Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Cobb and children have returned home from a week's visit at Citrusgrove.

Mrs. George Walker and children spent Sunday in Palacios visiting friends.

Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Dyer were Bay City passengers Wednesday.

Darrel Dyer has returned from a few days' outing at Port Lavaca.

The Blessing Tennis Club held its regular monthly meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McCluhan on Monday night.

F. N. Dyer was a Bay City visitor Monday morning.

Dr. A. S. Morton and J. M. Corbett of Bay City spent Sunday in Blessing.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 11, 1913


Mrs. C. E. Clark and children left Monday for Austin, making the trip by auto.

Mr. C. M. Wooster and family returned to their home in Houston, after a pleasant stay at Hotel Blessing.

George Walker left on Saturday for Houston, for a brief visit to his mother, Mrs. W. W. Dexter, who has lately returned from a European trip.

Miss Lulu Williams of Palacios spent Saturday and Sunday here with her sister Mrs. George Walker.

Miss Ada Berger has returned to her home in Kansas, having spent the summer here with her brother, F. G. Berger and family.

County Attorney R. R. Lewis was over from Bay City between trains Tuesday.

Lewis J. Woodruff has returned from a several months' stay in Texas City.

Miss Sallie Pickle left this week for Bay City where she has a position with County Clerk W. C. Lloyd.
Rev. W. R. Hill left on Monday for Romney, W. Va., to spend a month's vacation. Mrs. Hill will return with him.

The Matagorda County Tribune, August 29, 1913


Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Dyer and son returned Thursday from a several weeks’ stay in the mountains of Missouri and at St. Louis .

Col. J. E. Pierce has returned from a pleasant trip to Colorado Springs .

Mrs. C. P. Theiss of Palacios was in Blessing Wednesday.

Wm Pfeiffer of Collegeport was a business visitor Wednesday to our city.

Mr. Oscar Olesen, of the Arpin Dredge Company, left Monday on a vacation trip to his home in Wisconsin .

C. A. Nichols of the Houston Post was in town Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Plummer have returned to Dixon , Ill. , after a week’s visit at Blessing.

Chas. E. Duller was a Bay City visitor Friday, between trains.

Miss Kathryn Percival has returned to her home in Bay City , after spending several days here the guests of Miss Mamie Burkett and Misses Alice and Gertrude Duller.

Walter E. Percival was a Bay City visitor Sunday.

Rev. Yorkey of Midfield has been in Blessing several days.

H. Black of Markham was in Blessing several days this week with his corps of surveyors.

The tennis club held a very entertaining meeting Monday night at Mrs. D. A. Wheeler’s.  The next meeting will be at the Woodruff home.

Miss Olnie Lohnes is in Dallas on a shopping trip for the firm of D. W. Kessler.

    The Matagorda County Tribune, September 5, 1913

    Transcribed by Pat Nichols


Miss Edith Law was a Markham visitor Friday.

Mrs. C. A. Lucas has returned from a pleasant visit in Galveston.

W. E. Percival has sold his ice business to Walter Sanford.

Master Bruce Berger has returned from a trip to Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Gebers have returned from a summer's visit with relatives in Phillipsburg, Kansas.

Mrs. E. Strawbridge returned on Friday from Wisconsin, where she has spent the summer.

F. N. Dyer has sold his Blessing grocery to S. H. Smith, who will continue the business at the same place.

Col. J. E. Pierce returned Monday from a short visit to Houston.

Mr. Lewis J. Woodruff left on Friday for Houston, where he expects to take a course at the Rice Institute.

The Catholics held mass at the J. O. Murphy home on Sunday morning.

Miss Kate Barnes was a passenger to Bay City Wednesday morning.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 3, 1913


Mrs. H. B. Farwell of Palacios spent Tuesday in Blessing, the guest of Mrs. A. B. Pierce.

C. M. Wooster, superintendent of the Arpin Dredge Company, was in Blessing Tuesday.

A. B. Pierce attended a meeting of the directors of the Collegeport State Bank Wednesday.

Mrs. D. A. Wheeler was a Bay City passenger Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Ducros of Bay City spent the week-end as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Duller.

Miss Mollie Logan visited Bay City Monday morning.

Mr. John Walworth has returned from a trip to Wisconsin .

Rev. Beam of Angleton preached two very interesting sermons here on Sunday at the Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. George Walker and children have gone to Palacios for a visit with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Dyer were Bay City visitors on Thursday.

J. Stanley Wright of El Campo was in town Sunday.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller visited in Bay City Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bion Gill have returned from New York , where they have been spending the summer months.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 17, 1913

Transcribed by Pat Nichols

Blessing News

From the Blessing News

A crowd of young people were delightfully entertained last Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sanford at a "ghost" party given by Mrs. Sanford in honor of Master Walter Allen Sanford.

More rooms are being built on to the Midfield public school in order to accommodate the increasing attendance.

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Blessing have resumed their meetings after a vacation during the absence of several of the members.

The Ladies Aid Society served cake, doughnuts, chocolate and coffee at Hotel Blessing last Friday evening after the regular meeting of the society.

F. N. Dyer went to Bay City Wednesday morning to close a deal for an eighty acre tract of land located two miles west of town, which he purchased of Capt. B. B. Rhodes.

Cotton receipts at the Blessing gin to date with the receipts for the same period last year are:
November 6, 1913............387 bales
November 6, 1912............259 bales

Mr. A. F. Johnson was very pleasantly surprised by a number of neighbors and friends on October 2, at his home two miles east of Blessing. The party brought well filled baskets with them and a bountiful feast was spread. This was the fourth annual surprise given Mr. Johnson, his friends insisting that they will make this an annual occurrence until Mr. Johnson changes his present state of single "cussedness" to the blessings of matrimonial "blissfulness."

In the Blessing Orchestra Blessing has a first class musical organization that should be encouraged as much as possible. A boost for the orchestra is a boost for Blessing.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, November 14, 1913

Blessing News.

From the Blessing News.

Station agent J. D. Harris, has asked for transfer, Texas to California, and the request has been granted. Former agent John Norris will return here from Westhoff and again take charge of railroad matters in this city.


The next meeting of the Trespalacios River Farmers' Club will be held at Dunbar November 27, Thanksgiving day.


This is the season of the year when the Satsuma orange ripens, and we notice a number of trees in yards in Blessing and vicinity that are now bearing fruit. The trees are all young, not over eighteen months old from the time of budding, and there are not more than three or four on any one tree. Should we have a favorable winter, there are quite a number of trees in this vicinity that will bear good crops of fruit next year.


(The splendid 18-ft. tree laden with golden beauties in the yard of Mr. Chas. Nolte shows what could be done in Matagorda.)


Rice threshing is again in full operation and with a few more days of nice weather, the balance of the crop will be threshed. Among those who expect to thresh their crops this week were C. D. Craig, J. O. Murphy and C. E. Harter.


Harry Guynes purchased the City Meet Market at the public auction last Saturday.


The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. Sanford on Wednesday of this week. A most enjoyable meeting was held. Mrs. Barlow was appointed Superintendent of Literature and a committee was appointed to call upon the "strangers within our gates."


F. N. Dyer is having an addition built on to the house he recently purchased from Herman Eikenberg in the west part of the city.

The Matagorda News & Midcoast Farmer, Matagorda, Texas, November 24, 1913



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