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Bay City, Texas
April 8, 1940

This show was performing in Bay City at the time of the enumeration of the 1940 census.

Corpus Christi, Texas ad the week before the Bay City show.



Dinsmore, Otis

head 34 TX Carnival show man

Dinsmore, Chaystovella?

wife 38 OK Duquois, Perry Co., IL show business

Deega, Nolan

head 27 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX mechanic

Deega, Ruth

wife 24 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX waitress

Patterson, James

head 28 NE Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA ____ hand

Meeles, Louise

  45 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX  

Van Dyke, Alvin

head 28? IA Carnival ferris wheel foreman

Van Dyke, Velma

wife 27 OK Enid, Garfield, OK ticket seller

Miller, Kentis

head 28 TX Carnival  

Miller, Ben

brother 23 AZ San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX ride hand

Plesdes?, Jimmie

head 23 NM Monterey, Valencia Co., NM ride hand

Mahoney, John

  27 IL Chicago, Cook Co., IL ride hand

Moon, George D.

  41 TX Carnival show man

Fulgham?, James L.

  28 TX Carnival ride hand

Jackson, Jack

  22 MS Panama, Panama ride hand

McClanahan, William

  34 AL Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia mechanic

Wright, Leland

  30 IA Carnival ride hand

Waddell, Maurice A.

head 21 KY Carnival ride hand

Waddell, Marie

wife 21 NC Carnival  

Corsey, Sam

head 38 TX Carnival ride hand

Johnson, Matthew

  22 TX Carnival ride hand

Obadall, [A.] Booby

head 35      

Obadall, _____

wife 34      

Hill, Howard

head 34 TX Carnival agent show _____

Hill, Thelma

wife 25 MO Carnival  

Rubiolo, Andrew

head 53 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX Book keeper

Mueller, Eddie R.

head 45 TN Abilene, Taylor Co., TX Chiropractor

Mueller, Ethel

wife 36 TX Abilene, Taylor Co., TX  

Mueller, Robert Doyle

son 2 TX    

McCurdy, William R.

had 58 OH Carnival show man

McCurdy, Frances

wife 39 MO Carnival  

Burdett?, LyleM.

head 37 WI Carnival show man

Burdett?, Catherine

wife 19 WI Carnival show man

Burdett?, Lyle Gene

son 2      

Morris, Albert

head 33 MO Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS cook

Shaver, Geraldine

  37 AR Ropesville, Hockley Co., TX alligator girl

Arnold, Floyd

  49 OH Carnival musical ____

Star, Heddy Joe

  20 OK Prague, Lincoln Co., OK show business

Sullivan, Michael

  27 AUS Carnival performer

Loter?, William Earl

head 55 OK Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA  

Loter, Marie

wife 35 ID Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA theatrical

Loter, George Dixon

son 16 OK Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA  

Peaytt?, Charles C___

head 22 TX Carnival show man

Charro, Mike

  25 NY Carnival performer

Ashton, Charles


Norton, Robert

  32 MA? Carnival show man

Marshall, Roy D.

  23 KS Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS show man

Taylor, Wilburn D.

head 23 WA Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, LA show man

Taylor, Alice

wife 23 NE Havre, Blaine Co. [Hill], MT ball game

Bennett, Eugene

head 32 UT Merchant Marine show man

Meyers, Carl

  46 PA Dallas, Dallas Co., TX concessionaire

Brewer, Daniel

  29 TX Kansas City, Jackson Co., KS concessionarire

Aguilar, Marshal

  36 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX concessionaire

Kotchka?, Pitka?

head 60? Caraibas,
Carnival show man

Kotchka, Zorga?

daughter 25 SERIBA Carnival show man

Evans, Mitchel

grandson 9 Chicago Chicago, Cook Co., IL  

Evans, Nickie

grandson 4 Chicago    

Evans, infant

grandson 1/12 OK    

Clayton, Henri Dr.?

head 65 OK Morisrue? Burkes Co., PA Press agent

Moore, Fred

  64 MO Laramie, Albany Co., WY clerical merchant

Evans, Nick

head 53 OH Carnival  

Evans, Peggy

daughter 21 OH Carnival  

Evans, John

son 22 OH Carnival copper smith

Evans, Polly

d-in-law 23 WV Carnival  

Midamik?, Isador

head 44 RUSSIA Carnival show man

Midamik, Ethel

wife 43 Chicago Carnival show business

Midamik, William

son 27 TX El Paso Carnival show business

Midamik, Roberta

d-in-law 23 LA Carnival show business

Lyon, Walter

head 53 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX  

Smith, Edward

head 60 IL Mexico, Audrain, MO
telegraph operator

Bennington, Robert

head 39 VA Carnival show man

_____, Bailey

head 39 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX show man

_____, _____

wife 39 MN San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX  

Tetts, June

daughter 24 MN San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX  

Tetts, Fletcher

s-in-law 34 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX show man

Tetts, W. F. Jr.

grandson 4 TX    

Tetts, Eugene

grandson 1 TX    

Fluberty?, Thomas

head 28 PA San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX stenographer

Mayberry, Wayne

  18 TX Waco, McLennan Co., TX day laborer

Hassen, Mildred E.

