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Blessing High School Closes Successful Term
Local Man Loses $80.00; Boy Seriously Hurt; Party; Current Turned On

Commencement for Blessing High School was held at the Community House on last Thursday night. A large crowd attended the very interesting program. Ettacelia McClelland, Velma Blackwell and Victor Logan were the High School graduates, and Steve Rickaway, Stella Rickaway, John Murphy, Joe Smith, Francis Blackwell and June Rose Parker were the seventh grade graduates. Rev. G. F. Gillespie of Palacios gave the address to the class. Mrs. W. O. Selkirk sang a beautiful solo, Miss Laura Sutton, Superintendent, presented the certificates for excellence in the various branches of work in the school.

Loses Wallet

It has been rumored that one of the young business men of this city lost his wallet containing $80.00 in currency and some valuable papers and that he made a trip to Victoria to consult the fortune teller. I do not know whether the property has been returned or not.

Seriously Hurt

Last Sunday morning young Orsak, of El Maton fell off a sand truck, while he and some other boys were riding along the road toward Blessing. The wheels crossed over his body and crushed some of his ribs. He was taken to Bay City to Dr. Loos’ Hospital and at the last report had a fighting chance for recovery.

School Entertained

Miss Clara Schley and Burlove Dyer entertained the school boys and girls of the upper grades with a party at the A. L. Dyer home on Tuesday evening, May 22. Interesting games were played, followed by delicious refreshments of fruit, ice cream and cookies. Everyone reports a very good time.

Dannels Boy Taken to Sanitarium

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dannels of Houston last week, where the Dannels left their small son in Arabia Temple’s Cripple Children’s Clinic at the Baptist Sanitarium for treatment. The little boy is partially paralyzed from the hips down, as a result of Infantile Paralysis.

Turn Electric Current On

The electric current was turned into the wires leading into Blessing last Thursday night. We are now enjoying the convenience of electric lights and other electrical appliances.

Revival Meeting

Rev. Myers from Wharton is holding a Revival Meeting in Blessing this week. The services are under the auspices of the Methodist Church but are being held at the Presbyterian Church.

Revival Meeting

Rev. Myers from Wharton is holding a Revival Meeting in Blessing this week. The services are under the auspices of the Methodist Church but are being held at the Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. L. C. Cornelius is spending the week in El Campo. She intends to return Friday and her daughter, Catherine, who has attended El Campo High School this past session will return with her.

Miss Rosalie Nelson of Collegeport is spending a part of the school vacation with her aunt, Mrs. Geo. Braden at Pheasant, and her cousin, Mrs. A. R. Matthes of Blessing.

Mr. Newman and Mr. Bailey of the Colt Lighting and heating plants, have installed 15 plants in this end of Matagorda County.

Palacios Beacon, May 24, 1928

Blessing Revival Came to Close Sunday Night
Injured Boy Improving; Tractor Demonstration; Two New Fords Delivered

The Revival meeting which Brother Meyers was conducting this past week closed on Sunday night. A fine crowd attended the Sunday night service.

Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Corse of Collegeport were Sunday visitors at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Chas. E. Duller.

Master Johnny Harris returned Wednesday night from Houston, after spending a few days with his sister, Miss Gladys.

An electric motor has been installed at the Blessing Water Works. This is quite an improvement over the old gasoline equipment.

All those who saw “Slide, Kelly, Slide,” at the Community House picture show last Friday and Saturday were delighted with the picture.

We were glad to see Miss Dorothy Duller at Sunday School Sunday, after her week’s illness. We hope Miss Dorothy continues to improve in health.

Mrs. L. C. Cornelius, Catherine and George Louis, accompanied by Miss Nora Catherine Luder of Markham, motored to Austin last Sunday to spend a week.

The Orsak boy, who was so badly injured several days ago, is reported to be very much improved. We are glad to hear this and hope he will soon be at home again.

It has been reported that Mr. J. G. Walker of Blessing will start a café in El Maton. He will have no competition for a time anyway, as there is no café in El Maton now.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McKinney and small daughter, Martha Virginia, who have spent a month with Mrs.

McKinney’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Logan, have returned to their home in Nixon.

Mr. A. B. Pierce is driving a “New Ford” coupe and Mr. B. W. Trull of Midfield has a sedan. This model will soon be as popular as the old model was, if not more so, “Since Henry made a Lady out of Lizzy.”

The J. I. Case Company have four tractors at work on the Ebersten land, southeast of Blessing doing some experimental work, preparatory to placing these tractors on the market and incidentally putting in a rice crop for A. R. Matthes, who has leased the land.

On Friday, May 25, Mrs. Millard entertained a party of little people in honor of the eighth birthday of her granddaughter Mary Catherine Barlowe. A very enjoyable afternoon was spent, after which delicious refreshments were served. Many beautiful gifts were brought to Mary Catherine by her friends.

Palacios Beacon, May 31, 1928

Blessing Masons Elect Officers For Coming Year
Good Movies at Community House; Old Fashioned Dance Thurs. Nite

The Blessing Community House is enjoying a Spring House Cleaning.

A number of Blessing folks motored to Palacios Monday and Tuesday nites to see Clara Bow in "Red Hair."

Miss Dorothy Murphy, who has attended Nazareth Academy in Victoria this past year is home for the summer.

The picture show at the Community House Friday and Saturday is "The Desert Toll." Frances McDonald is the star.

The fine rain of last Saturday has made all the crops look fine. We heard one farmer say that the rain had ruined all his nubbins.

Mrs. S. S. Sitterle and small son, her daughter, Mrs. Raymond Sitterle and small son, all of Victoria, are visiting the J. O. Murphy family this week.

The Masons report a good attendance at Lodge last Thursday night. An election of officers was held and Kirk Harter was raised to the Third Degree.

