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Blessing News

BLESSING, Tex., Jan. 2—Misses Esther and Grace Walker went to Houston Monday.

A good many Blessing people are suffering from the flu.

Mr. Edwin Bump, of Galveston, spent the holidays with his parents.

Miss Winnie Bump went back to League City, where she is teaching, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roe Guynes are the proud parents of a fine baby boy born on Dec. 21.

Major W. O. Selkirk came from San Antonio to spend the holidays with home folks.

Sunday services: Sunday School; 10 to 11 a. m.  Christian Endeavor, 7 to 9 p. m.

Mr. C. W. Dobbs, of El Campo, preached at the Presbyterian church Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. O’Bannon left Monday for Sargent, where they will make their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perkins of Tucson, Arizona, were overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes Wednesday night.

Miss Hattie Sue Penchin is spending the holidays with her parents. Miss Penchin attends the Teacher’s College at San Marcos.

Earl Bump has been employed by J. O. Murphy to work in his store, in the place of Frank Schaller, who has returned to his home in Falls City.

Miss Clara Matthes, Homer Matthes and Howard Matthes came over from Ganado Wednesday to spend the day with their brother, A. R. Matthes and family.

John Henry, Hall and Lee Pierce, spent the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pierce. Mrs. Pearl Smith accompanied Hall and Lee from Philadelphia.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Bump are the proud parents of a nine pound baby girl, born on Dec. 31. The baby is named for her grandmother, Mrs. C. B. Bump, as it is her birthday also. The name is Mary Alice.

Mary Jane and John Murphy, who have been at home for the Christmas holidays, have gone back to their schools. Mary Jane to Victoria, to the Nazareth Academy and John to Laurel Heights school in San Antonio.

Misses Madge Yeager and Maxine Price left Sunday morning for Stephenville, where they are attending John Tarleton. A large number of their friends from Palacios and Blessing gathered at the Community House Saturday night for a farewell party. Mesdames A. O. Yeager and Bob Price were hostesses. Punch was served.

Palacios Beacon, January 3?, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Jan. 9.—The barn on the Rugeley farm, north of town, on the place occupied by B. A. Dobson, was struck by lightning on Friday night and burned to the ground. About 300 bushels of corn and several sets of harness were destroyed. A good many responded to the alarm and were successful in saving the other improvements.

The call to the Dobson farm was the second call on Friday night. A great deal of excitement was caused by the flues catching fire at the hotel. It was thought that a lot of damage would have been done had it not been raining as sparks were carried a full block by the wind before they burned out.

Mrs. B. F. Murphy died at her home near Blessing on Monday night, after a week’s illness of “flu.” Death was caused by pneumonia. Interment was made in Palacios cemetery, where Mrs. Murphy was laid to rest beside her husband, who was buried just a year ago.

Major Selkirk returned to his work in San Antonio Sunday.

Hall and Lee Pierce left on Friday for St. James School in Maryland.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10 to 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor, 7 to 8 p. m.

Miss Gertie Dobson is back at work in the Post Office again after several days of the “flu.”

Mrs. Geo. Braden is spending the week with the Matthes family, caring for the “flu” patients.

Mrs. Jean Phurber and son returned Saturday from San Antonio to resume her visit with her sister, Mrs. W. O. Selkirk.

Mr. O. A. Ellis held a sale at his home at the Farmer’s Canal Co. Plant on Tuesday. Mr. Ellis and family will move to Corpus Christi.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bump are moving into Mrs. Dolly Sanford’s house this week. Mr. Bump has purchased the place from Mrs. Sanford.

Mrs. W. J. Harris went to Bay City Saturday to attend the funeral of her brother, Townsend Wylie, who was killed in the storm of Friday night. Her brother, Charlie Wylie, and his wife are both somewhat improved.

Palacios Beacon, January 10, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Jan. 17.—Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor have moved to Clemville.

A. R. Matthes made a business trip to Bay City Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams have moved into the apartment vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.

