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Miss Horn Entertained

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Horn entertained with a lovely dance honoring their daughter, Isabell at their home Saturday evening from 9 till 12 o'clock. The delightful music during the evening was furnished by Mrs. E. H. Highley and her orchestra.

At the entrance palmettos and greens with beautiful roses entwined were banked forming a lovely setting for the soft red glow of the lights throughout the home.

During intermission the refreshments of fruit punch which was presided over by Miss Marion Lloyd, chicken sandwiches and cheese wafers were served from the beautifully lace-laid table also adorned with red candles burning in silver candelabra.

The personnel enjoying this lovely affair were Misses Mary Ann Davant, Allie Jay Sisk, Mary James Sisk, Loyce Steves, Lucile Carr, Elizabeth Parker, Marion Lloyd, Marianna Morton, Frances Jeter, Barbara Bruce, Sarah Elizabeth Robertson, Melody Horn, Joan Horn and Evelyn Reimer and Messrs. Lewis Matchett, Jack Young, Jimmie Horn, Jacque Decoux, John S. Neary, C. B. Robertson, C. W. Lee, Jeff Mangum, Geo. Schultz, Marvin Smith, Bruce Freeman, Hoyt Cole, Frank Lewis, Eddie Benedict, Merton Smith, George Richard Keene and Lloyd Ervin.

Other guests coming in during the evening included Messrs. and Mesdames Jim Sisk, Jack Young, Herbert Parker and Mesdames Bob Sisk, W. E. Davant and W. C. Lloyd. Mrs. Horn was assisted in serving by Mrs. G. C. Horn and Mrs. Helen DeCoux.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 12, 1933

Bridge Party

Miss Alice Blair entertained Friday night with three tables of bridge at Miss Blair's home, complimenting the charming bride, Mrs. Harry Cain, who was married December 27, 1932.

The bridge tallies were carried out in the form of wedding bells. High prize was awarded to Mrs. Deward Harper in the form of a hat rack and Mrs. Bob Farthree received a cutex set for low prize. The prizes were presented in turn to the honoree.

Delicious refreshments consisting of salad course followed by cake and fruit salad were served. At this time the hostess assisted by Miss Anna Mae Trousdale entered with arms full of gifts which were presented to the bride. Many lovely presents were opened to the surprise and full of everyone.

Those present were Misses Lillian Pevoteaux, Dorothy White, Renette Searater of Victoria, Freda Morehead, Ana Mae Trousdale, Alma Queen Chapman, Elena Chapman, Mary Vest, Messrs, Noble Thornton, Deward Harper, Bob Fatheree, Drew Davis of Sugarland and the honoree, Mrs. Harry Cain.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 12, 1933


Mr. and Mrs. Frank King entertained a number of friends at a beach party and oyster fry at their home Sunday. Those enjoying the hospitality of the Kings were Mr. and Mrs. Moran and daughter, Miss Shirley and Miss Parks; Mr. and Mrs. Clay McSparrin, all of Pierce; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Boeker, Mrs. Ben Mowery, Miss Esther Engeline, Mr. Ed Regnier, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Boeker and family of Collegeport and Miss Ruth Boeker and Mr. Herman Letje of Palacios.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 30, 1933


The Gleaners Class of the Methodist Church held their regular business and social meeting Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the Wesley Chapel having as joint hostesses Mesdames Joe Freeman, W. R. Horn, Jr., Will Ehlert, Frank Carr, M. J. Early and Hubert Gusman.

The chapel was artistically decorated in blue bonnets and red lilies with green fern. After a short business session, the devotional was led by Mrs. Paris Smith followed by a most impressive playlet signifying the coming Easter season which was given by Mesdames R. W. Bussell and S. E.  Hagar.

