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1934 - 1944
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Birthday Party

Mrs. William Ehlert entertained Friday afternoon from three ‘till five with a birthday party honoring her daughter, Margaret and her son, William Jr., whose birthdays occur in January.

The home was artistically decorated with numerous lovely sweet peas, larkspur, and Radiance roses. The young honorees were presented with many gifts and after opening them, games and contests provided the delightful entertainment for the afternoon.

Later they were escorted to the dining room where the chosen blossoms were arranged, the table covered with a handsome linen cloth held as the centerpiece a bowl of pink sweet peas. Two beautiful birthday cakes iced in green and adorned with lighted tiny pink tapers were at either end of the board. One held seven tapers and the other eight. Dainty candies reflecting the chosen color theme of green and pink were placed on the table and attractive favors of miniature dolls were given the girls and vari-colored balloons to the boys. Each being wrapped in pink and green cellophane. Delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream and cake was served.

The young guests attending this enjoyable hospitality were Anna Lee Verser, Mary Nell Verser, Virginia Mosley, Martha Louise Verser, Cleo Blaylock, Georginna Barnett, Burnidette Haines, June Gibson, Jewel Mae Wright, Genevieve Ehlert, Vance Porter, Bobby Barnett, Clinton Joe Bass, James Brady, Harry Brady, Joe Brady, Wilbur Wright, A. J. Ehlert, Roy Dolan Jr., and Guendell Dolan.

Mrs. Ehlert was assisted in serving by Mesdames H. A. Verser, George Haines, Crawford Barnett, Ed Wright, Dave Robinson, A. B. Ehlert, Ed Gibson and A. Meschkat.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 1, 1934

Miss Isabelle Horn Complimented

Miss Isabelle Horn was complimented on her sixteenth birthday, Friday evening, Jan. 26, 1934, with a surprise dinner of distinctive appointment, given by her mother, Mrs. Jim Horn, Miss Sarah Robertson and Miss Evelyn Reimer at the honoree’s home at seven-thirty o’clock.

The individual tables placed in the reception room at which the guests were seated, had as a background of numerous lovely gold calendulas artistically arranged with fern. Each table covered with a handsome Madeira cloth was centered with a black vase of gorgeous Narcissi. Attractive place cards featured a color theme of yellow and blue. The dinner consisted of tuna salad, potato chips, olives, pickles, Marguerites, and punch. Compotes of dainty candies adorned each table. Mr. Merton Smith in his usual suave manner acted as toastmaster, seated at the honoree’s table. He introduced Miss Joan Horn who delightfully entertained the guests with a tap dance. Delicious Devil’s food cake with hot chocolate and whipped cream was then served buffet style in the dining room where the lace-laid table was centered with the beautiful white birthday cake adorned with sixteen tiny tapers gleaming in rosebud holders.

Following the dinner, dancing was enjoyed with splendid music being given by Manuel and Mis Midnight Ramblers.

The personnel of guests enjoying this affair was Misses Loyce Steves, Jessie Irene Freeman, Catherine Long, Melody and Joan Horn and Messrs. Merton Smith, Jack Young, Charles Cobb, James Cadenhead, C. B. Robertson, Leo Landrum, Lloyd Urban and Jimmy Horn.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 1, 1934

The Pricillas

On Wednesday afternoon at three o’clock the Priscillas were delightfully entertained at the lovely home of Mrs. W. F. Tetts.

Numerous sweet peas were beautifully arranged throughout and small bouquets of the blossoms were placed on each guest’s refreshment plate.

The afternoon was spent in sewing, and later delicious refreshments of creamed chicken in patties, buttered tea biscuits, tomato jelly salad, olives and hot coffee were served to the following members and guests: Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson, Mrs. H. S. Mosley, Mrs. G. D. Everett, Mrs. A. D. Hensley, Mrs. S. J. Styles, Mrs. Jim C. Sisk, Mrs. G. A. Moore, Mrs. Henry Rugeley, Mrs. Annie Sanborn, Mrs. F. A. Verser, Mrs. C. A. Erickson, Mrs. Pat Thompson, Mrs. Amos Lee. Guests of the afternoon were Mrs. Z. W. DeLano, Mrs. Mary L. Capps, Mrs. Carey Smith Sr., Mrs. E. G. Cooke and Mrs. Ed Harris.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 1, 1934

Supper and Dance

On Friday evening at seven-thirty o’clock, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Curry delightfully entertained at their lovely country home in Chalmers with a charmingly appointed supper, followed by dancing.

The table covered with a handsome linen cloth was centered with a bowl of lovely red sweet peas and fern. Places were laid for twenty-five couples, forming a personnel of fifty guests. The delicious supper consisted of barbecued pork, potato salad, home-canned corn, pickles, candied sweet potatoes, fruit salad, Admiration coffee made and served by Mr. Guy Davis, famed-coffee maker, cocoanut, chocolate and mince-meat pies.

Following this sumptuous repast, dancing was enjoyed with splendid music being rendered by Messrs. Johnnie and Herbert Rice, local string ensemble.