Mr. A. R. Matthes has been in Palacios several days seeing after the oil business in Paul’s absence.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pierce made a trip to Houston last week and were accompanied home by Mrs. Pierce’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, of St. Paul.

Barlowe Dyer, who has suffered the past were with abscessed ears, is improving. Mrs. Chas. McConnell has been up from Palacios to care for him.

Paul Braden has been with his sister, Mrs. A. R. Matthes for a week with an abscessed gland on his neck. Mrs. Geo. Braden has been caring for him.

Mr. J. J. Gillespie returned Thursday from Houston, where he had spent the holidays with his daughters. Mrs. Gillespie remained over to help care for the grandchildren, who have all had the “flu.”

Palacios Beacon, January 17, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Jan. 23.—Paul Braden is very much improved and will soon be back at work.

Miss Mary Deane Yeager has been suffering from the flu for the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Price were visitors in the Yeager home on Sunday afternoon.

Mr. L. C. Cornelius returned yesterday from a business trip to Houston.

Mrs. Gill has been ill for some time with flu, and at the last report was very weak and not very much improved.

Miss Ruby Jackson will teach the Primary grades in the Bulah [Buhler] school, near Francitas. We were unable to find the cause of the vacancy.

The Women’s Auxiliary met Wednesday with Mrs. Chas. E. Duller. The attendance was slight, due to so much illness among the membership.

Barlowe Dyer is recovering from the abscess from which he has been suffering for the past two weeks. Mrs. Chas. McConnell returned to Palacios Sunday.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10:30 to 11:30. Christian Endeavor, 7:30 to 8:30. Services will be held in the Community House while the church is being repaired.

Kirk Harter, Geo. T. Braden and A. R. Matthes motored to Bay City Monday night, to attend a meeting of the Chapter in Council. Kirk Harter received the last two degrees of the work.

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ellis and their daughter, Bernice Hill and C. B. Hill left Monday in their car for Corpus Christi to spend a few weeks while Mr. Ellis is looking for a new location. Mr. Ellis has been manager of the Farmers’ Canal Co. for a good many years, having formerly owned a farm in Dunbar. We are sorry to lost these good people and hope they will find success in the new home, wherever it may be.

Palacios Beacon, January 24, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Jan. 30.—Mr. Geo. T. Braden was in Bay City on business Saturday.

Miss Blake Terry spent Sunday with her father and brother.

Mr. J. A. Gunter has been suffering the past week with hiccoughs.

Mr. W. H. Clement began work on the Presbyterian Church Tuesday.

Sunday Services at the Community House. Sunday School, 10:30 to 11:30. Christian Endeavor, 7:30 to 8:30.

A large crowd attended the J. A. Gunter sale on Tuesday. They had a splendid sale. Mr. Allen served lunch in the grounds.

Miss Lula Van O’Bannon spent the week end in Bay City, with her mother, who has been quite ill as a result of abscessed teeth.

Miss Nedra Parker, who has been in Lubbock the past year in Nurse training, is at home for a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Parker.

Palacios Beacon, January 31, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Tex. Feb. 6.—Mr. A. B. Pierce was in Houston Monday on business.

Mrs. L. C. Cornelius and Catherine spent the past week end in Houston.

Miss Catherine Bryant spent the week end with Miss Mary Deane Yeager.

Mr. A. C. Thomas has moved to El Maton, where he will farm cotton this year.

Mr. Roy Williams is carrying the mail for R. E. Terry, for the latter’s 15-day vacation.

Mr. B. A. Dobson has moved to the house on 10th Street, recently vacated by Walter White.

Mr. E. R. Brow, salesman for the Pierce Pet. Corp., is working in this territory this week.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10:30 to 11:30 at Community House, while the church is being repaired.

Mr. R. J. Pinchin was called to Luling Saturday, to be at the bedside of his father, who is very ill. Mrs. Pinchin, Elizabeth and Hattie Sue, accompanied Mr. Pinchin.

