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January - March 1910

Courtesy of Shirley L. Brown

Buckeye Information


The Matagorda County Tribune
, January ?, 1910:



From Wednesday’s Daily.

     Buckeye is now connected with Bay City by local telephone exchange, a “farmer’s” line having been completed to that point and put in commission this week. There is no toll for the use of this line by local patrons of the telephone company.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, January 7, 1910:



     Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Kraatz announced the arrival of a little son at their home last week.

     Joe Robertson and family of Markham visited relatives in Buckeye last Thursday.

     A number of Buckeye young people watched the old year out and ushered in the new with fireworks and noise.

     Methodist services will be held at Buckeye Jan. 16 at 4 p.m. Every one is invited.

     A. H. Yerxa returned Tuesday from a business trip to Houston.

     Verne Rawalt went to Fort Worth Sunday afternoon.

     F. E. Benedict and his family drove to Collegeport the first of the week.

     Mr. and Mrs. Magee of Ashby visited Mr. and Mrs. Woods Morris Sunday.

     Mr. and Mrs. Will Glover visited at Bay City a few days, returning early in the week.

     Miss Leona Yerxa returned to Houston Sunday where she is attending school.

     Mrs. Beadle and daughter, Miss Helen, started to New Orleans on Sunday’s train.

     Miss Hope left Sunday morning for Edna, where she is teaching.

     J. A. Brown moved his family to this place last week. He will put in a rice crop this year.

     Thos. Hawkins of Markham has moved to Buckeye with his family and will plant rice this season.

     Miss Viola Isham returned to St. Mary’s Hall at San Antonio Tuesday.

     Chas. Isham is attending court this week in Bay City.

     Mr. Barber of Markham was in Buckeye Sunday to attend the church services.

     Eight new pupils were enrolled at the Buckeye school Monday.

     Mr. Terry returned from Bay City Tuesday.

     Mr. Judson of the Colonial Land Co. was here Wednesday between trains.

     Mr. Walters, manager of the Southwestern Telephone Co. was in Buckeye perfecting the line here Wednesday.

     Mr. Anderson of St. Louis was a visitor between trains Monday.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, January 14, 1910:



     Methodist services will be held next Sunday at 4 p.m. Rev. Chambers officiating. Everybody invited.

     Will Glover met with a painful accident last week while moving the school house. His left hand was badly mashed and he will not be able to use it for some time. No bones were broken.

     Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith of Markham visited in Buckeye Saturday.

     Miss Terry was the charming hostess of a pleasant little gathering last Friday night in her father’s spacious home near Buckeye. Cheerful fires burned in the grates and the rooms were decorated with graceful vines, presenting a very pleasing sight to the guests as they entered. Forty-two was the pastime of the evening, and dainty refreshments were served. Those who played were Mr. and Mrs. Powell, Misses Terry, Hawkins and Matteson, and Messrs. Terry, Tom Terry, Barnes and Thompson.

     There has been quite an addition to the population here this week as the result of the arrrival of Mr. W. S. Ekey of Ohio, with his wife and six sons and one little daughter. Their car of household effects and live stock arrived Friday, and they at once settled in their home on the Buckeye farm. The Ekeys come from the vicinity of Dayton, the home of Messrs. Plotner & Stoddard, who laid out the Buckeye farm originally. Harry Eckey, the eldest son is accompanied by his wife, so that in all there will be ten members of the Ekey colony. The father and son have purchased adjoining tracts close to town, and will at once start their plowing to put in a rice crop this year. Several other people from Ohio arrived with the Eckey family and were so pleased with the country about here that they also made purchases and will move down at once.

     From the present indications the entire farm will be settled up by northern people before spring.

     Geo. Butler of St. Louis was here on business a few days last week.

     Among Bay City citizens at Buckeye on business during the last few days were Mr. Judson, Mr. Jamison, Mr. Claggett and Edd Savage.

     Mr. Bronson of Ohio was here the latter part of last week.

     Mr. Smith of Illinois was a recent visitor here and purchased a tract of land. He will also be the first in the field to open up a lumber yard and machinery business at this place.

     Mr. Arthur Armstrong of Washington was here last week and made extensive purchases near his brother’s recently acquired property.

     Miss Burdette is visiting relatives in Houston.