Later in the afternoon the members were entertained by Mrs. Crawford Barnett, who rendered beautifully several musical selections. Many guessing games were played during the social hour, after which refreshments of marshmallow pudding, cheese wafers, cake and tea were served. Those attending this enjoyable meeting were Mesdames Crawford Barnett, R. W. Bussell, S. E. Hager, Tony Carr, W. D. Williams, E. M. Williamson, H. E. Gaedecke, P. M. Doyle, Paris Smith, G. E. Frazier, Frank Thompson, H. C. Ellis, A. J. McCary, W. F. Tetts, W. E. Davant, G. E. Tyre, P. E. Lee, S. B. Oliver, D. E. Cates and Miss Fay Carr.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 30, 1933


Mrs. Jack Wood entertained the Afternoon Bridge Club, Tuesday afternoon at three o’clock. High score was won by Mrs. E. W. Willenberg and second high by Mrs. Ernest Plant. Refreshments of molded salad, wafers, nut cake with iced tea were served to the following members and guests: Mesdames Hal Steele, Jerome Moore, Paul Langham, F. S. Taylor, Jack Erwin, Miss Beatrice Poole and Mesdames Jack Young, James Scott, Ernest Plant, E. W. Willenberg, S. L. Robison and Miss Elizabeth Taylor.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 30, 1933


Saturday, April 1 a host of Grandmother Hogan’s friends honored her with a surprise birthday shower.

Mrs. Hogan was unsuspiciously invited to her daughter’s home, Mrs. Willie Rodgers of this city for a few hours visit. While she was visiting friends were remembering her birthday with numerous packages containing miscellaneous gifts and the heartiest of happy birthday greetings.

At four o’clock Grandmother Hogan returned from her pleasant visit to be greeted much to her delight and consternation by shouts of “April Fool” and happy birthday by a  large gathering of friends.

Mrs. Bennie Harrison had baked a huge golden cake on which was written with tiny candles the number 70. The golden of the cake symbolic of the love Mrs. Hogan’s friends bear for her and the 70 reminding her and the guests that on that memorable date of April 2, Sunday, she would be 70 years young.

Those ladies calling during the day and leaving their gifts and best wishes, but who were unable to remain for Mrs. Hogan’s return and the cutting of the delicious birthday cake were as follows: Mesdames O. D. Shaffer, T. A. Walker, E. A. Campbell, O. W. Ziegenhals, G. H. Hensley, Jeff Mangum, J. P. Dillard, Thelma Dilliams, Lawrence Hill, Bill Boyd and Mesdames Eddie Long and Ada Altenberg of Newgulf.

Those remaining for the cake cutting and a few moments of chatting together were Mesdames Ed Mallick, Ernest Bond, Till Bond, Till Lee, Dan Meyer, J. H. Altenberg, N. M. Cleveland, G. B. Adams, Joe Mangum, Maude Beal, Frank Harrison, Sr., Ben Harrison, Will Head, Misses Leila Altenberg, Billie Head, Marian Harrison, Laura Lee Harrison, Gertrude Harrison and little Ralph Harrison, Le Roy Adams, Barkley Rodgers, grandson of Mrs. Hogan amd Mrs. Will Rodgers, daughter of the honoree and the honoree’s grandmother Hogan.

This dear little lady asked the writer to try and express for her to her many friends just what an utter surprise this celebration was and how much real joy and happiness these tokens of love and esteem have brought into her life.—Reporter, Evaline Marshall.

The Matagorda County Tribune, April 6, 1933


Mrs. Paul Langham entertained the Afternoon Club on Tuesday afternoon at three-fifteen o’clock in her apartment on Sixth Street.

The apartment was most attractive in seasonal blossoms and the bridge accessories reflected the spring theme.

At the conclusion of the games, Mrs. F. S. Taylor held high score for the club. Mrs. Jack Wood was second high for the club and Mrs. Jack Duncan high for the guests.

On handsomely appointed trays the dainty refreshments of chicken salad, olives, cheese straws and vanilla mousse were served to the following members and guests: Mrs. Hal Steel, Mrs. F. S. Taylor, Mrs. Mickey Hart, Mrs. P. H. Hamill, Mrs. E. J. Crofoot, Mrs. E. W. Willengerg, Mrs. Jas. Scott, Mrs. Jack Wood, Mrs. Jack Erwin, Miss Jean Steele and Mrs. Guy Hensley, Mrs. Herman Scott, Mrs. S. Robinson and her sister, Mrs. Jack Duncan of Stuttgart, Ark., Mrs. Jack Young and Miss Gladys Taylor.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, June 1, 1933


Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Williams honored their niece, Miss Mary Elizabeth Herder of Weimer with an informal dance in their home Tuesday evening from nine till 12:30 o’clock.