  32 NJ Casper, Natrona Co., WY show business

Hopper, William F.

  54 TX Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ show business

McNealy, Don?

  42 IA MT show man

Hunter, William J.

  33 IN Carnival show man

Obadal, John

  37 TX San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX show man

Wood, Larry

head 36 GA Carnival concessionaire

Wood, Burrell?

wife 32 TX Carnival  

Lombardi, Ronald

head 24 CO Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA show business

Garcia, Frank

  21 TX Omaha, Douglas, NE show man

_____, Anthony

head 42 FL Carnival show man

_____, Laura

wife 32 KS Carnival show business

King, Clarence

head 33 TX Carnival show business

King, Ann

wife 26 TX Dublin, Erath, TX  

King, Jo Anne

daughter 1? AR    

King, Pauline

daughter 2/12 TX    

Dixon, Norman L.

head 48 MN Carnival show man

Dixon, Dixie H.

wife 42 MN Carnival show business

Dixon, Billie

son 14 OK Carnival show business

Dixon, Ida Louise

daughter 13 TX Carnival  

____, Fletcher

head 40 TN Carnival show man

Lanier?, Jack

head 36 MT Carnival show man

Lanier, Marie

wife 33 KS Carnival show business

Wallace, Jerry

head 16 KS Eldorado, Butler Co., KS show business

Reis, Theodore

  42 OH San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX  


head 43 KS Show? show man

Wolfenbarger, Faye

wife 40 NE Show? show business

Hamblin, Gladys

  26 TX Carnival show business

Willis, Floyd M.

head 32 TX Carnival show business

Willis, Faye

wife 37 CO Carnival show business

Morris, Jacques

head 42 TX Carnival show business

Maftinie, Frank

  42 SC Carnival show business

Dunn, James

  28 TX Carnival show business

Norton, Clyde

head 40 IL Carnival show business

Norton, Alice

wife 26 Manitou, CAN San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX show business

Gilbert Lee V.

head 35 MO Carnival show business

Melter, James W.

  24 KY Rochester, Monroe, NY show business

McGlin, Joseph V.

  27 ,MN Carnival monkey trainer

Kull?, Earnest Z.

head 43 MO San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX show man

Briggs, Le Roy

  21 IN Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN girl show

Richie, Sherman

  30 OK Carnival mechanic

Powell, Henry P.

  34 TX Joplin, Jasper Co., MO machine operator

Fragge?, Joseph

  24 PA Rochester?, Cook Co.?, IN ass't high dive

Brown, Lester Lee

  23 TX Pampa, Gray, TX show man

Hansen, Ollie

  32 WA Carnival concessionaire

Nelson, Horace D.

head 30 TN Carnival concessionaire

Nelson, Alice

wife 19 SWITZERLAND St. Louis, MO concessionaire


Adolph G. "Boobie" Obadal
November 24, 1897 Pittsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
December 2, 1978, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Adolph G. "Boobie" Obadal and wife in February 1919

Son of

John Obadal
September 17, 1867, Heinridhsguren, Austria
March 14, 1951, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
Buried Hermann Sons Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
Mary Varos Obadal
October 11, 1870, New Branfels, Comal County, Texas
June 1, 1956, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
Buried Hermann Sons Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Children of John & Mary Obadal

Mary Obadal Skipper
Johannah E. "Hannah" Obadal
Adolph G. "Boobie" Obadal
Bertha Louise Obadal
Emmaline "Emma" H. Obadal Flannery
John Carl "Johnnie" Obadal
(John also worked with Boobie's carnival business)

1927 San Antonio Directory lists wife as Eloise.

1916 residence - 201 Austin, San Antonio

Victory Park, San Antonio, in 1948
Operated American Funland, 1200 block of Laredo in San Antonio, in 1972

Hermann Sons Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Marker photos 2016 by LKat on Find A Grave. Used with permission.