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1930 - 1932
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Plus Ultras Are Entertained By Mrs. Bryan Simons


Yet another charming hostess was added to our list when on Tuesday one of our youngest and most lovable members, Mrs. Bryan Simons, threw wide the doors to her cosy home in welcome to fifteen members of the class who had assembled to do honor to our dear friend and leader, Mrs. Fred Robbins.


The beauty of Mrs. Simons' living room was greatly enhanced by a lovely basket of pink and white roses which came from Mrs. Nina Keene, who is the chairman of our flower committee.


After the invocation by Mrs. Robbins, the usual routine of roll call and business was disposed of, but not quickly as the verses of scripture seemed unusually interesting and called for quite a bit of discussion by different members, but with our new class president, Mrs. Martha Verser, graciously presiding, all the most pressing items of business were brought up for consideration. Mrs. Guy Hensley, Mrs. Dr. Loos and Mrs. Robbins gave an appealing review of the Passion Play as witnessed in Houston last week end, also some very interesting excerpts from Dr. Truitt's sermon.


Them Mrs. Robbins got a phony phone call which took her to another room and when she returned she found, not the cupboard, but the room was bare, for we had slipped out to the dining room where upon a table beautifully decorated with wisteria, reposed the most wonderful, beautiful birthday cake imaginable. A two-tiered angel food daintily decorated with tiny icing roses that could only have been the work of a culinary artist, and which with dainty brick cream in pink and white was truly a refreshing collection.


Mrs. Robbins' surprise was complete and her appreciation was very gratifying to those who had planned it.


Those enjoying the lovely hospitality were the honoree, Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Verser, Mrs. J. D. Yancey, Mrs. Guy Hensley, Mrs. H. H. Loos, Mrs. F. Craft, Mrs. Keene, Mrs. Leach, Mrs. J. K. Poage, Mrs. Shoultz, Mrs. Stoddard, Mrs. G. C. Horn, Mrs. Scanlan, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Watkins, the hostess, Mrs. Simons, and her house guest, Miss Lewis.


This goes down in the history of the Plus Ultras as one of the most enjoyable meetings we have ever attended.--Class Reporter.


The Daily Tribune, April 2, 1930


Honoring Miss Kitty Cobb


Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. J. W. McMillan entertained with bridge, honoring Miss Kitty Cobb of this class of 1930. The graceful arrangement of beautiful cut flowers and the tallies and score cards harmonized with the colorful occasion in furthering the graduation and class colors.


Miss Cobb was presented with dainty lingerie as honoree prize. Miss Ione Stinnett, for high, was given a string of crystal and pearl beads. The low prize, a green elephant, went to Miss Alma Sophie Doubek.


Mrs. Carey Smith, Jr., and Miss Mary McClure, assisted in the service of a delicious ice course.


The guests included Misses Bertha McClaugherty, La Verne Secrest, Mary Jean Cobb, Doris Taylor, Jane Rugeley, Virginia Wilkinson, Maurine Thompson, Dolly Cox, Margaret Erickson, Glendine Thompson, Alma Sophie Doubek, Margaret Carr, Ione Stinnett, Jesse Poole and Mrs. Bill Ingram.


The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, May 20, 1930


Charming Hospitality


Mrs. John C. Corbett entertained Miss Aline Duncan of Egypt and her daughter, Kitty King, with a dinner party, followed by a treasure hunt, contests and games.


The dinner was held on one long table in the patio. The color scheme was pink and green with pink place cards, varied colored paper caps and pink and green mints.


The dinner consisted of baked ham, patties of green peas, tomato aspic and asparagus salad, hot rolls with jelly, potato chips and iced tea, followed by brick ice cream and macaroons.


The treasure hunt was delightful. The ones to first unearth the treasure were Aline Duncan and Billy Moore, which consisted of a large red and gold box of candy.


Those present at this delightful affair were Misses Jean Poole, Geraldine Livengood, Frances Baker, Auldine Williams, Judith Gaedecke, Lucille Huebner, Helen Greenberg, Olive Duncan, Kitty King Corbett and Messrs. Buddy Moore, Albert Wadsworth, Jay Serrill, Billy Moore, George Shoultz, Merton Smith, Gerald Livengood, George Richard Keene and Gibbons Corbett.


The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, May 27, 1930


Little Frances Louise Amos Has Delightful Birthday Party


Little Miss Frances Louise Amos was six years old yesterday and she celebrated the occasion by having several of her friends over for a big party. Games of every kind were played and the large group of little tots enjoyed every minute of the party.


After several games the children gathered on the porch to rest a short while before the refreshments were served and impromptu readings were given by Eleanore Davidson, Leah St. John, Marian Parks, Deane Cates and Sammie LeTulle. The readings, given with all naturalness and the tots devoid of stage fright amongst their little friends, were near perfection.


The many beautiful presents were opened by Mary Louise and she was ably assisted by all the eager guests.


Refreshments of ice cream and angel food cake were served. Favors of balloons and lolly pops turned the party into a circus.