The personnel of this gracious hospitality was Mr. and Mrs. H. Joble of Lane City, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman and daughter, Miss Willie Lou Freeman of Sargent, Mr. and Mrs. Filmore Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fartheree, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bond, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Potter, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith and daughter, Miss Faye Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lowe, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Norris, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ziegenhals, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tabb, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Silberisen, Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Gaedecke, Miss Marie Skidmore, Mr. Roland Teal, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Young, Dr. and Mrs. B. L. Livengood, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fields, Mrs. Mae Brunner, Mr. Albert Oertling, Mr. Bruce Hutcheson, Mr. A. S. Collins, Mr. Knave and Mr. Geoffrey Curry.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 8, 1934

Birthday Party

Mrs. Wm. Ehlert entertained at her home, her mother, Mrs. A. Meschkat and mother-in-law, Mrs. J. A. Ehlert with a surprise birthday party. The living room was artistically decorated with lovely ferns and beganio. After all the guests arrived Mrs. Crawford Barnett played several piano solos. Mrs. Doyle recited and played the piano. Miss Ruth Eissrich of Houston also played and sang. Then a group of five children sang “Happy Birthday to You Dear Grandma.” Everyone then went into the dining room where refreshments consisting of home made cake, hot coffee and hot chocolate was served. Immediately after the most lovely presents were opened all to the surprise of Mrs. A. Meschkat and Mrs. J. A. Ehlert. In the center of the table was a lovely white birthday cake trimmed in pink sweet peas presented to Mrs. Meschkat by her son from Houston. Home made candy was enjoyed by all.

Those enjoying this lovely hospitality were Mrs. W. R. Horn Jr., Mrs. Kent, Mrs. C. C. Barnett, Mrs. Joe Freeman, Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. John Head, Mrs. Moll, Mrs. P. Koertzchmire, Mrs. Ed Gibson, Mrs. Ed Wright, Mrs. Geo. Haines, Miss Ruth Eissrich of Houston and the honorees.

Mrs. William Ehlert was assisted in serving by Mrs. David Robinson and Miss Eissrich. A lovely time was had by all.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, February 8, 1934

Afternoon Bridge

A lovely affair of the week was the afternoon bridge given by Mrs. Robert Baker on Friday at three o’clock.

The home reflected the Valentine theme with numerous red carnations and red Radiance roses mingled with fern, beautifully arranged throughout. Clever bridge accessories further carried out the chosen idea. Four tables formed the personnel.

After the usual games of contract high score was won by Mrs. Hal Steel who received a handsome Mederia luncheon cloth and second high by Mrs. Leland Winston who was presented a unique Pyro coaster and doily set. Low score being awarded Mrs. Jack Young an attractive box of Valentine mints.

On daintily appointed trays, centered with heart-shaped red lace doilies on which were placed silver compotes of Valentine mints, delicious refreshments of red jellied apples stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese and nuts, cheese straws, heart-shaped cookies and hot tea were served.

The guests attending this enjoyable affair were Mrs. Carl Bachman, Mrs. A. S. Collins, Miss Shirley Carter, Mrs. J. S. Mansfield, Mrs. H. S. Mosley, Mrs. Grover Moore, Mrs. F. Norton, Mrs. Paul Palmer, Mrs. Herman Scott, Mrs. Hal Steel, Mrs. Bryan Simons, Mrs. S. S. Taylor, Mrs. Claude Towles, Mrs. Leland Winston, Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Oscar George of El Campo.

The hostess was graciously assisted by Miss Virginia Taulbee.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 8, 1934

Birthday Party

Mrs. Conrad Anderson entertained with a delightful party honoring her son Justice, on this fifth birthday, Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 12, 1934 from four ‘till five-thirty o’clock.

After opening the many lovely gifts games and contests were played with Mrs. B. E. Sailor cleverly supervising the fun.

Later in the afternoon the little guests were invited into the dining room where the dining table covered with an exquisite cloth over pink satin was centered with the beautiful angel food cake iced in pink and white and adorned with tiny rosebuds with five tapers gleaming in matching holders. An added touch of artistry was the small circus made of animal crackers standing on large oatmeal cookies, surrounding the cake. Ice cream cones in miniature rose baskets resembling Colonial bouquets were served with the delicious cake.

The group of young guests enjoying this hospitality were Bobbie Lee Breeden, Leland Williams, Cleo Blaylock, Jack Huebner, Henry Carrington, Jr., Jackie Ward, Evelyn Lowe, Travis Harrison, Marilyn Ward, Jimmy Yancey, Marshall Yancey, Mary Joe Novosad, Ralph Davidson, Brooks Doughtie, Alice Lowe, Billie Einkauf, Georgianna Barnett, Williard Stanford, Clara Louise LeTulle, Molly Evelyn Fox, Christine Erickson, Wilma Anderson, David Hinton and Annie Lee Verser.

The hostess was assisted in serving by Mrs. J. D. Yancey and Mrs. D. O. Ward and Misses Mary Jean Coleman, Louis Amos, Annie Ella Sloan and Norma Lowe.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 22, 1934

Birthday Party

Mrs. Mart McKelvy delightfully entertained on Tuesday afternoon, February 13 in honor of the seventh birthday of her son, George R. McKelvy, from four ‘till six o’clock at her home.