The little folks enjoyed an afternoon of fun at the Roe Guynes home last Friday afternoon. It was Margaret's birthday. Ice cream and cake were served.

"Little Annie Rooney" was the title of the picture at the Community House last Friday and Saturday nights. Everyone enjoyed this picture with Mary Pickford.

An old fashioned dance was very much enjoyed at the Community House on Thursday night of last week. The music was furnished by a group of local musicians.

Mr. J. W. Shuey of Mont Belvieu is visiting his sisters, Mrs. Geo. Braden of Pheasant, and Mrs. Roy Nelson and his niece, Mrs. A. R. Matthes, of Blessing. Mrs. Shuey reports a fine crop of rice in the Mont Belvieu country.

Mrs. A. O. Yeager and daughters, Helen Madge and Mary Dean, returned from Stephenville last Thursday, where they have been visiting Mrs. Yeager's parents and friends. Miss Madge has spent the past year at John Tarleton. Miss Mary Dean, who has been teaching in the Arcadia schools this past year, will work this summer in Mr. A. B. Pierce's office.

Palacios Beacon, June 4, 1928

C. P. & L. Co. Ice House If Leased To A. R. Matthes

BLESSING, Texas, June 21.—Mr. A. R. Matthes has leased the ice house owned by the Central Power and Light Company, at Blessing and will operate it, assisted by Barnett Bump.

Mr. O’Neil, ice engineer for the Central Power and Light Company, has been in Blessing the last few days installing the refrigerating unit for the ice house.

Mr. E. R. Bell of El Maton, is driving a new Chevrolet sedan. It is a beauty.

Ellen Louis Goodman has for her guests this week, Lillian Haggard and Beatrice Wilson of Houston.

There were four new International trucks in town yesterday being fitted with steel dump beds for E. R. Briggs Construction Co.

Mrs. R. E. Terry has had for her guests this past week, her niece, Miss Bo Davis and her friend, Laura Lon Bell both of El Campo.

Mrs. Piece entertained on Tuesday, June 11th, with a luncheon for Mrs. J. J. Gillespie’s guests. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hooks and Mrs. Maddox.

Our young people are enjoying the swimming these days while the pumps are running at the Farmer’s Canal Co. Pumps. The pool is full of swimmers every evening.

Mesdames A. B. Pierce, C. A. Lucas, A. O. Yeager, L. C. Cornelius, A. R. Matthes motored to Palacios on last Thursday to attend the shower for Madge Clement at Mrs. Ruthven’s.

Several Blessing ladies motored to Palacios Saturday to attend the meeting of the Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs. Mrs. A. R. Matthes was delegate for Blessing Library Club.

Barlowe Dyer and Frank Millard have just finished painting the house purchased by A. O. Yeager this spring. Mr. A. E. Harter is painting his new home also. We are very glad to report these improvements.

Mrs. R. E. Terry entertained on last Thursday night with a party at the Community House in honor of her guests, Miss Bo Davis and Miss Laura Lon Bell. Delicious refreshments were served at the end of a very enjoyable evening.

Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Ruthven, and Mrs. Farwell motored to Bay City Wednesday to meet with Mrs. Pollard, in interest of the Scholarships, which is the most important factor of the Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Club’s work.

Mrs. A. B. Pierce motored to Houston Friday to meet her boys, Hall and Lee, who have attended St. James Academy. She was accompanied by John Henry, who had just returned a few days previous from Rice Institute. We are very glad to have our young people home for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gillespie, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hooks and Mrs. Maddox left Wednesday morning for a pleasure trip through the Rio Grande Valley. They will visit all places of interest including Matamoros and Corpus Christi, where they will take a dip in the big tub.

Mrs. Ella Dunn entertained with five tables of bridge and two tables of hearts in the hotel dining room in honor of Mrs. J. J. Gillespie’s guests, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hooks of Gordon, Georgia, and Mrs. Maddox of Houston. A number of Palacios people motored over for this delightful affair. Beautiful guest prizes and high and low prizes were awarded. Delicious refreshments consisting of a salad course followed by ice cream and cake were served at a late hour.

Sunday Services at Presbyterian Church:
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Christian Endeavor, 8 p. m. Miss Grace Walker, Leader. Everyone is cordially invited to be present.

Palacios Beacon, June 21, 1928

Improvements Being Made On Blessing Homes
Celebrate Juneteenth; Sunday Church Services; “Resurrection”

BLESSING, June 27.—Mr. W. King is having a new roof on his house also redecorating the inside. The Rugeley building has been undergoing some much needed repair work this week. Mr. C. Williams has completed a nice garage on the place he purchased this spring. A new rood on the house, a fine vegetable and flower garden are other improvements.

The colored people had a big “Juneteenth” celebration at Sanford’s farm on the Tres-Palacios last Tuesday. Blessing people and Mr. Sanford provided barbecue at noon. A big baseball game was played in the afternoon, and at night there was dancing on the platform.

Miss Madge Yeager is spending the week in Palacios.

The C. L. Anderson family are the proud owners of a handsome Dodge sedan.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hutson of Pheasant, are the proud parents of a fine baby girl, born June 20th.

Rod LaRoche and Dolores Del Rio appear in the picture “Resurrection” at the Community House next Friday night.

Mrs. Minich has been visiting old friends this past week. We are glad to have Mrs. Minich at Sunday School Sunday.

Dr. Weaver, Secretary of the Brazos Presbytery, will be in Blessing on next Sunday morning at 11 a. m. to decide what shall be done to repair the church.

Jonathan Pierce of New Orleans is spending part of the vacation with the A. B. Pierce family. Jonathan is one of the best swimmers at the “old swimmin’ hole.”

