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F. R. Curtis of Bay City spent last Thursday and Friday here looking after his farm.

A fine set of lock boxes have been placed in the postoffice at this place.

Mrs. Horace fell has been quite ill for several days with bronchitis. Dr. Bat Smith of Bay City was called last Friday.

Sam Watkins was attending court last week at the county seat.

W. M. Brown, H. H. Fell and Mr. Harper were Bay City callers Thursday between trains.

Mr. King of Bay City who has rented one of C. T. Dye's farms was here the past week getting things in shape for spring work.

C. T. Dye and Mr. Halladay of Bay City were calling in our neighborhood Sunday, making the trip in the former's car.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Winger, Dr. Davis and Alvin Williams visited with Mr. and Mrs. Fell Sunday afternoon.

Dr. Simons and family of Bay City called at the Kennedy home Sunday.

Mrs. Kennedy is on the sick list again.

Mrs. James Davis is numbered among the sick; Dr. Simons was called in Sunday to see her.

Our school opened Monday with 13 pupils. Miss Carrie May Stevens of Teague, Texas has been employed as teacher.

C. T. Dye of Bay City has had Mr. Halladay and his assistants out here this week surveying his land.

Mrs. W. H. Vaughn of Bay City was calling on Mrs. Sam Kennedy Tuesday afternoon.

The men folks of our neighborhood attended the good roads meeting at Bay City Monday. It is certainly a good thing. Push it along!

The Matagorda County Tribune, January 17, 1912


John A. Marshall returned from Houston Sunday.

Mrs. Sam Kennedy spent Monday of this week with Mrs. Davis.

The Fell, Hale & Laxton Threshing Company will commence threshing for S. R. Kennedy Wednesday. The heavy rain delayed the work for several days.

Mr. Warren Baker began threshing Tuesday afternoon.

Frank Hart and son, Paul, put in a...[paper damaged]

Dr. and Mrs. Simons were calling on the Kennedys Tuesday afternoon, and on their return home Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy accompanied them to Bay City.

Mrs. H. H. Fell has been confined to her bed since Monday, but is better at this writing.

Mr. Cookenboo and son were doing business with W. M. Brown Monday.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 25, 1912


Dr. and Mrs. Simons, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Magill, were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Saturday evening making the trip in the former's car.

Mr. M. Coulhurst was calling on his niece, Miss Lila Curtis, Saturday afternoon at the home of H. H. Fell.

W. M. Brown was in Bay City on business Monday morning.

Mrs. Geo. Bowers was called to Blessing to see her sister, who was going to Houston to the hospital.

The Fell-Hale threshing rig began threshing S. R. Kennedy's crop Monday morning.

Mrs. M. Boney and Mrs. Martin are calling on Mrs. W. M. Brown Monday afternoon.

Miss Lila Curtis was shopping in Bay City Tuesday.

Supplies for the new postoffice have arrived. The office is to be conducted in W. M. Brown's grocery store.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 11, 1912


Mr. and Mrs. V. Harper and family of Bay City were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Davis Sunday evening.

Mrs. W. H. Vaughn and baby spent Friday and Saturday of last week with Mrs. Sam Kennedy. Mr. Vaughn being absent from home for a short time.

Donald Rimmer of Sweeny, Texas, was visiting with Brown Fells from Friday until Sunday.

Mr. Martin and family have moved from the Boney farm to a farm two miles north of Lane City.

Catherine Linn of Bay City spent Sunday with Marie Kennedy.

Mrs. Davis and daughter, Frances, spent Tuesday in Bay City with Mrs. Baker.

The Jap rice threshing is about a thing of the past. Just a small acreage remains unthreshed.

Judge Holman and guest, Col. A. W. Kaulbach, of New York City, visited the Fell, Hale & Lexton threshing outfit Monday evening. Mr. Kaulbach is greatly impressed with the rice industry. We certainly hope he will see his way clear to remain with us in Matagorda County.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 1, 1912


Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kennedy were Bay City callers Saturday.

Mrs. Marshal Boney is visiting for a short time at Wharton and Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brown were shopping in Bay City Saturday.

Mr. C. T. Dye and family from LaFayette passed through here Monday on their way to Bay City to spend the winter.

Miss Lila Curtis was in Bay City Friday looking after the interests of the new school building.

The Santa Fe Railway Company officials were here Tuesday looking for a boarding place for the men who are to build the new station at our place.

Mr. N. Coultburst spent Sunday evening at the home of H. H. Fell.