Games and contests provided enjoyable entertainment for the afternoon and later delicious hot chocolate and cake were served. Valentine cookies and candies artistically decorated each plate. The beautiful white birthday cake adorned with seven tiny red tapers gleaming in rosebud holders centered the refreshment table which was covered with a lovely linen cloth.

The young honoree received many gifts. The young guests attending this gracious hospitality were Ellen McGlauflin and Nevis Joy Gerald of Gulf; June Gibson, Ellen and Eddie Lee Pool, Billie Brown and Billie Jo Clark. The mothers also attending were Mrs. Jim McGlauflin and Mrs. H. M. Gerald of Gulf, Mrs. W. D. Mayer, Mrs. Ed Gibson, Mrs. P. E. Kretzschmeir, Mrs. Pool, Mrs. Laura Brown and Mrs. J. W. McKelvy, grandmother of the honored guest.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 22, 1934

Benefit Dance

Another delightful affair given for the benefit of the undernourished children was the dance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Norris at Chalmers on Thursday evening.

During the evening the splendid music was rendered by Johnnie Rice and Bruce Luna, local string ensemble who graciously donated their services for this great cause. A beautiful Angel Food cake presented by Mrs. W. T. Lowe was won by Mr. W. R. Horn Jr., who auctioned it to the highest bidder, Mr. Grover Horn. At intermission delicious sandwiches, cakes and coffee were served. Proceeds of the cause amounted to thirty-five dollars.

Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Curry, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Corley, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Silberisen, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Horn Jr., Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Morehead, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph White, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hutcheson, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ziegenhals, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Norris, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Potter, Mrs. Victor Mock, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Collins, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Lowe, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fartheree, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tabb and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Young, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hurley, Dr. and Mrs. B. L. Livengood, Mrs. Dora Dienst, Miss Alice Blair, Mr. W. D. Rondthaler, Mr. Jack Clark.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, April 5, 1934

Seated Coffee

A charming affair of the week was the seated coffee given by Mrs. A. S. Collins at her home on Avenue G, Wednesday morning from ten ‘till eleven o’clock in compliment to the hostesses of the numerous affairs given for the benefit of the undernourished children.

The lace-laid table reflected a spring theme being centered with a bowl of yellow daffodils with fern guarded at either side with tall white tapers gleaming in silver holders. The dainty refreshments further accentuated the chosen motif, consisting of yellow, green and white flower-shaped sandwiches, sandtarts and macaroons, mints and coffee. Mrs. Dora Dienst presided at the service. Places were marked by original place cards which set forth a characteristic of the person designated.

The personnel of this gracious affair was Mrs. S. B. Oliver, Mrs. Filmore Harper, Mrs. J. D. Tabb, Mrs. Jim Norris, Mrs. Paul Palmer, Mrs. Sul Ross Harrington, Mrs. F. A. Hurley, Mrs. S. S. Taylor, Mrs. F. Norton, Mrs. Oscar Ziegenhals, Mrs. Dora Dienst, Mrs. Grover Horn, Mrs. F. A. Verser, Mrs. H. A. Verser and Miss Callie Metzer.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, April 12, 1934

Seated Tea Compliments Mrs. Sanborn

A charming affair of Friday, April sixth was the seated tea given by Mrs. Henry Rugeley at her lovely home honoring Mrs. Annie Sanborn on her seventieth birthday, from three-thirty ‘till five-thirty o’clock.

Receiving with Mrs. Rugeley were Mrs. Ruby Hawkins, Mrs. Raleigh Sanborn, Mrs. James B. Hawkins of Matagorda, daughters-in-law of the honoree. Mrs. Sanborn and her daughter, Mrs. S. S. Taylor, Little Misses Marthella Steves of Austin and Diane Duson of El Campo, great-granddaughters also received.

A profusion of spring blossoms was featured throughout, the reception hall being artistically decorated with calendulas and locust blossoms, the library arranged with calendulas while the living room held sweet peas and lavender beauganvillea. In the dining room where the handsome lace-laid table held as the centerpiece the beautiful white three tier birthday cake embossed with yellow roses with green foliage, bearing the inscription “Annie, 1864-1934,” the blossoms of calendulas and Queen Anne’s lace decorated the room. Soft glow of yellow tapers illuminated the scene with the tapers guarding the centerpiece. Mrs. Donald Duson of El Campo granddaughter of the honoree presided at the tea and coffee service. Mrs. Bert Steves of Austin and Miss Anadora Hawkins, granddaughters cut the birthday cake and served the tea dainties which reflected the chosen theme of yellow and white.

The beautiful gifts were placed on the library table which was covered with exquisite linen cloth having a centerpiece of calendulas. After refreshments the gifts were opened.