Sunday Services:
Sunday School, 10:00-11:00 a. m.
Congregation meeting with Dr. Weaver in charge at 11 a. m.
Christian Endeavor, 7:00 p. m.
Dr. Weaver will preach at 8 p. m.

Palacios Beacon, June 28, 1928

Celebrate Birth Of Community House, Blessing

BLESSING, Texas, July 11.--The Community House celebrated the Sixth Anniversary on Tuesday night. Different games were played and music furnished by the young girls made up the entertainment. The Pierce boys put on a two act play of their own composition that was very much enjoyed by everyone. The title of the play was, "A Eye Fer a Eye and a Tooth Fer a Tooth."

Mr. and Mrs. Farwell of Palacios spent the 4th of July with the Pierce family.

Mr. A. B. Pierce motored to Sargent to attend the 4th of July picnic and barbecue.

Several Blessing ladies attended the Tea at Gray Court, Palacios, on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hendley motored to Galveston last week, where Mr. Hendley went through Dr. Graves' clinic.

Mrs. Marvin Bradford and children, Marvin Jr., and Johnnie G., are visiting Mrs. Bradford's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gillespie.

Mrs. Geo. Braden and Mrs. A. R. Matthes entertained the Library Club at the Library on Thursday, July 5. Punch and cake were served.

There will be no Sunday services at the Presbyterian church Sunday as most of the regular attendants wish to attend the B. Y. P. U. at Palacios.

Mrs. Morrow from Dallas, has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. B. B. Rhodes. Mrs. Morrow left for Edna Monday, where she will visit old friends and relatives before returning home.

Mrs. A. B. Pierce took Clinton to Dr. Loos' Hospital in Bay City on Saturday, July 7th, for a tonsil operation. The little fellow is improving nicely and will soon be able to be at play again.

Miss Isabel Dixon, who has spent the past two months, visiting the Logan and W. A. Sanford families, accompanied her mother and small sister, Dorothy, to their home in Brownsville last Friday.

Evangelist J. K. Ridgway of San Antonio will hold a series of meetings in the Baptist Church beginning July 29th and ending August 5th. Mr. Ridgway preached at the Baptist Church last Sunday. Mr. Ridgway is not a stranger in this part of the country, having preached some of his first sermons here about 10 years ago when he was attending the summer course in Palacios.

Palacios Beacon, July 12, 1928

Officers’ Wives Entertained At Blessing Sat., 14

BLESSING, July 19.—Mrs. A. B. Pierce entertained on Saturday, July 14th, with a tea for the Army Officers’ wives of the Texas National Guard. Mrs. Farwell presided at the punch bowl. Mrs. Selkirk and Mrs. Dunn assisted with the serving of delicious ice cream and cake. An orchestra of the T. N. G. furnished beautiful music during the afternoon. Many of our Palacios friends were present, and a few from Bay City.

The ice cold watermelons at the Blessing Ice House are delicious.

There will be Sunday School at the Presbyterian Church on next Sunday.

The Moving Picture Show has been discontinued at the Community House for a time.

Mrs. W. King had for her guests the past week, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Nesbit of Houston.

A number of Blessing people attended the Sunday services at the B. Y. P. U. Encampment.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sanford motored to Brazoria on Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Sanford’s sister, Mrs. Montgomery.

Miss Rosalie Nelson, of Collegeport spent last week with her cousin, Mrs. A. R. Matthes, and her aunt, Mrs. Geo. Braden at Pheasant.

Mrs. J. F. Beard returned yesterday from Kingsville, where she has been attending the summer course at the State Teacher’s College.

Miss Lucy Braden, who is visiting her brother, Geo. T. Braden, has been quite ill for the past few days, having had a very bad tooth pulled. We are glad to report that Miss Braden is quite herself again.

Miss Lula Van O’Bannon left for San Marcos yesterday to attend the last six weeks course at the State Teacher’s College. She accompanied Mrs. W. W. Reed and Miss Faye Sanford who motored over to Austin to bring Miss Willa Grace Reed home. Miss Willa Grace has attended the first summer course at the University.

The Yeager girls have for their guests this week Misses Maxine Price, Elizabeth Sisson, Margaret Nester, Palacios; Lucile Kyle, Big Springs; Leta Lee Nunn, Alvarado; Dorothy Murphy, Blessing; and Maurice Price, Stephenville; David Hall, Brady; Rayford Young, Glen Rose; Morton Brooks, Mt. Vernon; Melvin Tucker, Bowie; Deaton Moorehouse, Blanket; and Walter Allen Sanford, Blessing.

Mrs. Ben Curd and family with her two nephews, Sidney Barker and Lenard Hopkins, left today for Brazoria, for their new home. Mr. Curd, who is in the employ of the Missouri Pacific in the employ of the Missouri Pacific Lines has been appointed Section foreman with headquarters at Brazoria. We are very sorry to have these good people leave our community and we hope they will not consider the move permanent, but will soon come back to Blessing.

Mrs. A. O. Yeager and her daughters, Mary Deane, Madge and Helen, entertained on Saturday night with a slumber party in honor of their guests Miss Lucile Kyle, Big Springs; Miss Leta Lee Nunn, Alvarado and Maurice Price of Stephenville. Music and dancing with plenty of ice cold watermelon were the diversions for the evening. At an early hour the party was joined by Miss Lula Van O’Bannon and her guest and John Henry, Hall, Lee and Jonathan Pierce for a swim at the pumping plant. A chicken dinner was served buffet style at noon. The guests departed about 3 o’clock declaring they had all had a wonderful time.