The invited guests were

Mary Louise Huebner

Jack Huebner

Betty Dick Clements

Bobbie Barnett

Justice Anderson

Billie Bell

Lean St. John

Billy Thompson

Marian Clements

Marian and Arlene Parks

Bobbie and Vance Porter

Deane Cates

Merrill Thruston

Joyce and Bob Pegram

Winona Loos

Moise Simon

Loudie Belle Hearst

Sammie LeTulle

Clara Louise LeTulle

Margaret Alice Aubin

Sonnie and Pattie Jean Cox

Martha Rugeley

Billie Jean Boney

Barbara Rae Hamill

Jack Fields

Eleanore Davidson

Sonnie Wise

Bobbie Curtis

Margaret Joe Cartwright

Dorothy Cartwright

Charles Dickey

Dorothy Ann Nini

Jack Nini

Billy Gill

Ann Cobb

Everett Bond

Cora Louise and J. W. Ferrell

Hattie Lee and Ida Mae LeTulle


Mrs. Amos was assisted in the service of refreshments by Mesdames Cobb, Sam LeTulle, Jack Parks, Conrad Anderson, Ira Cartwright, Carl Bachman, A. P. Bess, and Mrs. Jack B. Thruston of Berkley, Calif.


The Daily Tribune, Wednesday, June 4, 1930



      One of the gala events of the season was the beach party given Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. Sisk and Mrs. Barnett honoring Mary James Sisk and Martha Jane Barnett.

      They arrived at the beach at 4:30 and all plunged into the inviting water. At six o’clock delicious refreshments were served, buffet style, consisting of fried chicken, potato salad, bread and butter sandwiches, pickles, two kinds of cakes, bananas and iced sodapop.

      All reported a wonderful time and voted it the best party ever.

      Guests for the party were: Billie Bell, Hazel Peters, Jessie Irene Freeman, Isabel Horn, Mary Anna Morton, Mary Ann Davant, Elizabeth and Louis Matchett, Elizabeth Parker, Marion Lloyd, Loyce Steves, Barbara Bruce, Frances Jeter, Lucille Carr, Allie Jay Sisk, Jacque DeCoux, Jack Young, Vance and Theo Dienst, Jeff  Mangum, Frank Lims, Billie Penney and the hostesses, Mary James Sisk and Martha Jane Barnett with her guest, Kathlyn Tonville of Newgulf.

      Those helping convey this party of young folks to the beach were: Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Davant, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Sisk, Mrs. Barnett, Mrs. Morton and Crawford Barnett.

The Matagorda County Tribune, June 6, 1930


Miss Carmen Boney Is Entertained


Miss Irby Marie Stinnett entertained at her home Tuesday afternoon with four tables of bridge honoring Miss Carmen Boney.


Decorations of beautiful cut flowers added to the charm of the rooms.


A most delicious salad course was served.


High score went to Miss Bertha McClaugherty, a dainty vanity of novel design. To Miss Ray Beth Pegram a beautiful string of beads was presented as low score. The honoree was given a bracelet.


Comprising the four tables were Missis Beulah Erickson, Margaret Erickson, Mary Ann Maroney of Ennis, Kitty Cobb, Mary Jean Cobb, Doris Taylor, Jessie Poole, Judith Gaedecke, Bertha McClaugherty, Lavern Secrest, Ray Beth Pegram, Margaret Carr, Marjorie Grisham, Virginia Wilkinson and the honoree.


The Daily Tribune, Thursday, June 26, 1930


Honoring Miss Burchard


One of the season's prettiest mid-summer affairs was the bridge given Tuesday afternoon by Miss Maurine DeLano, honoring her house guest, Miss Helen Burchard of Temple, Texas. Miss DeLano wore a quaint organdy frock while Miss Bouchard was gowned in a beautiful black lace dress.


The eight tables of players were grouped in the living and dining rooms, which were attractively decorated with baskets of pink flowers and ferns.


At the close of the four games, Mrs. Mickey Hart was awarded a beautiful pink compote for high, while Mrs. Spence Clements won a pink bridge water set for second high. Miss Delano gave her guest a colorful double strand of beads.


The delicate colors of pink and green were further carried out in the cooling refreshments served on artistically arranged trays centered with miniature baskets of pink rosebuds and coral vine.


Those indebted to Miss DeLano for this social favor were: Mesdames A. H. Wadsworth, E. A. Hutcheson, F. A. Verser, W. F. Tetts, A. S. Morton, S. S. Taylor, Hal Steele, Willenberg, Spence Clements, Mickey Hart, Hugh Gill, J. W. Ingram, C. A. Erickson, Vallie Castleton, Guy Hensley, Geo. Reed, Misses Frances Taylor, Laverne, Mary Jean and Kitty Cobb, Bernice Thompson of El Campo, Helen Wood, Constance Langham, Catherine Klein, Joyce Billett, Irby Marie Stinnett, Lavern Secrest, Glendine Thompson, Dolly Cox, Madeline Simons, Alma Sophie Doubek, Gladys Broughton, Leona Insall and the honoree, Miss Burchard.


The Daily Tribune, Thursday, July 24, 1930


Garden Party


By far the most picturesque and unique party of the summer season was that or a garden bridge given by Miss Madeline Simons on Friday at 5:30 p. m., honoring her house guests, Misses Mary Jacqueline and Rivers Oliphint of Houston, Texas and Misses Selma and Velma Griffiths of Dayton, Texas.


