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J. S. Wright was in Bay City between trains Friday.

Mrs. C. E. Moser spent the past week in Sargent.

Messrs. Robert Bran Naugh, Virgil Wheeler and Ernest Meyers returned to Bryan Monday to resume their school work.

Mrs. E. E. Daudy and Mrs. Wheeler and Misses Daundy and Massenburg of Palacios visited a few days with friends and relatives.

Misses Hawer and Dodson of Illinois visited last week for a few days at the J. Minuch home.

Misses Driskell and Turner returned Sunday from their Christmas vacation to resume work at school Monday.

Mr. Cliford Shurtz left Tuesday for Still Water where he will take up his school work again.

Dr. A. S. Morton of Bay City was in Blessing between trains Tuesday.

Mr. Herbert Houston came up from Robstown Friday for a weeks visit.

Mr. Chas. Wallworth went to Robstown Friday for a weeks visit.

Mrs. D. A. Wheeler and son Waldo, left for Houston and Bryan Saturday. Waldo returns to the Allen Academy .

Mrs. W. C. Smith and daughter, Sarah, returned from a short visit to Woodsborough.

Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hardy and S. E. McClellan moved to Palacios last week where they will have charge of the pavilion and the Bay View hotel.

Mrs. D. A. Wheeler returned from Bryan Wednesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 11, 1918


Mrs. W. P. Smith and daughter spent Saturday in Palacios.

Mr. Chas. E. Duller was a Bay City visitor Thursday.

Sergeant R. E. Terry returned to Camp Bowie Saturday morning, after a short furlough.

Miss Sallie Pickel spent the week-end with home folks, returning Sunday to Bay City .

Mrs. James H. Roach and Mrs. John Roach and daughter went to Houston Thursday.

Messrs. Jim and Tice and Miss Ione LaForce went to Houston Thursday for a short visit.

Miss Mildred and Audry Howe entertained their class-mates with a "42" party Friday evening at their home.

John R. Moberly, of Houston , spent several days in Blessing, looking after the improvements on his farm.

Messrs. John and Chas. Walworth and Chas. Brazel came up from Robstown Saturday, returning Monday.

Messrs. D. A. Wheeler and J. E. Meyers were in Bay City Monday morning.

The school children will give an entertainment Friday, February 1, at the school house--benefit of the Red Cross.

John Lynn and W. E. Davant, lawyers of Bay City , were in Blessing Monday on legal business.

Messrs. Paul Walworth, Herbert Houston and Henry Duffy came from Sargent Sunday, returning Monday.

E. E. Dawdy of Palacios spent the day in Blessing Tuesday.

J. R. Laslie spent Saturday in Bay City .

Mr. J. H. Ellison and Miss Beatrice Fowler left for San Antonio Friday noon , for a short visit with friends and relatives.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 1, 1918


Mr. J. H. Roach went to Houston Saturday.

Mrs. Bill Sanders and daughter of Greenville , Miss. , arrived Tuesday for a visit at the A. B. McDow home.

J. H. Logan spent several days in Cuero this week.

J. W. Holmes of Bay City was a Blessing visitor for a few days last week.

Paul Wallworth was a Houston visitor Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Mayme Burkett and Mrs. D. T. Evans were in Bay City Monday between trains.

Mrs. J. H. Ellison and Miss Beatrice Fowler returned Monday after an extended visit in San Antonio .

Mrs. Paul Wallworth was called to Houston Tuesday by the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. J. H. Roach.

Mrs. J. E. Meyers spent Saturday and Sunday in Houston .

J. L. Jordan and H. H. Lindner were in Bay City Tuesday.

Mrs. F. G. Cobb is in Houston for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fleer of Seadrift were with their sons a few days last week.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 8, 1918


Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Kuykendall came from Victoria Thursday to spend the summer. They are accompanied by their granddaughter, Mrs. Taylor of Buda , Texas .

Mr. and Mrs. True Miller and daughter of Nebraska are in Blessing for a short time, looking after land interests.

Miss Nettie Turner went to Palacios Friday night, returning Monday.

R. P. Ansley returned to Houston Sunday.

Messrs. Hal Ansley, John Wallworth and Chas. Brazel came up from Robstown Saturday for a few days.

Geo. Dixon returned Monday to Robstown after a few days at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Van Bergen and son arrived Thursday for an extended visit at the A. B. Pierce home.

A baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Duffy Tuesday.

Jas. H. Roach returned Friday from Houston .

Mrs. A. B. McDow was called to Whitney Monday by the death of a son-in-law.

Mrs. Aara Moseley of Buckeye was in Blessing between trains Monday. Mrs. Bill Sanders accompanied her home for a few days.