About 20 people surprised Mrs. Geo. Braden on last Thursday evening, which was Mrs. Braden’s birthday eve. This party was really a surprise and Mrs. Braden showed it, too by the way she looked at us all. Many beautiful gifts were presented to her with good wishes for happy returns. Mrs. Braden opened her gifts, while sitting on the floor, just to prove that although another year older she could still get up from the floor when she wanted to. Games were played and delicious punch and cake were served. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cornelius, Mrs. Ben Curd, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Duller, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ellis, Mrs. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes, Dorothy Duller, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson and daughters, Rosalie and Ethel, W. A. Sanford, Jr., Sidney Barker, and Martha Weyhemer.

Palacios Beacon, July 19, 1928

Interesting News Items of Blessing

BLESSING, July 26.—Mrs. A. R. Matthes entertained the King’s Daughters from Collegeport on last Thurs.

R. J. Vaclavick and Koy Roberts are re-decorating the school house. We are very glad to report this improvement.

Mrs. L. C. Cornelius, Brother and Catherine and Helen Yeager are enjoying a splendid trip through the Davis Mountains.

Miss Grace Walker went to Bay City on Wednesday to have her tonsils removed. Dr. B. L. Livengood will do the work.

Mr. C. A. Lucas returned Tuesday from a two weeks visit at Des Moines, Iowa, where he was called to the bedside of his brother.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas E. Duller and Dorothy motored to Houston last Wednesday for a few days visit with Mr. Duller’s daughters.

Mr. A. F. Foisy returned last week from a business trip in Oklahoma. Mr. Foisy reports fine crops and splendid harvest conditions.

Miss Ruby Jackson returned last week from San Marcos, where she has attended the State Teachers’ college the past winter and summer.

Mrs. A. B. Pierce and sons, John Henry, Hall, Lee and Clinton, left in their car for St. Paul, Minnesota, for a month with Mrs. Pierce’s parents.

Mrs. A. R. Matthes, Mrs. Geo. T. Braden and Miss Lucy Braden from Blessing, and Mrs. Roy Nelson of Collegeport were entertained with lunch at Mrs. Holsworth’s home in Collegeport.

A number of Mr. Foisy’s friends surprised him on last Friday night on the occasion of his birthday. An evening of games and music were enjoyed followed by delicious refreshments.

Palacios Beacon, July 26, 1928

Blessing Revival Closed Sunday
Mrs. A. L. Dyer Passes Away After Short Illness; Cotton Ginned

BLESSING, August 2.—Rev. Chas. H. Weaver and wife, of Houston, held services at the Presbyterian Church last week, closing on Sunday. We were very glad to have these good people with us and feel that much good has been accomplished. Mr. C. W. White and J. H. Logan were ordained elders at the Sunday night service. Rev. C. H. Dobbs of El Campo, assisted in the ordination. A Women’s Auxiliary was organized with Mrs. E. Duller, President. A number of El Campo people came down with Brother Dobbs Sunday night, among whom were Mrs. Trousdale and Mrs. Curtiss, who rendered some beautiful selections. Mr. A. O. Yeager was elected Trustee, and a Committee was appointed to repair the church.

The Blessing people were both shocked and grieved at the death of our good friend, Mrs. A. L. Dyer on Wednesday night, July 25. Mrs. Dyer had been sick only two days and was believed to be improved but suddenly Wednesday night took a turn for the worse and died about midnight with congestion of the stomach. Interment was made in the Palacios cemetery on Friday afternoon. Many beautiful flowers were laid by loving hands on the last resting place of this good friend who had scattered so many flowers along her way. Left to mourn her loss are her husband, A. L. Dyer, Blessing; two daughters, Mrs. Chas. McConnell of Palacios, Mrs. Geo. Anderson, Post Aransas and two sons, Jim  of Kingsville and Barlowe of Blessing.

Blessing Gin Company began ginning cotton right yesterday with a run of six bales.

Paul Braden came up from Palacios on business and spent the night with Mrs. A. R. Matthes.

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Ruthven and Elizabeth were visitors at the Blessing church Sunday night.

Mrs. Chas. McConnell of Palacios, came up Monday night to take care of her mother Mrs. A. L. Dyer.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dyer of Kingsville, came in last Wednesday to be at the bedside of Mrs. A. L. Dyer.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson of Port Aransas, came in Thursday to attend the funeral of Mrs. A. L. Dyer.

Mr. and Mrs. John Houston Robertson spent Sunday with Mrs. Robertson’s sister, Mrs. V. Powell. They were welcome visitors at church Sunday night.

Miss Lucy Braden who has spent the past few weeks with her brother, Geo. T. Braden and family has gone to Ponca City, Okla., to visit her brothers who live near there.

Miss Winnie Bump, who has been visiting her brother in Galveston, came home last night to spend a few weeks with her parents before the school term. Miss Winnie teaches school in League City.

Palacios Beacon, August 2, 1928

Blessing's Streets Being Improved

BLESSING, August 15.--Mr. Sam Hale, Road Commissioner, has had his outfit working on our streets all this week. Much good has been done, both to the streets and by widening and deepening the ditches.

Miss Elizabeth Penchin returned Monday from Palacios.

Miss Dorothy Duller sent Sunday with the Callaway girls.

Mrs. W. H. Walker has for her guest, Miss Winnie Lee Horn, of Bay City.

Misses LaVerne and Katheyne Cobb were week end guests at the Yeager home.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10 to 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor, 8 to 9 p. m.

Mrs. Adam Wachter is ill from an attack of appendicitis. We hope she will soon be well again.

Mrs. John Jackson returned Sunday from Lampasas, where she spent the past week visiting her daughter, Mrs. Blake.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Bump entertained Sunday at dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bunk from Wadsworth and MIss Marie Bump.

Mrs. Anderson and children spent the week end at home. They will move home from LaWard, where they have had a summer camp, when school starts.