The scene was laid in the spacious garden with green and yellow predominating. Ferns, moss and yellow zinnias converted the garden into a haven of color and beauty. The players assembled at the artistically covered tables arranged in the shade of huge trees. At the close of four games, Glendine Thompson received high, a beautiful green and yellow garden flower, and Lavern Secrest, with second, received a pair of green flower vases. Each honor guest was presented a miniature statute of an old fashioned boy and girl, dressed as though they were ready for a garden party.


Refreshments carrying out the color scheme to its entirety, were served to the following: Misses Maurine DeLano, Kitty Cobb, Laverne Cobb, Mary Jean Cobb, Bernice Thompson, Francis Taylor, Joyce Gillett, Katherine Klein, Lavern Secrest, Glendine Thompson, Bertha McClaugherty, Nola White, Constance Langham, Ruth Glasgow, and Leona Insall; Mesdames J. W. McMillan, Hugh Gill, F. A. Verser, C. A. Erickson, E. O. Hutcheson, Valley Castleton and J. W. Ingram and the honorees.


The Daily Tribune, Monday, July 28, 1930


Shower for Bride


The W. M. U. of First Baptist Church, gave a surprise shower Thursday afternoon, honoring Miss Bertie Anderson of this city, whose marriage to Mr. Paul J. Siebenmann of New Jerseyville, Ill., has been announced.


The day for the shower was the regular day for the quarterly social of the W. M. U. Miss Anderson, herself, being chairman of the entertainment committee for the day. Her part of the entertainment which created much excitement and proved very entertaining as well, was a very novel flower contest.


Following that Miss Anderson was asked to take a seat specially set aside for her, and it was announced that those present were about to witness a trial at which they were to act as the jury and Miss Anderson as judge.


This was just a ruse to make way for what was to follow, for immediately from an outer room came strains of a chorus singing "Love's Ship." As the song continued, a crew of seven "sailors" brought in the ship "Bertie-Paul" laden to capacity with strange cargo. They weighed anchor after turning over the command of the ship to Bertie. To celebrate their arrival in port, the sailors raised their mugs to drink a toast to the bride, the groom, the girls who are left behind, the bachelors, the old maids, and even to the mother-in-law.


Miss Anderson's surprise added to the enjoyment of the occasion, and she was almost speechless with appreciation as she opened the lovely gifts, those expressions of love and esteem from her many friends. When, finally, the last of the "cargo" was unwrapped, two large tables were completely covered with a most lovely display.


After their marriage, Miss Anderson and Mr. Siebenmann will take a month's honeymoon, and they plan to sail for Brazil where they are going as missionaries.


It is needless to say that the host of friends that Bertie has in Bay City, where she has lived for most of her life, wish for her much happiness, and, though regretting to lose her, honor her for the noble task she is about to take up.


Before bringing this lovely shower to a close, the ladies of the W. M. U. served dainty refreshments of brick ice cream and cake to the following: Mesdames W. N. Anderson, William B. Smith, Bert Carr, H. A. Blaylock, William F. Sansing, Conrad R. Anderson, D. A. Einkauf, R. Lee Anderson, C. W. Dickey, C. W. Green, Dora Harper, Joe Nance, E. A. Davidson, L. D. Clements, Richard S. Davidson, S. A. Byars, R. F. Anderson, J. F. Doggett, J. E. Coleman, Fred S. Robbins, Tom Castleton, E. E. Wood, Grant Potter, E. M. Bell, and Misses Rena Kinbriel, Mary Elizabeth Cash, Tenie Holmes, Blake Terry, Gertie Williams, Florence Head, Mary McKinney, Bertha McClaugherty, Leona Insall, Sylvia Boney, Helen Wood, Clara Mae Cash and honoree, Miss Bertie Anderson.


The Daily Tribune, Saturday, August 2, 1930




A delightful dinner-dance was held Monday evening at the Sargent clubhouse by local young people of Bay City.


After a delicious chicken course dinner was served, dancing and various games were enjoyed by all.


Those present were: Misses Margaret Norris, Bobby Marshall, Mary Vest, Lois Burleson, Leola Fields, Freida Morehead, Geraldine Fields, Frances Vest, Theola Dudley, Geraldine Fields, and Messrs. Harry Cane, George Farrell, Billy Morehead, Edgar, Gaudet, Bill Ross, Keneth Marshall and Arthur Ney.


The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, July 28, 1931


Forty-Two Party


Mrs. W. H. Head entertained Friday evening with a forty-two party in honor of Mrs. Hogan's sixty-ninth birthday. Spring flowers adorned the living room where the guests gathered for a most delightful evening. After games delicious punch and cake were served. Mrs. Hogan was then invited into the dining room and to her surprise was presented with a beautiful birthday cake and many lovely and useful gifts. Those enjoying this pleasant evening were Mr. and Mrs. Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Adams and son, Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers; Mesdames Jeff Mangum, Roy Sherry and baby, Shafer, Walter Pennie, J. H. Altenburg, Neal Cleveland, Frank Harrison, Sr., Clara Bass, E. F. Bond, Will Jeter, Ben Harrison, and children, J. C. Dillard, T. H. Lewis, L. Hill, L. J. Beall; Misses Vadis and Leola Jeter, Lelia Altenburg, Billie Head, Laurilee Harrison and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Head.