     Chas. Isham returned from attending court at Bay City last week, riding a beautiful horse he had just purchased, causing the admiration and also the envy of his friends.

     Mrs. Alice Scruggs returned to Houston Sunday.

     Bud Spoor has been in Bay City attending court this week.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, January 28, 1910:



     Hon. C. T. Rawalt of Paonia, Colo., and his wife are visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Yerxa. Mr. Rawalt will spend sometime in Texas hunting and looking over the Gulf Coast country.

     Mr. Alexander of Paonia, Colo., arrived last week to enjoy the hunting in this mild climate.

     Miss Minnie Burditt is at home from Houston.

     Mr. and Mrs. Powell went to Bay City Sunday for a few days stay.

     Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Yerxa and A. H. Yerxa, Jr., were Bay City visitors this week.

     Verne Rawalt was in Bay City between trains Monday.

     Lee West returned from Bay City last Monday.

     The public school moved into their new quarters Monday, and the scholars as well as the teacher apreciate the change from the formerly crowded building. New pupils are still coming in.

     Miss Leona Yerxa came home from school at Houston to spend the week end with her parents.

     C. L. Rawalt and Mr. Alexander returned from Eagle Lake Wednesday where they spent a few days hunting.

     Mrs. Cleveland, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Bricker, has returned north.

     A number of men from the northern states were here last week looking at the rice land at Buckeye, and, as usual, each one purchased a tract of land for farming this season.

     Will Glover was in Bay City Monday.

     Mr. F. E. Benedict who has been a resident of Buckeye for the past year, moved his family to Collegeport Monday. Mr. Benedict bought land at Collegeport last year and has been getting his farm ready for occupancy this winter. The people of Buckeye regret their departure.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, February 11, 1910:



     Ed Bricker went to Arizona Tuesday.

     F. S. Dickert was a Bay City visitor Monday.

     A. H. Yerxa returned from Houston Wednesday.

     R. L. Wisdom has gone to Bay City for a short time.

     J. J. Gillespie was in Buckeye on business Tuesday.

     Mr. Kittrick of Missouri is here to enjoy the mild climate.

     Mr. E. B. Wells went to Houston Tuesday on a short business trip.

     Mr. Wycoff of Illinois is one of the recent investors in Buckeye real estate.

     Mr. and Mrs. Bronson of St. Louis were in Buckeye for a few days this week.

     Mr. and Mrs. Claggett of Bay City were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Yerxa . . . Sunday.

     C. D. Jenal has returned after several months’ absence and still has the . . . won’t come off.

     . . . of Ohio spent a few days . . . this week with his son, . . ., who is interested in farm land in this part of the county.

     Mr. W. F. Smith of Missouri, who recently made extensive purchases in real estate here, returned Friday with his wife and three children and they will make their home here. The car containing his household goods, automobile and stock, arrived about the same time.


     Mr. and Mrs. Jules Ducros motored over from Bay City and spent Sunday with friends here. Miss Lucy Yerxa returned with them for a short visit.

     A. P. Borden was here on business the first of the week.

     J. W. Gray was a south bound passenger Monday.

     Chas. Treadwell returned Sunday noon.

     A. D. Hensley was here on business Monday.

     Methodist services will be held at the new school house Feb. 6, by Rev. Chambers of Markham. The attendance is steadily increasing and a large number is expected next Sunday.

     Hon. C. T. Rawalt who has been visiting relatives here departed for Colorado Sunday. Mrs. Rawalt and son Verne started for Brownsville Monday and will take a short trip to Mexico before joining Mr. Rawalt at Trinidad.

     Z. E. Scofield was over from Bay City this week in one of his fine new Buick cars.

     Mr. Alexander of Paonia, Colo., who has been here for the hunting advantages afforded returned to Colorado the first of the week.

     Mr. and Mrs. Yerxa were at Bay City for a short visit Wednesday. Grand Opera House, the ‘Isle of Spice.’

     Mrs. I. G. Claggett came over from Bay City for a short visit Wednesday.

     Col. Simpson attended the show in Bay City Wednesday night.

     John Houston is moving his family to Houston this week.

     Mr. F. Long of Bay City arrived with his family Wednesday to take up his residence here and will occupy a responsible position at the pumping plant at this place.

     Ed Savage was here on business this week.

     Mr. and Mrs. Ekey were visitors at Markham this week.


