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Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, January 11, 1915:



            [Among other business] The matter of contest by the Plotner-Stoddard Co. against the formation of Drainage District No. 6 (Buckeye) was left over to Saturday. The larger taxpayers are opposed to the creation of the district. But it might be said in truth and fairness that Plotner-Stoddard Co., having sold the farmers their lands, owes it to them to help protect them from overflows–might even pay all the cost of a levee, certainly should be willing to co-operate with them.



The Daily Tribune, January 15, 1915:



Bay City, Texas, January 1, 1915

To Whom It May Concern:

            This is to give notice that Plotner & Stoddard have canceled their contract with H. L. Riddle with reference to lands in Matagorda County belonging to Plotner & Stoddard.

                                                                                                                        Plotner & Stoddard.



The Daily Tribune, February 23, 1915:



Fire destroyed the big barn of Wm. H. Knowles at Buckeye Sunday afternoon, origin unknown. The barn and contents, valued at about $1000.00, is a total loss.



The Matagorda County Tribune, March 12?, 1915



            I adopt this method of informing the general public that I have just established a grocery business at Buckeye, and that I will appreciate a liberal share of your patronage. My stock is brand new and embraces a complete line of staple and fancy groceries; and a specialty is made of flour and feed.

                                                                                                            I. M. Glasser, Jr.



The Matagorda County Tribune, May 14, 1915:



Citizens Was Here Today Inquiring Into Steps Necessary to Be Taken to Secure Improvements

            The Commissioners’ Court of Matagorda County, at its June term, will more than likely be called upon to take action relative to the organization of a levee and drainage district for the Buckeye country.

            Mr. Knowles of that section was in the city this morning for the express purpose of ascertaining just what steps would be necessary to take to secure for the district in which he resides this greatly desired consummation. He was in consultation with a lawyer in order to obtain the benefit of legal advice in the premises.

            It is understood a meeting of the residents of that district will be called in the near future to take definite action, at which time it is expected a petition will be prepared and presented to the court, praying for the organization of such a district and for the purposes contemplated in the organization.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 18, 1915:



By the Buckeye District West of The Colorado River

            It is now announced that Buckeye people want a drainage district on the west side of the Colorado for the purpose of constructing a levee along the river to protect that territory from overflows. With this in view a mass meeting of the citizens of that territory will be called soon to take action in the matter, when a petition will be prepared and ready for presentation to the Commissioners Court at the June term.



Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 24, 1915:


            Mr. J. A. Barnes of Buckeye was yesterday telling the News-Farmer man about his second watermelon patch which promises a fine crop now in a few days more, when County Agent Persons said that Mr. C. O. Graham of Palacios has five acres which will yield a good 5000 melons of marketable size, five car-loads, in the next month. That is proving what this paper has been contending―that our climate and soil would admit of winter crops worth as much as any other section’s summer crops.



The Matagorda County Tribune, October 1, 1915:



            Mr. Frances Spence left Monday for Wharton on a business trip.

            Miss Louise Muir of Houston is visiting her mother this week.

            Mr. I. M. Glasser of El Maton visited with friends in Buckeye Sunday.

            On account of the roads, Rev. L. E. Selfridge of Bay City, could not fill his appointment last Sunday afternoon.

            Mr. Fred Bagby and wife were in the city en route home in Citrus Grove Sunday.

            Mr. E. N. Littlefield, who is at present employed in Houston, was here over Sunday visiting with his family.

            Mr. C. W. Qua was a business visitor to Markham Saturday.

            W. H. Knowles and J. A. Brown were Bay City visitors Saturday.



The Matagorda County Tribune, October 8, 1915:


            Miss Miriam Glasser of Collegeport spent Wednesday with the Misses Spence, returning the same day.

            E. R. Hunt was a business visitor to Palacios and Bay City Saturday of last week.

            Mrs. J. M. Spence and daughter, Miss Anna, were shoppers in Bay City Saturday.

            Chas. Yeamans, who is teaching in El Maton, stopped over Saturday between trains en route to Bay City.

            Miss Myrtle Benedict, the primary teacher in the Buckeye schools, was a Bay City visitor Saturday.

            Friday closed the first month for the Buckeye school. The work done by the pupils for this month was highly satisfactory. There is a small percentage of absentees and tardiness than previous years.

            Miss Ethel Spence, principal of the Buckeye schools, spent Saturday in Bay City, shopping and visiting.



The Daily Tribune, October 25, 1915:



            Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Yerxa a ten-pound boy, Monday morning, October 25th, at the Bay City Hospital.



The Daily Tribune, October 22, 1915:



            Miss Ethel Spence was a visitor to Bay City between trains Saturday.

            Miss Myrtle Benedict visited her sister in Citrus Grove over Sunday, returning to her school duties Monday morning.

            E. R. Hunt journeyed as far as Bay City Saturday, returning the same day.

            Miss Katherine LeTulle visited friends in Bay City Saturday and Sunday.

            Mr. Erwin Glasser passed through here Monday en route to Bay City, returning to El Maton that afternoon.

            Mrs. J. W. Littlefield went to Houston Saturday for a few days’ visit.

            Miss Anna Spence went to Bay City Wednesday, returning the same day.

            Mr. Frances Spence came in Tuesday from Houston to spend a few days with homefolks.

            Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leach, en route from Hot Springs, Arkansas, to their home in Collegeport, spent Wednesday with J. M. Spence and family.



The Matagorda County Tribune, November 12, 1915:



            Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barnes attended the Blessing Fair Saturday.

            Rugeley Serrills was a Bay City visitor Sunday.

            Mr. J. W. Littlefield spent Sunday with homefolks, returning to his work at Houston Monday morning.

            John F. Perry and family were callers on friends Sunday here, en route Bay City from Palacios.

            Messrs. Dave and Reuben Brown and sister, Miss Maggie, spent Saturday at the Blessing Fair.

            Miss Ida Yeager spent the week end here, visiting her friend, Miss Ethel Spence.

            Mr. Reuben Brown left Sunday for Houston, where he has secured a position and will remain indefinitely.

            Miss Agnes Spence spent Sunday in Collegeport, the guest of relatives and friends.

            Miss Laura Lyons of Laurel, Nebr., spent Sunday here, en route Collegeport to spend the winter.



The Matagorda County Tribune, November 26, 1915:



            Miss Frances Benedict of Tivola visited her sister, Miss Myrtle, a few days this week.

            Chas. Yeamans, who is teaching at El Maton, was a passenger through here en route home at Citrus Grove, Saturday.

            Miss Ida Yeagar of Bay City called on friends here Sunday afternoon.

            E. R. Hunt was a Palacios visitor Saturday.

            Mr. and Mrs. Homer Grimes of Nebraska are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barnes.

            Mr. Rugeley Serrill visited with friends in Bay City and Markham last Sunday.

            C. W. Qua went to Markham Saturday on business.

            The Buckeye and El Maton teachers left Wednesday for Corpus Christi to take in the State Teachers Convention.

            Mrs. Glover returned to her home, after a visit with her son, George Glover and family.

            The school gave a very pleasing Thanksgiving entertainment Tuesday night.

            Mrs. H. M. Yeamans passed through here Wednesday en route Robstown and Corpus Christi.

            Herman Hill is a new pupil in school this week, having recently moved here with his parents.

            Miss Ethel Spence spent Saturday and Sunday visiting her sister, Mrs. L. E. Leggett and other friends in Collegeport and attending the Collegeport fair.

            Mrs. J. W. Littlefield returned Monday from Houston.

            J. M. Spence and family spent Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. L. E. Liggett of Collegeport.

            Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Turner of Dayton, O., spent a few days this week in Buckeye on business.



The Daily Tribune, December 18, 1915:



            Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barnes and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spence were visitors by auto to Bay City Sunday and Matagorda Thursday.

            Miss Lena Corse of Blessing was a visitor between trains, from Collegeport to Blessing.

            Mrs. H. C. Hunt and mother, Mrs. S. A. Hunt, came in Wednesday to make this place their future home.

            Miss Myrtle Benedict was a visitor in Bay City Saturday between trains.

            Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Paulk of Citrus Grove passed through here Wednesday en route Austwell to live.

            P. R. Dawdy passed through here Wednesday from Bay City to Blessing, his home.

            Misses Ethel and Annie Spence and Beatrice Qua spent Saturday shopping with the Bay City merchants.

            Mrs. M. C. Reece of Houston passed through here Monday en route Collegeport and Palacios to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Driskill, and other relatives and friends.

            Mrs. Glover and son, Owen, spent Saturday in the county capital.



The Matagorda County Tribune, January 14, 1916:



            While playing “fireplace” with a bunch of children Sunday, Mignon, the three-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. LeTulle, of Buckeye, was severely burned about the neck and shoulders and is now in a local hospital.

            A smoldering fire had been left in a large furnace on the premises and unknown to the mother, the children were playing with it. Mignon had stepped to the door to look in just as one of her brothers threw a stick of burning wood from the fire. A shower of red-hot embers fell from the stick upon the little girl’s neck and shoulders. Hearing the screams Mrs. LeTulle rushed out and found the child’s clothing on fire. One large coal had adhered to the hair and burned a long and ugly burn. This was removed by the other children just as the mother reached them.

            The child was hurried to the city, medical attention administered and she is resting as well as possible today.



The Matagorda County Tribune, February 4, 1916:



            Rev. L. E. Selfridge, of Bay City, filled his appointment here Sunday afternoon.

            H. C. Hunt was a business visitor to Bay City Saturday.

            Miss Myrtle Benedict, one of the teachers in our school, visited with her sister in Citrus Grove Saturday and Sunday.

            Mr. Chas. Yeamans, who is teaching at El Maton, in this district, passed through here Saturday, en route home to spend the week-end.

            Mr. J. A. Brown was a passenger to the county seat Monday of this week.

            Mrs. L. E. Leggitt came up from Collegeport Tuesday for a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spence and family.

            The school was honored with the presence of our county superintendent, Mr. W. C. Gray, last week, and who paid some very high compliments upon the work being done, and the interest of the pupils.

            Mr. Glover has been loading the old iron from the warehouse and elevator which was consumed by fire some years ago, and is having it sent to the market. He expects to have two or three carloads of it.

            Farm work is being pushed aggressively in this community at present.

            A party of the young folks of the community met at the home of the Misses Spence Friday evening where they enjoyed music and songs.

            A live Christian Endeavor is one of the many good things of the community, where everyone is more than willing to do their part in making it interesting and instructive. 



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