Blossoms of every hue were beautifully arranged throughout the lovely home. The delightful music being played for the evening by Mertor and His Royal Texans.

Punch and delicious sandwiches served during the evening were placed on a handsome lace-laid table with coral vine gracing the length of the board. Mrs. Williams presided over the punch bowl.

The personnel of guests enjoying this smart affair were Misses Kitty King Corbett and her guests, Jimsey and June Duncan of Burnett, Texas, Teresa Lewis, Geraldine Livengood, Pearl Anderson, Frances Baker, Doris Taylor, Doris Adams, Alma Queene Chapman, Edna Woods, Mary Jean Cobb, Jean Poole, Lewis Taylor and Messrs. Gerald Livengood, Jack Powers, Butch Parma, Earl Meyers, Stanley Cernosek, Martin Garner, Andy Holman, Ted Doubek, Earl Adams, Hudson Castleton, John S. Neary, Arthur Norris, Lloyd Bond, Harold Amos, Tom Anderson, Oscar Ziegenhal, Tom Ewing, George Richard Keene, George Shoultz, Woodliff Brown, Bobbie Wilkinson, Jay Serrill, Billie Moore, Vic Wood, Forrest Bess, Frank Hurley, Charles Cobb, Thomas J. Doggett, Freddie Guest and Milton Best.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, June 1, 1933


Miss Alma Sophia Doubek complimented Miss Mary Jean Cobb, a ’33 graduate of the Bay City High School with four tables of bridge, Saturday afternoon at three-fifteen o’clock.

The decorative theme in the home was most effective with black vases of beautiful yellow roses and nasturtiums carrying out the chosen colors of black and yellow.

The dainty refreshments of black and yellow brick ice cream with yellow angel food squares were served immediately after the guests arrived on beautiful yellow-lace-laid trays, centered with black bowls of nasturtiums.

Several games of bridge were played with Miss Jessie Poole winning high, a pretty yellow and black make up box, and Miss Adams winning second high, a lovely amber perfume bottle. Miss Cobb’s gift was a handsome black and gold brooch.

The personnel of this enjoyable affair was Misses Jessie Poole, Doris Adams, Judith Gaedecke, Evelyn McNabb, Kitty Cobb, Kitty King Corbett, Geraldine Livengood, Irby Marie Stinnett, Mary Vest, Martha Jane DeLano, Laverne Secrest, Alma Queene Chapman, Jimsey and June Duncan of Burnet, Texas, house guests of Miss Corbett and Miss Bernice Thompson of El Campo, house guest of Miss Cobb.

Mrs. F. G. Cobb and Miss Laverne Cobb assisted Miss Doubek.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, June 1, 1933


Mrs. Guy Hensley entertained with three tables of bridge Saturday evening at eight-fifteen o’clock.

The lovely apartment was decorated in nasturtiums and daises mingled with Queen Anne lace. Bridge accessories reflected a color theme of pink and green.

After several games of contract bridge, high score was won by Mrs. Donald Duson and second high by Mrs. Hubert Gusman.

The delicious ice course was served on trays laid with handsome Madeira cloths, centered with bowls of nasturtiums to the following guests: Mesdames Jack Erwin, Hubert Gusman, James Scott, Herman Scott, L. B. Luder, H. Heiman, Jack Parks, Kenneth Black, A. S. Collins, Donald Duson of El Campo, E. W. Willenberg and Miss Callie Metzger.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, June 1, 1933


Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Bowie complimented their daughter, Huberta with a surprise birthday party, Wednesday evening at their attractive home in Cedar Lane.

