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Bowie Plantation Slave House


Last week Mr. Matt Perry, of Brazoria was on old Caney.

Mr. P. M. Bowie paid Brazoria a flying visit last week.

Mr. W. R. Franz has been riding for the court down our way.

Messrs. J. L. Dennis and J. J. Mays, from Caney Bridge were with us Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Mr. Dick Gaines, one of Brazoria's leading lawyers was in Bowieville for a while.

On Monday Messrs. Frank and Eddie Rugeley passed through our village on their way to Brazoria.

R. L. Vaughan of Thompson's paid Brazoria a business trip on Saturday, and spent Sunday afternoon in our town.

Messrs. Bryan and Brown of Angleton stopped a few minutes at the principal store in Bowieville, on Sunday afternoon.

Mr. John Wheeler of Matagorda has been on Caney looking after his cattle and having a boat loaded with cotton seed.

Mrs. V. L. LeTulle returned from Rock Island week before last. Mrs. LeTulle accompanied her sister Miss Oma Bell home. All the Cana(n)ites  were extremely sorry to have Miss Bell leave, but the cloud was partly lifted for when Mrs. LeTulle returned she brought two other sisters with her, Misses Pauline and Essie Bell. They were accompanied by Messrs. Matow Bell and Sam Pascal. Boys don't you wish Mrs. LeTulle would have other sisters visit her?  "NO. 13"

The Matagorda County Tribune, December 10, 1898


Not a great deal has happened in our vicinity this week. We have had but a few visitors and everything is quiet generally.

Owing to the serious illness of Mrs. C. H. Williams, Mrs. H. W. Bowie and Miss E. A. Thompson left Friday to spend a few days with her.

Messrs. R. T. M. Chinn and John LeTulle were very much in evidence last week.

Mrs. G. C. Duncan and son, H. B. Duncan, are visiting relatives in Bowieville.

Crops are looking fine since the rain and the mosquitoes still reign supreme.

The Weekly Visitor, July 21, 1899


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