The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, April 5, 1932


Bride-Elect Honored


Margaret Leckie Miller and Mary Elizabeth Cash entertained in the home of Mrs. Miller, Friday evening, April 1, with an informal dinner honoring Miss Gertie Williams, bride-elect. The motif of spring was carried out with sweet peas and individual butterfly salads, a delicious chicken dinner was served.


After coffee an attractively wrapped package was presented to the honoree, the contents of which was a very practical and useful olive green dust pan with an admonition for frequent use. Perhaps an April fool joke? The honoree was then presented with another package wrapped in newspaper. This time it contained cups and saucers in Noritake China, golden crested design.


Those present besides the honoree, Miss Williams, were Mrs. Odis Rainer, Misses Helen Wood, Mary Martin, Lillian Wheeler and Shine Milner, and the hostesses.


The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, April 5, 1932




Friday evening, April 1, the basketball girls entertained the basketball boys with an April Fool party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Zack DeLano. Everyone dressed as tacky as possible.


The girls met at the home of Miss Mary Jean Cobb and drew the names of the boys they were to take. The boys were waiting at such places as the high school, Mexican school, city tennis courts, water tower and the football field.


After gathering up the boys, they all assembled at the DeLano home. The boys were asked to furnish some sort of entertainment, such as reciting, acting, or singing, following which the girls were called upon. Every kind of foolish game imaginable was played.


The delicious refreshments consisted of fried fish, potato salad, pickles and soda pop.


Miss Doris Adams had charge of all the games and contests.


A popularity contest was held in which Miss Kathryn Ramsey and Mr. Earl Meharg won the highest votes. The prize was April Fools.


Those present were


Doris Adams

Mary Jean Cobb

Margaret Erickson

Odell Dickey

Doris Taylor

Martha Jane DeLano

Sally and Ethel Bell

Frances Baker

Virginia Taulbee

Lucile Huebner

Beth Anderson

Judith Gaedeke

Kathryn Williamson

Dot Newburn

Anita Nance

Alma Queen Chapman

Jean Poole

Evelyn McNabb

Madeline Sewell

Hixie Sewell

Erna Kuesel

Mary Beth Jackson

Louise Graham

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Porter

Kitty King Corbett

Helen Greenberg


and Messrs.

Eddie Parma

Pete Kogutt

Tom Ewing

Arthur Norris

Henry Shearer

Freddy Guest

Kermit Meyer

Clyde Estlinbaum

Tom Anderson

Odie Sweeny

Lawrence Newburn

Titus Shearer

Fred Broughton

Wilbur McKelvy

Milton Bess

Mrs. and Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ingram, Miss Kathryn Ramsey, Mr. Earl Meharg and Mr. Stanley Cernosek.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, April 7, 1932


Kid Party

Friday evening the Debating Club of the high school enjoyed a Kid Party at the home of Mrs. Everett Bond. Every member arrived at the appointed time dressed as children. There was much hilarity over the comical apparel worn by some of the babies!

A spelling contest was held in which everyone took part. Mr. George Richard Keene received a jumping-rope as first prize. Now we all know how George spends his spare time.

Childish games were played, such as Ring Around the Rosie, Drop the handkerchief, London Bridge, Hide and Seek, Pop the Whip, New York, and many others equally as interesting.

For refreshments the children wee served ice cream cones and animal crackers. Some even forgot their mother’s warning and asked for second and third helpings.

The little tots who enjoyed this affair were Misses Margaret Erickson, Carmen Boney, Ray Beth Pegram, Mary Vest, Odell Dickey, Geraldine Livengood, Kitty King Corbett, Lera Hunt, Elvira Richers, Evelyn Kehrer, Louise Rhodes, Pearl Anderson, Genevieve Richers, Helen Greenberg, Martha Jane DeLano, Louise Lloyd; and Messrs. Joe Fryou, Edward Gaudet, Eddie Parma, Pete Kogutt, Henry Shearrer, George Richard Keene, L. W. Richers, John S. Neary, George Wainer, Elvin Landrum, Tom Anderson, Glen White, Beadle Moore, Jay Serrill, Ted Doubek and Jake Kasman.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, April 7, 1932


Mesdames C. E. Erickson and J. W. Ingram were joint hostesses Monday afternoon, May 16 at the home of the former, complimenting with bridge, Misses Margaret Erickson, Ray Beth Pegram and Carmen Boney, spring graduates of Bay City High School.

The rooms were gaily arranged depicting a decidedly Spanish motif. Tables, markers, tallies and flowers bespoke the colorful life of Sunny Spain. The guests were presented score tallies by little Miss Nila Lou Pierce, dressed as a Spanish girl.

After a session of four games of bridge, refreshments were served, furthering the chosen motif, consisting of fruit salad in small gondolas, wafers, strawberry parfait, cake, and ale. In the center of each tray was a cactus growing in a small pot, which was table cut prize. Each guest received a souvenir, a tiny imported nut cup of Spanish pottery.

The honorees received beautiful lingeries. Miss Joyce Gillett of Gulf, received high, a Spanish water jug. Miss Pearl Anderson was awarded a miniature Spanish figure for consolation prize. Mrs. F. A. Verser as tea guest cut high for a wall vase of Spanish design.