Many enjoyable games were played throughout the evening, after which the lovely birthday cake adorned with gleaming tapers and filled with the usual birthday symbols which of course added more merriment to the party, was cut and served with ice cream. Mr. Posey McCLendon receiving the man on the horse: Miss Bowie the ring, Mr. Jack Bond, the heart and anchor, Miss Caroline Luder of Markham, the wish bone; Helen Ruth, the thimble and Mr. Arthur Harris the button.

The personnel of guests attending the enjoyable affair was Misses Laura Carolyn Luder and Pearl Huff of Markham, Willie Lou Freeman of Sargent, Tommie Dunlavy of Matagorda, Melba Bruno of Bay City, Clara Lee Greene, Jean Lawson, Mildred and Frances Bowie, sisters of the honoree and Mrs. W. P. Christie and children, Mrs. C. T. Freeman of Sargent and Messrs. Ted Mangum, Jack Bond, Arthur Harris, Johnnie McGlaun, Posey McClendon, John Cooper of Gulf, Charles Mitchell, Karl Adams, Johnnie Shearer and Phillip Bowie, brother of the honoree.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, September 14, 1933


Mrs. Nora Bell Owens complimented her cousin, Miss Marie Vandiver, whose engagement to Mr. L. W. Mott of Palacios, Texas, has been announced with a miscellaneous shower, Friday afternoon from three till six o’clock, at the home of her mother, Mrs. J. W. McKelvy.

The home was artistically decorated with numerous zinnias beautifully arranged in bowls and vases.

During the social hour the many lovely gifts were opened and displayed after which the delicious refreshments of sandwiches, potato chips, olives, and iced grape juice were served.

The guests enjoying this gracious hospitality were Mesdames Mart McKelvy, Bettie Mayer, Ed Hill of Collegeport, Walter Horthcock, Odis Rainer and Misses Thelma Shaw, Mary Beth Jackson, Wilma Eidlebach, Laura Ogden, Marjorie Peters, Vadis Jeter, Ruba Luna, Leola Jeter, Jane and Nora Vandiver and the honoree.

The hostess was assisted in the afternoon by her sister, Miss Maggie McKelvy.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, September 14, 1933


Miss Lanell Curtis was the honoree at a cleverly arranged “Depression Party” Monday evening when her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Curtis entertained in honor of her fourteenth birthday from eight til eleven o’clock on the lawn of their attractive home.

The lawn beautifully lighted was the scene for many enjoyable games such as sardine, fishing for souvenirs to match partners and a bean game, in which prizes of a dime and pin were awarded and other games with rewards for each one.

Following this fun the delicious refreshments which reflected the clever idea were served at the back door on a long table. Pink lemonade, in depression glasses which were given as favors was served by Miss Edna Wood. Miss Frances Baker assisting in serving paper bags filled with individual angel food cakes and chicken salad sandwiches.

The guests enjoying this gracious hospitality were Misses Mary Anne Davant, Mary James Sisk, Janice Yeager, Mary Wilson Engle; Billie Bell, Martha Jane Barnett, Sis Sprouce, Ercell Sweeney, Mary Alice Horn, Mary Anna Morton, Isabelle Horn, Hazel Peters, Frances Jeter, Melody Horn, Katherine Long, Christine Harrison, Elizabeth Parker, Loyce Steves, Henrietta Greenburg, Patsy Matthews and the honoree and Messrs. Lester Epstein, Morton Curtis, Frank Lewis, Talbot Williams, Paul Engle, Fred Carleton, Buddy Sprouce, Billy Penny, Jack DeCoux, Jack Young, Frank Montague, Dick Harrison, Gibbons Corbett and Bobby Curtis.

Miss Wood and Miss Baker assisted Mrs. Curtis throughout the evening.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, September 14, 1933


Little Miss Joyce Pegram was the charming honoree at a party given on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 21, 1933, from four till six o’clock by her mother, Mrs. R. Q. Pegram, the event being her eighth birthday.

The Hallowe’en colors were artistically arranged in the decorations of the home. Games dear to childhood and contests provided entertainment and later ices and sweets were served. Favors reflecting the Hallowe’en motif were given each guest. The beautifully embossed birthday cake adorned with eight tiny lighted tapers was placed in the center of the dining table, which was cut and served by the honoree.

