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Cedar Lane Community Newspaper Columns


Mr. Blankenship of Louisiana, who has been visiting Mr. Hall for the past month, returned home Tuesday.

The Misses Patterson and Mr. McDaniels from the prairie visited W.W. Patterson last week.

J. A. Bryant has got his motor in commission again.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Roup and Mr. Richards were Cedar Lane visitors last week.

Wm. Moore of Gainesmore put in last Sunday with the Cedar Lane bachelor brigade.

Joe Freeman gave a farewell dance last Saturday night and a most enjoyable evening was passed. We are sorry to see you go Joe, and hope your sojourn in Bay City will be pleasant and prosperous. Don't forget the good time you used to have with the boys and the badgers in Cedar Lane.

Messrs. Ninde and Fitzmaurice passed through here Sunday.

Joe Freeman was a Cedar Lane visitor last Monday.

W. H. Stetson was here on business Monday.

Ed Phillips of Hawkinsville passed through Cedar Lane on Monday.

E. A. McKinney has opened a meat market at the Ratliff store, Saturdays, and is doing a good business.

E. G. Cloar of Bay City was out here Monday trying to get cotton pickers but found most everyone rather busy and could only hustle up one or two.

G. E. Ratliff put out some fall potatoes this week.

Harris Bowie of Bay City will plant a small acreage of fall potatoes this week.

Herbert Bowie made his weekly trip to Bay City Saturday.

Dr. Hersog of Brazoria made a professional visit out to Buckner's prairie last week.

B. F. Smith of Bay City was visiting out here last week.

Charles Freeman of Hawkinsville was here Tuesday.

W. H. Stetson has started cutting hay again on the prairie and has F. A. Moore of El Campo giving him a hand.

The cotton leaf worm has made its appearance down here, though it has not had time to do much damage. but "a stitch in time saves nine" and a little poison now will save much later on.

P. M. Bowie reports a very busy week at the gin which is running day and night just now, there being a constant stream of wagons coming in. Up to date the number of bales ginned amounts to 160.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 6, 1912


Miss Bettie Grace of Gainesmore was visiting here last week.

The boys from El Campo who were helping Mr. Stetson in the hay meadow, went back home again on Monday.

J. L. Gibson made a trip to the county seat on Monday.

Jim Rainey of Van Vleck was out here on business Monday and Tuesday.

B. E. Canno is putting up a new house on his place this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grote gave a dance Saturday night which was much enjoyed by those present.

Mrs. W. T. Ellison spent Sunday with J. Bryant and family.

Walker Harris and wife of Gainesmore passed through here Sunday.

F. P. Vaughan was round here Monday.

Wm. Moore and M. Patterson of Gainesmore stopped here on their way to Bay City on Tuesday.

Mesdames Richards and Roup of Gainesmore were shopping here on Tuesday.

The bachelors spent Sunday evening under the hospitable roof of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson and had a jolly good time.

P. M. Bowie reports 221 bales ginned up to Monday night and still they come. It is expected that most cotton will be in within a month as very little late cotton was put out this year and the leaf worm is now increasing very fast.

The Shaffer boys have almost finished picking a very fine stand of cotton, having so far picked seven bales from seven acres and still have one more bale to pick. The cotton has been very good this year and several "bale to the acre" plots are recorded.

Corn harvesting is becoming general round here now and the yield is very good on the average.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Bowie are now the proud possessors of a baby girl and we offer our hearty congratulations to the happy couple.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 13, 1912


A good shower of rain fell here on Monday which will be of great benefit to the late potato crop, it being the best rain we have had since the middle of June.

G. E. Ratliff is making extensions and improvements on his store here and intends also brightening up the landscape by applying a new coat of paint.

Will Moore and Earl Patterson were visitors here on Monday.

The remains of Tom Bouldin, a Negro who shot his wife some two months ago, were found in a corn field close to the house on Tuesday where he had apparently committed suicide and his widow is about again now, having recovered from the assault.

J. A. Bryant has now left his job as section foreman here and A. M. Lacy has taken his place, the change of foreman here is becoming monotonous and we hope Mr. Lacy will be more of a fixture.

J. W. Powell of Gainesmore was a visitor here on Tuesday.

We are sorry to hear that Orville Shaffer is down with fever again, you know, Orville, this trying to do two men's work don't pay, you must curb that lusty young spirit of yours and go easy for awhile.

F. P. Vaughn was in town Tuesday and is putting out two or three acres of Irish potatoes just now.

Fred Grote has been under the weather for the past week, but we are glad to see he is about again now.

Mr. Knuckles and family from North Texas have rented some land from Mr. Fitzmaurice near the saw mill and are moving in there.

J. A. Blaise paid a visit tot the county seat Monday, incidentally, he has just sent off a car of corn, the first of the season. Mr. Blaise's corn this year has been the object of much favorable comment.

Mr. Jones and a friend from Bay City were down here Tuesday.

We note the comments of our esteemed friends at Gainesmore relative to the "little corn story" and remarkable productivity of Cedar Lane corn, and we would point out that Caney Valley soil has for some time been held superior to that of the Valley of the Nile which accounts for Pharoah's 7-ear stalk being only a dream whereas Cedar Lane has produced eight (8) ear stalks in reality.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 20, 1912



Dr. W. F. Box and Geo. H. Westfall motored over from Houston on Wednesday to look over his farm and ranch.

O. W. Shaffer is confined to the house with a chill.

Messrs. Gibson and Stetson are now cutting hay again out on Buckner's Prairie.

The cotton gin has been silent the past week, most of the farmers being busy getting in their corn, but there is still quite a bit of cotton to come in yet.

J. A. Blaise was a Bay City visitor on Wednesday.

A general meeting was held at the Cedar Lane school house on Thursday evening last week and was called to order by W. F. Statham who stated the purpose of calling the meeting was to endeavor to organize the people of the community into a society or club for the discussion of interesting current events or topics and hold social evenings and create a congenial spirit in the community.