Paul Braden went to Dr. Loos’ Hospital Monday for treatment for complications from an abscessed gland in the neck. Mrs. Geo. Braden, his mother, is staying with him.

Mrs. S. C. Corse spent several days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Chas. E. Duller, convalescing from a hemorrhage in the nostrils. Mrs. Corse returned to her home in Collegeport Sunday.

The play, “The Elopement of Ellen,” which was presented by Palacios High School students under the able direction of Miss Catherine Bryant, was very well received. The bad weather prevented a large crowd from gathering to witness the play.

Misses Lula Van O’Bannon and Grace Walker entertained on last Thursday evening with two tables of bridge. The guests were, Misses Mary Deane Yeager, Dorothy Murphy, Lula Van O’Bannon and Grace Walker, Mr. Burns Logan, Victor Logan, Roy Bean and Rogers, the latter from Francitas. Prizes were given for high score and two cut prizes. Delicious refreshments of sandwiches, cocoa and candy were served.

Palacios Beacon, February 7, 1929

Blessing School Honor Roll For First Semester

Pupils who made a general average of “A”:

Tenth Grade:--Helen Yeager.
Ninth Grade:--Ruth Bump.
Fourth Grade:--Joe Clyde Anderson, Inez Rickaway, Mildred King.
Second Grade:--Tracy White, Eugene Thomas.
Third Grade:--Lena Clapp, LaVerne Walker, J. W. Anderson

“B” Average Students

Ninth Grade:--Ellen Goodman.
Eighth Grade:--Steve Rickaway.
Seventh Grade:--Rudolf Vaclavik, Olla Mae Schulte, Margaret Lois Sanford, Evelyn Anderson, Dorothy Duller.
Sixth Grade:--William Gallatin.
Fifth Grade:--Fred Rickaway, Arthur White.
Fourth Grade:--Bruce Williams, George Louis Cornelius, Mary Lou Parker.
Third Grade:--Elbert Gallatin, Johnnie Harris, John Warren Beard.
Second Grade:--Valline Landin, James Rickaway.
First Grade:--Everard Earl Rogers, Margaret Guynes, Roy Williams, William George King, Eula Alice Thomas, Edith Elsie Clapp

Palacios Beacon, February 7, 1929

Paul Braden, who has been ill at his home in Blessing for the past three or four weeks, was taken to Bay City Sunday evening to Dr. Loos Hospital for an operation on his throat. The many friends of Paul will be glad to know he is doing nicely at the time of this writing, and sincerely hope for his continued improvement.

Palacios Beacon, February 7, 1929

Bitten by Rattlesnake

Bernice Kelly, of Blessing, was bitten by a large rattlesnake last Sunday. The snake was curled by some wood and Bernice, who was playing in the yard, did not see the reptile until he fell and struck his hand on it, when he was bitten on the finger. Dr. Wagner was called in immediately and administered the snake serum, which seems to be giving adequate relief. No serious effects are foreseen and all hopes are held for complete recovery.

Palacios Beacon, February 14, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Feb. 14.—Mr. A. B. Pierce spent the week end in Sargent.

Mr. Geo. T. Braden motored to Bay City Sunday to see Paul.

Paul Braden returned from Bay City for a couple of days this week.

Mr. E. W. Formick the night operator at the B. & M. is located at the Blessing Hotel.

Miss Laura Sutton was pleasantly surprised when her sister from Waco came in for a visit.

Misses Mary Deane and Helen Yeager spent the week end in Bay City with the Cobb family.

Mrs. Gill, who has been ill for several weeks, is able to be out again for short drives in the car.

Mrs. Geo. T. Braden returned from Bay City Tuesday, where she has been the past week with Paul Braden.

Mr. A. L. Dyer, who is quite ill, has been taken to Palacios to stay with his daughters, Mrs. Chas. McConnell.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Ingdon and Mr. Ayarr of Detroit, Mich., spent the nite at Blessing Hotel on their tour of the south. They like this location as well as the Valley.