The group of young guests enjoying this gracious hospitality were Misses Katherine Davant, Marienne Clements, Martha Dickey, Ann Cobb, Jos. Ann Horn, Kathleen Burke, Dorothy Walker, Lou Ray Marquet, Minnie Lee Schaedel, Bernadette Hang and Masters Billie Doughtie, Gardner Serrill, Bobby Barnett and Melvin Epstein.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, October 26, 1933


Mrs. Charles Slater and Mrs. L. J. Beal were hostess at a miscellaneous shower given in the home of the former on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 19 from 2 till 4 o’clock, honoring Miss Lela Altenburg whose marriage to Stanley Coker of Houston was an event of Thursday evening.

Throughout the home gold cosmos with fern were beautifully arranged in floor baskets and vases. In the dining room, the table which was covered with an exquisite hand embroidered linen cloth, held as the centerpiece the punch bowl, placed on a reflector. Mrs. Henry James and Miss Mamie Chambless presiding. Individual cakes iced in white were served with the punch.

The honoree received many lovely gifts, which were displayed in the reception room.

The personnel of guests at this gracious hospitality was Mesdames Frank Price, Hevy Dylla, E. A. Eikenburg, W. L. Altenburg and C. L. Wilson, all of Newgulf and Mesdames Will Head, Ben Harrison, Jeff Mangum, Mabel Sherry, Inez Brooks, Evaline Marshall, R. E. Slater, Joe Dilliard, J. H. Altenburg and Neil Cleveland, mother and sister of the honoree, Henry James, R. L. Williams, Carl Bachman, Miss Iris Darby and Miss Mamie Chambless.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, October 26, 1933


Mrs. Ben Harrison and Mrs. Will Head entertained with a shower Saturday night at the home of Mrs. Head honoring Mrs. Stanley Coker, an October bride.

The home was decorated with lovely flowers featuring Hallowe’en colors. Several vocal selections by Little Ralph Harrison and Junior Altenburg added to the entertainment of the guests. Delicious sandwiches and iced tea were served late in the evening.

Many beautiful and useful gifts were received from the following: Mrs. Dan Meyer, Mrs. Roy Harris, Mrs. C. Laxton, Mrs. Rose Williams, Mrs. Joe Freeman, Mrs. W. V. Rumley, Mrs. E. E. Bond, Mrs. W. L. Hill, Mrs. T. H. Lewis, Mrs. R. A. Garnett, Mrs. E. C. Rodgers,, Mrs. Till Bonds, Mrs. E. Adams, Mrs. R. J. Staffa, Mrs. J. R. Whitaker, Mrs. Oscar Barber, Mrs. Alice Hogan, Mrs. F. Gest, Mrs. Herbert Gusman, Mrs. F. Harrison, Mrs. C. Slater, Mrs. W. H. Altenberg, Mrs. N. Cleveland, Mrs. J. H. Altenburg, Mrs. L. Beall, Mrs. Ben Harrison and Mrs. Will Head.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, October 26, 1933


Mrs. H. A. Verser entertained with a charming childrens’ party Friday afternoon honoring the seventh birthday of her small daughter, Annalee.

A graceful arrangement of baskets of coral vine decorated the home and the living room and dining room were in gay adornment with colored balloons festooned from the ceilings. These were later given as favors.

Fascinating games and contests provided diversion for the little guests. After a series of games all were invited to the dining room where refreshments of vanilla ice cream and angel food squares were served. The tables laid with Madeira linen reflected a color scheme of delicate pink and white and was centered by a large birthday cake embossed with fragile pink rosebuds and holding the seven lighted candles, while large pink tapers gleamed in holders at each end of the table. Each child’s place was marked by a white crepe paper basket with bows of pink ribbon containing pink and white confections.