The proceeding commenced by electing T. L. B. Wilson to the chair and C. O. Shaffer took over the duties of secretary for the time being.

After some discussion in which nearly all present took part, it was decided to authorize the chairman to appoint a committee to draw up a constitution and by-laws to be submitted to the next meeting, called for Wednesday evening, September 25. It was also decided to form a business league and with that end in view a meeting was arranged for Monday, the 23rd inst.

The general tone of the meeting was extremely promising and we look to a larger audience on the following Wednesday.

The meeting called to discuss the formation of a business league met at the school house last Monday evening and was well attended.

The election of officers was at once proceeded with, after having appointed J. A. Blaise to the chair.

P. M. Bowie was unanimously elected as president and G. E. Ratliff as vice president; John Deming, secretary and J. M. Shaffer, treasurer.

A committee of three was elected consisting of J. A. Blaise, C. O. Shaffer and W. E. Stathem to draw up a constitution and the meeting was then adjourned till Monday, September 30.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 27, 1912


Lincoln Hill accompanied by his wife and father paid a visit here Friday.

J. A. Jones and Mr. Alexander, the traveling salesman or Halff Bros. of San Antonio, were calling on Cedar Lane merchants Friday.

J. E. Raymond and family of Caney were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson Friday.

W. F. Strathem made a business trip to the county seat last week.

H. W. Bowie returned to Bay City Friday after spending a week down here on his farm.

M. Patterson and LeRoy Moore of Gaines more were down here Thursday.

J. R. Hall and family of Buckner's Prairie were in town yesterday on business.

Mrs. Melissa Stetson and Miss Sarah Coulter called on Mrs. T. L. B. Wilson and Mrs. Hubert Bowie on Monday.

Mrs. Nellie Ellison was visiting Mrs. T. L. B. Wilson last Monday.

F. P. Vaughan was in town Saturday on business.

J. A. Blaise made a trip to Bay City Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ninde of Rugeley and Ira Richards of Gainesmore were at the singing on Sunday.

Tom Fitzmaurice and Mr. Morris, a recent addition to the community, were visiting W. F. Statham Sunday.

Wm. E. Austin made a business trip to Cedar Lane Monday.

S. J.  and A. M. Coulter went to Bay City Monday.

Henry Rugeley and O. J. Doubek passed through here en route to Gainesmore on Monday.

Henry Leitenberg made a trip to Bay City Monday.

Dr. Curtis was around here on Monday.

Dr. W. F. Box has shipped between 500 and 600 chickens down here, which looks like [he's] going strong in the poultry business.

F. P. Vaughn was in town Monday and took dinner with G. E. Ratliff.

J. D. Deming was entertaining Sunday. A. C. Statham spending the morning there and Mr. and Mrs. T. L. B. Wilson and son, Gordon, went out in the afternoon.

P. M. Bowie went to Bay City Tuesday.

J. M. Shaffer visited the county seat Wednesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 11, 1912



R. Chinn of Bay City is out here this week hauling corn from his farm.

G. E. Ratliff and Lieut. Kingman went to Bay City on Wednesday.

E. A. McKinney and son went to the city Tuesday.

C. O. Shaffer paid a business visit to the county seat Friday.

M. Fitzmaurice was down here Monday and called on J. A. Blaise

Dick Serrill is out here at present looking after the John Serrill estate.

W. W. Patterson went over to Matagorda Tuesday.

Henry Lacy and a friend are visiting the section foreman, J. F. Lacy, this week.

H. Bowie of Bay City is out this week and has commenced turning under a heavy crop of cow peas to be followed by Irish potatoes next spring.

P. M. Bowie reports 460 bales ginned to date and there is still more coming in yet.

There will be quite q respectable crop of fall potatoes raised here this season. The vines are looking exceedingly thrifty, and last week's rain was of immense benefit. We look to a very much increased acreage next spring.

B. Cannon is harvesting a fine crop of sweet potatoes, many of which might also pass as pumpkins, and the weevil is conspicuous by its absence.

Some fine hay is still being shipped out from here by J. W. Stetson who finds the demand greater than the supply.

The Matagorda County Tribune, November 1, 1912


Cedar Lane

P. M. Bowie and J. L. Gibson are taking in the carnival at Houston this week.

J. R. Hall and family passed through here on Sunday.

Mr. Sledge and a friend are down here on a hunting trip this week.

F. P. Vaughn, J. W. Deming and A. C. Statham took dinner with G. E. Ratliff and Lieut. Kingman last Sunday.

We regret to hear that Mrs. J. M. and Miss M. Shaffer are still indisposed.

J. A. Blaise was a Bay City visitor last week.

We are glad to see Hy. Leitenberg about again after his recent illness.

J. W. Powell and family of Gainesmore were visitors here Saturday.

J. M. Shaffer made a trip to Bay City Saturday.

Wm. Moore passed through here Saturday.

W. H. Stetson was here on business Tuesday.

Harry Hamilton was down in our neighborhood Sunday.

J. W. Magill passed through here Monday.

The fine spell of weather was broken Tuesday by a heavy shower which should be of much benefit to the late potato crop, a good supply of home grown seed is now assured to those who had the foresight to put out a few acres. Everything points to an excellent market for this crop next spring and we expect to see an increase over this year's acreage.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 15, 1912


J. W. Deming was a Bay City visitor on Sunday. These periodical visits are causing some comment and we hope to hear son that our suspicions are not without foundation.

J. L. Gibson was back again Friday after spending the week at Houston and enjoying the carnival.

Henry Lemley, John Bailey and Henry Leitenberg were visitors at the Grote home on Sunday.

A small party went down to Gainesmore Sunday evening for the purpose of attending church.

L. Hill and family of Gainesmore were up here Saturday.

Emil Grote left for Schulenburg , his old home, this week and it is rumored that he intends to bring company back with him.

