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Mary B. Ingram and Shirley Brown

Chalmers, formerly called Hook’s Switch, then Harrows, was situated in northern Matagorda County as a shipping point on the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad (GC&SF) in the early 1900’s. By 1910 Chalmers had a store, a rice storehouse, and a population of fifty.  By 1912 a post office was established at Chalmers with Mabel Fell as postmaster.  The post office was discontinued in 1915 and the mail moved to Bay City.  The Shell Oil Company was the chief business at Chalmers.

In the Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1913, as article read:

The new town of Chalmers, better known as Harrows, six miles north of Bay City, has in the last six months put up a school house, finished a three months’ term of school and turned the school over to the church people for Sunday use.  A Sunday school of fifty members has been organized and there is preaching service every Sunday. 

Through the efforts of Mrs. W. M. Brown money for seats has been collected and the land owners and other men interested in the growth of that section of the county furnished funds for the building.  They are: The Alamo Lumber Co., Hugh Bowers, Mason Coulthurst, Cash & Moore, F. R. Curtis, James Davis, C. T. Dye, Wm. Hale, V. L. & L. Letulle, Sam Watkins. 

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Chalmers Newspaper Columns
1912     1913-1916     1918     1919


Chalmers Locals

J. H. Davis was a caller at Bay City Wednesday.

Will Hale and C. Laxton moved their threshing outfit to Collegeport Thursday. They have quite a large contract there.

Mrs. H. H. Fell spent Friday with Mrs. Chas. Tew at Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Harper went to Collegeport Saturday to spend several days visiting relatives.

F. R. Curtis and daughter, May, left here Saturday to spend a few days at Gueydon, La., before returning to their home at Blufton, Indiana.

Miss Johnie May Myers, of Uvalde, Texas, arrived here Saturday. She will begin her school Monday.

County Superintendent, Lewis has been having the school house overhauled put in first class condition.

Mrs. Waldron, of Bay City, spent Sunday with Mrs. Sam Kennedy.

Mable Kennedy is visiting Lucile Ladd at Bay City for a few days.

Mrs. Horace Fell spent Monday at Rosenberg.

Mrs. Will Hale and Mrs. H. Anderson were shopping at Bay City Monday afternoon.

Mrs. B. T. Curry visited at the County Seat Tuesday.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 18, 1914

Chalmers Locals.

Misses Mamie and Bessie Schadel and Miss O'Neal of Bay City spent Friday night with the former's sister, Miss Emma, who has charge of the school here.

Miss Mable Kennedy was a Bay City visitor a few days this week.

Miss Laughlin Foote of Bay City , is spending the week end with Miss Marle Kennedy.

Mrs. B. M. Griffith of Magnet, spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Horace Fell.

Mrs. H. H. Fell was shopping in Bay City Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Horace Fell spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Urban at Bay City .

Mr. Will Hale spent Sunday here with his family.

Mrs. Sam Kennedy spent Monday at Bay City .

Mrs. B. F. Curry has been numbered among the sick for several days, and is not any better at this writing.

The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Friday, February 26, 1915

Chalmers Locals

Mrs. W. M. Brown spent Wednesday and Thursday with friends in Bay City.

Mrs. B. F. Curry was shopping in Bay City Thursday.

Mr. Alvin Williams of B. C. was calling on friends here Wednesday evening.

Mrs. J. H. McCrosky, Miss Emma Kuykendall and sister, Mrs. Lee of Houston, were Bay City callers Friday evening.

Mrs. L. S. Dietrich and son spent the week end at Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kennedy were among the Bay City visitors Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Fell and W. M. Brown were visitors in Bay City Saturday.

The farmers are all busy. If the weather holds out the rice will be nearly all planted this week.

Our school closes today to the joy of all the children and of the teachers, too, we suspect, as it is very warm to be in the school room.

Mrs. Kate Douglas of Bay City spent Sunday with Mrs. J. N. McCrosky.

Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brown, and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Fell were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Curry.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Anderson and daughter Coy and Miss Emma Schedel spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kennedy.

Mr. L. S. Dietrich has been numbered among the sick the last few days.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 21, 1915

Chalmers Locals

Mable Kennedy visited at Bay City Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Geo. Nave of El Campo was a guest of Mrs. W. M. Brown and Mrs. Horace Fell from Wednesday until Saturday.

Marie Kennedy spent the day Friday with Marjorie Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Fell were shopping at Bay City Friday evening.

Sidney Carr of Bay City is visiting Vastine Kennedy.

Mr. Geo. Nave spent Saturday and Sunday with his wife and daughter, Mrs. B. F. Curry, at the home of the latter.

Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Griffith, son and daughter, Linton and Margaret, of Magnet, Mr. Chas. Harris of St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Fell of Chalmers, spent the week end on the Peninsula at Matagorda. The time was spent in surf bathing and fishing. A fine time was enjoyed by all.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kennedy were Bay City visitors Tuesday.

Mrs. H. Anderson and daughter, Coy, attended the funeral of Myrtle Bass at Bay City Tuesday evening.

Mrs. B. F. Curry and Mrs. Geo. Nave were shopping at Bay City Tuesday morning.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, July 4, 1915


Mr. H. G. King was in Bay City Saturday.

Mr. H. Anderson was another business visitor to the city on that date.

Miss Nena Bailey spent the weekend visiting relatives at El Maton.

Mr. G. M. Reid was in Chalmers for a short while Friday afternoon.

Mr. Jack Delk was in Bay City Saturday.

Mr. H. G. King and nephew, Clay, were visitors at Mr. B. F. Curry's Sunday.

A physician from Bay City was at McCrosky Saturday to prescribe for Miss Emma Kuykendall, who is on the sick list.

Mrs. B. F. Curry was a business visitor to Bay City Tuesday.

Mr. J. F. Hutchins was at McCrosky Saturday on business relating to the Pierce estate.

Miss Nena Bailey went to Fort Worth Wednesday to attend the State Teachers' Association.

Mr. James Delk was in Bay City Monday.

Mrs. T. K. McCrosky visited at J. H. McCrosky's home Thursday afternoon.

Miss Myrtle Mangum was in Chalmers Monday.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 1, 1916


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