Dr. Simons and family and Miss Campbell of Bay City spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Sam R. Kennedy.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 8, 1912


Mrs. Will Hale and family was visiting from Friday until Sunday with Mrs. Laxton, sister of Mrs. Hale.

Mrs. Marshall Boney came home Saturday from Wharton.

P. G. Secrest and Alvin Williams spent Sunday afternoon with H. H. Fell.

The lumber and cement blocks are on the ground ready for the new depot and freight house.

Miss Lila Curtis spent Friday and Saturday in Bay City calling on friends and shopping.

Mr. Warren Baker finished threshing Tuesday evening.

The Fell, Hale & Laxton Threshing Company will finish threshing for George Bowers Wednesday and that will end all their work for this year.

Miss Lois Griggs of El Campo, Texas, visited from Friday evening until Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. Sam Kennedy.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 15, 1912


Mr. F. R. Curtis and wife of Bluffton, Indiana, arrived here last Friday. They are visiting Mr. N. Coulthurst, brother of Mrs. Curtis.

Marshall Boney and family went to Houston last Friday evening to attend the carnival.

Mrs. James Davis spent last Thursday in Bay City visiting and shopping.

Mr. C. Laxton and family spent Saturday and Sunday with Will Hale and family.

A new baby boy came last Wednesday to make its home with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkins. Mother and baby are getting along nicely.

W. M. Brown and wife are moving into their new house this week.

Hugh Bowers spent last week in Houston attending the carnival.

Hill Station is moving to Blessing this week. He farmed the past year for Hugh Bowers.

Mr. S. Randolph, one of the bridge carpenters for the Santa Fe railroad, had his left leg broken Wednesday morning. He with other working men was just starting to work on the hand car. Some cattle were on the track. Mr. Rudolph jumped off the car before it stopped and missed his footing and fell, the car running over him. The foreman carried him to Bay City for medical aid at once. Erwin Richardson also jumped at the same time spraining his ankle badly which will keep him from work for a few days.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 22, 1912


Mrs. W. M. Brown and Mrs. J. Davis was calling on Mrs. Sam Watkins last Thursday evening.

Donel Rimmers and Levi Hawkins of Sweeny, Texas, visited with Brown & Fell Friday and Saturday of last week.

W. O. Boney has rented his farm to Mr. Filmore Harper.

Fall plowing is now the order of the day in this section.

W. M. Brown is having his grocery store building made larger by adding a ware-room in the rear.

Ruth and Florence Head of Bay City spent Saturday and Sunday with their aunt, Mrs. W. M. Hale.

C. F. Laxton of Bay City was a caller in our city Monday. He is now fully recovered from his severe operation.

Prospects are good for a very large acreage of cotton and corn here this coming year and the rice crop will also be increased.

Marshall Boney has accepted a situation with Armour & Co. and will move to Bay City as soon as he can get a house.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown and H. H. Fell were in Bay City Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kennedy were calling in Bay City Sunday.

It seems that a norther has struck us for Thanksgiving. All we need to make it "real" is some snow.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 29, 1912


Mrs. W. A. Baker of Bay City spent Thanksgiving with Jim Davis and family.

Dr. Simons and family and Miss Campbell of Bay City visited with Sam Kennedy and family Thanksgiving.

C. T. Dye with his family came out from Bay City Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Sunday in their cottage.

Mrs. Horace Fell and Mrs. W. M. Brown spent last Friday in Collegeport, making the trip in their auto.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaines and Mr. and Mrs. Ladd of Bay City were calling Sunday evening at the Kennedy home.

Mrs. Kennedy has been sick for several days, but is better at this writing.

Wm. Hale and Sam Kennedy are having their winter supply of wood sawed by a buzz saw this week.

C. F. Laxton was the guest of Wm. Hale and family Tuesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 6, 1912


Dr. Davis of our vicinity, formerly of Bay City, had the misfortune of breaking his right arm last Saturday cranking his auto.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kennedy were in Bay City Monday.

Master J. C. Davis has been confined to his bed for several days with La Grippe, but is better at this writing and able to sit up part of the time.

W. M. Brown was in Bay City Tuesday on business.

Mr. Dodd of Bay City is baling straw for Will Hale this week.

Mrs. W. M. Brown and Mrs. Fell spent Wednesday in Bay City Xmas shopping.

Work is progressing nicely on our new school building. Frank Hart of Lane City has the contract.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 13, 1912



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