Wm. Shockley of Bay City was out on his farm here Monday, and we hear is planning to put up some new houses.
F. P. Vaughan was a visitor here Sunday.

P. M. Bowie came back Saturday, after enjoying a week at Houston and taking in the carnival celebrations.

Dr. W. F. Box shipped a car of hogs from here on Wednesday to the Houston market.

W. M. Bowie was a visitor here on Saturday.

H. C. Gibson of Wadsworth was hauling corn from the McKinney place this week.

P. M. Bowie was running the gin again Monday and incidentally almost finished off one of his helpers; as it was, the man was left with nothing but his boots on and got off with a few bruises.

The farmers here are now busy breaking land, the soil being in fine shape now for deep plowing. The season has been very favorable for the late Irish potato crop and the vines are still green and thrifty, being so far untouched by the one or two light frosts we have had. It appears likely that the Lower Caney district, there will be over 600 acres put into Irish potatoes next spring.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 22, 1912


C. F. Baker was out frm the city last week making some improvements on hs ranch.

J. W. Deming went back to his old home in Iowa to spend Thansgiving with his mother.

A. C. Statham was visiting T. L. B. Wilson and family at Rugeley on Sunday.

F. B. Armstrong was down here in connection with a law suit, making investigations on behalf of the railroad.

W. F. Statham and J. A. Blaise were visitign G. E. Ratliff and Lieut. Kingman Sundya.

G. E. Ratliff went to Van Vlekc on Monday to look after the new post office equipment to be installed in his store here.

E. A. McKinney was in Cedar Lane Monday.

Fred Grote and fmaily were visiting Hy. Lightenberg Sunday.

M. Fitzmaruice was a Cedar Lane visitor Sunday.

Jim Stetson, who is making arrangements to rent land near the Walker place, was in here Saturday.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 29, 1912


Mrs. Hubert Bowie entertained Mrs. Fred Grote, Mrs. Henry Fishback and Mrs. Charles Freeman on Tuesday.

Henry Leightenberg and nephew from Smithville passed through here Thursday.

Mrs. Walter Harriss of Gainesmore was here Thursday.

J. W. Braden is visiting J. L. Gibson this week.

J. B. Hardy and W. S. Higgins took dinner with G. E. Ratliff Tuesday.

W. M. Moore of Gainesmore, J. A. Blaise and F. P. Vaughn were visitors here Monday.

Lieut. Kingman, who has been doing some Government survey work round here for the last few weeks, returned to his camp at Wadsworth Tuesday.

Harris Bowie is out from the city this week.

J. J. Shockley is down on his farm this week and keeps busy looking after various improvements.

C. F. Baker is putting up a potato storage house on his farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill of Gainesmore were in Cedar Lane on Monday.

John Hahn of Schulenburg who has been visiting Fred Grote and family returned home last week.

L. Daniels and family moved to the forty-acre tract lately occupied by T. Wilson, last week.

J. A. Bruce has been hauling corn from the E. A. McKinney place the past week.

Earl Paterson is working for P. M. Bowie in the store just now.

Tom Wilson of Rugeley was down here on Saturday.

Dr. Curtis of Gainesmore was a visitor here Saturday.

P. M. Bowie is erecting some more tenant houses on his plantation at present.

Wm. Knuckles was in Cedar Lane Monday.

C. O. Shaffer was a Bay City visitor Friday and Saturday last week.

The Matagorda County Tribune, December 13, 1912




Wat Vaughan passed through Cedar Lane Monday.

C. F. Baker of Bay City was out here looking over his farm last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Deming and Mr. and Mrs. Daniels went down to the Intercoastal Canal last Tuesday to witness the procession of boats.

P. M. Bowie returned Saturday from attending the boat procession up the Intercoastal Canal earlier in the week.

F. P. Vaughan accompanied by the captain of the "Button Brigade" were Cedar Lane visitors Saturday.

H. A. Nuckols and J. F. Brooks were Cedar Lane visitors Saturday.

W. M. Hardy and wife gave a party at the section house last Friday night. Among those enjoying their hospitality were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Walker, Mr. Ludeky of Hawkinsville, Miss Ethel Patterson of Gainesmore, Messrs. Frank Harrison, Capps and Patterson, Sherman, Patterson and a few others whose names we failed to obtain. All report a most enjoyable evening.

O. W. Shaffer was attending church again in Gainesmore last Sunday.

G. E. Ratliff is greatly interested in the telephone these days and we notice he is wearing quite a trail from the store and back--wonder what's in the wind?

W. M. Hardy and family motored over to Markham and back last Sunday.

There were some good showers down here Tuesday morning which will be of much benefit to the growing crops, though we should like to see the ground get a thorough soaking.

A part of the potato crop here was shipped during the past week, the yield was below the average and prices were also disappointing. Corn and cotton as a whole are doing well.

P. M. Bowie has now got his new engine and boiler for the gin, which will give him about double the power in the future. He expects to have the gin stand erected and in running order in time for the new crop.

The Matagorda County Tribune, June 20, 1913


Cedar Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Morgan and children of Freeport, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Clements Sunday.

Mr. J. A. Clements has been ill for several days, but is able to be out again.

Miss Ida Eastman and Mr. Melvin Eastman were week end visitors in the home of the uncle, Mr. N. A. Eastman, of Bellville.

Misses Exie Ratliff and Helen Sanders visited friends and relatives in Houston over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Eastman visited relatives in East Bernard Sunday.

Mr. Tom Clements and Mrs. Zula Crenshaw were Bay City visitors Monday.

Mrs. H. W. Bowie and daughter, Miss Mildred and George Earnest Ratliff attended the football game at Rosenberg Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Granbury of Mt. Calm, Texas, visited their daughter, Mrs. H. G. Fall, Sunday and Monday.

Mr. H. G. Fall made a business trip to McGregor Saturday, returning Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Balusek were Bay City visitors Saturday.

Mrs. Guy Myrick was a Bay City visitor Friday afternoon.