The personnel of guests attending this lovely affair was Mesdames S. S. Taylor, E. J. Kilbride, Z. W. DeLano, V. H. Doubek, A. Harris, G. D. Everett, Mary L. Capps, S. J. Styles, Jane Sargent, James W. Rugeley, Jesse Matthews, Claude Towles, J. C. Lewis, Esker McDonald, Elizabeth Hawkins, Rowland Rugeley, Tenie Gibson, R. C. Millican, M. Millican, Ellen Gregory, J. C. Carrington, James Hawkins of Matagorda, E. H. Highley, R. A. Kleska, Ruby Hawkins, W. W. Duson and D. M. Duson and daughter Diane of El Campo; Raleigh Sanborn and guest, Frank Aken of Houston; Bert Steves and daughter, Marthella of Austin, S. R. Sholars, Annie Rugeley and the Misses Anadora Hawkins of Matagorda, Janie Hawkins of this city and Miss Margaret of Van Vleck, Mrs. P. G. Huston, Mrs. E. E. Scott and Mrs. P. E. Engle.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, April 12, 1934

Family Reunion

An enjoyable affair of the weekend was the family reunion of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Williams of Palacios, which was held in Corpus Christi at one of the North Beach cottages, Sunday. The party remained for the day, having dinner and supper served and enjoying swimming and other modes of entertainment while there.

Those attending from Palacios were Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Williams, Mr. Walter Williams, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Huddleston and family and his mother, Mrs. J. Huddleston; from Bay City were Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Williams and her niece, Billy Jean Boney and Mrs. Annie Williams Maynard; from Kingsville were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Walker, Miss Evelyn Walker, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. White, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Huddleston and daughter Nancy and from San Antonio were Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Newton and family and Mr. Ted Lewis.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, May 10, 1934

Birthday Party

In honor of Lois’ eighth birthday on Thursday afternoon, May 3, a few of her schoolmates came to her home and all played various games until four o’clock and at this time she opened her presents after which home made strawberry ice cream and angel food and four colored cake was served to the following: Ada Smith, Mildred Boyd, Burdedette Haines, Neva Legg, Laura Jean Lee, Fred Jr. Mielsch, John Paul Mielsch, Frank Jr. Craft and two sisters, Kristine, Betty Lou Erixon and brother Harold Jr. Erixon.

Ladies assisting Mrs. H. Erixon were Miss Emma Lou Pier, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Fred Mielsch.

All departed wishing Lois many more happy birthdays.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, May 10, 1934

Girl Reserve Council Entertained

Miss Martha Jane DeLano, president of the Bay City Girl Reserves entertained the Council at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z. W. DeLano, on Friday evening with a beautifully appointed supper.

Throughout the home lovely seasonal blossoms wee artistically arranged with the handsome table appointments reflecting a theme of blue and white, the colors of the Girl Reserves. A silver bowl of blue larkspur mingled with Queen Ann’s lace centered the table, guarded at either side by snowy tapers gleaming in silver candelabra, with tiny blue cellophane bows attached. The delicious supper consisted of tomato juice cocktail, pressed chicken, Boston Baked beans, deviled eggs, sandwiches, potato chips, relishes, apple pie topped with whipped cream and iced tea.

The personnel of the Council included Misses Helen Margaret Loos, Virginia Taulbee, Mary Anna Morton, Edna Wood, Frances Baker, Hollis Bailey, Lucille Huebner, Marion Lloyd and the president.

Following the supper an informal dance was given by Miss Helen Margaret Loos on the terrace of the lovely home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Loos. Enjoyable music being furnished by Mrs. E. H. Highley at the piano.

Later in the evening delicious vanilla and strawberry ice cream was served to the members of the Council and their escorts, Messrs. John S. Neary, Ashley Etie, Seldon Broughton, Oscar Ziegenhals, George Richard Keene, C. C. Cates, Charles Cobb, Lewis Matchett, Victor LeTulle and Frank Montague.

Miss Dorothy Loos assisted her sister throughout the evening. After this gracious hospitality the party attended the Midnight showing at the Franklin Theater.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, May 10, 1934

Graduates Honored at Garden Party

In the late hours of Saturday afternoon, Miss Isabell Horn charmingly entertained with a lovely garden party honoring the members of the ’34 graduating class of the Bay City High School.

Numerous potted ferns banked on the porch formed the background of the improvised stage further adorned with bamboo, larkspur, Queen Anne’s lace and Dorothy Perkins’ roses trailing on the arbor at either end. Enjoyable music was furnished during the hours by the Royal Texans’ Orchestra, seated on the stage and who opened the delightful program with a selection “Chinatown.”

Miss Horn presented those taking part in the program, Miss Mary Anna Morton who gave a clever reading, Miss Susan Marie Winston and little Misses Frances Davis, Betty Jean Smith, Joyce Pegram, Joan Horn and Ann Cobb presented in splendid tap dances and songs. Albert Wadsworth accompanied at the piano by his mother, Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth, rendered two beautiful solos. Blackfaced comedians were C. B. Robertson, Charles Cobb and Jack Young with Jack DeCoux as interlocutor who added more merriment to this unusual program. Another outstanding number was a comedy skit presented by Rinehart Mansfield and Victor LeTulle, Mrs. Leland Winston accompanied the tap dancers at the piano.

Following the program dainty refreshments were served from the handsome lace covered table placed at the end of the garden. The exquisite punch bowl centered the board which reflected a color theme of white and yellow. Miss Horn wearing a stunning green chiffon frock with corsage of pink roses presided at the punch bowl. Attractive shaped sandwiches, Angel Food squares and assorted nut cookies were served with the fruit punch.

Dancing was later enjoyed with the Royal Texans again rendering excellent music. The rooms were beautifully decorated with Queen Anne’s lace, Dorothy Perkins roses and ferns.