Mr. V. Powell motored to Bay City with Mrs. Clement and William to spend the day with Mrs. Powell, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. H. Robertson.

Mrs. Marvin Bradford and children and Mr. Bates Wilson motored down from Houston Sunday to spend a few days with the J. J. Gillespie family. Mrs. Wilson came down last week.

Mr. Henry Duffy, Mrs. Houston and daughter, Mrs. Erwin Wolf and son, were in Blessing Tuesday visiting friends and relatives and looking after Mrs. Houston's property which has been rented to Barnet Bump.

Mr. A. R. Matthes accompanied Mr. A. B. Pierce on his weekly visit to Sargent Friday. They had a pleasant trip and report a beautiful cotton crop with prospects for the usual bale per acre on some of the best farms.

Miss Esther, Miss Grace Walker and their mother, Mrs. W. D. Walker, returned from Houston Saturday, where they had spent the past week with relatives and friends. Miss Esther went over to have some dental work done.

A. R. Matthes was thrown from his horse Monday afternoon when his horse stepped into a post hole and turned a summersault. No serious injuries were sustained, although Mr. Matthes has many bruises and a sprained shoulder as a result of the fall.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Braden and A. R. Matthes were called to Palacios Saturday night on account of the illness of Paul Braden. They found Paul very ill with summer flu and moved him to their home at Pheasant. Paul is very much improved and will soon be at work again.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller, president of the newly organized Women's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian Church has called a meeting for Wednesday, August 22, of all the Blessing women who are interested in the work of that organization. That everyone will come and take an active part in the work is the sincere wish of the Executive Board.

Palacios Beacon, August 16, 1928

Pie Supper At Blessing Nets Nine Dollars

BLESSING, August 22.—A Pie Supper was held at the Community House on last Wednesday night for the benefit of the Community House. There was a small crowd present but nine dollars were cleared.

Misses Helen and Madge Yeager are in Palacios visiting friends and relatives.

Mrs. J. J. Gillespie has been quite ill this past week from an attack of lumbago and asthma.

Miss Esther Walker is back at work again. Miss Annie Blackburn relieved her at the Lucas Grocery.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller motored to Palacios on last Thursday to the luncheon at the home of Mrs. A. E. Lauderback.

Paul Braden, who has been at home with his parents for the past week, ill, went back to Palacios to work yesterday.

The J. H. G. Medicine Show people are showing each night to very large crowds. They seem to be selling a large quantity of their products.

Mr. John Schaler, of Falls City, will start this week to work for Murphy Merc., in place of Mr. Murphy’s son, John, who will go to school in Blessing.

Mr. and Mrs. V. Powell announce the birth of a fine 8 ½ pound boy, on August 17th. Mother and babe are at the Loos hospital in Bay City and are doing nicely.

Mrs. C. L. Cornelius motored to Cuero yesterday accompanied by Mr. W. A. Sanford and Margaret Lois and brought Mrs. Sanford home from Dr. Burns’ Hospital, where she has been for operation.

Little Margaret Ruth Matthes has been quite ill the past few days with a fever cold. Mrs. Geo. Braden and Mrs. Matthes have been suffering from the same trouble, but all three are much improved today.

Miss Margaret Holsworth, of Collegeport, was the guest of Mrs. Marvin Bradford, in the J. J. Gillespie home last week. Mrs. Bradford and Miss Holsworth motored to Houston on Thursday and back on Saturday.

Miss Marie Bump, who has worked at the Murphy Mercantile, for the past year will go to Houston soon to attend the Texas Business College. Mrs. Faye Taylor has taken Miss Marie’s place at Murphy’s. We are sorry to have Marie go from our midst.

Palacios Beacon, August 23, 1928

Overturns Auto Near Blessing; Escape Injuries
Silver Tea For Benefit of Community House Nets $15.00

BLESSING, Texas, September 5—Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Nesbitt, of Houston, were motoring to Blessing last Saturday when a car crowded their car into a ditch and turned it completely over. All occupants of the car narrowly escaped serious injury. They were coming to Blessing to visit Mrs. Nesbitt’s sister, Mrs. King.

Mrs. Ella Dunn and Mrs. John Beard entertained on Saturday with a silver tea at the Community House for the benefit of the Community House. In spite of the bad weather and roads, $15.00 was made from the tea. Delicious ice cream and cake were served.

Miss Marie Bump went to Houston Monday to attend the Texas Business College.

Barlowe Dyer, who has been very ill for the past week with line fever, is improving slowly.

Mrs. Barnet Bump spent the latter part of last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Shulte, at El Maton.

Miss Winnie Bump left Friday for League City, where she will teach in the city school during the school term.

Major Selkirk will be home from San Antonio the latter part of this month to sell his herd of fine dairy cattle.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10 to 11 a. m.  Christian Endeavor, 8 to 9 p. m., Miss Velma Blackwell is leader.

Miss Mary Dean Yeager went to Bay City Sunday morning on the bus to spend Sunday and Monday with the F. G. Cobb family.

Miss Grace Walker, Miss Clarice Gallatin, Miss Lula Van O’Bannon and Mrs. Jno. Beard are attending Teachers’ Institute in Palacios.

Miss Lula O’Bannon returned at the end of the week from San Marcos, where she has attended the last term at the Teachers’ College.

Mr. J. J. Gillespie motored to Houston Saturday with his wife and daughters and her family. Mr. Gillespie returned Sunday, reporting very bad roads.

Mrs. Greenway and sister, Miss Freeburg, who have had charge of the Blessing Hotel since last Spring returned to their home in El Campo last Friday.

The Walter White baby has been very ill, due to a weak heart. He seems to be improving slowly and hopes are held out for a complete recovery.