Mrs. Abe Stevens had a birthday dinner last Sunday for her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pierson, of West Columbia. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Mack and children, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson of Pledger, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Stevens of Sargent, Mr. Omer Pierson of West Columbia, Miss Vera and Mollie Stevens and Mrs. E. J. Werlla of Sargent.

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff was a Bay City visitor Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Walker announced the birth of a son, Terry Lee, October 9.

The Cedar Lane Sunday School entertained a host of friends Monday evening at the school house. Clever and entertaining games were enjoyed by both young and old. Delicious ice cream and home made cake were served to about seventy-five guests. We were happy to have with us Rev. and Mrs. Rainer and Rev. Peterson and children, Althea, June and Dalmar, of Bay City.

Mrs. Eddie Parma and son, Lang, of Bay City visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bowie Sunday.

Miss Margaret Hoffman of Bay City was a week end guest of Miss Mildred Bowie.

Mrs. Barr and children, Robert and Margaret, of Freeport visited Mrs. H. W. Estill Saturday morning.

Rev. Peterson of Bay City delivered a fine sermon to his Cedar Lane congregation Sunday afternoon.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 18, 1919

Revival at Cedar Lane

Plans are well under way for the Baptist revival which is to begin at Cedar Lane next Sunday night, Aug. 5. Rev. W. M. Joslin, pastor of Bay City Baptist Church, will conduct the meetings, preaching each morning at 10 o'clock and each evening at 8 o'clock.

In addition to the splendid audience furnished by the Cedar Lane community, a large attendance is expected from Bay City. The distance is only 16 miles and the road is fine. Car are in abundance and gas is cheap. Why not? The Baptist congregation of Bay City has decided to attend in a body the initial service next Sunday night. Trucks, cars and Fords sufficient to transport the crowd will leave the church here at exactly 7 p. m. All who desire to go will please be on hand. If you have a Ford or an automobile, use it for the Lord. Make room for your neighbor who is less fortunate. Buy your gas and oil Saturday afternoon. Do not call on our garage men to desecrate the Sabbath. Take if from us, they will enjoy a rest.

Let's go. The Cedar Lane people are expecting us and are planning comfortable seats for all.

The B. Y. P. U.'s will meet at 6 p. m. for next Sunday's program.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 3, 1923


The first month's work has been brought successfully to a close. The pupils entered the first day full of vim and enthusiasm which enabled them to delve into the work with all earnestness.

The high school English classes have now settled down to real work, after a two weeks hard labor of turning under all weeds and combating insects which had badly damaged their English language since last term. Gerunds, participles, case, phrases and clauses have now taken root and begun to expand rapidly.

The Early European history class is trying a new plan of study which is known as the contract plan. The instructor contracts to give a certain grade if a certain amount of work is done successfully. The pupil must do a given amount of work for a "C," so much more for a "B" and an added amount for an "A." The work thus far has been of a very pleasing character, and we hope that it will solve the time problem of this school.

The science class is doing some interesting work, as they have been able to obtain several good zoological specimens. The class has mastered the use of the compound microscope, and have made several interesting drawings.

The seventh grade was a bit slow to get started, but is now doing book work in history and geography is commendable.

The high school, including the seventh grade, is running on a six weeks' schedule, and the other grades four weeks. Those pupils making an average of 90 or above this month were: Anna Belle Dacke, sixth grade; Walter Hamilton, third grade; Ida Eastman, third grade; and Jewel Spicer, second grade. These pupils are to be commended for their splendid work.

We are sorry to state there have been an number of absentees on account of illness. Those on this list were: Melvin Eastman, Anna Belle Dacke, Elmer Nesbett, Nannie Belle Roe, Bruce Dacke, Melvin Caldwell and Edgar Hughes. Miss Ruby Ruth Ratliff is also out of Bay City school because of diphtheria. We are glad to state that she is much better, and we hope her a speedy recovery.

We appreciate the playground equipment which has been installed. The boys feel quite like a league team in indoor baseball. The girls' volley ball team, this far, does not appear very encouraging, but hope to develop into a good team later in the year. The little folks keep the swings and see-saws in action.

Since the weather has cleared, the Sunday school and B. Y. P. U. record has grown in attendance and enrollment. A hot contest between the B. Y. P. U. groups started Sunday night. The losing group will have to entertain with an oyster fry. With Miss Mae Stevens as president, this organization is doing some inspiring work.

Friday at noon the school boys met to talk over plans for a Scout Troop. Sam Walker and Melvin Caldwell were elected patrol leaders. The boys seem to be interested and we hope for a live organization.

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Walker returned home from Richmond Thursday evening after a four week' absence.

Misses Fannie and Mollie Stevens and Mae Walker are in San Marcos where they have matriculated in S. W. T. T. C. for the fall term.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Laird, of Wadsworth, spent Sunday with the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Webb.

Mr. L. R. Eastman and family spent Sunday in Tavener visiting friends and relatives.

Mr. G. W. Weathers and W. D. Byers motored to Galveston Saturday on business.

Mr. Eastman took his daughter Ida, to a doctor in Brazoria Monday. She seems to be improving.

Daily Tribune, Saturday, October 5, 1929


The school is now progressing nicely and the pupils are doing some splendid work. The interest is increasing as well as the enrollment. The primary room met with the same problem as that of last year, an overcrowded condition. All pupils under seven on September 1st were compelled to withdraw. The enrollment of Mr. Shannon's room is 15, Mrs. Shannon's, 20, and Miss Gibson's, 28.

The county meet spellers have arrived and all pupils are taking spelling according to their division.

Mrs. Pollard visited with us last Tuesday's afternoon. The pupils look forward to her visits with joy, as she always has some interesting message for them. She also is "a friend in need" to the teachers here, as she is always willing to help solve the various problems that arise. The Intermediates became deeply interested in the account of the life and work of Frances Willard that Mrs. Pollard told so vividly.

