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Cedar Lake Information

By Mary B. Ingram

Cedar Lake, situated in the southeast part of the county on Cedar Lake Creek, the boundary line between Matagorda and Brazoria counties, is one of the prettiest areas of the county.  Cedar Lake is a long, narrow, winding body of water.  Lily pads growing in the still water make the place a frog’s paradise.

When the post office was established near Cedar Lake in 1859, it was known as Kenner, and its postmaster was Pinckney McNeel.  Mary Collins became the postmaster in August, 1866, and served until the post office was discontinued November, 1866.  The post office was reinstated January, 1871, with Jennie McNeel as postmaster followed by John F. Nuckols, William T. McNeel, and John Nuckols.  On May 11, 1887, the post office was discontinued again and the mail sent to Hawkinsville.

The 1870 census listed twenty-eight families as inhabitants of Cedar Lake.

A large rambling store was built on the banks of Cedar Lake in 1890 by J. H. Craig of West Columbia.  By 1893 a post office was in the store, and the first postmaster for Cedar Lake was Daniel J. Ogburn.  At that time the post office was in Brazoria County, but by 1896 it had been changed to Matagorda County, and the postmaster was John H. Craig who held the position until 1909. The store continued to be the site of the post office under postmasters James F. Perry, Jr., Omer C. Rupe, Harold F. Graves, Mary B. Shaffer, Frank O. Glick, and William R. Brown.

By 1929 J. R. Roberts was operating the store which was still the property of the Craig estate.  In the huge, weatherbeaten, and warped old building were to be found groceries and other necessary commodities to serve the community.  Roberts’ wife, Hattie, became the postmaster in 1937 and retired in 1966, when the post office was discontinued in December.

Today, it is still known as the Cedar Lake Community. 

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