L. G. Patterson came up from Robstown Tuesday.

S. E. McClellan of Palacios was in town Wednesday.

Dr. A. S. Morton of Bay City made several professional calls here during the past week.

Mr. Pat Maloney of Wisconsin is looking after land interests around Blessing.

J. S. Wright was in Bay City Wednesday between trains.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 15, 1918


Messrs. C. D. and D. A. Wheeler went to Bryan Saturday, returning Monday. Waldo Wheeler accompanied them home for the holidays of the 22nd.

Mrs. W. P. Smith and daughter spent the week-end at Palacios.

C. M. Foisy and U. E. Fant returned to Camp Travis Tuesday, after several days with homefolks.

Miss Nettie Turner, primary teacher, was called to her home at Rockdale last week by the serious illness of her father.

Mrs. Paul Elliott of South Dakota visited her sister, Miss Driskill, last Friday and Saturday.

The "liberty measles" are prevalent again, there being 65 cases Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Calfee have a baby girl, which arrived Tuesday.

Chas. H. Duffy of Houston was in Blessing Monday.

Miss Graves of Electra arrived Tuesday for an extended visit at her grandmother's, Mrs. A. I. Ansley.

C. A. Lucas was in Bay City Wednesday between trains.

C. C. Segrest spent Sunday with friends and relatives in Bay City .

Herbert Houston left Thursday for Houston where he intends to enlist in the aviation corps.

The Midfield's boys and girls basket ball teams met with the Blessing teams last Saturday at Blessing. Midfields being defeated. The score: boys 26-2; girls 12-2.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 22, 1918


Mrs. T. C. Dunn Jr. of Houston arrived Sunday to be at the bedside of her father, Wylie Kuykendall.

Messrs. Robert Brenaugh and Virgil Wheeler came in Friday afternoon from Bryan for a few days.

Mr. H. Wimmer and family moved into the parsonage until school is out, Mr. Wimmer having rented his farm south of Blessing.

Miss Fern Down came up from Palacios Friday and stayed until Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Dow.

Serg. R. E. Terry was home Friday and Saturday from Camp Bowie .

Mrs. J. H. Roach and Mrs. Paul Wallworth returned Saturday from Houston where Mrs. Roach underwent a minor operation.

Private Andrew Long arrived Thursday on a ten-days leave from Camp Bowie .

Those being called to Bay City for examination were Ernest Fleer and John Wise.

J. W. Holmes and Walter Williams of Bay City were in Blessing Sunday between trains.

Messrs. John Wallworth and Fletcher and Chas. Brazel came up from Robstown Saturday.

Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Morton of Bay City were in town Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Wallworth and Chas. Wallworth went to Galveston Monday for a few days--from there Mr. Chas. Wallworth will return to his home in Wisconsin .

A. W. Augspurger of Houston was a business visitor a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. McKinnon and children of Palacios spent Sunday at the W. P. Smith home.

Miss Mignon Doman of El Maton is the guest at the C. D. Wheeler home this week.

Corp. Henry Vaclavick, from Camp Travis , is spending the week with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jan. Vaclavick.

B. F. Lanham of Houston was in Blessing Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Gallatin are the proud parents of a set of twins that arrived Tuesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 1, 1918

[This article was titled Chalmers, but it is actually a Blessing column.]


Mr. William Carpenter returned Saturday, after an extended visit with relatives in New Jersey .

Mrs. F. C. Dunn Jr. and R. H. Taylor spent the week-end at Pierce Station last week.

The District Christian Endeavor convention will be held in Blessing March 15-16-17.

Mrs. W. P. Smith and daughter went to Livingston Saturday for a short visit.

Austin Queen is home on a sick leave from the naval training station, Chicago .

Those attending the Federation at Palacios last Saturday were Mesdames A. B. Pierce, F. S. Van Bergen, Bion Gill, F. G. Cobb, Edith Laun, R. T. Phillips, A. O. Yeager, C. A. Lucas and Miss J. Corneal and A. F. Foisy.

J. L. Jordan and C. A. Lucas went to Galveston Saturday to attend to business.

Miss Annie Long went to El Campo Saturday for a few weeks' visit with relatives.

Mrs. J. H. Ellison returned to her home at Cooledge Tuesday, after an extended visit with her mother, Mrs. C. P. Fant.

Mr. Fred Harris was in Blessing Tuesday. He will return in a few days to Philadelphia , where he is stationed in the navy.

E. T. Callahan went to Bay City Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jordan and family spent Tuesday in Bay City .

J. H. Logan was a Bay City visitor one day this week.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 8, 1918


Kring Patterson is home from Robstown for a few days.

Mrs. Ethel McCluhan went to Bay City Saturday.

Mr[s]?. Pearl Shurtz returned Saturday from a several days visit to Houston .