The children present were Misses Joyce Pegram, Kathleen Burke, Martha Muse of Dallas, Wilma Anderson, Mary Nell and Martha Louise Verser, sisters of the honoree, Marion and Arlien Parks, Martha Dickey, Joan Horn, Joyce Kimball, Betty Ann Osborne, Billie Jean Clement, Dorothy Jean and Mae Dell Craft, Margaret Ehlert, Cleo Blaylock, Virginia Moseley, Jeaneen Hager, Cleo and Kate Nell Bond and Masters Jimmie Yancey, Fred Jr., and John Paul Mielsch, Donald Reddoch, Franklin Carrington, Bobbie Harris, William Ehlert, James Brady and Clinton Joe Bass.

Assisting Mrs. Verser in entertaining the little ones were Mrs. H. A. Blaylock and Mrs. M. Moll, grandmother of Miss Annalee.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, November 9, 1933


Mrs. Charlie Watkins entertained Thursday afternoon from three until with a birthday party for her daughter, Betty Gene in honor of her fourth birthday.

The little guests enjoyed playing on the lawn with Betty Gene’s many toys. Later many gifts were opened in the dining room. The Armistice colors were carried out in the refreshments which were served on the lawn consisting of red soda water, white angel cake on blue napkins and chicken salad sandwiches. Red, white and blue balloons were given as favors. Those present were Dorothy Lee Cartwright, Billy and Bonnie Blaylock, E. R. Daniels, Mary, Gene Katherine and Ginger Bell Davis, Dennis Watkins Jr., Billy Sherry, Patsy White, Arlene and Marion Parks, and the honoree.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, November 9, 1933


Little Miss Catherine Lawhon was complimented with a party Saturday afternoon from three-thirty till five o’clock in celebration of her sixth birthday, given at the home of her grandparents, Judge and Mrs. W. E. McNabb by Mrs. Guy Smith of Gulf, Texas.

Throughout the afternoon games and contests were played with Miss Evelyn McNabb, aunt of Catherine’s and Miss Muta Serrill of Matagorda, supervising the fun. The charming little honoree received many lovely gifts.

Later in the afternoon the young guests were ushered into the dining room where the beautiful two-tier birthday cake, iced in pink and green adorned with six tiny pink tapers gleaming in green rosebuds centered the dining table which was covered with an exquisite lace cloth. Garlands of coral vine surrounded the centerpiece, the blossoms being gracefully arranged at other points in the room. The appointments of the table carrying out the chosen colors with favors of vari-colored balloons and caps. Attractive bracelets marked the places for the girls and miniature racers were for the boys.

The group of little guests enjoying this hospitality were McNeil Brown, Gardner Serrill, Margaret Lewis, Dorothy Lee Cartwright, Billy Marie Gordon, Virginia and Jo Ann Moore, Brooks Doughtie, Georganna Barnett, Ella Frances Vaughn, Sonny Bedford, of Gulf; Mary Ann Serrill and Betty Lou Duffy of Matagorda; Billy Watkins and Joan Mecklenberg of Newgulf, Mr. Claude Lawhon of Matagorda, father of the honoree also attended the affair.

Mrs. McNabb assisted the hostess throughout the afternoon.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, November 9, 1933



Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Frederick of Houston who observed their golden wedding anniversary October 25 were honor guests at a family reunion Saturday evening held at the home of their son, F. O. Frederick and Mrs. Frederick. The home was decorated with golden flowers, many of which were gift flowers and the refreshment course followed the gold and white colors. There were seven children, seventeen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren present at the reunion. The daughters are Mrs. F. M. Raley, Mrs. P. M. Kring, Mrs. C. C. Currie and Mrs. H. W. Kuesel of Bay City; the sons are F. O. Frederick, C. J. Frederick and A. E. Frederick, all of Houston. Mrs. Frederick is 65 and Mr. Frederick is 84.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, November 9, 1933


Mr. and Mrs. William Wadsworth Rugeley of Matagorda complimented their guest, Mrs. Edward W. Rugeley of City Point, Va., on last Sunday afternoon by holding open house from four to six o’clock.

The personnel of this prettily appointed affair comprised the immediate members of the Rugeley family to all of whom the home is hallowed with pleasant memories. Always the center of social interest it lost none of its prestige in the gathering Sunday.