A group of young people met Monday evening and organized a Little Theatre. Thos. L. Shannon was elected director, and Guy Myrick master of arms. A committee, composed of Misses Margaret Gibson and Vevi Stevens and Mr. John Stevens, was chosen to select the plays and characters. Mrs. Shannon was elected secretary and treasurer of this organization. We hope to give to this community some real up to date and clean entertainment. Several members were chosen to help out in the one act plays entitled "Pa's New Housekeeper" and "O, Joy San," which are to be given soon. The proceeds will go to pay for athletic equipment for the school. Watch for the date and all be present.

The Boy Scouts met for their first regular meeting Friday, Oct. 4. There were 14 present, and two patrols were organized. The names chosen for these two patrols were "Bulldogs" and "Black Crows." May the best patrol win the bacon. Thos. Shannon is Scoutmaster. Several games were played, but the most interesting was "Swat 'em." After the games, they got down to real work and learned to tie several knots that are required in the tenderfoot tests.

Mrs. John Deming visited school for a while Tuesday afternoon. We wish she could have stayed longer but hope she will come again.

Miss Ruby Ruth Ratliff was able to return to her school duties in Bay City Monday.

Mrs. Burnetta Walker spent Wednesday afternoon visiting with Mrs. Lee Garrison at Sweeny.

Mabel Hughes spent the week-end in Bay City with her sister, Mrs. Ethel Byers.

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon, Mrs. L. R. Walker and Mrs. C. R. Walker spent Saturday in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman, of Gulf, spent Sunday with Mr. L. R. Eastman and family.

Daily Tribune, October 14, 1929

Cedar Lane

The pupils have been enjoying this sunshine to the greatest extent. It makes one feel like rushing out of door and joining in the melody of the birds. For certainly, it cannot be denied that.

"Nature has a voice of gladness, and a smile
And eloquence of beauty and she glides
Into his darker musings, with a mild
And healing sympathy, that seal away
Their sharpness, ere he is aware."

Both the boys basket ball adn the girls volley ball team have been doing good practice work. they seem rather awkward now, but hope to overcome that soon. The Junior boys played Bay City Friday and were beaten badly. However, it is a scrapping little team, and we expect some victories later on.

Dr. Simons and Mrs. Pollard were visitors at the school Tuesday, throughout the county her wide variety of interesting little stories which she always has on hand. However, this time she turned it over to Dr. Simons to tell us real stories about our own health. He also examined the eyes of ll the pupils, and there were fifteen out of fifty present who must present a certificate

The reminder of teh afternoon which was thirty minutes was turned into "clean up day." Everything had a new aspect when four o'clock arrived Even the porch floors were scrubbed clean

Some of these news items may appear to be out of date, but dur to the illness of the reporter, failed to get in last week.

Mrs. H. W. Bowie was in Waco, Thursday week on business.

Mrs. John Dacke is in Louisicana visiting her mother, who is very ill.

Mr. W. K. Green of Amarillo was the guest of his old shipmate, Thos. L. Shannon, during the past week.

Misses Ruth Jones and WIlma Eidlebach of Bay City were Sunday guests of Miss Frances Bowie.

Mr. W. S. Webb spent Monday night in Wadsworth whith his daughter and family.

Mr. H. W> Bowie, tx assessor, was in Sargent Monday and TUesday, attending to business.

Mr. and Mrs. Maben Laird were Sunday visitors of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Webb.

Mrs. J. M. Vanderhider of Boling, spent Sunday week with her sister, Mrs. Elmer Dacke.

Little Miss Mildred Bowie is the proud owner of a pair of ducks, which she purchased them from her ilttle friend, Annie Wenthers. MIldred has quite a collection of pets now.

Mr. Willie Gren and Miss Mae Walker motored to Gulf, Texas on Tuesday, sightseeing.

Miss Vivi Stevens is in Housotn visiting friends and relatives.

Daily Tribune February 14, 1930

Cedar Lane News

Rev. C. A. Hornburg, who has been visiting at the home of R. W. Marsh was called away to attend the funeral of his son, C. M. Hornburg, who was killed in an automobile accident while enroute home from Amarillo, where he had been attending the State Teacher's Association.

Miss Alene Fondon of Van Vleck spent the Thanksgiving holidays at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Matthews.

Olga Webb and Leroy Guess went to Houston Saturday to consult an optometrist. They both got glasses.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman of Gulf, spent Saturday with L. R. Eastman and family.

Attendance has been low at school this week because of the continual bad weather.

There will be a Christmas Tree and a program at the Cedar Lane school, Thursday night, Dec. 24. The program will begin at 7 o'clock.

Daily Tribune, December 9, 1931

Cedar Lane News

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Fondren of Houston were week-end visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Matthews.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Laird of Wadsworth and Mr. Tom Patterson of California spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Webb and family.

Mrs. Hubert Bowie and daughter, Huberta, spent last week with Mrs. Gibson of Houston.

Miss Huberta Bowie has a position in Freeport.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman of Gulf were the week-end visitors of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Eastman.

Miss Bessie Corbitt of Creek, Texas, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Pearl Hamlin.

Mr. Jesse Crowson is visiting at the home of Mr. Hamlin.

Miss Frances Bowie had as her guests for dinner Sunday night, Ione Harris of Dallas, Billy Stinnett and Frank Holt of Bay City.

Ione Harris, who has been visiting Frances Bowie for the last two or three weeks, is planning to return to her home in Dallas the first of next week.

Miss Mildred and Frances Bowie attended the show in Bay City Sunday afternoon.

Miss McMahon was ill Monday and Miss Cash of Bay City taught her room.

Daily Tribune, December 16, 1931

Cedar Lane

Last Tuesday night a group of the young folks of Cedar Lane went on a chicken fry. They had the chicken fry on Vineyard's Lake. It was a bright moonlight night. Those present were Misses Huberta Bowie, Ruby Ruth Ratliff, Messrs. Philip Bowie, Jimmie Hamilton, Chas. Leaser, Tilman Jamerson, Elmore Truss.

