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Sleep, Soldier Boy
by Dorothy Alexander, 1926

(VFW Memorial Song)

The battleís over and peace is all around you,
Sleep soldier boy sleep on.
The canonís roar, can never more disturb you,
Sleep soldier boy sleep on.
Your journey is ended your work here is done,
Sleep soldier boy and rest,
Your flag you defended, The victíry you won,
Sleep on among the blest.

The sunís gone down, and darkness has enclosed you,
Sleep soldier boy sleep on.
A motherís arms, are waiting to enfold you,
Sleep soldier boy sleep on.
The time is not long when the bugle will sound forth,
Mustíring you back again.
Youíll wake with the dawning, and answer to roll call,
Sleep soldier boy till then.

(to Taps)

Sleep in peace soldier boy
Till the bugle calls you with the dawn,
Sleep and rest God is nigh, soldier boy.

*A Picture from the Minneapolis Star/Tribune taken on a June morning at the Minneapolis National Cemetery.

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