Those enjoying the Spanish hospitality were: Misses Mary Vest, Evelyn Kehrer, Elvira Richers, Kitty King Corbett, Geraldine Livengood, Pearl Anderson, Doris Taylor, Margaret Carr, Doris Adams, Mary Jean Cobb, LaVerne Cobb, LaVerne Secrest, Irby Marie Stinnett, Ione Stinnett, Jessie Poole, Jean Poole, Evelyn McNabb, Judith Gaedcke, Joyce Gillett, Martha Jane DeLano, Maurine DeLano, Odell Dickey, Alma Queen Chapman, Freda Morehead, Alla Ray Morehead, Louse Rhodes, Margaret Norris, Bess Porter, Addie Pearl Nicholas and the honorees, Margaret Erickson, Ray Beth Pegram and Carmen Boney.

Tea guests were Mesdames S. J. Styles, J. A. Williams, A. D. Hensley, Z. W. DeLano, W. F. Tetts, F. A. Verser and E. O. Hutcheson.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, May 19, 1932


Little Billy Boy Brown celebrated his fourth birthday last Wednesday afternoon, May 11 at his home with a lovely party. The little guests enjoyed playing all the games that were named, and then they were ushered into the house for refreshments consisting of delicious cake and sherbert.

The little guests present were: Misses Melody Horn, Joan Horn, Violet Harris and Helen Glenn; and Charles Dickey, Buster Keller, Jack Glenn, Carl Oates and Eugene Brown.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 19, 1932


A number of people assembled in the city park Thursday evening to enjoy a delicious chicken barbecue. The menu consisted of chicken barbecue, potato chips, pickles, buns and coffee. And what a grand feast it turned out to be.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carr, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ingram, Mrs. Charles Pierce and two little daughters, Mrs. W. E. Davant and children; Misses Lera Hunt, Neva Christian, Ella Lee Pierce and Lucille Christenberry.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 19, 1932


Thursday evening, May 12. Mrs. Zack DeLano entertained six couples at her home in honor of the birthday of her daughter, Miss Martha Jane, with a delicious fried chicken dinner. The table was beautifully decorated, and in the center was a lovely cake embossed in pink roses.

The guests included: Misses Margaret Erickson, Jean Poole, Jessie Poole, Judith Gaedcke, Evelyn McNabb, the honoree, Martha Jane DeLano; and Messrs. Eddie Parma, Milton Bess, Robert Lee Sisk, Bert Carr, Tommie Stevens and Jack Powers.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 19, 1932


Miss Isabelle Horn entertained last Saturday evening, May 14 at her home with a lovely lawn party. The lawn was beautifully lighted with electric bulbs, while the moon gave a soft glow to the night. No decorations were used, as the natural flowers and shrubbery made a charming background.

The young ladies were lovely in their pastel frocks, making quite a beautiful picture.

A great number of games were indulged in, after which refreshments were served, consisting of “Big Berthas” and vanilla wafers.

The guests present for this delightful affair were: Misses Elizabeth Parker, Mary Anna Morton, Marian Lloyd, Lois Steves, Frances Jeter, Lucille Carr, Mary Ann Davant, Martha Jane Barnett, Allie Jay Sisk, Mary James Sisk, Barbara Bruce, and Guy Townsend, Morton Smith, Jack DeCoux, Travis Anderson, Vance Dienst, Theodore Dienst, Jack Young, Billy Penny and Louis Matchett.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, May 19, 1932

Lawn Party


Last Saturday evening, May 21, Mrs. Joe Freeman entertained with a lawn party complimenting her little daughter, Miss Jessie Irene, who graduated from the seventh grade this year.


Tables and chairs were arranged around the lawn, which was decorated with numerous lights. Each table was centered with lovely bouquets of sweet peas and fern.


A great many games were enjoyed, such as Tin Pan, Crossing the Delaware and Consequence.


Delicious refreshments were served consisting of angel food squares and pineapple ice cream.


Those present for this delightful affair were Misses Mary Anna Morton, Mary Ann Davant, Marian Lloyd, Elizabeth Parker, Frances Jeter, Barbara Bruce, Phyllis O'Brien of Gulf, Marie Mackenzie, Martha Jane Barnett, Evelyn Rankle of Orange, Lucille Carr, and Charles Cobb, Billy Penny, Jeff Mangum, C. W. Lee, Frank Lewis, Jack Young, Jacque DeCoux, Bruce Freeman, Louis Matchett and the honoree, Miss Jessie Irene Freeman.


Mrs. W. S. Leslie assisted with the hostess duties.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, May 26, 1932



Mesdames A. S. Morton, W. C. Lloyd, Louis Matchett and Herbert Parker were joint hostesses at a picnic given for their children last Friday evening, May 20, in the city park.

A great many games were enjoyed after which the group was served refreshments. The plates contained wieners, potato chips, pickles, olives, rolls, deviled eggs, cakes, soda pop and marshmallows. Each child was given a stick for roasting the wieners and marshmallows over the barbecue pit. Did they eat all they wanted? You bet they did—and then some. Not a boy or girl went hungry.