The personnel of this lovely party was Misses Marion Lloyd, Allie Jay Sisk, Mary James Sisk, Martha Jane DeLano, Frances Baker, Edna Wood, Elizabeth Parker, Erna Kuesel, Pearl Anderson, Jane Vandiver, Juanita Nance, Helen Cates, Lucille Carr, Jessie Irene Freeman, Mary Anna Morton, Virginia LeTulle, Virginia Mansfield, Melody Horn, Beth Anderson, Mira Nell Senouh, Jeanne LeTulle, Geraldine Livengood, Virginia Taulbee and Messrs. Albert Wadsworth, Tom Anderson, Ashley Etie, George Richers Keene, Ted Maynard, Bobbie Wilkerson, Billie Penny, James Rainer, Frank Lewis, Jack Young, C. B. Robertson, Charles Cobb, Jacque DeCoux, C. C. Cates, Lewis Matchett, John S. Neary, Oscar Ziegenhals, Merton Smith, Lloyd Urban, George Shoultz, Fritz Landrum, Billie Moore, Victor LeTulle, Rinehart Mansfield, Jimmy Horn, Gerald Livengood, Jack Powers, Bruce Freeman, Ewing Cartwright, O. R. Hagaman and Norris Bowie.

Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth, Mrs. Weldon Smith, Mrs. L. Winston and Miss Jean Steele also attended. Mrs. Horn assisted her daughter.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, May 24, 1934

Junior-Senior Reception

The sunset ballroom of the Bay-Tex Hotel was the scene of a gala affair on Friday evening, May 18 at eight o’clock, when the members of the Junior class were hosts at the annual Junior-Senior banquet.

The guests were greeted by Mr. E. O. Hutcheson, superintendent; C. C. Cates, president of junior class; Mrs. M. J. Early, junior sponsor; Tom Anderson, president of senior class, and Mrs. Bretch Taulbee, senior sponsor.

The hall was attractively decorated depicting a color theme of blue, pink, the colors being prevalent in every detail. Girls from the Freshman and Sophomore classes dressed in dainty blue and pink frocks assisted in serving.

The banquet tables covered with white linen and were graced with numerous crystal bowls of old-fashioned flowers in the chosen colors. Covers were laid for 125 guests, the places being marked with dainty cards. Favors at each plate were tiny dolls with school books. Music during the banquet hour was furnished by the Midnight Ramblers.

A cleverly arranged program was presented with C. C. Cates acting as master of ceremonies. Mr. E. O. Hutcheson, as speaker of the evening, was introduced by the toastmaster, and addressed the seniors and others present on the subject of “Handicaps.” He, in his individual manner, impressed upon those present that “handicaps are inevitable to greatness,” citing as examples the mannanimity of Stephen Goethel, David Lloyd George, Booker T. Washington and othes. He closed his talk with the thought, “After the battle comes the song of the victor.”

Miss Virginia Wilkerson, in her very charming manner sang Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees” and Walter Donaldson’s, “A Thousand Good Nights.”

Three other very entertaining features of the evening which brought forth much laughter from the listeners were a one-act play entitled “A Rainbow of Husbands”. Impersonation of Sid Grouch Marx, and the Funeral of the Seniors of 1934. This entertainment was furnished by members of the Junior class.

The personnel of this annual festivity were Seniors: Billie Ham, Fred Johnson, George Richard Keene, Edward Lewis, Gerald Livengood, Victor LeTulle, Norris Pier, Travis Stell, Albert Wadsworth, Bob Wilkinson, Pearl Anderson, Marguerite Alexander, Bernice Wainner, Martha Jane DeLano, Helen Greenberg, Rose Ellen Hanson, Lubia Kadebsky, Erna Kuesel, Dorothy Little, Geraldine Livengood, Anita Nance, Dot Newburn, Audrey Pope, Myra Nell Sirmons, Tressie Sutton, Juanita Keever, Cletis O’Rear, Bell Donnefield, Beth Anderson, Tom Anderson, Ted Doubek, Bruce Freeman, O. R. Hagaman, Lewis Matchett, president of Freshman class.

Juniors: Sammie Lee Baker, Seldon Broughton, Harry Ellis, Presley Graham, Roy Guest, Edward Guest, Henry Hughes, Herman Luna, Mac Martin, Kermit Meyer, Billie Moore, Marvin Smith, Pete Heckendorn, Sallie Bell, Elizabeth Everett, Gladys Farthing, Lena Mae Farthing, Marguerite Fisher, Louise Hale, Maggie McKelvy, Genevieve Richers, Nellie Stell, Nora White, Jane Vandiver, Clara Froberg, Alene Jackson, R. C. Bergland, Melvin Blum, James Cadenhead, C. C. Cates, Mason Curtis, J. B. Eastman, Dick Harrison, Clyde Estlinbaum, Percy Harrison, William Holub, Raymon Johnson, Nini Landrum, Clifford Lee,  John Neary, Ewing Martin, Rinehart Mansfield, Ben Powell, James Rainer, Geroge Schultz, Lloyd Urban, Oscar Ziegenhals, Hollice Bailey, Frances Baker, Della Delk, Frankie Gibson, Marie Hatchett, Lucille Huebner, Helen Margaret Loos, Marjorie Peters, Evelyn Rimmer, Virginia Taulbee, Edna Wood.