Mr. J. L. Pierce from Minneapolis, Minn., and friend, M. L. Redmond, of Ottawa, Canada, left for their respective homes, after spending three weeks in Blessing.

Miss Dorothy Murphy entertained on Monday night with two tables of bridge. The guests were, Misses Mary Deane Yeager, Helen Yeager, Grace Walker and Dorothy Murphy, Mr. Merwin Robinson, Victor Logan. Helen Yeager and Merwin Robinson won high score and were presented with beautiful boxes of correspondence cards. A delicious plate lunch of sandwiches, salad, stuffed dates, olives and punch were served.

Palacios Beacon, February 14, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Tex., Feb. 20.—Miss Laura Sutton was out of school last week on account of the flu.

Mesdames Geo. T. Braden and A. R. Matthes were in Bay City Saturday shopping.

Mr. A. O. Yeager and Chas. E. Duller went to Bay City Saturday night to Commandry.

Mrs. A. O. Yeager left Tuesday for Stephenville to spend a few weeks with her mother, who is quite ill.

Mr. A. L. Dyer has returned to his home in Blessing, after a week’s illness at Mrs. Chas. McConnell’s in Palacios.

Mr. Marvin Bradford and children, of Houston, are visiting Mrs. Bradford’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gillespie.

Mrs. Barnett Bump and daughters are spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Schulte in El Maton.

Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Landin and Sonny motored to Ganado to spend the day with Mrs. Landin’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell.

The surveyors for the gas company are registered at the Blessing Hotel and are surveying the line for the gas which will supply Blessing and Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes, Russell, Margaret Ruth and Mrs. Geo. Braden spent Sunday with Mr. Matthes’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Matthes, who live at Ganado.

Miss Lula Van O’Bannon was called to Houston Sunday to be with her mother, who has been in the hospital for several days. Miss Virginia Wylie of Palacios is substituting for Miss O’Bannon.

We know that the friends of the O. A. Ellis family will be glad to hear that these people have decided to settle in Bay City. They have already rented a house and expect to be at home in a short time.

Mr. R. J. Penchin returned from Luling last week, where he had been called on account of the illness of his father. Mr. Penchin reports that his father is very much improved having received an operation for appendicitis.

The Women’s Auxiliary entertained its members and their husbands, and the Girls Circle and their friends on Friday night with a “42” party. There were seven tables of “42” and everyone had a fine lively time. Delicious cake and hot chocolate were served.

Palacios Beacon, February 21, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, Feb. 28.—Mrs. Covington, of Markham, is visiting Mrs. L. C. Cornelius this week.

The Auditors for the Pierce Estate are registered at Blessing Hotel this week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Borden of Mackey, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pierce on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lindner took Billy Boy to Bay City for medical treatment on Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Atter and small son, from Oklahoma City, were guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lucas.

Miss Mayfield made an examination of the Blessing School children on Wednesday morning and the preschool age children in the afternoon.

Miss Lula Van O’Bannon was called to Houston on Saturday to be with her mother, Mrs. A. D. O’Bannon, for a very serious operation. Mrs. O’Bannon is doing nicely however, and Miss O’Bannon returned in time for school Monday.

The Blessing Masons entertained the Palacios Lodge on Friday night, Feb. 22nd, with an oyster supper, in honor of Washington’s birthday. About 130 people were served. Mr. Chas. E. Duller was toastmaster for the occasion. A number of interesting talks were made, both by Blessing people and by the visitors.

Mr. and Mrs. W. King, Mr. Roe Guynes and Norman, Mr. W. J. Harris and Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes went to Bay City Monday to attend the annual George Washington celebration. A very fitting talk was made by Mr. Oscar Barber, after which a delicious plate luncheon was served. Several games of “42” were played.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bump received work Monday that their daughter, Marie, who has been in Houston for the past six months, attending Texas Business College, was married on Saturday evening to Mr. Miller O. Maxwell, of Houston. Marie is a graduate of Blessing High School, and has spent the most of her life in this community. We know her to be a charming young lady and congratulate Mr. Maxwell on his choice.