Those present were Misses Barbara Bruce, Mary Anna Morton, Lucille Carr, Phyllis O’Brian of Gulf, Mary James Sisk, Martha Jane Barnett, Jessie Irene Freeman, Frances McClure, Frances Jeter, Elizabeth Matchett, Isabelle Horn, Marian Lloyd, Mary Ann Davant, Dorothy Henderson and Messrs. Leo Landrum, C. W. Lee, Waldo Henderson, Jemm Mangum, Earl Rainer, Jack Young, Merton Smith, Jack DeCoux, Charles Cobb, Lewis Matchett, Frank Lewis, Billy Penny, Vance Dienst, Theodore Dienst, Phillip Parker, Thomas  Walker and Fred Carlton. The teachers present were Misses Lucile Frazier and Ella Lee Pierce, Mesdames I. T. Anderson and Herman Scott and Mr. Herman Williams.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, May 26, 1932

Hay Ride


Last Monday evening, May 23, Mrs. Towles entertained with a hay ride complimenting her son, Billy Penny, who graduated from the seventh grade this year. The group had a hilarious time on the ride to Caney and back. All talking at once--each having a wonderful time--such was the behavior during the evening.


After the return from the hay ride, the boys and girls played on the lighted lawn of the home. Such games were enjoyed as Red Rover, Pleased and Displeased and Flying Dutchman.


Refreshments were served consisting of roasted wieners, buns, potato salad, pickles, punch and big berthas.


Those enjoying this delightful affair were Misses Mary Anna Morton, Mary James Sisk, Lucille Carr, Marian Lloyd, Elizabeth Parker, Mary Ann Davant, Martha Jane Barnett, Evelyn Rankle of Orange, Loyce Steves, Barbara Bruce and Theodore Dienst, Vance Dienst, Frank Lewis, Lewis Matchett, Charles Cobb, Jack Young, Jacque DeCoux, Morton Smith, Jeff Mangum and Billy Penny.


Mrs. Towles was assisted by her mother, Mrs. Matthes.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, May 26, 1932


Charming Hospitality


Mrs. J. T. Bond and Mrs. E. E. Bond entertained at the home of the latter with a buffet dinner Thursday, May 19 honoring Lloyd Bond and Beadle Moore, graduates of 1932 class. The affair was a pre-commencement dinner and strictly stag. Class colors and pastel shades were used in table decorations and favors. Boutonnieres were placed at each guests place, a menu of ginger ale with frozen mint, cocktail, fried chicken, peas and carrots, olives, rolls tomatoes, and surprise strawberry short cake and iced tea were served to Joe Fryou, Elvin Landrum, Eddie Parma, Edward Gaudet, L. N. Richers, Billy Monroe and the two honorees, Lloyd Bond and Beadle Moore. Mrs. Bond was assisted by Mrs. D. E. Cates.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, May 26, 1932



A charming hospitality of Saturday afternoon, May 28, was the bridge party given by Mrs. C. A. Erickson as a pre-nuptial compliment to her niece, Miss Maurine DeLano, whose marriage to Maurice Reed is an interesting event of June 6.

The guests assembled in the flower filled rooms, where tall floor baskets of gorgeous roses and vases of sweet peas were at vantage points and reflected a dainty color scheme of pink and green that was carried out in decorations and game equipment.

As an innovation, the refreshment course preceded the games, the tables laid with exquisite embroidered linen over pink were centered with heart-shaped cakes outlined with pink sweet peas and artistically embossed with sprays of the same lovely flower. Salads molded in the form of wedding rings with accompaniment of pink and green ribbon sandwiches and iced tea were served on green crystal, and small green baskets held pink and green mints, as the chosen color motif. The centerpieces concealed small green hearts tied with pink ribbon on which guests wrote “advice to the bride,” which if followed would doubtless lead through Elysian fields.

After refreshments the usual number of bridge games were enjoyed, the scores disclosed Mrs. Jack Young to be winner, a beautiful pink crystal cheese set garlanded with dainty flowers; Mrs. S. S. Taylor second high, a dainty pink crystal bud vase; and Mrs. Zack DeLano the cut prize, a green reamer. Each prize was graciously presented in turn to the honoree, who received a dainty piece of lingerie as a special gift.

This was one of a number of social courtesies which have been planned for the lovely bride-elect since the announcement of her approaching marriage.

The honor guest was becomingly gowned in a girlish frock of embroidered pink organdy and the hostess wore a lovely gown of cram satin and lace.

Mesdames W. F. Tetts, J. W. Ingram and Zack DeLano assisted in entertaining and Misses Margaret Erickson and Martha Jane DeLano assisted in serving.

The personnel was composed of Mesdames W. D. Wilson, E. O. Hutcheson, S. R. Harrington, F. A. Verser, S. S. Taylor, George Reed, E. N. Gustafson, Henry Rugeley, Ruby Hawkins, J. C. Lewis, Billy Huebinger, H. S. Mosley, A. D. Magruder, Eddie Willenberg, F. S. Taylor, A. H. Wadsworth, Paul Engle, Fred Fields, Jack Young, D. E. Cates, J. M . Corbett, R. L. Williams, Eugene Wilson, Walcott Rugeley, C. Bachman, A. S. Morton, Morris Savage, J. W. Rugeley, Jack Thurston and J. W. Ingram; Misses Maurine DeLano, Laverne Cobb and Sophie Doubek. Tea guests included Mesdames S. J. Styles, C. V. Yeamans, E. M. Williamson, Jane Sargent, W. F. Tetts and Z. W. DeLano.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, June 2, 1932


Little Miss Sybil Vane Byars celebrated her fifth birthday last Friday afternoon, May 27, from three-thirty until five-thirty with a party given by her mother, Mrs. S. A. Byars on the lawn at the home of Mrs. L. Anderson, who assisted Mrs. Byars.

