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The Bowie Family Cemetery is located on private property in the Cedar Lane area. Information from William Lanigan and Sally Bowie Pray. DIRECTIONS

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Bowie, Freeman King  son of George J. Bowie & Frances Sophia Bowie

Bowie, Anna Milhous  28 May 1853 - 02 Jan 1860 dau of George J. & Frances S. Bowie

Bowie, George John  04 Jan 1819 - 06 Sep 1861

Duncan, Daughter of G. C. & M. B. Duncan

Duncan, Cameron

White, Sophia  born and died 06 Sep 1876 dau of James Knox & Laura Frances White

White, Mary Alma  18 Jun 1878 - 17 Dec 1878 dau of  James Knox & Laura Frances White

White, Joseph Priestly "Doc"  brother of James Knox White

Duncan, Philip

Bowie, Hubert Weisiger  28 Oct 1872 - 02 Jun 1890 (wife of Philip M. Bowie)

White, Laura Frances Bowie  15 Nov 1848 - 11 Sep 1891 daughter of George J. & Frances Sophia Bowie

Bowie, Frances Sophia  15 Sep 1826 - 26 Jun 1899

Duncan, Mamie Bowie  02 Feb 1857 - 03 Jul 1903

Duncan, Green Cameron  10 Oct 1841 - 06 Aug 1910 1st Lt. Co. K 8th Kentucky Ry. Mtd Inf, CSA

Spivey, Clarence E.  1891 - 1914 brother of Ada M. Bowie

White, James Knox 24 Aug 1833 - 30 Mar 1915 Capt. Co E  8th Regt. Texas Cavalry, CSA

Bowie, Philip M.  19 Apr 1859 - 05 Sep 1915

Bowie, Willie Christie  31 Oct 1916 - 12 Mar 1917 dau of Hubert W. & Ada M. Bowie

Corbett, John Michael  31 Jul 1876 - 20 Feb 1958

Corbett, John Michael, Jr.

Corbett, Nancy Duncan  02 Jul 1877 - 14 Apr 1964

Stewart, James

Duncan, Donald  08 Dec 1890 - 06 Jul 1976 son of Green C. & Mamie Bowie Duncan

Duncan, Georgia Bell Bryson  23 Nov 1908 - 03 May 1977 wife of Donald Duncan

Bowie , Ada M.  1895 - 1977 wife of Hubert W. Bowie

Bowie, Hubert W. 02 Jun 1890 - 1978 son of Philip M. Bowie

Bowie, Nerine G.  23 Mar 1920 - 26 May 1983 wife of P. M. Bowie

Urban, Lloyd Morris  18 Mar 1916 - 11 Jun 1987 husband of Mildred Bowie Urban

Nash, Jack Allen

Shearer, Frances Sophia Bowie

Shearer, James H.

Corbett, Duncan

Peterson, Huberta W. Bowie

Adams, Mildred "Duchess" Urban  20 Sep 1919 - 22 May 2013

Bowie, Philip Milhouse 18 Sep 1914 - 27 Mar 2016


Philip M. Bowie, a prominent planter of the Caney valley, and native of this county, died suddenly of heart disease at his home Sunday morning last.

Mr. Bowie's only son, Hubert W., with his wife had on Saturday come to town visiting the family of their uncle Harris Bowie. Mr. Bowie entertained his clerk, Mr. LaBody, at his home that night for a while, and after the clerk left retired. Next morning the colored housekeeper went to call Mr. Bowie to breakfast, and receiving no response, opened his door and found him lying on the floor dead. It appears that he was attacked in the early morning with heart trouble, and starting to the door to call some one, fell dead just inside the door. Mr. Bowie had been in delicate health several months, but had not supposed the trouble was with his heart.

Deceased was about 57 years of age, being born on Caney, his parents coming to this county from Dallas county, Ala., in 1850. Mr. Bowie was married in 1889 to Miss Bert Welserger [Weisiger] who died at the birth of the son. Mr. Harris Bowie a brother, and son Hubert and wife, are his only survivors; another brother, George M., was one of the Capt. Rugeley company of Confederates who died in the disaster to the expedition across Matagorda Bay in defense of Matagorda, December 31, 1863, when about thirty [22] of the company perished in the vessel wrecked by the severe gale and blizzard.

The remains were interred in the old family burial ground near the home at Cedar Lane, Sunday afternoon.

The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Tuesday, September 7, 1915

George J. Bowie


Green Cameron Duncan


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