The large entrance hall in which the callers were greeted was attractive with flowers of autumn hue, cosmos and chrysanthemums predominating. Queen’s crown lent its gay touch of color. The spacious living rooms were beautifully decorated with roses shading from pink to deep red which were mingled with lace fern.

The dining table was laid with handsome lace cover and adorned with silver candelabra holding white tapers, in the center a charming effect was presented with a large bowl of feathery yellow chrysanthemums and fern. Glass compotes held salted nuts. Delicious refreshments consisting of Virginia baked ham, Perfection salad, hot buttered rolls, Devil’s Food cake, coffee and tea were served. Mrs. Sargent and Mrs. Moore poured, assisted in serving by Mrs. Henry Rugeley, Miss Nannie May Brooks and Miss Ellen Douglas Brooks.

Out of town guests coming to meet the honoree and her two charming children, Maria Clark and Edward Wells Rugeley Jr., were Judge and Mrs. De Rugeley Peareson of Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Brooks, Miss Ellen Douglas Brooks, Miss Nannie May Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rugeley and son, Mrs. Allie Elmore Needham and Miss Dorothy Needham, all of Wharton; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rugeley, Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Rugeley, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lewis, Mrs. Kate Sargent Rugeley, Mrs. Jane Sargent, Mrs. Dollie Rugeley Doubek, Miss Betty Jane Doubek, Mrs. Sargent Walcott Rugeley and daughters, Cordelia Catherine Rugeley and Joan Dee Rugeley, Miss Janie Hawkins and Mr. Harry Hawkins all of Bay City; Mrs. Eloise Rugeley Tippins of Sargent, Mrs. George T. Sargent of Matagorda, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Moore of Gulf.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, November 9, 1933

Clown Party


A clever affair of the social season was the clown costume party given by Mr. and Mrs. John M. Corbett Friday evening, Nov. 10 from eight-thirty till twelve-thirty o'clock.


The playhouse where dancing was enjoyed, was most artistically decorated, with colorful streamers hanging from the ceiling against a background of palmettos and the walls lined with vari-colored balloons. Manuel and His Midnight Ramblers furnished captivating music for the evening. Prizes were awarded for the most perfect clowns. Mr. W. D. Rondthaler being presented a miniature red wheelbarrow and Mrs. Rowland Rugeley receiving a mechanical goose.


During the evening the delicious iced punch was served in the garage which was transformed into a tavern attractively ornamented with palmettos and moss with the soft glow of Japanese lanterns furnishing the illumination. Tables were placed about the room for the guests.


At midnight supper was served cafeteria style from the handsome lace-laid dining table, which held as a centerpiece a vase of lovely yellow chrysanthemums. At the individual tables, colorful balloons were attached giving a pleasing effect throughout the rooms. The supper consisted of baked ham with mustard, potato salad on lettuce, cheese, French rolls, doughnuts with 3.2 and cider.


The personnel enjoying this gracious hospitality was:


Mrs. Mae Brunner,

Mrs. R. Q. Pegram,

Mrs. Leland Winston,

Miss Janie Hawkins,

Mr. Albert Oertling,

Mr. Ed Ryan,

Mr. Seth Taylor,

Mr. Joe Milner,

Mr. Henry LeTulle,

Mr. W. D. Rondthaler,

Mr. Donald Duncan of Egypt, Texas,

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Clements,

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Erickson,

Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Gustafson of Fort Worth, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. Sul Ross Harrington,

Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Harris,

Mr. and Mrs. John Mason of Houston,

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lewis,

Dr. and Mrs. B. L. Livengood,

Mr. and Mrs. Grover Moore,

Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Morton

Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Scott,

Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Sholars,

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Rugeley,

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Stinnett,

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth,

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Willenberg,

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Young,

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Clements of Wharton,

Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Hamill,

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harris,

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moyston of Rockport, Texas.