The children played such games as London Bridge, Drop the Hankerchief and Button. Five of the small girls entertained the group with a little play. Sybil Vane then opened all the lovely gifts that she had received during the party.

The beautiful birthday cake was iced in white with five small pink candles lighted around the top. With the delicious cake, Big Berthas were served, carrying out the color scheme of pink and white. Each little guest was given a big colored balloon as a favor.

Those present for this charming affair were Carrie Louise LeTulle, Mary Jean Coleman, Eleanor Davidson, Tookle Clement, Patsy Joyce Muphree, Mary Joe Novasad, Frances Novasad, Betty Jean Watkins, Mary Nell Anderson, Mamme Anderson, May Bell Anderson, Patty Sue Bannon, Lois Fay Bannon, Geraldine Hill, Doris Hill, Sarah Frances Hill, Jane Leslie, Ella Frances Vaughn, Nini Merle Byars, Sammy LeTulle, Ralph Davidson, Leland Williams, Dennis Watkins, Jr., Junior Anderson, Justice Anderson, and the little honoree Sybil Vane Byars.

The Matagorda County Tribune, June 2, 1932


Mrs. J. W. Ingram and Miss Madeline Simons complimented Miss Maurine DeLano, a bride-elect of June 6, with a surprise breakfast bridge Saturday, at which only her most intimate girl friends participated. The guests found their places at the three tables by miniature packages of cosmetics which carried out a green and buff theme.

After playing the usual number of games high prize was awarded to Mrs. Eugene Wilson and second high to Mrs. Walcott Rugeley who in turn graciously presented them to the honoree. Then to the pleasure of all the pretty little Teetum and Johnny Ruth Pierce, nieces of Mrs. Ingram, dressed in their morning sun suits, showered Miss DeLano with a large laundry bag filled with useful bathroom articles.

Those present at this charming hospitality were: Misses Beulah Erickson, Sophia Doubek, Kitty Cobb, Laverne Cobb, Margaret Erickson, Martha Jane DeLano; Mesdames Walcott Rugeley, Eugene Wilson, Glen Hunt, Bert Steves, Paris Smith and the honoree, Miss Maurine DeLano. Assisting the hostesses with their duties were Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson and Mrs. J. E. Simon.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, June 9, 1932


Miss Cornelia Rugeley was the charming one year old hostess to a group of her friends Monday afternoon. After playing the favorite game of coveting the other fellow’s playthings, cookies and favors were passed and a number of pictures were taken, including one of the four generations, Cornelia, her mother, Mrs. Rugeley and her great grandmother, Mrs. Sargent.

The birthday cake was placed in the center of the guest table of pink and white. Ice cream and cookies bearing the initials of each guest marked his place. The mothers were ushered into the dining room where a miniature Noah’s Ark cake on a blue sea surrounded by the coupled animals and Noah himself greeted them. The mothers in cutting the cake endeavored to cut some of the symbols of good luck that were within.

After much merrymaking the guests told their young hostess, “Had nice time.”

Those enjoying the party were Misses Holly Evelyn Fox, Sarah Janine Wilson, Sidney Bowman, Laura Louise Steele and Masters D. P. Moore, Vaden Smith; Mesdames A. S. Morton, S. Bowman, W. D. Wilson, Eugene Wilson, Jerome Moore, Hal Steele, John Fox, Carey Smith, Jr.  Assisting Mrs. Walcot Rugeley were Mrs. Jim Rugeley, Mrs. Sargent and Mrs. A. B. Coleman of Harligen.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, June 16, 1932.


Mesdames Jane Sargent and J. W. Rugeley invited a number of ladies to their spacious and lovely home Wednesday afternoon to visit with their friends, Mrs. Ella Talbot and daughter, Mrs. Haut of San Antonio. The guests enjoying the afternoon with these one-time Matagorda County ladies were: Mesdames Annie Sanborn, Ellen Gregory, Jim Gipson, Sallie Matthews, Claude Towles, Cecil Millican, W. D. Wilson, Ed Kilbride, Hy. Rugeley, W. B. Ferguson of Houston, Coleman. W. Rugeley and the hostess and honorees.

Dainty refreshments were served.

Mesdames Talbot and Haut returned to San Antonio today after spending a few days in Matagorda and Bay City.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, June 16, 1932.

Mickey Mouse Club Meets


The Colonial-Tribune Mickey Mouse Club, No 111 held its regular weekly meeting Saturday afternoon, June 25, at the Colonial Theatre at one-thirty o'clock.


The meeting opened with the showing of Aesop Fables, following which was a two-reel Kiddie Review entitled "Hello Sunshine."


The meeting was called to order by Grand Mickey Mouse McClain, who called the Master of Ceremonies, Jacque Decoux, to the platform to take charge of the meeting.