Board Members: Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Matchett, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wadsworth Sr., Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. Vance Porter.

Teachers Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Posey, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Early, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Bretch Taulbee, Mrs. Virginia Wynn, Miss Nan Shifflette, Mr. F. S. Cernosek.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, May 24, 1934

Former Citizens of Indianola Hold Reunion

Over 300 former citizens of Indianola and their descendants held their fifth annual reunion Sunday at Magnolia Beach, near the site of old Indianola. The village was destroyed by storm in 1886, but the survivors view the remaining landmarks on annual pilgrimages.

President M. M. McFarland of Austin announced that the association hopes to build a state part at Indianola, and introduced D. E. Colp of San Antonio, chairman of the state park board. Mr. Colp outlined the workings of the emergency conservation fund with respect to federal aid to state parks, and said that Indianola probably will be designated as a state park. The executive committee of the Indianola Association is making efforts in that direction.

Resolutions honoring the memories of members who have died since the last meeting were read. Port Lavaca was selected as the next meeting place. Officers were re-elected as follows: Mr. McFarland, president; S. G. Reed, Houston, and Charles Tips, Sequin, vice presidents; Joe Sheppard, Cuero, secretary; Fred Muegge, Cuero, treasurer; Walter Reiffert, Cuero, H. E. Moore, Wharton and Alex Coutret, Itasca, executive board.

Some of those attending from Bay City were Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Kleska and Mrs. E. M. Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Ogden, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Taulbee, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Serrill, Mesdames Kate Moore, George Fullingim, Vera Clements, Mrs. Evan Watkins and Mr. Bully Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Moore and others from Bay City and other parts of the county.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, Thursday, May 24, 1934

LeTulle Reunion

A very enjoyable affair of the past week-end was the reunion of the members of the LeTulle family held at the LeTulle Park in Bay City, Sunday from eleven o’clock ‘till four, June 3, 1934.

A delicious dinner was served consisting of barbecued veal, chicken, pork and fish, tomatoes, potato salad, relishes, iced tea, coffee, soda water, ice cream and cake at a long table laid for one hundred guests.

The members attending this delightful affair from Bay City were Mr. V. L. LeTulle, Mr. and Mrs. John Louis LeTulle, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. LeTulle and family, Burton, Hattie Lee, Ida May, Juanita and Louie, Misses Mignon, Jeanne and Virginia LeTulle and brother Victor, Mr. and Mrs. Sam LeTulle and children Sam Jr. and Clara Louise, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rugeley and son Henry Jr., Messrs. L. M. and Henry LeTulle, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Everett and children Dudley Jr., Jimmie Fred and Elizabeth. Out of town members were Mrs. W. C. Sewell of Luling, Mrs. Kate Taylor of San Antonio, Mrs. Cora Rudicil and Mrs. Lena Kirr of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Shaver and daughter, Jane of Weimar; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Towel of Eagle Lake, Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Bass, daughter and son, Sing and Billy; Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Grubbs and son Charles Jr., Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ferguson and sons Billy and Rugeley, Mrs. Suvie Steart and son Mortimer Stewart, all of Houston.

Friends attending from out of town were Mrs. H. F. Aldice, Miss Mary Kent Pennington and Miss Betty Hays all of Houston; Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Clements, daughter and son, Betty Dick and Thurman of Wharton and Mr. G. R. Pickard of Skidmore. From Bay City were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Esker McDonald, Mrs. Daisy Tennis, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bell and daughters, Ethel, Sally and Billy, Messrs. A. S. Collins, R. Q. Pegram, Frank Vaughn, Stant Hightower, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vaughn and daughter Ella Frances.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, June 7, 1934

Dinner Dance

Milam Davis and his mother, Mrs. G. W. Davis entertained at the Bay-Tex Friday evening at nine o’clock with a smartly appointed dinner dance honoring his cousin, Miss Pauline Tucker of Livingston who leaves soon to enter the University of Texas.

     Receiving with Mr. Davis were Miss Tucker beautifully gowned in black satin trimmed with sequins and her corsage was of sweetheart roses; Miss Catherine Elsbury of Angleton lovely in Eleanor blue crepe; Miss Doris Garrison of Angleton attired in a handsome white metallic gown and Messrs. Allen Taylor and Cleveland Davis also of Angleton.

      Wall vases of Devil’s ivy and baskets of roses lent a soft background to the dining room where the guests were seated at individual tables which were covered with exquisite linen cloths and attractively appointed to reflect a chosen theme of yellow and white. Tall yellow and white tapers centering unique vases of yellow dwarf zinnias on each table furnished illumination for the dinner. Sprays of feathery fern surrounded the centerpieces. Attractive place cards depict the theme of the affair. Favors for the young men were gay colored caps and the young ladies were presented pretty corsages of tiny pink ivory fans with sweetheart roses fastened to each with yellow ribbon. Rolls of serpentine were at each plate. The delicious course served consisted of grape fruit cocktail and butter wafers, cottage cheese salad with while wheat sticks, creamed chicken with mushrooms, baked potato, green asparagus with Hollandize sauce, cheese apple, clover leaf rolls, iced tea, pickles and olives, buttercup parfait with embossed squares. Compotes of toasted nut and yellow and white mints were placed on each table.