Palacios Beacon, February 28, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, March 6.—Miss Blake Terry spent the week end with home folks.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10:30 to 11:30 at Community House.

E. R. Brown, Pierce Pet. Corp. salesman, was a business visitor to Blessing on Friday.

The City Garage has been re-opened by the owner, Jasper J. Juhl, of Danevang. Clarence Lee is working in partnership with Mr. Juhl.

The teachers, with Esther Walker, substituting for Mrs. Beard, played the Senior Girls basket ball team on Monday afternoon, the score was 11 to 6 in favor of the girls.

The regular meeting of the Business Woman’s Circle of the Auxiliary was postponed to next Wednesday night, on account of sickness in the home of the hostess, Mrs. A. R. Matthes.

Mr. R. J. Penchin was called to Luling Thursday to attend the funeral of his father, who died suddenly following what was considered a successful operation for appendicitis.

Blessing young people organized a Tennis Club at Walker’s on Monday evening, with eleven charter members. Barlowe Dyer is president, and Grace Walker, Secretary-Treasurer.

Mrs. Geo. Braden and Mrs. A. R. Matthes went to Bay City Friday nite to take Margaret Ruth to the hospital for treatment. The baby was somewhat improved and they were able to return on Saturday. “Flu” is the cause of the baby’s success.

Palacios Beacon, March 7, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, March 20.—It is hoped that the church will be ready for services next Sunday.

L. C. Cornelius and W. A. Sanford are in Houston attending the Cattle Raisers’ Convention.

J. G. Walker and Grover Lawson, who motored to Houston Wednesday, on business, returned Monday.

The Business Women’s Circle of the Auxiliary met last Wednesday night at the home of Mrs. A. O. Yeager.

Burns Logan has secured a position with Anderson Grocery Co., at Bay City, and will begin work in a few days.

Barlowe Dyer went to Brownsville Tuesday to assist his brother, Jim for a few weeks, while the latter recovers from an operation.

Mrs. B. B. Rhodes died at her home near Blessing at 9 o’clock last Friday, after an illness of several weeks. Mrs. Rhodes was near 86 and has spent a good many years in this community. A large number of relatives and friends gathered at the home to pay their tribute to this good woman, whom everyone loved. Interment was made in Francitas cemetery.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller and Mrs. W. King were delegates from Blessing Library Club to County Federation at Markham. They report a splendid meeting and wonderful hospitality on the part of the Markham P. T. A.

A. R. Matthes and E. R. Brown motored to Dallas last Wednesday to attend a Sales meeting of the salesmen in the Texas Division of the Pierce Petroleum Corp. They returned Sunday and reported a very nice trip.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pierce and Mrs. Allen J. Smith departed Wednesday for Hagerstown, Maryland, where they were called to be with Hall, who was suffering from pneumonia. Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Smith left the train at Indianapolis and were taken by aeroplane the last 750 miles of the journey in 4 hours and 50 minutes. Hall was slowing improving when the last word was received today.

Palacios Beacon, March 21, 1929

Blessing Lady Goes By Plane to Ill Sons’s Bedside

Chicago, March 19.—(AP)—Pilot William McPhail came home from his toughest assignment—that of piloting his plane over 750 miles of unfamiliar air lanes, beset by wind, rain and show to carry a hysterical mother and her sister to the bedside of a school boy lying seriously ill in a Hagerstown, Md., hospital.

The call—a blind one, his destination unknown—came at 4:30 a. m. last Friday. Universal air lines had an order to meet a train at Indianapolis and take aboard two women eastbound. McPhail was called from his bed and sent down.

At Indianapolis Mrs. A. B. Pierce, of Blessing, Texas, and her sister, a Mrs. Smith, stepped from a train and rushed to the airport. Distraught with worry over Mrs. Pierce’s boy, thought to be dying of pneumonia in the Washington Court hospital at Hagerstown, they climbed into McPhail’s ship and told him their goal.