Mrs. V. Powell and baby went to Palacios last Wednesday to spend a few days with home folks. Mr. Powell joined them for the week end and the holiday Monday.

The heavy rains are interfering seriously with the cotton picking. We certainly hope that the norther today will clear the showers away and give enough dry weather to finish the cotton harvest.

Misses Willa Grace Reed and Mary Ethel Laslie went to Bay City Monday to take up the work in the Bay City schools. Miss Reed will teach the second grade and Miss Laslie will teach reading in the grammar grades.

Mrs. C. A. Lucas, who has spent the past month in Houston with her son and family, has returned. Betty and Ann accompanied their grandmother. Mrs. Lucas reports a fine baby girl at her son’s home. Harold and his wife are the parents of four fine girls.

Mr. A. B. Pierce and Mrs. Ella Dunn motored to Wharton Monday to attend the funeral of their cousin, Mr. Frank Borden of Pierce Station. Mr. Borden had been ill for a week and had been removed to Houston to the hospital when he passed away on Saturday.

Mrs. Minich has taken over the Blessing Hotel and is busy with her force getting everything in fine shape. We are very glad to have Mrs. Minich in our midst and we feel quite sure that she will make a success of the Hotel business if it is at all possible for anyone to do so.

Mrs. George Anderson and daughters, who have been here the past week visiting their father and brother, A. L. and Barlowe Dyer, went to Palacios Friday to visit her sister, Mrs. Chas. McConnell. Mrs. Anderson will leave Thursday for her home on the light house near Port Aransas.

Palacios Beacon, September 6, 1928

Blessing School Opens Session Monday Morning

BLESSING, Tex., Sept. 13.—School began Monday. The following teachers for this year are: Misses Lula Van O’Bannon, Grace Walker, Mrs. Jno. Beard and Miss Clara Schley in the Grammar Grades; Mr. R. E. Rogers and Miss Laura Sutton in the High School. Mr. J. A. Callaway will transport the children from the Ohio Colony School.

Miss Clarice Gallatin and Mr. Leslie Glaze are the teachers in El Maton School. Mr. Dannels will transport the children from Pheasant to Blessing.

Burns Logan will work for Mr. A. B. Pierce in the warehouse this fall.

Miss Alice Marie Angel is spending the week with her cousin, Mrs. V. Powell.

Mrs. C. W. White left today for Kansas City to join her family in a family reunion.

Margaret Lois Sanford will stay with Mrs. M. D. Walker this winter and go to school.

Mrs. V. Powell returned home Monday from Palacios, where she has been for the past two weeks.

John Murphy left last week for San Antonio, where she will attend school at Nazareth Academy.

Sonny Landin will stay with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Landin this winter and go to school.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller and Dorothy went to Houston Sunday. They went over to have Dorothy’s eyes tested.

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Ellis left Saturday in their car for a trip to central Illinois. They will go via St. Louis, Mo.

Miss Madge Yeager, accompanied by Miss Maxine Price of Palacios left Sunday for John Tarleton College at Stephenville.

Miss Blake Terry went to Bay City last week to work in the Dr. Loos’ Hospital, in Lorena Williams’ place. Miss Lorena will teach at Magnet again this year.

Mr. G. W. Schoepps, agent for the Missouri Pacific, who has been on his annual vacation for the past month, returned Saturday. Mr. Schoepps visited a good many points of interest in Texas including Houston, Waco, Dallas and San Antonio.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School 10 to 11 A. M. Christian Endeavor, 8 to 9 p. m. Miss Margaret Lois Sanford is leader. Election of officers was held at the last meeting, the following were elected: Miss Grace Walker, President; Miss Esther Walker, Sec.-Treas.; Miss Mary Dean Yeager, Organist.

Palacios Beacon, September 13, 1928

Items of Interest From Blessing

BLESSING, Texas, Sept. 19.—Paul Braden spent the week end with his sister, Mrs. A. R. Matthes.

Catherine Cornelius went to Palacios Sunday to be ready to start to school Monday morning.

Mrs. V. Powell went to Bay City to see her sister, Mrs. J. R. Robertson, who is sailing with her husband for the Mission Fields of Africa soon.

Miss Blake Terry returned from Bay City where she had been for the past two weeks at Dr. Loos’ Hospital to get her affairs in order. Miss Terry will resume her work at the Hospital on October 1st.

Mrs. A. B. Pierce and sons, John Henry, Hall and Lee, returned last week from their motor trip to St. Paul. Mrs. Pierce left Clinton in Minnesota. Hall and Lee left Tuesday morning for St. James, Maryland, where they will attend the St. James school again this year.


In setting the items for last week in some way mis-read copy and made a very bad mistake, which we are more than glad to correct. The corrected item follows:--John Murphy has gone to San Antoino to St. Anthony’s School in Laurel Heights. Mary Jane Murphy has gone to Victoria, to the Nazareth Academy. She will spend the winter with her aunt, Mrs. Sitterle.

Palacios Beacon, September 20, 1928

P. T. A. Entertains Blessing Teachers
Women’s Auxiliary Has Interesting Meeting With Mrs. A. O. Yeager

BLESSING, Texas, Sept. 27.—The Parent-Teachers Association entertained the teachers on Tuesday night with a reception. Forty-two and hearts furnished diversion for the evening. The high school students put on two stunts that were very much enjoyed. Punch and cake were served at a late hour.

The Women’s Auxiliary met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. A. O. Yeager, with 18 members present. A very interesting and instructive program was rendered. Mrs. Chas. E. Duller was leader. Mrs. V. Powell led the Devotional. Delicious grape juice and cake were served at the end of a very enjoyable afternoon.

Mr. A. B. Pierce spent the week end in Sargent on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Braden spent Sunday with the A. R. Matthes family.