The Matagorda County Tribune, February 18, 1910:


     Mrs. Chas. Isham was in Markham Monday.

     Mr. Terry was a visitor to Bay City this week.

     Mrs. Yerxa is visiting friends at Bay City this week.

     Mr. Bachelor arrived from Kansas with his family last Monday.

     A number of Buckeye people visited the oil well at the end of the spur Sunday.

     Methodist church will be held at Buckeye next Sunday, Feb. 20, at 4 p.m. Rev. Chambers of Markham will conduct the service.

     Mr. Smith is having an artesian well put down on his farm at Buckeye. Mr. Powell has charge of the drilling.

     Mrs. Ed Bricker with her little daughter, Thelma, started for Illinois Sunday to visit their grand-mother.

     The Buckeye pumping plant is undergoing a thorough overhauling and repairing in order to begin in good shape when the season opens.

     Miss Leona Yerxa returned from Houston Monday. A number of young people of the neighborhood dropped in in the evening to play progressive hearts, it being Valentine day.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, February 25, 1910:



     Mr. Beadle has returned from New Orleans where he has been visiting his family.

     There was a fair attendance at church Sunday, notwithstanding the threatening weather, and several new faces were seen. Rev. Chambers will preach next Sunday morning, Feb. 27, at 10:30.

     Lee West has moved his family to Blessing.

     Mr. Smith is building an addition to his house on the farm, and will soon move his family there. At present they are living in the house formerly occupied by Mr. Osborne.

     Mrs. Claggett of Bay City is visiting Mrs. Yerxa this week.

     Mr. Savage and Mr. Jamison came over to Buckeye Wednesday in the new Rambler recently purchased by the Colonial Land Company.

     Mr. Jenal returned from Houston Monday where he went last week to witness the Paulhan flight.

     Mr. Benedict of Satsuma was at Buckeye on business last Saturday.

     There was no school Tuesday on account of the national holiday–Washington’s birthday.

     Col. Simpson autoed to Bay City Tuesday.

     Mr. Johnson, who has charge of the blacksmith shop here, moved his family from Bay City this week.

     Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes welcomed a new little son at their home on the “Texas” recently.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, March 14, 1910:



     Dr. Morton of Bay City was here on business last week.

     The Smith artesian well which come last week has a flow of fifty gallons per minute.

     Rev. Chambers of Markham and his wife were guests of D. C. Glover for a few days last week.

     Ed Savage was here last Friday from Bay City in his auto.

     Mrs. Terry, who has been on the sick list recently, is much better.

     Mrs. McGee is visiting her daughter, Mrs. D. C. Glover.

     Mr. Kittrick was in Bay City last Monday.

     Mr. and Mrs. Kelley welcomed a fine new boy at their home on the “Texas” recently.

     Mrs. Moore has been suffering with the grippe for the last few days.

     There are 43 pupils enrolled so far this term, and new ones are constantly arriving.

     A. H. Yerxa was in Bay City the first part of the week.

     W. F. Smith and Mr. McKittrick went down to the bay Saturday on a hunting trip, and they say the rain prevented their shooting any thing but jackrabbit and snipe.

     There was no church service held here last Sunday, owing to the indisposition of Rev. Chambers.

     Mr. Garner of Markham recently moved his family here from that place, as he is employed by Plotner & Stoddard.

     C. D. Jenal left Thursday on a business trip to Houston.

     Mrs. Beadle and Miss Helen returned from New Orleans Wednesday.

     Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ekey are the proud parents of a pretty daughter, who arrived early Wednesday morning.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, March __, 1910:



     Rev. Chambers of Markham held services at Buckeye last Sunday afternoon. The next date is March 20 at 4 p.m.

     Mrs. Burditt has recovered from a recent attack of the grip.

     One night last week a jolly party consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Ducros, Mr. Moore and the Misses LeBeauve autoed over from Bay City and spent the evening at Yerxas.

     Mrs. Randolph of Hardy was a recent visitor to Buckeye.

     Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gideon and children visited friends here while on their way to their new location on the Texas canal.

     Mr. and Mrs. Rugeley autoed over from Bay City Sunday and visited the park and greenhouse here.

     Frank Moore moved his family to Blessing Saturday.

     Mr. Regan of Markham was a Sunday visitor at the Texas.

     Mr. Johnson of Markham has rented the ranch house and moved his family here last Monday. He will put in a rice crop.