He had never flown over that region. He had no maps. In the face of a rising wind and rain they went aloft, headed east, stopped at Uniontown, Pa., for directions and maps and in four hours and 50 minutes had made the 750-mile trip.

McPhail reported he had made the trip in time. Hall Pierce, seeing his mother, had recovered from a delirium and was on his way back to health.

Palacios Beacon, March 21, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, March 28—Mrs. Geo. Braden was in Bay City, Monday.

Major W. O. Selkirk spent the week end in Blessing.

Miss Lara Sutton spent Saturday in Houston, shopping.

The dynamiting crew of the Pure Oil Co., are registered at the Blessing Hotel.

Mrs. Chas. Curtiss, of Gulf, spent a few days with her mother, Mrs. D. Sanford.

Mesdames Ella K. Dunn and C. A. Lucas motored to Houston for a few days shopping.

Mrs. Charles E. Duller spent Tuesday in Collegeport with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Corse.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller Maxwell spent the week end with Mrs. Maxwell’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bump.

Mr. and Mrs. Doc Williams of New Mexico are spending a few days with Mr. Williams’ parents and brothers.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10:30 to 11:30 in the new church. Christian Endeavor, 730 to 8:30.

Mrs. J. G. Walker and family and Miss Esther Walker were dinner guests in the Grover Lawson home last Sunday.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller attended Presbytery at Angleton last Wednesday, as a delegate from Blessing Presbyterian Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hall, who have spent the winter with their daughter, Mrs. A. B. Pierce will leave Thursday for their home in St. Paul, Minn.

The last word received from Hall Pierce, who has been critically ill, from pneumonia, it that he is much [better?].

Mrs. J. G. Walker entertained last Tuesday night with four tables of “42.” Everyone enjoyed the evening. Sandwiches and cocoa were served.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Harrison and daughter have taken rooms with Mrs. Walker, while Mr. Harrison is working the Everstein land near Blessing.

Misses Lula Van O’Bannon and Grace Walker entertained the Senior Classes of Blessing High School with a treasure hunt. The hunt started at the Walker home and ended at Tres-Palacios river, where Mrs. Walker, Miss Esther Walker and Mr. Paul Pickel had a chicken supper spread for the weary hunters. The hunters included Helen Yeager, Liddie Zemanek, Getha Bell, Barlowe Dyer, Oscar Smith, the Senior Class and Merwin Robinson of Palacios. Helen Yeager and Merwin were the lucky couple, as they found the treasure, 200 pennies in a box of rocks.

Palacios Beacon, March 28, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, April 4.—Miss Ruth Smith of Houston, spent the week end with the W. A. Sanford family.

They young people have re-organized the Christian Endeavor Society with the first meeting on Sunday night.

Bishop Quinn, of Houston, will hold services at the Blessing Church, on Monday night, April 8th, at 7:30 p. m.

The first social of the year will be at the Community House on Friday night. We hope everyone will attend.

Mr. A. B. Pierce returned Sunday from Hagerstown, Maryland, where he was called by the illness of his son, Hall.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sanford entertained Sunday with a basket dinner under the trees on the banks of the Tres-Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Harrison motored to Palacios Sunday night to attend special Easter Service at the First Baptist Church.

Mr. A. R. Matthes and Mrs. Geo. Braden motored to Bay City on Sunday night to attend special Easter Services at the First Baptist Church.

Miss Eva Hendley and Mr. E. S. Noble of El Maton, were united in marriage Sunday, March 31. The young couple will make their home in Brazoria.

Miss Helen Yeager entertained the girls in the High School and Misses Grace Walker and Lula Van O’Bannon with a slumber party, following the banquet on Saturday night.

Com Geo. Harrison has had his road crew at work on 1 ¼ miles of road to connect the C. A. Lucas tract with the new road to Ohio Colony, completed by Com. Sam Hale, last fall.

Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Yeager, Miss Mary Deane Yeager, Helen Yeager and Paul Braden motored to Bay City Sunday night to attend the Knight’s Templar service at the Methodist Ch.

The Seniors of Blessing High School were entertained Saturday night at the Community House with a banquet, by the Juniors and Freshmen. A very enjoyable evening was spent and the Juniors and Freshmen were voted to be splendid entertainers.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Duller, Dorothey and Mrs. J. E. Millard motored to Bay City Sunday afternoon, where they were entertained at dinner by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Coleman. They also attended the Knight’s Templar Easter service at the Methodist Church.

Palacios Beacon, April 4, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, April 11.—A. R. Matthes and Albert White were business visitors in Bay City Wednesday.

A. O. Yeager went to Waco Monday to attend the Lumbermen’s Convention.

Miss Blake Terry, of Dr. Loos’ Hospital, Bay City, spent Sunday with home folks.

Mrs. H. L. Walker and sister, Fay Greene, were in Blessing on business Wednesday.

Dr. C. W. Weaver, of Houston, will be in Blessing on Sunday, April 14 and will hold services in the new church.

Mr. and Mrs. Plant, of Magnet, spent the week end with Mrs. Plant’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. S. Williams.

The Business Women’s Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. A. R. Matthes last Wednesday night. There were eleven present.

Burns Logan, who is employed in the R. F. Anderson store at Bay City, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Logan.

The Palacios P. T. A. will present the play, “The Three Pegs,” at the Community House Friday night, admission 15, 25 and 35 cents.

The Women’s Auxiliary of the Blessing Church held Bible Study at the home of Mrs. V. Powell on last Wed. Twelve members were present.

The farmers in this community are all smiling broadly over the excellent rain of Monday night. We heard it referred to as a “Million Dollar Rain.”

A social at the Community House last Friday night was enjoyed by the young folks. Several interesting games were played. Sandwiches, stuffed eggs candy and iced tea were the refreshments.

Sunday Services:--Sunday School, 10 to 11 a. m.  Preaching Service, 11 to 12 p. m. Dr. C. W. Weaver of Houston, will preach. Christian Endeavor, 7 to 8 p. m. Miss Grace Walker is leader. Preaching at 8 by Dr. Weaver.

Mrs. E. A. McCune of Collegeport is registered at the Hotel Blessing. With her are her two small sons, Earnest Allen Junior, and Joe. The former was seriously injured when a horse kicked him breaking the thigh bone of the left leg.

Palacios Beacon, April 11, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, May 1.—A. B. Pierce was in Bay City Wednesday on business.

J. F. Barnett, of Palacios, was a business visitor in Blessing Wednesday.

Miss Dorothy Murphy spent the week end in Victoria with her cousin Mrs. Raymond Siterlee.

Mrs. A. O. Yeager and daughters, Mary Deane and Helen and Paul Braden motored to Houston Friday.

Mrs. Joe Coleman and little daughter, Mary Jean, of Bay City, were over night visitors with Mrs. J. E. Millard Thursday.

Master Russell Matthes went to Markham Friday afternoon to attend the birthday party of Miss Olinger Lavaughn Roberts.

Mrs. B. F. Wilson and small daughter, Margaret, of Houston, arrived Monday to spend two weeks with Mrs. Wilson’s father, J. J. Gillespie and family.

Mrs. C. A. Lucas, Mrs. A. Minich, and Mrs. L. C. Cornelius motored to Palacios Thursday night to attend the Auxiliary social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gray.

G. W. Seale and J. Merrett, auditors for Pierce Pet. Corp., were registered at the Blessing Hotel last week. Mr. Seale, assisted by Mr. Merrett audited the books of the local agent, A. R. Matthes.

Boyd Sifford was bitten on the hand Tuesday night while asleep by a civet cat. Dr. Simons of Bay City advised him to take the treatments for rabies, which he will do as soon as the serum is secured.