Mr. John Jackson, who has been very ill for the past two weeks is improving very much.

Miss Velma Blackwell left Saturday for Kingsville, where she will attend the State Teachers’ College.

Miss Hattie Sue Penchin left last week for San Marcos, where she will attend the State Teachers’ College.

Mrs. V. Powell and small son spent Wednesday night with Mrs. Powell’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clement.

The rains of last week end have interfered seriously with the harvest of both the cotton and rice crops in this section.

Major Selkirk came in from San Antonio to attend to the selling of his fine jersey herd. The sale will be on Saturday.

John Henry Pierce left Friday for Houston, where he will resume his work at Rice Institute. John Henry is a Junior this year.

Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Nesbitt and family motored down from Houston Wednesday to spend a few days with Mrs. Nesbitt’s sister, Mrs. W. King.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pierce went to Houston by train, Tuesday on business. Mrs. Ella K. Dunn went to Houston Monday night, and returned Tuesday night.

Palacios Beacon, September 27, 1928

Many Social Events Held At Blessing
Blessing Druggist Installs Frigidaire Equipped Fountain

BLESSING, Texas, Oct. 3.—Miss Eula Alice Thomas entertained her young friends on Monday afternoon with a party, in honor of her sixth birthday. Eula Alice received many nice gifts from her friends. Delicious ice cream and cake were served.

Mrs. A. R. Matthes entertained with an informal shrimp supper on Saturday night, the guests were Misses Mary Deane and Helen Yeager and Paul Braden.

Miss Mary Ann Wachter entertained her little friends on Friday afternoon with a party, in honor of her fourth birthday. Many pretty gifts were brought by the little people. Delicious ice cream and cake were served.

Miss Dorothy Murphy entertained on last Thursday night with two tables of bridge. Those present were Misses Lula Van O’Bannon, Helen Yeager and Mary Deane Yeager, Mr. Paul Braden, Victor Logan, and Burns Logan. Helen Yeager won high score, and Victor Logan consolation. Delicious ice cream and cake were served by the hostess.

Mr. W. King is installing a fine Frigidaire fountain in his drug store. This is certainly an improvement and it brings Mr. King’s fountain up to the standard of the confectioneries, in the larger towns.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Terry are driving a new Ford sedan.

Mr. A. B. Pierce spent Friday and Saturday in Sargent.

Mr. A. O. Yeager is having his home remodeled this week.

Mr. Geo. Braden went to Bay City Saturday on business.

Paul Braden spent the week end in Blessing with his sister, Mrs. A. R. Matthes.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Price and family spent Sunday evening with the Yeagers.

Miss Catherine Cornelius, who is going to school in Palacios, spent the week end at home.

Mrs. L. C. Cornelius and Catherine and Mrs. C. L. Anderson motored to Wharton Saturday.

The cotton and rice farmers are certainly glad to see this fine dry weather. We hope it will continue.

Mrs. Barnet Bump and daughter, Ruth, are spending the week with Mrs. Bump’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Schulte.

Rice is coming into the warehouse everyday now. Pete Graff is threshing. Several farmers are cutting and will soon be ready to thresh.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10 to 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor, 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. Mary Deane Yeager is lender for next Sunday.

Mrs. Ella K. Dunn has been very ill for the past week. We are glad to report that Mrs. Dunn is much improved and will soon be in perfect health again.

Mrs. Geo. Braden, A. R. Matthes, Mrs. Roy Nelson and Bert Logan motored to Houston on Tuesday. Mrs. Braden went over to consult Dr. Turner about an eruption on her arm.

A very large crowd gathered at the Selkirk Farm on Saturday to witness the sale of the fine jersey herd owned by Major Selkirk. The weather was favorable and the sale was a very good one.

Both services at the church Sunday were very well attended. A special feature at the night service was the singing at the close. A number of favorite songs were practiced. We hope to make this a permanent feature of our Sunday night service and hope that all those who enjoy singing will come out and help to improve our music.

Palacios Beacon, October 4, 1928

Blessing Church Ladies to Hold Bazaar Nov. 23

BLESSING, Texas, Nov. 14.—The Women’s Auxiliary of the Blessing Community Church will hold a Bazaar on Friday, November 23, at the Community House. Tea will be served at 4 o’clock and the oyster supper from 5:30 to 8:30. We hope everyone will come and help, as we know everyone is interested in seeing the church repaired.

The supper committee for the Bazaar, of which Mrs. Geo. Braden is chairman, met at the home of Mrs. Chas. E. Duller on Friday afternoon. All the details were threshed out and you may be assured of a good oyster supper.

Mrs. A. B. Pierce went to Houston on Tuesday.

Barlowe Dyer spent the week end in Kingsville.

Miss Ruby Jackson is visiting friends in Port Lavaca this week.

Mrs. Gertrude Smith of Houston, is spending the week with the Duller family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dyer of Brownsville, spent the week end with Mr. A. L. Dyer.

Mrs. C. B. Bump entertained Sunday with a dinner for Mr. Bump’s brothers, Mr. V. E. Bump.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter White have moved to the Horn place, now owned by A. E. Schulte.

The Central Power and Light Company are installing electric lights at the B. & M. depot.

Mr. Adam Wachter has purchased the Eickenburg property and has moved into the new home.

Miss Winnie Bump, who teaches in League City, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bump.

A number of Blessing people attended the celebration on Monday, at Palacios. It was declared to be the best celebration Palacios has ever put on.

Miss Mary Deane Yeager, Mr. Paul Braden, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes motored to Bay City on Friday night to attend the Shrine Dinner dance at the Bay-Tex Hotel.