A crowd of young people of Cedar Lane went to the beach Saturday night on a truck, taking their supper. Everyone went in swimming and had a good time.

Miss Ruby Ruth Ratliff and Huberta Bowie entertained with a beach party Sunday afternoon and evening. After arriving at the beach, everyone donned bathing suits and went for a swim. The water was nice also a little rough. Then the fun started, first of all a cantaloupe fight fought, then supper was served, chicken was fried, bread and butter sandwiches, pickles, cheese, crackers, etc., last of all watermelon, after the watermelon another fight. After supper there was a swim in the canal afterwards we dressed to go home. Those enjoying the party were Misses Exie and Ruby Ruth Ratliff, Huberta and Mildred Bowie, Lillie Mae Weathers, Imogine Worthy, Blanch Leatherell, Messrs. Philip Bowie, Tilman Jameson, Byron Elder, William Weathers, James Smith, Jessie Brown, Chas. Leaser, Elmore Truss, Melvin Caldwell, Sam Walker, Mr. Smith of Houston and Mrs. Hubert Bowie.

Junior Webb of Corpus Christi is visiting his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Webb of Gainesmore.

Miss Katherine Sue Camel of Bay City is visiting Miss Susie Ruth Hamilton this week.

Miss Frances Bowie, was kidnapped and taken to church Monday night.

Miss Ethel Exie Ratliff is able to be up and about again, after being in for more than a week.

Mr. Guy Myrick returned from Houston with a new car Saturday.

Miss Mildred Bowie spent the day in Bay City Tuesday.

Mr. Claud Lee Cook was in Cedar Lane over the week-end returning to Victoria Sunday evening.

Mr. Bryan Elder is back home after spending two weeks visiting relatives in Pledger and Wharton.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 30, 1932

Cedar Lane

Miss Earl Mayfield of Freeport, visited with Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Werlla and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Estill last week-end.

Mrs. Ratliff, Mrs. Roberson, Mrs. Weldon, Mrs. Werlla went to Sargent Sunday.

Mrs. H. W. Estill and Mrs. P. Elkins attended the council meeting in Bay City Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Svetlik Sr., and sons Louis Jr., Ray and Willie and daughter, Mrs. Annie Ponder of Bay City visited with Mr. and Mrs. J. Jurek Sunday evening.

Miss Mollie Bell Watkins of Matagorda spent last week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman Sr.

Mr. Edwin Foytek and Mr. Albert LeCompte made a quick trip to El Maton and Midfield Sunday evening.

Last Sunday evening at 8:30 friends of Mr. and Mrs. John Jurek gathered at their home to serenade them on their wedding anniversary. The evening was spent in conversation and dancing. Mr. Werlla furnished music on his accordion. A lunch consisting of cakes, sandwiches and pies was served to the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Werlla Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Werlla, Mr. and Mrs. Plant and children, Mr. and Mrs. L. Eastman and children, Misses Ida Eastman, Mollie Bell Watkins of Matagorda, Cecelia Mary and Agnes Skutca of Bucks Bayou, Della Macha, Mrs. Annie Ponder of Bay City, Messrs. J. B. Eastman Jr., Melvin Eastman, Edwin Foytek, Guy Myrick, Louis Svetlik Jr., of Bay City, Albert LeCompte of Bucks Bayou and Mr. Crable of Collegeport.

Mrs. H. Bowie and son Phillip and daughter, Miss Mildred motored to Bay City Friday evening

Mrs. S. Walker, Mrs. J. Jurek, Mrs. L. Eastman, Mrs. Byars, Mrs. Spicer, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Khlan and Miss Frances Weldon met at the home of Mrs. James last Thursday evening for the club but on account of bad weather no business was done as the president was unable to attend.

A large crowd of friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman gathered at their home Friday evening March 9 to surprise and help Mr. Eastman celebrate his 47th birthday. Mr. Wella furnished music for the occasion on his accordion while the other guests joined and played four tables of forty-two; after several games were played, Mrs. John Jurek and Mr. E. J. Werlla were the winners of prizes. Mrs. Jurek received a lovely centerpiece and Mrs. Werlla a smokers ash tray. Then the guests were invited into the dining room where a table centered with a beautiful cake holding 47 rows and holders and candles and other delicious cakes and sandwiches and punch which was enjoyed immensely. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Elo Werlla, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Werlla Sr., Mr. H. W. Estill, Mr. and Mrs. P. Elkins, Mr. and Mrs. John Jurek and baby, Mr. and Mrs. L. Eastman and children, Mr. and Mrs. E. Plant and children, Mr. Myrick, Misses Fanny Stevens, Lettie and Ida Eastman, Della Macha, Verna Lee Estill, Messrs. Guy Myrick, Edwin Foytek, J. B. Eastman Jr., Melvin Eastman and B. P. Riddle at a late hour all departed for their homes, wishing Mr. Eastman many more happy birthdays. Mrs. Eastman was assisting in serving by her son, J. B.

Those of here who were shopping in Bay City Friday evening were Mr. H. Bowie, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman, Mr. and Mrs. L. Eastman, Mrs. J. Jurek and Misses Annie Jo Webb and Carline Matthews.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wally and Mr. and Mrs. Bullard of Gulf, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Eastman and son, Melvin and daughters, Alice and Vivian and Mr. Edwin Foytek visited Sunday and Monday with relatives in East Bernard.

A few friends of Mr. and Mrs. E. Plant gathered at their home Monday night to surprise Mrs. Plant. The occasion being her birthday. The evening was spent in playing forty-two. Sandwiches were served.

Mr. L. Eastman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Jurek and baby, Mr. Edwin Foytek and Miss Della Macha attended a birthday party in El Maton Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Jurek also visited with relatives in Midfield and Blessing Sunday. Miss Della Macha remained for a longer visit.