Messrs. Fred Eickenburg, J. L. Jordan and D. A. Calfee spent Monday in Bay City .

Mrs. A. B. Pierce returned Sunday from Galveston .

Judge J. H. Roach was in Bay City Monday.

W. J. Harris went to Houston Tuesday, returning Saturday.

Mrs. A. O. Yeager and children spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City at the home of W. E. McSparran.

Messrs. Harry Kight and Grady Pickel went to Houston Monday.

Miss Alice Duller was in Bay City Tuesday.

Messrs. John Wallworth and Chas. Brazel returned to Robstown Monday after several days with homefolks.

Mrs. C. H. Kight spent Tuesday in Bay City .

The county electioneers are beginning their work for the coming election.

The district Christian Endeavor convention will be held at Blessing, March 15-16-17.

Misses Lena and Pearl Corse were in Collegeport Sunday with their parents.

Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Rule returned from Wichita Kansas , last week for the summer.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 15, 1918



Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Dyer and children arrived Monday from Missouri expecting to make Blessing their home again.


The Christian Endeavor convention last week was well attended and greatly enjoyed.


J. S. Wright was in Houston Friday and Saturday of last week.


Miss Nettie Turner went to Palacios Friday, returning Sunday, accompanied by Mrs. Robert Orr and children.


J. Robert Brunaugh returned to Bryan after several days with homefolks.


Mrs. A. B. Pierce went to Galveston Tuesday for a few days.


Mrs. J. H. Roach returned from Houston Wednesday after a short visit.


Mr. Paul Wallworth left for Arkansas Tuesday on a short business trip.


Waldo Wheeler spent a few days this week with relatives in Bay City .


Misses Fern Dow and Claire Partain of Palacios spent the week-end at the C. W. Dow home.


Mrs. John Wallworth and Mrs. Chas. Brazel went to Robstown Saturday for a few weeks' visit


Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Aiken went to Houston Sunday where Mr. Aiken will have a serious operation.


Dr. D. F. Smith returned from Houston Monday after a professional trip.


Mr. J. D. Moore of Bay City was in Blessing Tuesday.


Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Midgett of Midfield spent Saturday and Sunday here to attend the convention.


Matagorda County Tribune., March 22, 1918

Pierce Installs Bur Extractor At Cotton Gin
Meat Market Installs New Refrigerator; Entertain Teachers

BLESSING, Texas, Oct. 10.--Mr. A. B. Pierce has installed a Bur Extractor at his gin in Blessing to remove the burs from pulled cotton. This will be a great deal of help to the farmers as the late cotton can be pulled more cheaply than it can be picked.

Mr. J. C. White has purchased a counter refrigerator for use in his meat market. This is certainly an improvement and adds greatly to the appearance of his shop. It will enable Mr. White to keep a supply of cured meats. The power meat grinder is another improvement in Mr. White's market and a wonderful labor saver.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller entertained the school teachers and Mary Deane Yeager on Wednesday night with dinner and 2 tables of bridge.

Clarence Lee is working in Billie's Garage.

Mrs. A. B. Pierce went to Bay City on Tuesday.

Mrs. Geo. T. Braden is spending the week with her daughter, Mrs. A. R. Matthes.

Mr. J. O. Murphy has purchased a refrigerator show case for use in his grocery store.

Miss Grace Walker and Margaret Lois Sanford went to Bay City Saturday on the bus.

Mr. C. Pickel has been having a new road on his house this week. Mr. C. B. Bump is doing the work.

Mr. C. H. Dobbs, pastor of the El Campo Presbyterian Church, came down to Blessing on last Sunday night and preached a very fine sermon.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lindner motored to San Antonio Sunday night to see the airplanes. Mr. Lindner made a business trip to Houston on his return Tuesday.

The Baseball fans have been enjoying the big games this season at Billie's Garage. Billie has a fine set that he keeps in good working order with no little trouble and expense.

Mrs. C. W White returned Saturday from Kansas City, where she has been for the past three weeks attending a reunion of her family, all of whom were present except one brother.

Mrs. Russell Jones, of Houston arrived on the night train Wednesday for a short stay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon and her little daughter, Autherine, who goes to school in Blessing.

Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Matthes, Howard, of Ganado; Miss Clara Matthes, of Galveston; Miss Edna Matthes, of Houston; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Braden and Paul Braden were dinner guests of the A. R. Matthes family Sunday.

Mr. J. H. Logan and his daughter, Mrs. W. A. Sanford, were called to Bay City Monday to the bedside of Mr. Logan's father, who is 96 years old.

LATER: Mr. Logan died Tuesday night and funeral was held in Bay City Wednesday afternoon, with Masonic honors. He was a member of the Blessing Masonic Lodge.

Palacios Beacon, October 11, 1918


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