Miss Helen Yeager spent the week end in Bay City with Katherine Cobb.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10 to 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor, 7:30 – 8:30 p. m.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sanford, Margaret Lois, Mrs. Gertrude Smith, and Dorothy Duller motored to Matagorda Sunday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Tine Pickel.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Coleman and Mr. and Mrs. Mutt Clark spent the week end with Mrs. Coleman’s mother. Mrs. J. E. Millard. Mr. Coleman and Mr. Clark went duck hunting with Mr. Duller.

Mrs. A. B. Pierce, Mrs. Ella K. Dunn, Mrs. Jean Phurber, Mrs. J. F. Beard, Mrs. Chas. E. Duller and Mrs. Gertrude Smith attended the bridge luncheon at the home of Mrs. Gus Sisson on Saturday.

Miss Mary Deane Yeager entertained with a luncheon at 11 o’clock for Margaret Nester, who left on the 11:55 train for Austin. The guests were Miss Margaret Nester, Mr. Jesse Strassner and Mr. Paul Braden.

Mr. Koy Roberts, who was injured at the Lawson and Walker Gin at El Maton is improving nicely. He has been sitting up the last few days. Mrs. L. C. Cornelius and Mrs. Roy Roberts have been over to the hospital several days this past week.

Mr. C. O. Graham of Midfield died Tuesday night at 8:18 in Dr. Loos’ Hospital. Mr. Graham was injured some weeks ago when he fell 40 feet from a pecan tree. His death was a result of the injuries received. The remains were shipped to his old home in Kansas on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Smith are moving into the Logan house owned by A. E. Schulte. Mr. Smith will drive the school truck from Ohio Colony. Mr. J. A. Callaway, who has been driving the truck, has received a charge from the Methodist Conference. He left Monday with his family for the new home in Harwood.

Mr. and Mrs. V. Powell entertained on Sunday night at 7 o’clock with a turkey dinner in honor of their first wedding anniversary. The guests were Misses Lula Van O’Bannon, Grace Walker and Mary Deane Yeager, William Clement, of Palacios, and J. E. Bramlette, of Galveston, the latter was best man at the Powell wedding.

Palacios Beacon, November 15, 1928

Blessing News

BLESSING, Tex., Dec. 5.—The Farno brothers, of Dallas, have been down this week enjoying the quail hunting.

Mr. W. H. Lindner has a new trailer for a boat which makes fishing much more pleasant.

A very nice crowd attended the old time dance at the Community House, on Saturday night. The music was furnished by local talent.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pierce were called to Houston Monday morning to be with their son, John Henry, following the tragic accident of Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. V. Powell went to Palacios Sunday. Mr. Powell returned Monday, but Mrs. Powell remained over for a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clement.

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cornelius entertained with a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day. The following guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sanford, Walter Allen and Margaret Lois, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Appleton, of Palacios and Miss Helen Yeager.

Palacios Beacon, December 6, 1928

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Dec. 13.—Miss Laura Sutton spent the week end in Houston.

Miss Lula Van O’Bannon spent the week end in Houston.

Mr. A. O. Yeager made a business trip to Bay City Thursday.

Saturday was the last ginning day at the Blessing Gin, the current having been cut off.

Mrs. V. Powell and son spent last week in Palacios with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clement.

The Business Women’s Circle of the Women’s Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. A. O. Yeager Wednesday nite.

On account of the bad roads, none of the Blessing ladies attended the County Federation at Wadsworth last Saturday.

Richard Daughty [Dawdy] and B. B. Rhodes, who are employed by the Goodyear Tire Co., of Houston, are at home for a two week’s vacation.

Mr. J. A. Kelly was registered at the Hotel Blessing on Friday and Saturday. Mr. Kelly made an audit of the Pierce Pet. Corp’s books.

Palacios Beacon, December 13, 1928

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Dec. 20.—Mrs. L. C. Cornelius and Catherine spent the week end in Houston.

Mr. A. B. Pierce made a business trip to Victoria Tuesday.

Miss Laura Sutton and Mrs. J. F. Beard spent the week end in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Braden attended the Bazaar at Collegeport Tuesday.

Mr. A. R. Matthes and Geo. T. Braden made a business trip to Bay City Saturday.

Misses Mary Deane Yeager and Helen Yeager spent Wednesday in Bay City.

Miss Madge Yeager, who is a Senior at John Tarleton, came home Thursday for the holidays.

Mesdames A. O. Yeager, Chas. E. Duller and A. B. Pierce attended the bridge luncheon at the home of Mrs. J. F. Barnett of Palacios, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary Sunday. They entertained with dinner. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Braden and son, Paul.

Mrs. C. W. White entertained the Women’s Auxiliary of the Presbyterian church on Wednesday, but on account of bad weather a quorum was not present to transact business.

The Dramatic Club of the Danevang School presented the play, “When Home Came Ted” at the Blessing Community House on Tuesday night. A very good crowd attended the play.

There will be a Christmas tree at the Community House on Xmas Eve and Old Santa, himself, has promised to be there for a few minutes to distribute candy and apples to all the children.

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes honored Madge Yeager with an oyster supper Tuesday night. The guests were Misses Madge Yeager, Mary Deane Yeager, Helen Yeager, Dorothy Murphy, Mr. Paul Braden and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Braden.

Miss Dorothy Murphy entertained on Wednesday night with three tables on bridge in honor of B. B. Rhodes and Richard Dawdy, who were at home for the annual holiday. The guests were, Misses Mary Deane Yeager, Helen Yeager, Ruby Jackson, Lula Van O’Bannon, Grace Walker, Mr. Paul Braden, Jim Green, Victor Logan, B. B. Rhodes and Richard Dawdy. Grace Walker won high score for the girls and B. B. Rhodes won high score for the boys. The hostess served pineapple surprise when the games were over.

Palacios Beacon, December 20, 1928


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