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Collegeport Day

May 28, 1966

Photos courtesy of Collegeport Woman's Club
Taken from a scrapbook donated by Fay Smith Soli, daughter of Lizzie Will Morris Smith.

If you can identify any people in the pictures, please email.

_____ with hat, _____, Lizzie Will Smith,  in back, _____, _____, _____

l to r: _____, _____, Bessie Merck, Elve Merck Martin, _____ back, M. Jack Martin? in hat, Panola Merck, Gerald Merck?, Viola Merck Legg , _____, Kay Legg


l to r: _____, _____, _____, Harry Smith?, ____ in back, Lizzie Will Morris Smith,
_____ man in back, Viola Merck Legg?,  Elve Merck Martin, far right


Elve Merck Martin - pink dress, M. Jack Smith with cigar, Panola Merck,
orange and black dress, Viola Merck Legg, right with white purse, K. Legg




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Jun. 17, 2010
Jun. 17, 2010