The Matagorda County Tribune, November 16, 1933


Little Miss Dorothy Fay Thompson celebrated her ninth birthday on Wednesday afternoon from three-thirty till five-thirty o’clock. The party started with a “trolly ride.” Each in turn rode the trolley many times. In the “three legged race” game there was fun while the happy children tumbled over the lawn trying to walk. Bobby Curtis won the box of candy for being the best racer. There was much laughter in the “Basket of Fruit” and “Spoon Game,” both followed the race. For the remaining games the children played in the house. In the first game a guess was made by each child as to the number of beans in a jar. Walter Porter guessed to the nearest number of beans in the jar. Walton was rewarded with a large box of colors. Then the turkey head was pinned on the turkey. Aileen Bussell placed the head on the old gobbler in almost the right place. Aileen was presented with a miniature turkey.

In the “cracker contest,” Ann Cobb succeeded in swallowing her crackers first. Ann was given a small set of elephants. Again the children went back to the lawn where they grouped themselves in a circle. Stories were told by each child. Ottis Birkner won the nice book in this contest.

After the games the children followed Dorothy Fay into the dining room. Here was the lovely cake with nine tiny candles and the ice cream. The color scheme was beautifully carried out in pink and green.

A rubber ball was given each child as a favor before leaving. After wishing Dorothy Fay a happy birthday the little guests departed for home.

This delightful party was enjoyed by the following little guests: Mary Jean Millican, Jerry Lee Isler, Dorothy Lee Cartwright, Dorothy Davis, Lillie Ross, Ann Cobb, Ola Ann Deerlin, Vada Lynn Robbins, Barbara Lee Oliver, Aileen Bussel, Otho Birkner, Ottis Birkner, Gordon Lee Shaffer, Charles Shaffer, Kayle Oliver, Walton Partor, James Brady, Bobby Curtis and the hostess, Dorothy Fay Thompson.

Mrs. Thompson was assisted in playing the games and serving by Mrs. Floyd Sutton and Miss Bess Senor.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, December 7, 1933


Mrs. John Kyle Poage entertained with a party on Saturday afternoon, November 25 honoring her son, Jackie in celebration of his second birthday, which was November 26, 1933.

After opening the lovely gifts which was much pleasure and excitement to the honored guest, the group of young guests enjoyed games dear to childhood which were played on the lawn.

Later in the afternoon the beautiful birthday cake adorned with two tiny gleaming tapers, was cut and served with delicious ice cream to the following little guests: Billie Marie and Tommie Gordon, Patsie White, Billy McGlaun, Pattie Walcott, Margaret Alice and Randolph Cox, Billie Joe and Jeff Clark, Dorothy Cartwright, Sidney Lerlyne Bowman, Molly Evelyn Fox, Lloyd Franz, Royce and Marcia Jean Deutsch, Brooks and Forrest Haley, David Hinton, Doris Book, Betty Ola and Kattie Sue Swansee and the honored guest.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, December 7, 1933

Faculty Entertain[ed]


A delightful affair of this week was the social meeting of the members of the Bay City school faculty, which was given at the spacious home of Mrs. D. P. Moore on Monday evening at eight o'clock with Mrs. Bretch Taulbee, Miss Martha Langham and Miss Martha Moore acting as hostesses.


Throughout the lovely home, poinsettias beautifully arranged with Yaupon and other Yuletide blossoms formed an artistic background for the guests. Five tables of bridge and one of forty-two made up the personnel. Attractive bridge tallies and score pads further reflected the Christmas season, the tables being covered with green cloths.


At the close of the games, Miss Lucille Christenberry held high score for contract and Miss Bess Senour high for forty-two. Both were presented jars of Christmas candies.


On handsomely appointed trays centered with tall red tapers gleaming in silver holders, the dainty refreshments repeating the chosen theme consisting of molded cranberry salad, open-faced sandwiches, Chinese Chews, hot tea and salted nuts were served.


The personnel of teachers attending this enjoyable affair was Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Posey, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Early, Mr. and Mrs. Bretch Taulbee, Mrs. J. W. Ingram, Mrs. Hubert Gusman, Mrs. R. M. Wynne, Misses Martha Langham, Mamie Gusman, Lucille Christenberry, Bess Senour, Nan Shifflett, Lucille Frasier, Neva Christian, Constance Langham, Lavern Secrest, Martha Moore and Messrs. Tom Driscoll, Stanley Cernosek and H. G. Williams.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, December 21, 1933

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