      Following the dinner dancing was held in the huge ballroom which was also decorated in the chosen colors of yellow and white. Shades of Denison paper in these colors covered the domelights which cast a lovely glow on the group enjoying the strains of the Royal Texans’ Orchestra.

      The personnel of this smart affair was Helen Cates, Kermit Meyers, Jeanne Poole, Jay Serrill, Jessie Poole, Tommi  Stevens, Doris Taylor, Jack Powers, Virginia LeTulle, Jacque DeCoux, Loree Price of Gulf, Albert Wadsworth, Billie Moore, Frances Baker, George Richard Keene, Lucille Carr, Duncan Corbett, Virginia Taulbee, Beadle Moore, Virginia Mansfield, Victor Wood, Mary Jean Cobb, Rinehart Mansfield, Kitty King Corbett, Frank Hurley, Mary Vest, Robert Lee Sisk, Judith Gaedcke, Monte Loving and Ashley Etie. Out of town guests were Catherine Elsbury, Cleveland Davis, Doris Garrison, Allen Taylor, all of Angleton and the honoree.

The Matagorda County Tribune
, September 13, 1934 

Birthday Party


Little Ural Lee Stanford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Stanford, celebrated her second birthday recently with a party given by her aunt, Mrs. Cella M. White. The green lawn was the scene of many games played by the groups of youngsters who called to enjoy the party. Delicious ice cream was served with the beautiful birthday cake iced in white with tiny pink tapers.


Many gifts were received.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, October 3, 1935


Graduates Complimented Dinner At Baytex

Mrs. Vance Porter and daughter Miss Bobbie, named Misses Mary James Sisk, Mary Anne Davant, Lanell Curtis, Dorothy Loos and Henrietta Greenberg honorees at a charming dinner party at the BayTex Hotel Monday evening.

The clever table decorations carried out the nautical motif in the colors of blue and silver. A snow white damask cloth covered the banquet table which was centered with three silver boats on a reflector guarded at either end by low crystal bowls filled with candy tuft, corn flowers and plumbago. The table was matchlessly set with clear crystal and miniature sailors, each representing a different foreign country holding a silver anchor tied with a blue ribbon to represent a rope, marked the places of the guests. The favors were miniature passports of blue and silver which contained the log of the evening's entertainment and a ticket to the Franklin Theatre where the guests later enjoyed a theatre party. The log also gave the guests instructions to select a package, artistically wrapped in blue and silver and tied with silver ribbons, from a nearby table.

Each honoree received a lovely piece of lingerie. Miss Elizabeth Everett and Miss Beulah Erickson, who will attend Camp Waldemar this summer were presented with first aid kits. Miss Mary McDonald, the only junior present, received a package of life savers marked "1938."

A delicious menu consisting of fruit cocktail in grapefruit shells adorned with a flag of red, white and blue placed on silver doilies, combination salad in cucumber halves adorned with flags to represent life boats, fried chicken breasts, spinach rings to represent life savers, cheese straws to represent oars, clover leaf rolls, iced tea with mint, salted nuts, olives, stuffed celery and cake topped with ice cream, were served to the following guests who enjoyed this pleasurable party: Misses Mary James Sisk, Mary Anne Davant, Lanell Curtis, Dorothy Loos, Henrietta Greenberg, Elizabeth Everett, Beulah Erickson, Mary McDonald and the hostesses.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 20, 1937

New Year’s Party

The North and South Development company employees and residents of Buckeye, were entertained with a New Year’s party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Haskel Knowles in Buckeye on Dec. 30.

The 43 guests present including: Messrs. Frank Love, Cash Graham, Ian Frigart, C. D. Dunbar, LeRoy West, Dan Shike, Clem Fisher, Jack Tyler, H. B. Julian, Ray Jage, E. O. Finch, H. H. Ray, A. J. Hagler, Wilbur Grantham, J. W. Dancer, S. F. Dancer, and Charlie Tyler, Mesdames Frank Love, C. D. Dunbar, Dan Shike, Jack Tyler, Charlie Tyler, H. H. Ray, A. A. Hagler, J. H. Dancer, S. F. Dancer, Finich A. Anderson and Tyler.

Misses Lillian Pebateaux, Kidd, Leona Dunbar, Agnes Appling, Gloria Tyler, Helen Dunbar and a number of children.

The home was decorated with red New Year bells, holly and mistletoe. Games and various contests pertained to New Year’s 1938 calendars were given as prices to winners of contests. Refreshment of cake, coffee and hot chocolate with marshmallows were served.