Miss Lottie Mae Dement entertained a large crowd of her friends at their home last Wednesday evening. Various party games were played and enjoyed by all.

Palacios Beacon, March 15, 1934


Cedar Lane Home Demonstration Club


Mrs. Sides suggested and helped to make garden plans at the home of Mrs. W.

S. Webb on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 2 p. m.


She also showed us how to make cuttings and cutting beds, after which we adjourned to hold the next meeting with Mrs. H. W. Estill on Feb. 6.


Those present were Mrs. W. P. Christie in the chair, Mesdames H. W. Estill, H. W. Bowie, W. S. Webb, B. F. James, J. H. Werlla, John Jurek and G. E. Ratliff.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, January 31, 1935


Cedar Lane

Mrs. Jesse Clements and daughter Edna Merle left Saturday for San Antonio to attend the funeral of Mrs. Clements' father, who died in Tucson, Arizona.

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff had as guests Sunday afternoon her father, Mr. R. G. Warren, and brother, Mr. Charles Warren, of Houston. They were accompanied by Miss Ruby Ruth Ratliff who has been visiting to Houston the past week.

Mrs. Jimmy Sherrer and little son returned last Wednesday from a visit with relatives in Crosby.

Mr. and Mrs. George Rose announce the arrival of a ten-pound baby girl, who arrived Sunday morning.

Rev. E. A. Peterson of Bay City filled his regular appointment at Cedar Lane Sunday afternoon.

Mr. H. W. Bowie was a Bay City visitor Monday.

Mrs. J. A. Clements and daughter, Edna Merle, returned last Wednesday from San Antonio.

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff and children visited relatives in Houston Sunday.

Mr. Alvin McGowan returned Sunday from a short visit in Dayton with his family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sherrer and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bowie attended the funeral of Mr. Jim Merchant in Bay City Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Armstrong of Bay City were Cedar Lane visitors Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Klobedans were Bay City visitors ___ afternoon.

A pleasant party and shower was given by Mrs. Hubert Bowie in honor of Mrs. C. H. Allen at the home Mrs. H. W. Bowie on Saturday afternoon, June __ Mrs. S. P. Allen and Mrs. H. W. Bowie tied up a pin throwing contest, after four trials decided to end the contest by presenting the honoree the prize.

Mrs. T. L. Shannon won ... contest and presented Mr. Allen with her prize. After the contest Mrs. Allen was led to the dining table loaded with gifts from loving friends.

Refreshments of cake and fruit jello were served by the hostess and her mother, Mrs. H. W. Bowie. Those present were Mesdames C. R. Allen, S. P. Allen, L. R. Walker, T. L. Shannon, J. B. Eastman, Jimmy Sherrer, G. E. Ratliff, H. W. Estill, H. W. Bowie and the hostess.

Daily Tribune, June 24, 1936

Cedar Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Balusek arrived Monday after spending the summer in San Marcos and Victoria.

Messrs. Guy Myrick and H. W. Estill were Houston visitors last Tuesday.

Miss Exie Ratliff came home from Dallas last week. She will teach in the Cedar Lane school this year.

Miss Ruby Ruth Ratliff is visiting in Houston this week.

Mrs. H. W. Bowie, Miss Mildred Bowie, Mr. Philip Bowie and little daughter, Sallie Beth, were Houston visitors one day last week.

Mrs. H. G. Fall and little daughter, Mary Lynn, arrived home last Wednesday after a two-weeks visit in McGregor and McCalm, Texas. Miss Christine Fall accompanied them home, returning to her home in McGregor Saturday.

Mrs. Guy Myrick and Mrs. L. R. Eastman were Bay City visitors last Tuesday.

George Ernest and Emily Jean Ratliff visited relatives in Houston several days last week.

The Cedar Lane school opened Monday with four teachers: Mr. F. J. Balusek, Miss Exie Ratliff, Miss Helen Sanders and Mrs. E. J. Werlla.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman visited in Freeport Monday.

Rev. Odis Rainer, of Bay City, held services in Cedar Lane Sunday afternoon.

Mr. R. Bullard of Sargent, was in Cedar Lane Tuesday morning.

Mr. Joe Wynne of Houston visited Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Fall Sunday and Monday.

Mrs. Jimmie Sherrer, of Kingsville, and Mrs. Huberta Parma, of Bay City, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bowie, last week.

Mr. L. R. Eastman and daughter, Miss Ida, were Bay City visitors Saturday.

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff and family were Bay City visitors Monday evening.

Miss Lettie Eastman, of Bay City, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Eastman, Sunday.

Mr. B. E. Tavener, of Tavener, Texas, visited Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Eastman Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Fall were Bay City visitors Tuesday morning.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 10, 1936

Cedar Lane

Miss Helen Sanders spent the week end at her home in Palacios.

Mrs. John Deming went to Houston Friday to take her son, Julius, who will enter Rice Institute for the coming year.

Messrs. Philip Bowie and William Weathers visited Mr. Bill Klahn of Richmond last Thursday and Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Weathers and Mr. W. D. Byers returned last Wednesday from a trip to New Mexico.

Miss Exie Ratliff and little sister, Jean, visited in Houston Saturday. They were accompanied home by Miss Elizabeth Fargarson.

Mrs. H. G. Fall was a Bay City visitor Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Longwood of El Campo visited friends in Sargent and Cedar Lane Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman returned Saturday from a week's visit over various parts of Texas and New Mexico.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wendt and Mr. Ben Fargarson, of Houston, spent Sunday with Mrs. G. E. Ratliff and family.

Miss Margaret Hoffman of Bay City spent the week end with Miss Mildred Bowie.

Mrs. John Deming returned Monday from a short visit with friends in Houston.

Rev. E. A. Peterson of Bay City held services in Cedar Lane Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. W. F. Tetts of Bay City was a Cedar Lane visitor Tuesday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Byers were Bay City visitors Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Abe Stevens was a Bay  City visitor Tuesday.