Mrs. Al Landin and children of Francitas and Mrs. Roth and children of Nordheim, spent Wednesday with their sister, Mrs. N. H. Landin. Mrs. Roth and children remained in Blessing for a few days visit.

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes and family, Mrs. Della Braden and Paul Braden spent Sunday with the Roy Nelson family in Collegeport. Verne Batchelder of Houston, Miss Irene Batchelder of Palacios, J. W. Shuey and will Korn were also guests at the Nelson home.

Some little excitement was aroused Monday morning when it was discovered that seven business houses around the square were broken into during the night. J. O. Murphy, City Garage, J. C. White Market, Harry Guynes, Post Office, Chas. E. Duller and C. W. White were the places visited. No damage was done and nothing of any value was taken.

Palacios Beacon, May 2, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, Texas, May 8.—C. A. Lucas spent Sunday and Monday in Houston.

Mrs. A. O. Ellis was in Blessing on Saturday on business.

Mesdames A. B. Pierce and Allen J. Smith motored to Bay City Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Coleman of Bay City, spent Sunday with Mrs. J. E. Millard.

Mrs. N. H. Landin spent Monday with her sister, Mrs. Al Landin in Francitas.

Mrs. Della Braden spent Wednesday with her sister, Mrs. Roy Nelson, of Collegeport.

Mrs. A. D. O’Bannon of Sargent, spent several days last week with her daughter, Lula Van.

Little Ruthie Bump has been quite ill since Sunday from deranged stomach. She is much better today, however.

Mr. and Mrs. Tine Pickel of Matagorda were Sunday visitors with Mr. Pickel’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Pickel.

Misses Nancy, Bobbie and Cherry Price spent the week end with their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Yeager.

The dynamiting crew of the Pure Oil Co., who have been registered at the Blessing Hotel, have been transferred to Bay City.

Boyd Sifford, who was bitten by a civet cat last week, went to Austin last Wednesday to take the Pastuers treatment for rabies.

The Women’s Auxiliary will entertain the members and their husbands and friends at the Community House Friday night, May 11, with a “42” party.

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes and family and Mrs. Della Braden motored to El Campo Sunday, where they were entertained in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Brown.

Helen Yeager accompanied her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Price, to Stephenville last week end for a short visit with Madge Yeager, Maxine Price and other relatives and friends.

Palacios Beacon, May 9, 1929

Blessing News

BLESSING, May, 15.—Mrs. Joe Coleman and Mary Jean spent last week with Mrs. J. E. Millard.

Mr. V. Powell is in Galveston this week attending the Banker’s Convention.

Mrs. V. Powell is in Palacios this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clement.

The Grammar School entertainment of Blessing School will be Friday, May 17 at the Community House.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Duller and Dorothy were dinner guests of Miss Sutton at the Blessing Hotel Sunday.

Miss Clara Schley entertained the Business Women’s Circle of the Woman’s Auxiliary on Wednesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. McTee of Houston, spent Sunday and Monday with Mrs. McTee’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Harris.

Mrs. Lee H. Blake, nee Gladyse Jackson, and small daughter, are visiting Mrs. Blake’s mother, Mrs. John Jackson.

The Women’s Auxiliary of he Presbyterian Church entertained their families and friends with eight tables of “42” on Friday evening. Iced tea and cake were served at a late hour.

The Baccalaureate Sermon for the graduating class of the Blessing High School will be on Sunday night, May 19, at 8 o’clock. Rev. Terry Wilson of [the] Methodist Church, of Bay City, will deliver the sermon.

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Matthes entertained Sunday with a dinner in honor of Mother’s Day. Mrs. Della Braden and Mrs. F. R. Matthes were the guests of honor. Mr. J. W. Shuey, Will Korn, F. R. Matthes and Paul Braden were also guests.

M. M. Johnson was called to Galveston Tuesday to attend the funeral of his daughter’s husband, Elmo Johnson, who passed away very suddenly, following an operation last week. Mr. Johnson was accompanied by Miss Jenny Corneil.

Palacios Beacon, May 16, 1929


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