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Blue Bonnet Café Is Popular Place

The Blue Bonnet Café, owned and operated by Ovid Horn, is located one block east of the square on Seventh Street. It was opened about three months ago after Mr. Horn had thoroughly renovated and redecorated the interior.

In spite of the fact that Mr. Horn had had no previous experience in the the business, having been employed by the Federal Government and the Central Power and Light Company, he has operated his café in an efficient and business-like manner that has brought him a steady flow of customers and his business has been very satisfactory.

The café is open all night and requires the services of three waitresses. He is assisted in operating the business by his father Tom Horn, and these two men are rapidly building up a circle of friends and customers that bid fair to make this café the most popular in town.

Century of Progress edition of the Matagorda County Tribune, August 26, 1937

Exclusive Line of Hoisery Shop Proves Popular

Mrs. Sallee Pickle Rogers, manager of The Hoisery, is a native of Matagorda County and a member of an old pioneer family of this section.

Her hosiery shop on the south side of the square was opened last September and, due to her extensive experience in this line of business, has proved to be very popular with the ladies of Bay City and Matagorda County who appreciate the more exclusive ines in feminine dainty wear. She has had experience in sales work in some of the largest and most exclusive shops in San Francisco and is also a graduate of the Fashion Art School of that place, having specialized in costume designing.

Mrs. Rogers handles an exclusive line of ladies silk hose in all the latest shades, styles and models as well as lingerie, handkerchiefs and corsages.

She is assisted in this work by Mrs. Phebe Anderson.

Century of Progress edition of the Matagorda County Tribune, August 26, 1937

Johnnie's White Kitchen Cafe and Confectionery






Sam Baer Market, next to Stafford Rooming House, 6th Street and Avenue H

Daily Tribune, August 2, 1972


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