The Matagorda County Tribune, January 6, 1938


The lure of restless tide water, a moonlit beach and thoughts of vacation ending inspired our young people to honor those students who are leaving soon for various colleges and schools of learning, with a beach party on Wednesday evening. The host was the local Christian Endeavor, Miss Ethel Nelson, President, with Mrs. J. Harbison, Sponsor. The honorees were: Mrs. George Alice Jones and Robert Liggett who returned to Kingsville, I. A. for their second year, Miss Rosalie Nelson to San Marcos for her third year, Miss Lottie Mae Johnson to Massey's Business College, Houston, Miss Mamie Franzen to Houston, High School, and Miss Billy Crabill to San Marcos. After a sumptuous camp free supper, the typical Endeavor and college songs, stories and games applicable to the occasion, floated out on the moonlit waves and far across the stretches of nodding snow-mountain shrub and grass covered lawn to the homes along the shoreline in a melody of dreaming adieux. The waves of the sea chimed a murmur of love of youth and hope for a future well filled with the attainment of success for the Endeavorers both at home and away.                                                                                        

The Daily Tribune
, September 15, 1938

Bentz Family Reunion

A family re-union was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Bentz, honoring his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Bentz, who are leaving Texas this week for their former home at Eureka, S. Dak., and then go to Missoula, Mont., to make their home with a son, John Bentz. Mr. and Mrs. Bentz, Sr. have made Palacios their home for the past six years and made many friends here who wish them well in their new home.

Guests from out-of-town at the re-union Sunday , were Mr. and Mrs. Penny Bengdorf and Albert Bentz, of Houston, I. C. Bentz, of Freeport, and Mr. and Mrs. E. M Bentz and two daughters, Peggy and Jim Annie of Houston. E. M. Bentz is a son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Bentz, who accompanied them to Houston where they will visit for a few days before leaving for their northern trip.

Palacios Beacon, June 27, 1940

Birthday Party

Little Miss Nellavee White was entertained with a delightful birthday party give at her home on East Sixth Street. She was entertained in the afternoon from four until six o'clock last Friday.

The young children played many games out on the lawn. After the games the children came into the dining room where on the table they found a birthdy cake holding eight small candles, also the table held many packages for the honoree. The children gathered around Nellavee singing the song "Happy Birthday." The candles were blown out. A wish was made and then the friends shared the fun with Nellavee opening her gifts.

Ice cream and cakes were served to the children. Each child received a favor, a candy doll.

Those that assisted in the serving were Nellavee's aunt, Mrs. Dell Oliver, Miss Bess Senour and her grandmother Mrs. Chas. Senour.

The children present at the party were Helen and Jean Wilkinson, Meredith and Betty Jean McKelvy, Gerra Lee Epstein, Ann Gordon, Taylor and Lewis Steves, Charles Lewis and Jimmie Williams, Randall Webb, Allen and Kay Elizabeth Franz, and the honoree, Nellavee White.

Daily Tribune, December 7, 1942

Birthday Party

Mrs. Dell Oliver complimented her daughter Barbara LaDell on her eleventh birthday in her home, with a party Saturday in the early evening.

After playing many games, Barbara LaDell opened her gifts. Then the guests were invited into the dining room each finding her place at the table, where handpainted place cards marked the places. By each plate there was a handpainted napkin of a Santa Claus, and a favor which was a Santa Claus red boot filled with nuts. The center of the table held a birthday cake holding eleven candles. The refreshments consisted of buns, wieners, cheese filled snap sandwiches, potato chips, and lettuce, pickles, salted nuts, grape punch, ice cream and cake.

Those who enjoyed the informal hospitality were the honoree, Barbara LaDell Oliver, Marthella Steves, Betty Gene Gordon, Sally Vaughn, Betty Faye Dickey, Barbara Jean Hale, Patsy White, Betty Carter, Carol Cormier, Jean Yeager and Nellavee White.

Daily Tribune, December 7, 1942


Last Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Guest [sic] entertained with a Hallowe'en party honoring their nephew John Mack Gregory. The lawn was decorated with Jack'O lanterns and other Hallowe'en motifs. The high light of the entertainment was a spook house with all the scary things that a vivid imagination could produce. In the contest of pinning the tail on the black cat Hollie Briscoe came out winner and was presented first prize. Sidney Dierlam won high in the Bingo games.

The children were presented Hallowe'en favors in the form of hats and horns.

Roasted weiners, doughnuts, Hershey bars and cold drinks were served.

Enjoying this lovely affair were Gene Anderson, Fred Goeke, Eddie Nedbalek, Hollie Briscoe, Donald Morgan, Jimmy Craft, Alfred Voitle, Joan Rugeley, Sarah Hinton, Sara Marian Swartz, Sidney Dierlam, Marthella Steves and Bobby Collins.


The Daily Tribune, October 30, 1944

NOTE: This party, held soon after I turned four, is one of the earliest events that I can be  sure I remember vividly from experience and not from repeated family stories. Among the "scary things" in the spook house were touching a dead man's face (some sort of large melon or gourd with grapes imbedded for eyeballs) and shaking the witch's hand. With a wicked laugh, my grandmother, Mrs. Ina Gregory, would hold out a rubber glove filled with crushed ice to each kid in turn. I believe the real thrill for some eleven year old "big girl" guests was leading me "safely" past these terrors. In particular, I remembered Sidney Dierlam's sweetness for years afterward. Though I probably never spoke to her again, I was an enthusiastic cheering section whenever she was involved in a school or community event!

Pat (aka Patricia) Guess Zettner

Courtesy of Pat Zettner

WWII Themed birthday party of Pat Guess Zettner (with drum)
Picture and cards below courtesy of Pat

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