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"Fool's Holiday" A Success

The three act comedy-romance "Fool's Holiday," directed by Nelle Harris, attracted quite a crowd together with several visitors from nearby towns on May 2 when the Clemville High School group made their bow to the public. The well-selected cast showed that they knew a thing or two about acting and the audience regretted to see the curtain fall on the last act. The cast was as follows:

Jed Bradley, Arkansas fruit farmer, Dalton Lynch.

Tom, his son, Glenn Sparks.

Clark Masters, friend of Tom's, Harry Cowger.

Tony Drew, hired hand, Totsy Kilpatrick.

Mrs. Bradley, the family drudge, Mrs. Fred _____

Thelma Bradley, Dorothea Green.

Bennie Be___, Marimae Johnson.

Myra Haviland?, the berry picker, Nelle Harris.

Grandma _____, Mamie Lee Sherrer.


Misses Helander, Green and Harris were visitors in Freeport Sunday, going over to attend the regatta.


Junior-Senior Banquet

The seniors and juniors of the Markham school whose homes are in Clemville were royally entertained by the Clemville faculty with a formal banquet, May 6 at 8 o'clock. At the appointed hour, the guests assembled at the schoolhouse where one of the classrooms was converted into a banquet hall of rustic beauty with the aid of Spanish moss, crepe paper, balloons, and hot house flowers.


The dinner table laid for twenty with gleaming tapers, pink glassware and flowers was a beautiful sight to the happy seniors when the toastmaster, Mr. Fred Thompson, asked them to find their places at the table.


A four-course dinner composed of fruit cocktail, tomato salad, chicken in pattie shells, new potatoes, string beans, buttered beets, rolls, iced tea, cake and ice cream were served to the following guests:

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ulland,

Rev. and Mrs. Carroll Rae of Palacios,

Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Terry,

Mr. Bob Reid,

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thompson,

Miss Dorothea Green,

Miss Nelle Harris,

Miss Mildred Helander,

Laura Larson,

Ruth Gates,

Marimae Johnson,

Herbert Hiltpold,

Harry Cowger,

Glenn Sparks and

Andrew Rasmussen.


Throughout the dinner the following program rendered:


Greetings to the seniors, Laura Larson.

Response, Harry Cowger.

Song, Frank, Jr., Johnson.

Tap dance, La Fawn Johnson and Jerrimae Brazil.

Talk, Rev. Carroll B. Rae.

Song, Miss Hleander and Harris.

Serpentine and confetti helped to make the evening a hilarious one for the seniors.


"What's the Matter With Sally?" an operetta, directed by Miss Helander, will be presented at the Clemville schoolhouse, May 15 at 8 o'clock. A small admission fee will be charged.


The Clemville High School players, under the direction of Nelle Harris, will present their play "Fool's Holiday" at the Blessing Community House, Wednesday, May 17 at 8 o'clock. A small admission fee of 5 and 15c will be charged, the proceeds going to the county health fund. The public is cordially invited to attend. Don't fail to see "Fool's Holiday."


Little Giovanna Thompson spent the week-end with her grandparents in Palacios.


Little Miss Mary Svelady of Houston is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. George Hathaway.


Among those attending the regatta Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. George Hathaway, Mrs. C. S. Daughters, Mrs. Murphy, Marimae Johnson, Harry Cowger, Mr. and Mrs. John Fella and family.


Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Gaston and "Little Billie" attended church in Clemville Sunday evening.


Among those attending the play in Markham last Friday night were Messrs. and Mesdames Fred Thompson, Sam Johnson, Doyle Kilpatrick, Wilford Sparks, Rex Teat, O. A. Ulland, John Fella, Mamie Lee Sherrer, Totsy Kilpatrick, Miss Nelle Harris, Mrs. Murphy, Glenn Sparks, Maxie Mellville, Mrs. W. Draughn, LaFawn Johnson, Marimae Johnson, Freda Johnson and Mrs. Plez. Harvey and family.


Miss Gladys Harper, who had been teaching in Francitas for the past year, is visiting Miss Helander.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 11, 1933


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