Miss Ruby Ruth Ratliff left last week for Denton where she will attend C. I. A. again this school term.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Balusek were Bay City visitors Saturday afternoon.

Mr. H. G. Fall was a Bay City visitor Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Caldwell and babies were Bay City visitors Monday afternoon.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 24, 1936

Cedar Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Pierce of West Columbia, visited over the week end with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Plant.

Edwin Foitik, of East Bernard, is visiting his sisters, Mrs. J. B. and Mrs. L. R. Eastman, for a few days.

Mrs. J. A. Clements was a Bay City visitor last Thursday afternoon.

Wallace Hughes of Houston, was the guest of his cousin, J. B. Eastman, Jr. over the week end.

Frank J. Balusek was a Bay City visitor Saturday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. E. Kraues and daughter, Miss Etheleder, and Louis Svetlik, left last Sunday for Dallas, where they attended the Centennial. On their return home they visited relatives in Taylor, Columbus, Cat Springs and East Bernard.

W. J. Kruger, of Galveston, spent several days in the E. G. E. Kraues home.

Mrs. L. B. Eastman and children visited relatives in East Bernard Sunday.

Mrs. Jimmy Sherrer and little son of Kingsville, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bowie and family.

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff and children spent Saturday night in Houston with her father, Mr. R. G. Warren and family.

Mrs. H. G. Fall was a Bay City visitor Monday afternoon.

Misses Helen Sanders and Mildred Bowie visited in Palacios Sunday afternoon.

Rev. Odis Rainer, of Bay City, filled his regular appointment in Cedar Lane Sunday afternoon.

Julius Derring, who is attending Rice Institute in Houston, visited his mother, Mrs. John Derring, Sunday and Monday.

L. R. Eastman was a Bay City visitor Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Barnes were Houston visitors Monday.

W. J. Krueger and E. G. E. Kraues were Houston visitors Friday.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 29, 1936

Cedar Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Balusek, Mrs. L. R. Eastman and daughter, Miss Lettie, visited the Centennial in Dallas the past week.

Mrs. J. B. Roberts, of Cedar Lake, was a Cedar Lane visitor Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. L. R. Rhodes is ill with flu this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Klobedans visited relatives in Kennedy and Flatonia last week.

Mrs. Philip Bowie has returned home after several months in Sanatorium, Texas.

Miss Mildred Bowie underwent an appendicitis operation at the Gulf hospital Tuesday morning. At this time she is reported to be resting fine.

Mr. H. W. Bowie was a Gulf visitor Tuesday.

Mrs. L. R. Walker, one of Cedar Lane's most highly respected citizens, died Sunday morning in a Houston hospital, and was buried in Cedarvale Cemetery in Bay City Monday at 11 o'clock.

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Shannon of LaWard, left Tuesday for their home, after being at the bedside of Mrs. Shannon's father, Mr. L. R. Walker the past week.

Messrs. L. R. and H. W. Estill were Houston visitors Friday.

Dr. W. A. Clark and wife, of Houston, were Cedar Lane visitors Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff was a Bay City visitor Saturday morning.

Mr. N. A. Eastman, of Bellville, visited his brother, Mr. L. R. Eastman, Monday evening.

Miss Helen Sanders spent the week end in Palacios with her parents.

Mr. H. G. Fall was a Bay City visitor Monday.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 12, 1936

Cedar Lane

Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Granbury of Mt. Calm, are visiting their daughter, Mrs. H. G. Fall, for a few days.

Miss Ruby Ruth Ratliff, who is attending C. I. A. at Denton, arrived Saturday to spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. G. E. Ratliff.

Miss Exie Ratliff was a Houston visitor Saturday.

Miss Helen Sanders spent the week end in Palacios with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders.

Miss Earle Mayfield, of Freeport and Jack Marshall, of Brazoria, were visiting friends in Cedar Lane Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Grote, and Mr. and Mrs. Peters of Alvin, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Klobedans last Tuesday.

R. S. and H. W. Estill were Houston visitors Wednesday.

Guy Myrick was a business visitor in Galveston Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Balusek were Bay City visitors Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Whittlesey and family have moved to Cedar Lane from Lufkin. Mrs. Whittlesey is a daughter of Mrs. T. J. Clements.

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. L. Shannon of LaWard, were week end guests of Mrs. L. R. Walker and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Klobedans and Mrs. Zula Crenshaw were Bay City visitors Monday.

Mesdames G. E. Ratliff, Guy Myrick and H. W. Estill were Bay City visitors Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Gene Smith of Bay City was a Cedar Lane visitor Tuesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 24, 1936

Cedar Lane

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff and family spent Christmas in Houston with her father, W. G. Warren, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Thibodeaux have returned from Lake Charles, La. where they were called to the bedside of her brother, who is seriously ill.

Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Barnes spent the holidays with relatives in Humble.

Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Fall had as guests for the Christmas holidays Mrs. Mary C. Fall of McGregor, Miss Christine Fall of Austin. They left for their respective home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Balusek left Thursday for Victoria to spend the holidays.

Misses Anna Mae and Elizabeth Fargarson of Houston, are guests of Misses Exie and Ruby Ruth Ratliff this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Klobedans and Mrs. Zula Crenshaw were Bay City visitors Monday afternoon.

Mrs. J. A. Clements is on the sick list this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bowie of Matagorda, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bowie Wednesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eastman and J. B. Jr. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Taverner of East Bernard Christmas Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry D. Cline have returned after a short visit in Huntsville.

H. G. Fall is visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary C. Fall, in McGregor this week.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Rhodes and Evelyn are visiting in Goose Creek for a few days.

Miss Mildred Bowie returned Monday from a visit with friends in West Columbia.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Grisham and family, Mrs. E. R. Acker and Miss Margaret Matthews were guests in the Estill home Christmas Day.

Mrs. G. E. Ratliff was a Bay City visitor Monday.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 31, 1936


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