Master of Ceremonies ordered the sergeants at arms to escort the Chief Mickey Mouse and Chief Minnie Mouse to their stations on the stage. After this was done, all the other officers took their places on the platform.


All new candidates for membership stood and repeated the club creed, and then were accepted as full fledged members of the Mickey Mouse Club.


Those members having birthdays during the past week and receiving passes to one show of this week, were Herman Denn, Dick Bachman, Leona Irene Lynn, Tony Carr, Jr., Mary Elizabeth Keller, Tilford Eugene Clark. The cheer leader led the members in a mighty cheer for those celebrating birthdays.


The sergeants at arms then escorted the color bearer in, bringing the flag to the platform. The members and officers stood and repeated the oath of allegiance to the flag, after which they sang one verse of "America." The colors were then removed from the stage and everyone was seated.


Grand Mickey Mouse McClain then took charge of the contests. He asked five boys and girls to volunteer to enter the contest, and after lining them along the stage, he had each contestant take the end of a string between his teeth. At the other end of the string was tied a marshmallow, and each was supposed to chew the string, without assistance of his hands until he had the marshmallow in his mouth. Guy Townsend was the lucky winner of the silver Mickey Mouse pin.


All officers then retired from the stage and the group joined in singing the Mickey Mouse Club song as it was shown on the screen.


The platform was cleared of all furniture and Miss Frances Baker presented an acrobatic dance number, which was greatly enjoyed by the Mickey Mice.


The feature show of the evening was then shown starring Bob Custer in "Mark of the Spur."


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, June 30, 1932


Watermelon Party


Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Thompson and daughter, Mrs. Thelma Davis, entertained the "Loyal Boosters" and the adult Bible class of the Christian Church Thursday evening with a watermelon party at their country home.


After the delicious melons, which were grown on the Thompson place, were served to about fifty, the "Loyal Booster" Class was called to order by the newly elected president, Mrs. A. A. Fryou for a business meeting.


Those who enjoyed the hospitality were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Clark and children, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Frank and Lloyd, Miss Earle Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill and children, Mrs. Beall and Edward, Mrs. Brown and children, Mrs. Haley and Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. D. Rimmer and Evelyn, Mrs. Gillett, Mrs. W. W. Sanford and children, Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Yancey, Miss Marjory Hensley from Goliad, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Fryou and Joe, Mrs. Musch and children, Mr. W. F. Porter, Mrs. A. L. Clark and Billie Joe, Mrs. Thelma Davis and Nan and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Thompson.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, July 21, 1932


Campfire Girl News


A surprise party was given July 18 for the baseball boys of Clemville by the Campfire Girls on the ball diamond. The party was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Filfred Sparks and Mr. and Mrs. Birchfield, manager of the Clemville ball team. Carl Hiltpold invited all of the boys to a movie and asked them to meet him at the Tres Palacios bridge.


Instead of going to the show, Mr. Hiltpold brought the boys into Clemville where the girls held up the car. The boys were blindfolded, put into Mr. Hiltpold's trailer and taken for a "hay ride" over places where they thought they had never been. The crowd of young folks were brought back to the Clemville ball diamond where party games were played. Before lunch however, the young folks were again taken riding in Mr. Hiltpold's trailer as they seemed to prefer that to playing games. Lunch, which consisted of lemonade and cookies made by the Campfire Girls were served on the tall diamond. Among those attending the party were Misses Annie and Edith Posey of Markham, Astrid Hansen of Danevang and Cleatis O'Rear of Bay City.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, July 28, 1932



Beach Party


Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Fryou surprised their son, Joe, with a beach party at Sargent Sunday evening.


After enjoying a grand swim, the guests were served with delicious refreshments consisting of fried chicken, sandwiches, olives, pickles, ice cream and cake. Those enjoying this pleasure were Misses Martha Jane Delano, Margaret Erickson, Elvira Richers, Ray Beth Pegram, Evelyn Kehr, Kitty King Corbett, Eda May Pinchback of Garwood and Messrs. Duncan Corbett, Beadle and Dolph Moore, Eddie Parma, Frank Hurley, L. W. Richers, Edward Gaudet and the honoree.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, September 1, 1932


Mrs. Taylor is Hostess


A delightful unique party was given by Mrs. Frank Shaw Taylor Wednesday afternoon at her attractive home in East Bay City.


It was a contract party "a la depressione," the guests arriving in gingham dresses or pajamas at the request of the hostess and enjoyed the several games of this most popular pastime in the long screened-in porch which furnished an ideal setting for an afternoon of cool and delightful diversion.


Following the games a dainty frozen salad course was served and Mrs. J. C. Lewis was given an attractive china cream and sugar set for high score and Mrs. Harry Mosley received a lovely amber crystal fruit bowl for second high.


Guests of the afternoon included Mesdames J. C. Lewis, E. N. Gustafson, E. O. Hutcheson, Esker McDonald, A. H. Wadsworth, H. Mosley, F. A. Verser, Glen Hunt, D. Decoux, F. Fields, L. Winston, R. Hawkins, S. S. Taylor, J. S. Caldwell of Bryan and Misses Freda Klein and Kathryn Ramsey.


The Matagorda County Tribune, September 1, 1932


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