     Mr. and Mrs. Ed Savage and Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Moore motored over from Bay City Sunday.

     W. F. Smith has gone to Kansas City for a few days, to look after his business interest there.

     Mr. Simpson of Weatherford is visiting at the Texas.

     Ora McKittrick, who recently accepted a position with Badouh Bros. at Bay City, spent Sunday in Buckeye with the Smith family.

     Mr. Eidman of Bay City visited the Buckeye park and greenhouse Monday.

     J. M. Corbett of Bay City was here last Monday.

     The run between Bay City and Buckeye is becoming very popular among the automobiles.

     A large force of men are employed at this place putting in new water boxes and lengthening the canal and making other improvements.

     Mrs. Chambles and Miss Burditt spent Friday in Bay City.

     Mrs. Tom Castleton and Mrs. Jules Ducros of Bay City visited at Buckeye Wednesday.

     Col. Simpson has returned from Dallas where he has been confined with the grip.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, March 18, 1910:



     Church services next Sunday at 4 p.m.  Every one welcome.

     W. F. Smith returned Sunday from Kansas City.

     A. H. Yerxa returned from Houston Wednesday morning.

     F. E. Benedict of Satsuma drove to Buckeye Tuesday.

     Judge Holman of Bay City was here Friday. He was accompanied by Mrs. Holman and their two little boys.

     The Armstrong family drove to Bay City Tuesday.

     Ed Savage of Bay City was here on business this week.

     Mrs. A. H. Yerxa received the sad intelligence this week of the death of her grandfather, John Henry Lewis, at Wabasha, Minn. He was 80 years of age.

     Roy Barnes returned Monday from a short trip to Houston and Galveston.

     Col. Simpson spent a few days at Bay City last week.

     The little son of W. S. Ekey is recovering from his recent illness.

     The Buckeye park at headquarters is a very pleasing sight these days and the park gardener certainly deserves much credit for his skill. The large expanse of green lawn, well trimmed hedges and beautiful flower beds, always call forth praise from the passer-by.

     Rev. R. A. Rosland, presiding elder, and Rev. Chambers were at Buckeye Monday.


The Matagorda County Tribune
, March 2_, 1910:



     On Easter Sunday, March 24, services will be held here at 11 p.m. It is hoped that everyone in Buckeye will make an extra effort to be present.

     Mr. McKittrick of Bay City spent last Sunday with the Smith family.

     T. F. Dickert was in Bay City Monday.

     Mr. Ellison of Indiana was here last week to look over the land at Buckeye.

     A. H. Yerxa was in Bay City the last of the week.

     Ed Savage and Mr. Jamison of Bay City and Mr. Rickel of Minneapolis autoed over from Bay City Friday.

     Mr. Bronson of St. Louis was in Buckeye on business last Saturday.

     Dave Brown entertained a number of his friends at his father’s home on Buckeye last Friday night.

     The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Chillson, formerly of Buckeye, will be pleased to learn of the arrival of a little son at their home in Hollywood, California, on March 12.

     Miss Lena Dickert of Ashby visited friends in Buckeye the first of the week.

     The little year-old daughter of Mr. Chambers has been on the sick list this week.

     Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Armstrong drove to Bay City Monday.

     W. F. Smith went to Bay City Monday to buy seed rice.

     Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kelley were at Buckeye Tuesday.

     A number of farmers here have been seeding.

     School closes Friday and the children have planned an egg hunt for the afternoon.

     Roy Barnes was at Markham Sunday.

     Mr. Seville of Bay City is here on business this week.

     An oil switch is soon to be put in at the Buckeye pumping plant.

     Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Landers and Miss Doss of Ashby were at Buckeye Sunday.

     W. F. Smith and Mr. Burditt went fishing a few miles south of here and caught an alligator, which was busy stealing the bait when they found him. Whether the bait was in a jug or on the hook is not quite clear, but they dragged Mr. Alligator to headquarters and he is now on exhibition and is a lively specimen. He measures five feet and nine inches.

     Mr. Owen of Alvin arrived Thursday and immediately took up his duties in the office of Plotner & Stoddard. His family will arrive soon.

     Mrs. Jake Wilson and children of Markham spent Sunday with Mrs. Howard.

            Mrs. Charles Isham . . . a number of friends . . . [unable to read].



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